Freshdesk Review 2023 Is It Worth it ? [Pros & Cons]

It is a very effective support platform. It has just about everything a medium-sized enterprise (SMB) needs to better manage the resolution of ticket elements as they appear in the system.

It should be noted that it is more focused on customer service than IT delivery. Another benefit is that it comes with a free version so you can try it for yourself.  In this post, we are going to share about FreshDesk Review.

Freshdesk is an award-winning, cloud-based technical support solution with the best features of its kind to provide quality customer service. They won the 2017 Finance Online Best Support Center Award and the Supreme Software Award for the same year. However, this is currently not the case.

A solution in Their support software category that surpasses tools like Zendesk and Freshdesk also offers a free trial plan that lets you test all the important features of the service.

The software was developed to meet the needs of small and large businesses. With this solution, users can extend their reach by supporting multichannel launches, streamline operations with automation tools, enhance productivity through gamification, and enhance self-service portal support.

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Freshdesk Review 2023: You should try it? (21-days Free)

Freshdesk Review

About FreshDesk

FreshDesk also Have an Amazing Features Like knowledge base, help desk ticketing, and community platform.

Once configured, Freshdesk converts your support emails into tickets that you can track for a quick and accurate response. In addition, the solution allows you to link forum questions to a ticket, and vice versa, so you can create more flexible answers.

Freshdesk integrates live chat, phone support, and game mechanics, and works with legacy productivity tools and your CRM when you need to retrieve customer data.

It also works with popular support services and multimedia applications like Google Apps, YouTube, Slideshare and other widgets that can enrich your knowledge base.

Freshdesk offers applications for Android and iOS so you can take your help desk wherever you go.

A detailed overview of Freshdesk created by our experts is also available and provides a detailed analysis of the capabilities of The Freshdesk.

Overview of Freshdesk Benefits

Multi-channel functions

Freshdesk provides a wide range of features for each channel a customer service team wants to participate in. Freshdesk provides excellent support for traditional channels such as email and phone as well as for modern channels such as chat, forums, and social networks.

The ticket support service is tightly integrated into all areas of these channels.

Each Freshdesk account can be linked to multiple custom mailboxes so that the support team can manage all support emails in one place. Integrating Social Networks Freshdesk is also top-notch: support for Facebook pages, synchronized Facebook support center, transfers to monitor the world’s business issues, and a social tab that works on the phone.

Freshdesk technical support compares well with competitors from companies that want to deal with young customers.

Freshdesk also has a telephone system where users can accept calls from customers. Currently, call center operations can be performed in more than 30 countries without having to invest in a complete professional telephone system.

If you do not like using phones for your customer service, the system also offers live chat solutions to enable real-time conversations with customers right on your website.

The Feedback widget and the support portal provide customers with an easy way to cause problems for the support team. The portal easily integrates with the knowledge base and forums, making it a unique destination for clients seeking help, finding answers or discussing product ideas with the community.

It can even be optimized for search engines so customers can find what they need from anywhere.

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Companies are choosing Freshdesk not just for simplicity of configuration, learning, and use, but also because the game’s internal mechanisms make boring and thankless agent support an entertaining game.

Customer service representatives often use gamification as a motivational tool to compete with their own colleagues when customer-reported issues are resolved.

As gamification becomes a global strategy for employee and consumer engagement, Freshdesk’s internal play mechanisms help the agents involved in their monotonous tasks and are a differentiator in the congested market of the centers.

Worldwide customer service

Freshdesk simplifies support for different products, languages and time zones.

With multi-product support, all customer support requests can be easily registered, categorized, and assigned to specific agents or teams in the same help desk.

Each product may have specific attribution rules, different e-mail notifications, custom SLAs, and so on. In addition to its own support portal with a dedicated knowledge base and a community forum.

Freshdesk supports 26 different, ready-to-use languages, allowing each agent to customize their languages. Agents can also set their working hours according to their local schedules by scheduling several hours of work for each shift, shift, or location.

Similarly, different SLAs can be set for each product, service, or organization that supports the support service. Automatic escalation emails track violations.

High Customizability

Companies can configure the support portal for their brand by adding logos, pasting colors, and even rewriting the HTML code on the portal pages to adapt to the look and feel of the site. the company with minimal effort. and very little time.

Freshdesk works for all types of businesses: new businesses, small and medium businesses, and Large businesses.

Extended support with integrations

Freshdesk integrates with over 60 productivity systems, e-commerce, CRM, cloud storage and collaboration to provide support teams with a wealth of customer information. With most customers already using a variety of cloud-based suites, these integrations often allow contracts to be signed in modern organizations.

The tight integration of Freshdesk with Google products makes it an ideal choice for organizations that rely on all Google apps to perform their operations.

Collaboration between sales and customer service teams is much easier for a large percentage of companies that have chosen to integrate their Customer Relationship Management systems into Freshdesk.

Manage Customer requests Efficiently

Freshdesk offers several support channels including phone and email, as well as social networks, chat rooms, and forums. In this way, you can manage all queries in a single panel and even queue them according to your urgency, service level agreements or other indicators of your choice.

In addition, Freshdesk can also support self-service options such as knowledge bases and forums, so that customers can help themselves with the information they need.

Simplified Ticket Management

Freshdesk has a ticket management system that can be configured for its unique business processes. As with other platforms, this feature allows users to monitor the number of service requests or queries that need to be processed and ensure that they do not miss out.

The special feature of this software is that it is fully scalable and configurable. This allows them to tag, queue and route tickets based on their workflow.

In addition, the ticket system offers integrated collaboration tools, such as: For example, detecting collisions with agents to avoid duplicate responses to a single ticket.

Boost Productivity with Intelligent Automation

You can automate tasks to increase the productivity of your support team. The software downloads repetitive tasks. In many cases, the answers to the most frequently asked questions can be answered.

The Dispatch’r system automatically assigns and prioritizes tickets, allowing the administrator to focus on performance monitoring. It allows you to route tickets according to the different capabilities of your agents and informs them about their tasks.

There is also a “supervisor” feature that checks unresolved tickets or expired tasks so you can track them as quickly as possible.

Easy to Set Up and Customize

Freshdesk is designed for easy setup to accelerate user acceptance. In addition, you can configure your service level agreements (SLAs) to set ticket priorities and resolution times.

Tickets can be categorized according to your service level policy, saving you time and managing your customers’ expectations. You see the most urgent problems and the assigned response time. Customizing SLAs is a great help if you have multiple products. You can set the operating hours for different priority levels.

So your customers know when to wait for an answer. You can also customize the support portal with your logo and the colors of your brand.

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FreshDesk Pros and Cons


  • Convert email to ticket
  • Multiple service level contract rules
  • Automation – Ticket routing, automation of scenarios
  • Knowledgebase
  • Self Service Portal
  • Multi-channel support, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Support for multiple products/brands
  • Community portal with ideas and coordination management
  • Classification and table of gamification
  • Integrations: Freshbooks, Google Apps, Harvest, CapsuleCRM
  • Support in multiple languages and time zones
  • Satisfaction surveys


  • As we used the Free edition, we don’t see any cons.

What Problems Will Freshdesk Solve?

  1. Manage chaotic communications via email:

Most organizations start with customer support by creating a common inbox and sharing credentials with members of the support team.

When the device grows, it can be quite messy because emails are hidden in the inbox, agents are unrelated to the issues they deal with, or multiple agents accidentally respond to the same request. Freshdesk consolidates inbox so teams can easily manage their customer interactions through the simplified ticket interface.

Agents can track who is processing which ticket and also retrieve contextual data to make sure nothing goes through the cracks. With the Freshdesk Agent Collision feature, agents can easily see if someone is seeing or working on the same ticket as they.

This also includes an agent when another person starts writing a response to the current ticket, ensuring that customers do not receive different responses from multiple people to the same problem.

Considering that most small business support teams do not have more than two support agents with the same email address, Freshdesk offers up to three free agents on the Sprout plan forever. Supported email and email. Mail. telephone support.

Freshdesk review feature details

  1. Collaboration between teams on support issues:

Support professionals often need to discuss a ticket with other agents, share progress internally, or save updates for future reference. It is also possible that they need to loop on a ticket to other computers (such as developers or evaluators) to troubleshoot or analyze problems.

Freshdesk allows agents to add private notes to a ticket that are only visible to agents who log in to the support portal. These notes or comments may also be directed to particular agents by notifying them as recipients of the note.

If an agent sends a third-party notification, such as For example, from an external provider who needs a problem, he can send the ticket from the help desk directly to the provider. All responses from the external provider are included as private notes in the ticket thread.

For phone calls, Freshdesk Agents provides the ability to transfer the call. For chat requests, agents can forward snapshots to the desired agent, or even consult experts in a private chat between agents at the same time. This is mainly used in situations where a specific person or team specializes in solving a particular problem.

  1. Executing mundane repetitive tasks:

With e-mail and most existing systems, agents spend a great deal of time sorting, prioritizing, and assigning problems/tickets to the right people.

Another loss of productivity is when clients write with simple queries or when multiple clients report the same issue and agents need to enter the same response multiple times. Freshdesk comes with a great deal of automation to reduce agent time and labor and increase productivity.

The Dispatch’r is executed for each new ticket and classifies, evaluates and automatically assigns the ticket to the right team. The supervisor and the observer, who are time-based and event-based triggers, can be used to configure rules for automatically sending notifications and managing escalations and ticket tracking.

Agents can create pre-formatted answer templates for frequently asked questions (such as predefined answers) and reuse them with a click. These automated messages can be customized using placeholders and unique ticket information to ensure the level of support expected by all customers.

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Attention To The Customer Support

Depending on the product edition, Freshdesk can cover phone support, live chat, email, and social networking.

Through the integrated phone channel, your team gets full access to a cloud-based call center environment that includes an interactive voice response (IVR) system, mobile device integration, in addition, customers can connect with their agents through a live chat module communicate to their website, via Facebook, Twitter, a guest feedback widget, and a self-service portal.

The self-service portal is customizable and fully integrated with the knowledge base and forums on your website. As a result, your customers do not have to log in to multiple systems multiple times to find answers.

After you have set up your knowledge base, the tool can use the inputs from this platform to suggest possible solutions to your customers while working on a ticket.

Popular Integrations

When choosing technical support software, it is important that the software is integrated with the other applications currently used by your company. Here is a list of some popular integrations of Freshdesk:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Contacts
  • MailChimp
  • Atlassian Jira
  • Zoho
  • Fresh chat

Freshdesk Pricing Policy: Pricing with other benefits

Freshdesk comes with 5 pricing formulas and a free trial that will allow you to test all the key features of the software before deciding if it’s right for your business. You can also check the pricing information from Freshdesk here.

Sprout: free for unlimited agents

  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Knowledgebase
  • Basic Social Channel
  • Basic Chat Channel

Blossom: $19 per agent

  • Sprout features
  • Advanced Social Channel
  • Team Huddle
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Custom Domain Mapping
  • Time Tracking

Freshdesk review price

Garden: $35 per agent

  • Blossom features
  • Multilingual Helpdesk
  • Ticket Templates
  • Community Forums
  • Scheduled Reports
  • CSS Customization

Estate: $49 per agent

  • Garden features
  • Multiple Products
  • Agent Collision
  • Shared Ownership
  • Enterprise Reports
  • Custom Agent Roles

Forest: $89 per agent

  • Estate features
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Custom Email Servers
  • EU Data Center
  • Skill-based ticket assignment

If you do not know which package is best for your business, we recommend that you first try a free trial to test all the important features and find out which ones are really useful to your support team.

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Conclusion: Freshdesk Review

If you’re looking for high-end features like live chat, the service tends to be a bit more expensive. However, you will need a FreshDesk tool for a free 30-day trial before you agree on a paid rate. There are many features, many useful integrations and a large section of reports.

Now, You can now get all the information on this amazing “FreshDesk” Tools. Share your Review about FreshDesk in the comment section. Have you ever used FreshDesk tool business?

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