Review 2024: #1 SuperMetrics Alternatives (Features & Pricing)


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Dataslayer is the only application that has achieved the same functionalities as Supermetrics in less than a year. Thanks to this Spanish tool, you can automate your reports bringing all your marketing data into Google Sheets or Data Studio within seconds.

Out of 10


  • Integrates with various apps and platforms
  • Free plan forever
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Free Webinars
  • Automated Reports that are customizable
  • Gives unlimited user access with one-license


  • No 24/7 support
  • Not fit for large volume of data.


Price: $ 59

In this article, we’ll do in-depth Review, so let’s get started.

Dataslayer is the only application that has achieved the same functionalities as Supermetrics in less than a year. Thanks to this Spanish tool, you can automate your reports bringing all your marketing data into Google Sheets or Data Studio within seconds. Review Review: Is It Really Best Supermetrics Alternatives?

DataSlayer is a company located in Spain that provides digital solutions. It has been in business for more than 15 years and has less than 50 employees. DataSlayer is one of the first marketing reporting solutions for customers, as it has been in the market for more than a decade. is an add-on you can use to automate your PPC reports using Google Sheets. It gets your data from different platforms and makes reporting easier for you.

People see it as a SuperMetrics alternative. If you are a SuperMetrics user, you might want to keep this in mind for the future.

Who Uses DataSlayer?

If you are working with PPC, then you can use DataSlayer. It provides services for paid digital marketing tools and campaigns. This means that whether you are a sole digital marketing professional or part of a big digital marketing agency, you can use DataSlayer.

Is DataSlayer Worth It?

People say that DataSLayer is a great tool for reporting on PPC campaigns. It is versatile and easy to use, which is why it is often compared to SuperMetrics. If you are looking for a new tool, DataSLayer might be a good choice.

How Does DataSlayer Work?

DataSlayer, like other marketing automation tools, relies on third-party APIs. It collects data from its data sources and puts it all in one place so customers can easily understand it and create reports that are interesting and persuasive.

Dataslayer For Google Sheets

Dataslayer Review- Overview

Dataslayer’s add-on for Google Sheets is their most advanced product. It allows you to bring all your digital marketing data from more than 20 different data sources into Google Sheets, and automate it so you can stop copy-pasting data and focus on more important tasks.

You can download it directly from Google Marketplace or via the company’s website.

It has a very friendly and intuitive UI as an add-on, as you can see in the image below. It’s very similar to Supermetrics, so former Supermetrics users will have no trouble picking up the add-on.

Nonetheless, Dataslayer has made some improvements to their add-on’s interface like adding a much more comfortable drag and drop functionality to set up dimensions and integrating a live chat for any doubts or questions you may have while using it.

As I said before, they currently have Twenty data sources available, including the world’s leading digital marketing data sources like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Youtube, BigQuery, Bing, or Databases.

But they keep working hard to integrate more and more data sources every month and right now, they are working on 9 new ones so they can be available very soon.

Current Data Sources - Dataslayer Review

Compared with Supermetrics, it may be a disadvantage, however, Dataslayer is even able to collect metrics that Supermetrics cannot collect like Google Ads Experiment campaigns metrics for example.

Dataslayer’s developers recognize that users prefer not to switch platforms to prevent all previous work from being redone. Dataslayer has thus provided the possibility for customers to continue working on their previous reports by including a migration tool to import queries from Supermetrics into Dataslayer.

Also, Dataslayer’s customer service is amazing. It has a live chat option on the web and the Google Sheets add-on. Users can also report their queries that offer the IT team the relevant information, analyze it and answer within 24 hours.

Another important advantage of developing a new product is that the opinions and recommendations of the user are greatly valued. The Dataslayer engineers recognize that its users are the best to help them create a solution that covers their everyday marketing problems, and hence incorporate them into every new development or upgrade.

Dataslayer For Google Data Studio

After a lot of requests, Dataslayer has recently launched its connectors for Data Studio. Spreadsheets are great for performing and setting up a numerical analysis, but they can be inefficient to show your results to non-marketers.

With Data Studio you can easily create very visual dashboards that will help you stand out, and thanks to the new Dataslayer connectors you can get all the metrics and dimensions from the most important marketing platforms.

In fact, their connectors are able to import some metrics and dimensions that aren’t available in native sources.

They currently have 4 connectors available: Facebook, Google Adwords, Analytics, and DV360. But as well as with their Google Sheets add-on, they are constantly working on new improvements and integrations and they already have 4 more connectors coming soon.

Dataslayer for Google Data Studio- Dataslayer Review

Dataslayer Review: Pricing Plans

One of the things I like most about Dataslayer is its pricing philosophy. They have very clear and complete pricing plans for both their products so there are no hidden charges.

But, what is best is that they only charge per usage. This means that they don’t charge per user (Dataslayer doesn’t limit multiple logins into the same account and more than one user of the same company can benefit from the same plan), nor per data source (all data sources are included in all plans).

The only difference between their plans is the number of daily API calls or queries you can do with each plan. Dataslayer also offers a FREE FOREVER plan that also has available all data sources and allows multiple logins.

Again, the only limit is the number of daily API calls allowing you only up to 10 API calls or queries per day. These prices are perfect for the needs of small and medium-sized agencies that don’t need all the data sources Supermetrics has for example, or don’t have enough budget to pay for a plan for every member of their team.

Therefore, Dataslayer saves agencies of all sizes a lot of money with the following plans:

Pricing - Dataslayer Review

  • Small Agency: They classify a small agency as 2-3 heavy users and provide 100 daily API calls. It costs $59 per month. The savings are obvious when you consider that Supermetrics would charge $297 per month (3x $99) and DataSlayer would be $59 per month if you had 2-3 users. That’s a $2,856 annual savings.
  • Medium Agency: A medium agency is defined as four to ten heavy users, and this license includes 250 daily API calls. They charge $99 per month. The savings are obvious when you consider that Supermetrics would charge $693 per month (7x $99) and DataSlayer would be $99 per month if you had seven users. That’s a $7,128 annual savings.
  • Large Agency: For this license, they define a large agency as one with 10 to 50 heavy users and 1000 daily API calls. They charge $299 per month. So, if you have 25 users, Supermetrics would charge you around $20,000 per year for an enterprise plan, whereas DataSlayer will cost you $250 per month. That’s a year-over-year savings of over $18,000.

Why Choose DataSlayer?

You can import all your marketing data into Google Sheets or Google Data Studio and automate all your reports saving you lots of time.

dataslayer review-why choose supermetrics
Stop pasting data manually from Adwords or Facebook for your reports. Life is easier, faster, and more intelligent with DataSlayer.

Within one license, you can share unlimited user access. They are less expensive than all of the major competitors since their pricing is based on consumption rather than users.

It’s incredibly easy to generate and update reports with Google Sheets or Google Data Studio. They are in constant development, so their possibilities to improve and have more integrations are endless.

Dataslayer Privacy Policy

Comprehensive security and privacy review must be conducted for all apps certified by Google, including When you first install the add-on to make it work properly, you will be requested to give access to many fundamental permissions.

Privacy Policy- Review

No information recorded in your Gsheets is accessible to us, and there is no access to any of your stored API information, thus it is absolutely secure to give these rights. All of your tablet and API information is kept on your Google servers. No information is transmitted or kept by DataSlayer servers.

Dataslayer Support

The DataSlayer’s Enterprise package contains your own professional account manager. A marketing performance expert with many years of experience that can help you achieve all your reporting targets.

You want your users to experience DataSlayer as much as they can while producing beautiful, compelling, and successful reports, and hence your customer service team is always accessible for support.

What is Ideal For? is a great solution for paid campaigns and their data tracking. So, it is ideal for PPC reporting and automation.

DataSlayer add-on for Google Sheets is their best product, so you can get your data from more than 20 sources and combine them in one dashboard.

If you are looking for a solution for your PPC campaigns and reporting, should be your first choice.

Dataslayer Reviews On & has a score of 4.7 out of 5 on this platform.

Dataslayer on g2 dot com

ProductHunt: On ProductHunt, the tool has a perfect score of 5, but it should not be considered to have a huge value as only 98 people have voted for it so far.

Dataslayer AI on producthunt

Google: In Google Workspace, the tool has got the most number of reviews and a high rating – 139 votes and 4.8 out of 5.

We can conclude that although most people do not know about yet, the ones that use it love the service they get

Dataslayer Supported Browsers supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari both current and prior major releases. They start supporting this version every time a new version is launched and stop supporting the latest version of the third one. They aim to provide their customers with innovative dashboard features that are continuously updated and a better user experience.

You can get the most from with the latest browser versions. For any inquiries you may have, please contact their support staff.

FAQs On Review:

💥What timezone uses DataSlayer?

Each date's timezone is specified in reference to the Google Sheets timezone. As a result, if the words yesterday or tomorrow appear in the date range, they will correspond to the timezone in which each user is located.

🔥Is it possible to schedule each query's refresh separately?

No, you can only update them all at once for now, although this feature has been added to our Roadmap for future releases.

✔Is it possible to calculate metrics on your own?

Yes, because DataSlayer is based on Google Sheets, you can construct and calculate any metric.

✔Is it possible to make a pivot table?

Yes, it's conceivable.

👉Is it necessary for my computer to be turned on in order for the queries to be correctly refreshed?

No, the refreshes are handled by our servers, so you don't need to turn on your computer for them to work.

👓Will campaign data from Google Ads Experiment be uploaded?

Yes, when you select the Google Ads datasource and campaigns metric in DataSlayer, the data from the Google Ads Experiment campaign experiments will be loaded as well.

✔ Is it possible for multiple people to use the same login?

Yes, DataSlayer does not impose any restrictions on the use of the same login. These plans are based on the amount of queries, not the number of persons who have signed up for an account.

💥How do I report a problem with one of my queries?

When you select the Refresh tab at the top of the add-on, the option “Report an issue with a query” displays. A new window appears, in which you can describe the issue you're having with your query.

👓 Who Uses DataSlayer?

Small and medium businesses who are fed up with the market's high-priced tools. Customer service is available 24/7 with DataSlayer, and they welcome any criticism or recommendations.

Is Easy to Use?

One of the most important features of any marketing tool is how easy it is to use. The easier it is to interact with what you are providing, the more successful you will be. makes it fast and easy to add data from different data sources. You can also easily create and update reports with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. This means you do not need any technical background to use effectively.

Is Safe? is a very safe tool for digital marketing reporting. Your data is kept safe and secure by the company, and no one else can access it. The data transfers are also encrypted, so you don't have to worry about your information being stolen. If you have any concerns about security, there is a tutorial page that will clear them up for you.

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Conclusion: Review 2024

Dataslayer is a better alternative to Supermetrics. It has the same functionalities as Supermetrics but in less than a year, it’s achieved what took more than 3 years for Google and almost 2 years for Adobe Analytics.

And they are not stopping there!

They have clear pricing plans with 4 different packages that facilitate all budgets and needs. Remember that if you want to automate your reports from 20+ data sources or get up-to-date on how people interact with your website, social media pages, etc., then Dataslayer should be your first choice.

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