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This brand is ideal for those with a mind who are looking for the best of the best even though it means spending a good amount of money on it. One of

Cloudways has partnered with many of today’s top cloud hosting provider, allowing them to boast an admirable 99 per cent uptime when hosting sites o

  • Email Services
  • Guaranteed Money- back Offer
  • Softaculous App Installer
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat
  • Dedicated Environment
  • Free Magento Full Page Cache
  • It provides the highest level of security while working with a web host provider. The websites would function properly with every level update.
  • To make you earn a little more it has affiliate programs for you to earn commissions for referrals
  • Sometimes you may change your plan if working with a certain host. So KnownHost also provides refund policies so that you don’t lose your money in the
  • When it comes to Free SSL Certificate Cloudways has been rated 500% above WP Engine
  • With the Vertical Scaling Tab, you are provided useful scaling insights, right on your control panel!
  • As it used managed hosting, Cloudways ensures fast-loading sites, with great performances.
  • The main drawback of this web host is that it does not support windows and is purely Linux based.
  • Some users complain of delayed customer response, which is sometimes too technical.
Ease of Use

This web host might not be user-friendly for complete beginners, so it’s a big no for people who are not familiar with web hosting.

The user interface is easy to use, and with just some clicks, you will be able to set up your website and servers.

Value For Money

They even provide different fledged rates at special instances.

Cloud services are integrated into five popular infrastructures, including GCP and AWS; Plans vary from cheap to top, but you only pay for what you use

Customer Support

Knownhost doesn’t take any risk or chances, and endeavors to provide a glitch-free service. They provide you with 24/7 service by a highly efficient team of engineers and technicians.

24/7 support via tickets and live chat; priority and telephone support available as an option; comprehensive knowledge base and community forum

In this post, we will compare Knownhost vs Cloudways 2024

We all want to have a website for businesses to boom online. But choosing a web host is one of the last steps in our chain of thought. Please don’t make this mistake. A Webhost will be your best companion as you work for your website. 

The investment will be recovered in no time by the business profits. So don’t freak out when it comes to investing in a good website host. Easy to say, but small businesses cannot afford to invest so much in a single website.

Here, your quest ends, and you will have a clear insight into Knownhost vs Cloudways.

 Knownhost and Cloudways are your best options for your small business.

So, are you in search of a web-hosting site? You must have come across so many options in your search. But still, you must be confused about which one is better. 

If you have found this article then, you have come across probably the two best web-hosting providers available out there. Whilst your research you must have stumbled upon Knownhost and Cloudways.

But how to know which one is better?

I can assure you, that after reading this piece, most of your doubts will be resolved. You can choose the best for yourself according to your needs and budget.

Knownhost vs Cloudways: Overview

Knownhost Overview

This brand is ideal for those with a mind who are looking for the best of the best even though it means spending a good amount of money on it. One of those people? Go ahead and check out Knownhost then! 

Knownhost vs Cloudways - KnownHost

It supplies one of the fastest speed connections out there, a really good VPS, the availability, the world’s worth of storage, and a whole system of dedicated hostings of servers. 

Cloudways Overview

Are you looking for a WordPress hosting platform? For your WordPress site. Then Cloudways might be exactly what you are interested in.

 Knownhost vs Cloudways - Cloudways Overview

From SSL integration to HTTP redirects, you can entrust cloud ways for availing of various other fascinating features at an extremely considerable price. A perfect option for any small business or medium Enterprise.

To get the best discounts on Cloudways, click here.

Common Features Knownhost vs Cloudways

1. SSD Services 


If your requirement is speed and fluency, you can’t neglect the benefits of enterprise-grade SSD. KnownHost provides you with the best SSD services syncing with their hosting programs.

The use of efficient hardware to provide a better experience is the ultimate goal of KnownHost.

KnownHost - Features

SSD is really useful when it comes to server storage. 

Honestly, the speed is breathtaking. 


Cloudways realizes the importance of time. It aims in reducing the efforts of its customers and provides a breathtaking experience by means of good storage and high performance. Using SSD reduces the page load time and is essential for your website to be dynamic and efficient. 

Cloudways- Server Size

Like all other website hosts, Cloudways have also ditched the time-consuming HHD drives. 

The SSD feature of Cloudways speaks tons about the modernization and Technical hype of the software.


When you evaluate this particular feature for both the software it is really hard to name any one of them to be the better. Both are technically advanced to provide a better experience to their users.

2. Cloud Storage


Knownhost provides you with three managed and three managed cloud VPS plans.  

The managed plans Cost a little more. The cheapest plan you will get is at the rate of $50.40  per month. This plan will provide you with a 2 GB ram, 75 GB storage. You can have 2tb bandwidth along with Ipv6 addresses. 

KnownHost- Managed Hosting

The unmanaged cloud plans thoughts from $ 9.99 per month. The difference is in the storage they provide. For this unmanaged cloud plan, you will get 25 GB of cloud storage.


Cloudways is a step further. Their services are designed to be auto healed. So if you face any kind of issue while using the software it would be resolved automatically by restarting the complete procedure.

Cloudways- Features


Both the software provide basic cloud storage services. But their presentation is different. KnownHost monetizes the services according to the needs of the customers whereas Cloudways tries to improve upon the performance of the simple feature.

3. Security


Knownhost deploys a highly efficient security team, for monitoring any possible security breaches or threats. The team is responsible for providing a lot of security features such as protection against multiple logins or tiered security levels. 

With CloudLinux Isolation it makes sure that all the accounts are unique and isolated to the utmost level. Detects exhaustive key searches and keeps away the attackers targeting to access your accounts by guessing the password. 

The multilevel protection is an extra add-on to make sure your data and content are well protected. 

KnownHost - Security

With its integration with Comodo, it provides SSL certificates free of cost for business purposes. You have the ultimate protection against bugs and exploits by the virtue of PatchMan. 

They also monitor the service continuously. The servers are passed and secured against any possible threat. Not just in a single method but they try to do it in multiple methods on a daily basis.


Considering the fact that the servers should be kept away from any malpractice of security threats, Cloudways employ a tech team for providing the best security features. 

The malicious traffic is filtered out safely from intruders by the oS level Firewall system. This Firewall feature is available for all the servers. You can also create a whitelist of IP addresses, to be accessible for SSH and SFTP without any interruption. 

You can have your SSL certificate in just one click along with HTTPS requirements without even spending a penny. 

Avail the unique feature of two-factor authentication and bot protection with Cloudways. So say no to Unwanted bots and brute force login attacks. The multilayer system and OE patches on your server will amaze you.


We clearly saw the security provided by both the software is quite intriguing. Both of them provide some features if you are unique to the particular software.

The most interesting part to note is the importance both the software gives to the security of the service they provide to their clients. In our view, the Knownhost is a little better because of its various integration and 24/7 available Tech team. Get the latest working cloudways coupon code here.

4. Round The Clock Monitoring 


Knownhost doesn’t take any risks or chances, and endeavors to provide a glitch-free service. They provide you with 24/7 service by a highly efficient team of engineers and technicians.

KnownHost - Data Center

Speed is power! It avails you a fast Uptime feature. 


You might be worried about who will take care of your server or would monitor it. What happens if something goes wrong? How will you keep the bots away and secure your server? 

Do not worry! Cloudways has a 24/7 real-time monitoring service. It provides you 16 different metrics, all of which you can access from the console itself. 

The New Relic Integration allows you to have a detailed insight into the performance. It notifies you if there is any trouble and helps you identify the issues.

The use of artificial intelligence for real-time reporting to help servers get optimized is really ingenious.


Clearly, the winner is Cloudways. Though both the software provides 24/7 monitoring, Cloudways has a few better add-on to keep track of your server.

5. HTTP/2 Support 


This feature is extremely competent and reduces latency and eliminates redundancy. 

What now? This feature boosts efficiency!

Knownhost’s HTTP/2 leads to an effective compression of the header fields too!


The servers are integrated with HTTP/2 which considerably boosts the communication rate between customers and the web servers.

Now you have nothing to worry about whether you would lag behind damaging your reputation!

Experience and reap the entire benefits of advanced security. This feature of Cloudways adds an additional as well as powerful coating of security. Now you can forget all your worries and chill out. 

This feature also has a hand in heightening your SEO ranking and also seems to improvise upon the Stream priority, and before I forget to mention, it also improves the Multiplexing. 

And most important of all, this feature of Cloudways is supported by all the web browsers as opposed to the traditional SSL key!


It is quite evident that the HTTP/2 feature of Cloudways is superior and triumphs over that of Knownhost. It has more advanced functions such as working over the SEO rankings that seem to be absent in the Knownhost’s domain.

Cloudways seems to have gone all the way to accomplish the highest standards of HTTP/2 while Knownhost has moderate functions embedded in HTTP/2.

Unique Features: Knownhost vs Cloudways


Email Services

KnownHost allows you to create unlimited email accounts with your resource limit. 

You must have heard that Knownhost has integration with Horde and RoundCube? In case, this is an alien term to you, they are web-mail clients that help you manage and access your email accounts.

They come with an inbuilt setup autoresponder. So you can just forget about all the incoming emails and the tedious task of applying each of them individually in case you are busy. The auto-response sends an automated reply to everyone and informs them how to get in touch in case it is urgent. 

Tired of receiving all the spam emails filling your inbox? You can control these incoming spam mails by making a blacklist and a whitelist. And you are free of all the blacklisted mails. This filter works globally for all kinds of emails. Keep the trash out of the inbox!

Guaranteed Money- back Offer

KnownHost claims to return your money if you don’t like their services and features within 30 days of the purchase date. This offer is exclusive to first-time user. 

To get a pro-rated refund anytime you want, all you have to do is cancel your plan.

Softaculous App Installer

In Association with the Softaculous app installer, Knownhost differentiates its features from all its competitors. It reduces the tedious task of app installation to just a few clicks. No matter what is the software you can just download it within a minute. You can download WordPress, other blogging applications, or wiki software. 

You can have shopping cards installed and integrated with your website. ever thought you could add polls and surveys to your website or can just give online sessions on the content you best know? 

Trust me! It is possible with KnownHost.


Staging and Cloning

 Have second thoughts regarding how good your websites are? Then test them!

Cloudways Staging feature aids you to test your website before it is ready to roll on the web. You have to create a Staging area and test your website. If you are satisfied with your work you can then change it to your actual website. If you feel some rectifications are needed you are free to do so. This eliminates the fear of Irreversible changes to a permanent website. 

Cloning as the name suggests allows you to make several copies of your website and deploy individual severs. These clone sites are an amazing tool to showcase to your clients.

Caching at Its best! 

You must have heard about google Cloud, digital ocean, Linode or AWS. They are some of the best cloud-server providers. And you want to guess who integrates with them? 

Yes, Cloudways integrates with all these best cloud providers to provide the best SSD based VPS server for accelerated performance. 

It also makes the best use of the caching mechanism to improve its servers. With its own content delivery network called CloudwaysCDN, it is completely reliable and swift in service. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for a free trial.

Find Out Which Is Best?

Pricing: Knownhost vs Cloudways


KnownHost - Pricing


  • It has a monthly package pricing starting from US$3.47.
  • They even provide different fledged rates in special instances.



  • It does not have a free version.
  • But has a 3-day free trial.
  • The cost per month starts from $22 per month.

Pros & Cons:  Knownhost vs Cloudways

KnownHost Pros:

  • It provides the highest level of security while working with a web host provider. The websites would function properly with every level update. 
  • Knownhost provides high-performance dedicated server and VPS hosting. 
  • You receive additional storage space also. The site would always enjoy guaranteed fast connection speeds and will always be available to the site visitors. 
  • Knownhost always targets high-quality services. You are not just occupied with the basic features but also have some add ons to it. The company offers useful features at no additional cost. 
  • There is a regular data backup with high security. It has a migration plan so it easily helps you in migrating your site from the previous web host to the new one.
  • To make you earn a little more it has affiliate programs for you to earn commissions for referrals 
  • Sometimes you may change your plan if working with a certain host. So KnownHost also provides refund policies so that you don’t lose your money in the case when you become incompatible with the WebHost.

KnownHost Cons:

  • The main drawback of this web host is that it does not support windows and is purely Linux based.
  • The company tends to charge extra for access and use of Cpanel.
  • When you choose dedicated servers you have to pay an extra setup fee apart from your plan fee.
  • This web host might not be user-friendly for complete beginners, so it’s a big no for people who are not familiar with web hosting.
  • Even though it has lots of features, it fails to provide some website services.
  • The company manages most of the aspects, so you don’t have much freedom on your site.
  • Usually, techy people find it difficult to work on this site.

Cloudways Pros:

  • Cloudways offers a free three-day trial for its wanna-be users.
  • It has deployed the digital ocean, Vultr, Linode, and Google cloud for providing better infrastructure.
  • SSD hosting and Redix support are provided.
  • A free site migration service is provided.
  • The backups are thoroughly automated. 
  • SSL certificate is listed.
  • There is CDN and dedicated IP.
  • There is pay the as-in price in the option provided and there is no need for locked-in contracts.
  • A very friendly and responsive support system is 24/7 available.

Cloudways Cons:

  • There is no email hosting.
  • There is no availability of Cpanel.
  • The usage of a Plesk control panel is also prohibited.

Testimonials: Knownhost vs Cloudways 

Cloudways Customer Review

Cloudways- Testimonials

KnownHost Customer Review

Knowhost - Testimonials

FAQs Knownhost vs Cloudways 

👉How long would the Knownhost account activation consume?

VPSs are furnished promptly, once the transaction is successfully made. The system would take about 5 minutes to deliver the welcome mail. However, fraud checks will cause a huge delay as they would be sent to be reviewed manually.

👉How many applications can I surely host using the same server on Cloudways?

Customers are bestowed with the liberty to add in more than a single application. However, there are a myriad of factors to be taken into consideration before we can give a promising answer. Factors such as CMS type, the specifications of the server and don’t forget the traffic on your website. Analyze all these factors. If there is a 1GB server, 4 to 5 small websites can be handled well.

👉Would a demo be presented with the URL to discern the performance before the website is brought live on Cloudways?

Yes, a staging URL is unquestionably present. You can test your migrated site and check out all other various aspects before determining whether taking your domain live with Cloudways is a viable option or not.

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Conclusion: Knownhost vs Cloudways 2024 

Pheww! That was quite a long read. Now, After going through most of the features in detail, you must have got quite an insight regarding both the software.

You must have your own opinion by now too. So which software fascinated you more?

Practically both the software have a lot to offer. Some features are quite general whereas others are exemplary. 

But the final verdict rests upon you! 

You are the better judge of your requirements. You can decide better which feature serves your purpose best.

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