MemberPress Review 2023 Features & Pricing: Is MemberPress Worth it?

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User Friendly
Ease Of Use
Course Creation


  • Convenient and friendly set up
  • Excellent personalized membership levels are available
  • Allows users to make as many numbers of membership levels as required. 
  • Availability of customized content dripping that is time-release feature and services. 
  • Integration is possible with various email retailing services and other devices. 
  • Highly personalized coupons with add-on features. 
  • Accessibility of segmenting the levels of membership upon the group.
  • Easy & Quick Setup
  • Integration with all major software and platform


  • Problems arise in personalizing the forms of registration and login.

The All-in-One WordPress Membership Plugin will help you create astounding membership websites with easy, fast & secure payment gateway setup.

Price:$ 149

Looking for an Unbiased MemberPress Review, I got you covered.

Are you willing to build a membership website? Are you interested to know more about these membership websites? Well, let me tell you one thing! MemberPress is a WordPress membership site that is on-trend in today’s market industries. 

The pain of having to create a membership site and manage it is REAL.

You always wanted to create a membership site that can be protected with a password, but you’re not really into the idea of spending months developing your own solution.

Bottom Line Upfront: MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin and with this, it becomes really easy to charge your users for access to content and digital products such as software and e-books. MemberPress gives you control over your content and with it you can confidently create, manage, and analyze membership subscriptions and digital products. Get to know more about MemberPress by signing up for it.


MemberPress Review In a Nutshell

MemberPress is one of the best membership site plugins that I have come across. In this article, we’ll explore more about the MemberPress plugin and take a closer look at its services and all the facilities I’ve experienced personally.

Membership sites let you build up a premium content library and give access to only the members who have registered on your membership site.

MemberPress can build a very strong and convenient WordPress membership website, that highlights superb features of WordPress and third-party services which also involves managing content, documents, and files. 

If you are willing to create your own sustainable business online and need paid membership programming plans with the collaboration of a WordPress site, you need to have a look at MemberPress.

It is one of the simplest and most elegant plugins for making a membership site; it is more popular in recent markets because of its convenient setup and multiple integrations. 

MemberPress is software that can help you build a paid organization and also consider built-in forum technology along with the membership sites. It is suitable for almost every WordPress plugin. 

 Memberpress Review - All-in-One Plugin

Let’s jump into the article and know more about this amazing software and its excellent services. 


MemberPress is a robust and easy to use plugin to build your courses online

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Basic technical knowledge needed to use the tool, the Support is great too.

😩  Cons

No Wocommerce integration available


MemberPress is a effective plugin to create membership site and run courses

Overall Rating 4.5/5

MemberPress Features

As I told you earlier, MemberPress is one of the amazing membership sites, let’s have a look at its amazing features which you must know in advance before making a decision. Following are the features given below:

1) Convenient set-up

MemberPress believes that for running a normal WordPress site, one must not worry about the experience of technology and computing.

You just need to get your payment done, and install the required products, and by installing the software your work is done. It’s an excellent and simple way to go with a membership site and you also no need to worry about the tedious setups or about having a piece of advanced knowledge about computers and coding. 

-MemberPress- Features

2) Accessibility

You must have full access to your membership site, MemberPress provides you powerful control over every content that must be visualized to your customers depending upon their membership plan or on the products they’ve bought.

MemberPress permits you to block or prohibit accessibility to the pages, posts, personalized post types, child posts, types, tagging, and various documents in your installation of the WordPress plugin. 

MemberPress - Integration

3) Building and selling courses

MemberPress works in both ways, as a membership website and also as an LMS plugin. Isn’t it interesting? It has an add-on of courses, in which you get to use the features easily and also use the MemberPress combined with robust LMS services styled to create an online course very simple.

These add-on features convert all the complex services into basic and you are good to go with the click-and-go process. The best thing I found in this feature is that you don’t have to download the courses separately; the courses are built right in there with the MemberPress. 

4) Coupons ­

Don’t you think coupons are underrated yet very useful for giveaways and promoting products? In any online business, coupons are found to be a very critical element.

MemberPress permits you to create your own coupons and with the freedom of no limit, you can create the coupons as many as you require, and you can have control over their expiry dates and the number of users. You can also personalize your own coupon codes simply and in the very easiest way. 

5) Documentation or community forums

When you are installing your WordPress-based forums and using them, MemberPress gives you the freedom to create your own password-protected community. It collaborates easily with BBpress and various WordPress plugin forums or documents. 

MemberPress - Start Your Site

6) Theme and layouts

MemberPress allows you to work with any theme of WordPress, whether it is from StudioPress, WooThemes, or any other organization, it doesn’t have any boundaries. Even if you can utilize personal themes, MemberPress runs great with you. 

-MemberPress- Features Benefits

7) Dripping

MemberPress always considers this amazing feature of content times released which is also called content dripping and accessibility of content expiration. It works great with any features for your comfort. 

8) Stability and security

MemberPress is created can fulfill their user’s needs, that is why it has a feature of WordPress integration which also follows PHP and WordPress organization for excellent practices of coding for stability and security.

I’ve been stuck onto MemberPress and trust me never doubted its security and stability when it comes to my personal data and for my clients for many years. I feel it’s the safest software that fits everyone who is looking for a membership site. 

MemberPress - Ease To Use

9) Extensible

This software supports integration and provides a huge satisfaction when I come to its services and facilities.

If you are willing to combine your personalized code as a developer, MemberPress supports you and as the software has been installed by you, on your server, you can almost have access to all the features and personalize anything you require with MemberPress. 

10) Instructions and manuals

As I’ve been speaking about its easy-to-use services, this software has its user manual, in case you are stuck with the services and need help. The user manual covers the whole feature an admin will require and even all the features and services. If you need advanced help, the customer support team is available at any time to get you out of your queries. 

MembeePress Plugin Integrations

Memberpress Integrations

Email marketing is an indispensable element when it comes to marketing your business, managing your memberships, and engaging in promotional campaigns. Whatever you might think of it, your membership platform will be incomplete without a robust, automatic email marketing system. 

  • Coming to MemberPress, enables you to integrate with some of the most popular, most authentic, and most powerful third-party email marketing add-ons. 
  • I’ve tabulated the plan-wise availability of email marketing add-ons as:
No. Available add-ons MemberPress Basic MemberPress Plus MemberPress  Pro
1 Aweber Yes Yes Yes
2 Constant Contact Yes Yes Yes
3 GetResponse Yes Yes Yes
4 MailChimp Yes Yes Yes
5 MailPoet Yes Yes Yes
6 Mailster Yes Yes Yes
7 MailerLite Yes Yes Yes
8 Active Campaign Yes Yes
9 ConvertKit Yes Yes
10 Drip Yes Yes

Content Dripping

Would you like to release your content in batches rather than releasing them altogether? If so, the content dripping feature offered by MemberPress will serve you the best. 


  • It will help you in releasing your protected content part by part. 
  • As far as MemberPress is concerned, you will be able to drip the following areas/contents:
  1. You can drip a whole page or a single post 
  2. You can have simultaneous/Sequential dripping. I.e. If you want to drip content after ‘X’ days a member registers and you want to drip another content ‘Y’ days after the same event, this feature helps. However, you’ve to set them separately. 
  3. You can drip a certain part of a post or a page.
  4. You can drip certain items on your menu.
  • In addition to that, you will be able to notify your members/subscribers of the dripped content. 
  • However, MemberPress doesn’t support automatic emails apprising your subscribers of the same but you will be able to integrate with third-party email autoresponders like MailChimp to trigger an email notice informing your subscriber of a dripped content. 
  • Along with content dripping, MemberPress also provides you with an expiration feature in which you will be able to expire content based on any rule you set. 
  • However, the expiration of the content works equally irrespective of guest viewers or paid subscribers. 
  • Similar to the content dripping feature, you’ll be able to set rules for the expiration of a whole page or a single post, a certain part of a post or a page, or items on your menu.

MemberPress Pricing | How Much Does MemberPress Cost?

I guess you might have gone through the features and after knowing its outstanding services, you might be interested in knowing about MemberPress Pricing details. Let’s have a look at its pricing details given below – 

MemberPress Review - Pricing

Pro Subscription

This pro subscription comes at the cost of $349 per year.

Features – It comes with 5 websites, unlimited membership, creation of courses without any limitations, and involves affiliate Royale, and add-ons (pro exclusive). 

Plus Subscription

The plus subscription is one of the most popular memberships of this software in the market. It costs about $249 per year. 

Features – can use 2 sites, it runs with, retail corporate accounts, add-on (additional 10) and collaboration, personalize integration with Zapier about 1000s. 

Basic Subscription

This subscription is best for users who are beginners on this membership site, it costs up to $149 per year. 

Features – access to one website, no limitation for members and content management, runs with PayPal and stripe, build and retail online courses, per year proper support and simultaneous updates, add-ons and collaboration (more than 10 add-ons available), free OptinMonster trial for at least 3 whole months and accessibility to OptinMonster trial, free TrustPulse trial for 3 months. 

MemberPress Pros & Cons


  • Convenient and friendly setup
  • Excellent personalized membership levels are available
  • Allows users to make as many numbers of membership levels as required
  • Availability of customized content dripping that is a time-release feature and services
  • Availability of personalized content expiration
  • Integration is possible with various email retailing services and other devices
  • Highly personalized coupons with add-on features
  • Accessibility of segmenting the levels of membership in the group
  • Reporting
  • Good and flexible customer service
  • 100% money-back guarantee in customer dissatisfaction


  • Problems arise in personalizing the forms of registration and login
  • Sometimes, creating plugins is expensive and there is no option for lifetime purchasing
  • Improvement is needed in built-in forum technology
  • Inconvenience in billing techniques

MemberPress Reviews & Testimonials & by Users

MemberPress-Reviews by Real Customer - The product is clearly of very high quality

MemberPress Alternatives

Here are some of the alternatives of MemberPress, which I considered to be mentioned as an option in this article – 

1) Restrict Content Pro

MemberPress Alternative - Restrict-Content-Pro

Restrict Content Pro is quite a powerful membership solution platform that is best to restrict content on your blog or website in many ways, a great plugin to create a basic membership site, quick & easy to set up, and a simple and lightweight tool, with its Pro add-ons you can also create a membership site with your specific requirements, like the magazine-style site and more.

It has everything you need to create a professional membership website. Get Started with Restrict Content Pro

2) Kajabi 

MemberPress Alternative -Kajabi

Kajabi is another all-in-one platform and can be considered as the easiest platform for all business people for selling online courses. It is also considered to be the most effective alternative to MemberPress software. Kajabi provides you blog websites and an online course area that is very easy to use for learners as well as sellers. Get Started Now.

3) LearnDash

MemberPress Alternative -LearnDash

The LearnDash Add-On is without a doubt the most easy-to-use and powerful WordPress LMS add-on. You can easily create complete online courses and membership sites on your WordPress site and make money from the sale. The add-ons have a number of functions for organizing the courses and their clients.

LearnDash is an extremely easy and super flexible WordPress LMS plugin. LearnDash has tons of integrations and advanced membership modules. Read our full Learndash Review & decide if you want to Get Started with LearnDash.

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FAQ related to MemberPress Review

👉What is MemberPress?

MemberPress is a WordPress premium plugin for managing and creating membership subscriptions and plans and for the website.

✅ Is MemberPress free or offer any trial or demo?

No, MemberPress does not offer any free trial or demo.

✅ Can you sell physical goods on MemberPress?

The Answer is No, MemberPress is not a shopping-related plugin and does not allow you to sell physical goods. It caters to selling membership subscriptions and plans for digital content.

✅ Does the MemberPress offer refunds?

Yes, MemberPress has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

👉 Can any WordPress theme be used with MemberPress?

Yes, MemberPress is software that protects and secures any kind of posts, pages, or types. It also creates front-end pages like product registration, login or sign-in, profile, accounts, and even pricing pages in your desired theme without any limitations. Customization themes can also be used for advanced levels of users.

👉 Which type of payment gateways MemberPress works?

It combines PayPal standard, PayPal express checkout, AIM AND ARB, and even stripe. These are the gateways that are secure and have full ability to charge for credit cards and also allow for PCI-compliant. Every gateway offers a mechanism for working in automatic payments.

👉 Is it possible to secure videos with MemberPress?

Absolutely, yes. you can secure your videos with the Add-on known as MemberPress AWS. Some of the users of MemberPress are utilizing MemberPress with some conjunction such as Vimeo, Brightcove, Wistia, Viddler, and various video hosting features and services.

Conclusion: MemberPress Review 2023 

Finally, we are at the end of this article. I hope you got a detailed and clear review of this powerful WordPress membership site called MemberPress

Let me share with you some of my personal views after using this software! MemberPress comes out to be the most convenient software for me. As a part of this WordPress user panel, I would say the software’s interface operates flexibly and very smoothly.

There’s no doubt why this software comes out to be a popular membership site in today’s market industry. 

The advanced which are highly technical can be easily handled with the help of MemberPress, customization is almost included in every feature of this software.

I can customize my own coupons without any limitations and can have access to their expiry dates, collaborate with WordPress plugins, customized themes, layouts, and also any WordPress themes that can be utilized. 

Another thing I like about MemberPress software is, it also includes LMS plugins along with the membership sites and its features and customer support are excellent as usual. Trust me! I found this software user-friendly and very interesting. 

I’ve used so many Membership sites and this fits me best as I can combine my existing WordPress sites and forums to it without any restrictions. The decision is yours to make! But I would say, you won’t regret using this amazing software. 

You can follow MemberPress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram here, & check out the MemberPress Home page here.

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  2. MemberPress: Creating membership sites just got a lot easier – and much more affordable! With MemberPress, you can customize your site with everything you need to create the perfect community for your audience. Choose from different themes or develop your own unique look with our HTML5 editor. You won’t find adverts popping up as distracting banners, but MemberPress do include notifications on the bottom of posts to share updates and events across all your social networks. MemberPress offer built-in blogging, forums, file uploads, notifications, event registration and much more that often come as extras at other providers.

  3. Memberpress offers a modern approach to creating membership website with ease. It is jam-packed with great features from the easy post editing experience from inside WordPress, to customizing your own sign up form. If you have been looking for an easy way to add additional revenue streams in your business.

  4. Friendly to use but lets you down in the less thrilling, more fundamental features.

  5. Sick of managing your memberships without having to pay for a bulky platform? Memberpress is made up of an easy-to-use plugin that helps you manage all the elements required for membership sites, from subscriptions to content and payments. It even has a ton of add-ons and resources available (including e-commerce solutions) so you can use it to build whatever kind of site you’d like. So go ahead and stop paying monthly fees, when with Memberpress you’ll have absolute control over your membership on one single platform!

  6. MemberPress is a membership plugin that lets you create professional membership sites with WordPress, creating an easy-to-use and beautiful interface. It’s a perfect solution for businesses or personal blogs that need to monetize content to stay afloat. Plus, it offers so many great features!

  7. MemberPress is the complete membership package. The plugin is super-easy to install and use — it’s perfect for memberships on WordPress blogs or even your own site. With Memberpress, you can offer exclusive content from premium writers, diversify revenue streams in unexpected ways with integrated ecommerce, and empower readers with new tools that unlock unique benefits by creating a marketable community of supporters.

  8. It took less than an hour to run the software
    Initially, I got suggestion to try less expensive option for my membership site but I would say I might have saved the money but this less trouble is a better bet. Its great going so far.
    The Memberpress software is easy to setup, the process of setting up took less than an hour from setting up various membership levels to integration stripe payment gate way though it took me multiple try to figure out Membership levels.

  9. “MemberPress Pro is a WordPress membership plugin with custom front-end form builder for leads, memberships, and more. Transform your WordPress site into an online community connecting readers to content without any technical knowledge or coding.”

  10. You were looking for a way to take your online community to the next level. You wanted an easy, trustworthy solution that would allow you to build user engagement and monetize your platform. But it had to be versatile too so you could choose the right payment option that fit best with each scenario – there’s no one size fits all strategy when it comes keeping up an online community. Memberpress is just what you’re looking for!

  11. MemberPress is the best way to own websites with payment options that are restrictive or difficult to work with. With MemberPress, you’ll be able to grow your business faster and easier than ever before! Our design suite features beautiful layouts and high-quality templates created by industry experts. We also offer a wide variety of professional plugins for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and MagnetoEcommerce so you can sell whatever type of product or service your website is showcasing without any problems. Calling MemberPress “confidentially simple” would be an understatement — everything from registration steps all the way up until account details is clear and easy to follow; plus, our customer service ranks among the highest in terms of speed and quality.

  12. MemberPress is a powerful plugin for creating membership websites. I’m really happy with it because it’s easy to use and has great support! After upgrading to the courses add-on, I moved all my courses out of LearnDash and into MemberPress. Thank you so much for this awesome upgrade – we’re definitely not going back to LearnDash again!

  13. MemberPress can help you create everything you need to create a membership site. I use the Elementor editor, and Memberpress has some integration between the two plugins; however, there is still more work that could be done in regards to customization options. If you like having control when it comes to editing your website, then this might not be the plugin for you. It has enough customization options but there are even more features which would give it an edge over competition. One thing I wish they had was group sign-ups in their basic plan since pro plans require groups sign-up capabilities.

  14. Memberpress is the ultimate membership plugin for WordPress. The team behind Memberpress has created a simple and intuitive way to take your money-making site from zero to hero status in no time at all, by simply installing this plugin! Being billed as ‘so easy a caveman could do it’ and backed up with an array of user reviews praising its simplicity and reliability alike – you can’t miss out on this amazing deal.

  15. I love MemberPress. It’s a WordPress membership plugin that lets you start charging users in a snap! I got frustrated trying to make my site work with another one, but this was totally worth braving the headache of installing it.

  16. Memberpress is the best plugin if you are looking for an easy to use, flexible, and feature-rich software that enables you to create a membership site easily. With it you can offer different types of login credentials just by modifying the settings, with Memberpress everything runs smoothly I simply love it!

  17. MemberPress has impressive customer service levels, but they’re just a distant second to their design finesse and comprehensive library of tools. I practically feel like I’m part of the team when they reach out for feedback on surveys that are as close to perfection as any in the industry. And with so many features, this is one product that’s sure to please–I can’t say enough good things!
    A Comprehensive Toolkit by Design

  18. Memberpress is the best membership plugin in the market today. It makes it very easy to create and manage a membership website. It has everything you need to help you manage your members, your content, your subscriptions, and the payments. Further, it has a massive library of add-ons that will enhance your membership site and since it’s leveraging the WordPress platform, you can even extend and customize it way beyond what you can imagine. It’s really worth its price.

  19. Memberpress is a simply amazing plugin for memberships. I loved it from the very first minute for its easiness and the fantastic support. After the course add-on was released, I moved all my courses out from LearnDash into Memberpress! And won’t be using Lerandash anymore, thanks for this as I was struggling at each and every WP update.

  20. MemberPress was the first plugin of its kind that I found. It’s very easy to set up and use, once you know what you’re doing (there is a little bit of an learning curve). The payment tools make it simple for customers to buy membership subscriptions or digital downloads. This means I can focus on creating content; MemberPress makes sales process super quick!

  21. Memberpress is the best plugin for membership websites! It’s so easy to set up, you’ll have your site ready to go in minutes. You can also save time with features like creating an unlimited number of forms and collecting payments using Paypal, Stripe or Save hours on design by choosing from their library of professionally designed templates – including mobile responsive designs – or designing your own layout without any coding required. Tweak settings to make it work exactly the way you need it too! Support is great too, they always respond quickly when I email them with a question…in fact there are plenty of video tutorials covering just about everything imaginable if you want help along the way. Memberpress really has all my favorite features.

  22. I had been using MemberPress since 2016 and everything works quite well. I am a website owner but not equipped with php knowledge so it will be unfair to comment on “code quality.”
    I do admin tasks, and that is quite doable. I have a meditation online courses site, I have many membership tiers & was able to lock down various pages. It integrates fully with Paypal and Stripe but payment gateways set up was tricky initially but that was totally due to Paypal settings.

  23. Memberpress is a membership site plugin that makes it easy for you to own an online community with your customers. Create engaging content with Memberpress Pro. It’s simple, secure, and newbie-friendly.

  24. Memberpress is one of those products that, when it works, really works. But only if you’re willing to spend multiple months or take time away from your business to debug and customize the plugin’s code for yourself. Otherwise, tough luck!

  25. Memberpress is the top plugin for running your membership website. Memberpress makes it easy to use PayPal Standard API to take payments, gives you great options for easy recurring billing with installation in one click, and includes an intuitive dashboard for taking customer support or manipulating your front-end settings. You can run any type of newsletters on behalf of memberships. The permission system will make sure that only registered members are allowed access.

  26. Memberpress is a great choice for users who have been looking for a tool that displays drip content or sends emails. This resource also has an easy interface, a fast loading time, and responsive support to other plugins.

    Memberpress is the easily customizable best WordPress membership plugin on the market today. It comes with every feature you would hope to find in a high-quality product: drip content, email integration options through clickable links or popup notifications, customer management with custom profile pages and available purchase history of your most loyal customers. Plus it’s clean aesthetic design will make its use as seamless as possible from installing it from Themeforest all the way to getting started with your first group of subscribers.

  27. Memberpress makes it easy to start your own membership site. It takes the guesswork out of adding content for yourself or your clients, has design options that are customizable and scalable to all budgets, and offers what you need to take online courses on its memberships sites.
    The MemberPress team is passionate about offering exceptional customer service, responsive developers who work with other plugins seamlessly, sleek design options—so you can create anything from a beautiful blog platform or course catalogues for colleges or universities, to premium products. You’ll love how this product allows you to maintain complete creative control over every aspect of your websites functionality!

  28. Memberpress is among the most overpriced, underpowered plugins out there. While I appreciate their support team’s dedication to fixing bugs on a timely basis, the price tag on this plugin makes it tough for me to recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable registration or login system. With features that should be built-in being billed as an “add-on” and lack of forum technology built into the software itself, Memberpress isn’t my first choice when recommending.

  29. MemberPress provides a way to generate content and communicate with members inside WordPress. It fixes the major issues of other membership plugins – drip content, ease of use, responsiveness to other plugins, and more. One should try today…

  30. Memberspress has been able to do all these things and more with the Memberpress plugin! This incredible all-in-one membership platform offers fantastic customer service, a friendly interface, and is extremely responsive to other plugins.

  31. MemberPress is the perfect solution for membership sites. Requiring no HTML or programming knowledge, MemberPress allows users to quickly create lists of form fields to easily collect customer information and payment details. The short codes make this tool easy to use for others running WordPress websites. If you’re looking for a lightweight but effective plugin that will help your web visitors sign up in seconds, Memberpress is an excellent option.

  32. People that use WordPress to create their blog or website love to stay on top of advancements in design and features. Memberpress combines both – new enough for your customers but it’s got the quality back end they need. The sites will look great with all sorts of different themes, background options, layouts, sharing buttons which give them so many more income opportunities than before. Bragging about the number of bloggers has never been easier!

  33. Memberpress is your go-to plugin for content. It has helped save our company thousands in designing, coding and building drip content!

  34. Memberpress helps you get your membership site up and running in no time. I loved Memberpress from the very first minute for its easiness and fantastic support. When they released the courses add-on, I moved all my courses out of LearnDash into Memberpress.

  35. Memberpress will take your company to the next level. With features like drip content, responsive site design, and excellent customer support, Memberpress is one of the best WordPress plugins available.

  36. MemberPress is an excellent solution for running and managing a community with online courses. Its main flaw, as far as I’m concerned, is the inability to offer multiple payment options on one membership– you can either pay recurring or one-time. That’s been my only request for over a year now, yet it has still not been answered! Nonetheless, MemberPress continues to impress me with all of its other features: ability to choose moderators who have different levels of access; easy course updates/upgrades; reports that help me understand how well the site is being used and what I need to do next etc.; training videos that are really helpful in terms of both establishing good practice from day 1.

  37. I’ve never had to deal with long signup process before. I like how easy this plugin is to use and that the app makes it straightforward for me to start charging my memberships.
    MemberPress has been a great option we’ve seen grow in popularity, particulary on WordPress sites and services where people want an easy way of setting up recurring subscriptions and selling digital products like courses or e-books. Fast setup, seamless integrations including WooCommerce, PayPal integration as well as automated renewal reminders make this plugin worth every penny if you’re looking for hassle free payments.

  38. MemberPress is the easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin you’ve been dreaming of. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly get your site protected from spam and malicious attacks with an interactive login process that increases conversions by a great percentage.

  39. I was nervous purchasing a plugin. I couldn’t take the chance of it not working with my site’s theme, so I just paid for someone to do this work for me. Doing that saved me at least some technical debt and headaches over the life of my membership site.

    MemberPress has been an excellent addition to our website! We use its tools as well as its MP-powered eCommerce platform in order to provide customers a streamlined and multi-faceted experience no matter what they choose to do on our website — buy classes, sign up for membership, or anything else like that!

  40. Memberpress is by far the most valuable WordPress membership plugin out there. Its massive library of plugins can extend Membership beyond what you imagined in your wildest dreams plus it leverages all the support and benefits that come with being a part of the WordPress community. I highly recommend Memberpress if you’re looking for an easy, effective way to manage content and memberships!

  41. MemberPress is a reliable membership plugin for WordPress. The interface operates smoothly and the features are easy to work with. Though it’s missing some add-ons, MemberPress is worth the investment!

  42. You’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to take payments and keep track of members when you have the right tools. This plugin does most of that work for you, so there’s not a lot more effort involved in collecting info from people who sign up or sending them email responses than what we were already doing with our old membership software. We switched because this one offered some extra features that will make running your site better – transferring member information was mostly seamless but did require us an additional step or two on top of just plugging everything into this new system like they had been before-but now I’m glad we made the switch!

    It was a tedious process to get the data from our old plugin into MemberPress. We searched for an intuitive way to export and import information, but couldn’t find one that worked for us. That’s why we ended up typing out everything by hand – it took forever! It would be nice if there were some sort of button or wizard menu where you could just click “export” then copy-paste your info in on their end…but alas, no such luck (yet).

  43. MemberPress has made my course delivery a breeze! I get so many new clients because of MemberPress’ integration with the website. And when there are any questions, they’re always willing to help out–even if it’s 1AM and your site is down for maintenance (believe me)! The training that comes as part time you sign up really makes setting everything up easy too. All in all, Memberpress is great and had been worth every cent spent on them.

  44. I debated for a long time about what course membership software I should use, but when Memberpress came out with all of its new features like the drag and drop editor it changed my mind in an instant. Now that I’m using this amazing website building platform instead of ClickFunnels to build my courses there are so many more options available – from streaming video lectures to Q&A sessions! The interface is sleek and simple too which made me feel right at home since we’re big fans of Apple products around here!

  45. MemberPress is easy to use and runs without any problems making it easier to focus on marketing for membership signups. Thanks god I switched to Memberpress from Kajabi..

  46. MemberPress is the perfect free WordPress plugins. I was skeptical at first because everything sounds so good… what if it doesn’t live up to expectations? You know this feeling right? There are no hidden commissions and they even have a 14-day trial-period.

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  74. Memberpress is an awesome tool for managing subscriptions in services you offer. It’s a marvelous assistance in monetisation of services such as courses and digital products that one offers.

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