PageOptimizer Pro Review 2020 + (Coupon Code 5 Pops Free)

Today I have featured PageOptimizer Pro Review 2020, I have covered about its features, steps to use the tools, pricing policies and lot more, read our full review to get the full information about this amazing tool

so, Let’s Get Started

PageOptimizer Pro is a computational competitor analysis tool for on-page SEO. Based on Kyle Roof’s Scientific On-Page Method, POP compares and analyzes your top competitor pages. POP then provides you with useful and actionable data that is easy to read.

In other words, POP tells you, in simple language, what your competitors are doing to rank their pages. POP also details how well your page is optimized for your keyword and what changes you can implement for effective change. 

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PageOptimizer Pro Pricing Plans

POP gives you the tools you need to outperform your competitors in on-page SEO. The tool is one of the few on-page SEO tools that are compatible with all languages and alphabets on the web. 

PageOptimizer Pro 2020 | Is It The Best On-Page SEO Tool ??

How does Page Optimizer Pro Works?

Working of POP is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is just enter a keyword then enter URLs of the page you want to rank for. And after that it’s time to enter your 10 competitors URLs or just let POP choose you, competitors, for you. Once you have done all these steps your detailed report will be generated that you can use in order to outrank your competitors.

We have broken down the process in just 4 steps:

1. Input a keyword


2.  Insert the URL of the page you want to rank. You can also run the report for a page that you haven’t created yet. In this case, POP provides you with a template for your new page.  

3. Insert up to 10 competitor page URLs or let POP choose the competitors for you.

4. Get PageOptimizer Pro Recommendation Report

Your Recommendation Report tells you the exact placement on your page for…

  • Keywords
  • Keyword variations
  • LSI Terms

And also tells you…

  • Word count range to use on your page 
  • Recommended header tag usage
  • The best schema to use
  • The best page structure for a new page

Overview Optimization Report (in the overview you see a score of how well your page is optimized)

Recommendations Exact Keyword (you can see general recommendation or recommendations based only on your focus competitors. These are competitors that you choose and that are most similar to your page) 

Recommendations Keyword Variations

The Agency Plan Of POP includes

  • Sub Accounts or employees/clients 

As an Agency User, you can grant individuals access to select parts of POP projects. That means your employees, contractors, VAs, and clients can have access to only the work that they need to see or are working on. A very handy feature if you work with a team or have clients!

  • Excel bulk project submission

Need to run multiple pages and don’t want to sit there for hours? Bulk upload is for you. Submit all your pages in one go, let POP do its thing while you’re at lunch and come back with all your reports completed and ready to optimize!

  • E-A-T Signals Analysis Analysis

Agency level users can easily improve Expertise, Authority, and Trust for their site following the POP E-A-T recommendations.

PageOptimizer Pro- EAT Analysis

You know how important E-A-T signals are for your SEO in 2019, POP is one of the only tools out there that will analyze your top competitors’ E-A-T signals and tell you what your site is missing. This feature is ONLY available for Agency Users.

  • GOOGLE NLP Analysis

Using POP’s Google’s NLP engine you are able to split up your content into its entities and find out what Google actually thinks your content is about using a salience (or relevance) score on each of the entities identified. Use this feature to find out how relevant to your topic Google actually thinks your content is.  This feature is only available to Agency Users!

Page Optimizer Pro

The Science behind POP

POP is based on a method for ranking sites called the Scientific On-Page Method. This method is the result of over 300 SEO Tests on the Google Algorithm over the past 3 years.

Despite popular beliefs, most web pages are actually over and under-optimized simultaneously. Through counting out various ranking signals POP reveals patterns that high performing pages have in common. On the basis of this method, POP gives you detailed instructions on what you need to improve on your target page. 

Page Optimizer Pro Pricing | Plans Offered By POP

The best part that I liked most about POP is that they offer flexible and affordable plans so that anyone can get started right away. 

They offer plans for Single Users as well as for the Agencies.

So let’s check the Single Use Plan Here:

PageOptimizer Pro Pricing Plans

1) Starter ($10/Mo)

  • 5 reports per month
  • Unused monthly reports do not roll over
  • $2 per additional report
  • Additional reports do not expire
  • Limited domains during trial
  • Unlimited domains once trial ends

2) Basic ($20/Mo)

  • 12 reports per month
  • Unused monthly reports do not roll over
  • An additional 5 reports for new users
  • $1.65 per additional report
  • Additional reports do not expire
  • Unlimited domains

3) Premium ($30/Month)

  • 25 reports per month
  • Unused monthly reports do not roll over
  • An additional 5 reports for new users
  • $1.20 per additional report
  • Additional reports do not expire
  • Unlimited domains

4) Unlimited ($39/Month)

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Reports Per Month

Now let’s check the plan for Agency

These plans are generally based on the number of Sub Accounts that you need. And if you need more than 20 sub-accounts. Just contact then for the pricing and the setup as well. 

PageOptimizer Pro Agency Pricing Plans

So these are the pricing for (1-5 Subaccounts)

1) Monthly Agency Plans ($78/Month)

  • Unlimited reports per month
  • Unlimited domains
  • Project level access for employees/clients
  • Excel bulk project submission
  • White label PDF reports (coming soon

2)  Yearly Agency Plans ($780/year)

  • Unlimited reports per month
  • Unlimited domains
  • Project-level access for employees/clients
  • Excel bulk project submission
  • White label PDF reports (coming soon)


As of now, you might have some idea of the pricing plans that are being offered by this platform. Also, they offer 7 days Free Trial and 5 FREE reports as well. 

So what are you waiting for just get started with this amazing tool and try its features for free? And if you like their services then you can just purchase any plans. 

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Who Should Use Page Optimizer Pro (POP)?

No doubt, Page Optimizer Pro is almost for anyone who mainly publishes content right on the web and really wants it to rank better on the SERPs. And after using this amazing On-Page Tool most of the users see fast ranking improvements.  If you are still wondering whether you should get started with this then check who can make use of this amazing tool. 

  • SEO PRO: If you’re an SEO and wanted some great results for your pages or your clients you can make use of this amazing on-page tool. As well all know that great on-page is one of the first step and maybe sometimes it’s the only step to get great rankings and traffic as well.
  • Marketers: Just keep your online marketing team and SEO agency in check and simply find out what they are writing is well optimized or not.  If you’re a marketer then you should get started with this tool right away. 
  • Copywriter: No doubt, after using this tool, you can publish great content to the web like an SEO Pro. simply use POP in order to show your clients the content that you’re writing is well optimized for SEO and that will definitely boost your reputation. 
  • Agency: If you’re an Agency then just use POP to demonstrate to prospects why they need to hire you. And with the help of this tool, you can have great results in terms of rankings and traffic for your clients.
  • Freelancer: If you’re a freelancer then you should definitely give this tool a try as it affordable and actionable as well. And after using this tool on your client’s projects you can have great results for them. 
  • Affiliate Marketer: As an affiliate marketer you always want to rank higher on SERPs that you can get more sales and conversions. Now with the help of this tool, you can just implement page tweaks instead of focusing more on backlinks. And really, you will be amazed to see the rankings and traffic improvements for your pages. 

Does Page Optimizer Pro Support Other Languages?

Yes! POP works in all languages and alphabets. It supports languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Hebrew, Thai, German, Korean and the best part is that POP is open to all languages. 

I would like to say, Page Optimizer Pro is one of the few on-page SEO tools that are mainly compatible with all languages and alphabets as well on the web. They have really invested heavily in developing this feature so that you can make use of this tool to the fullest.

Customer Reviews


Checkout Page Optimizer Pro Customer Reviews

About The Inventor Kyle Roof

Kyle is the Lead SEO for High Voltage SEO, a bespoke SEO firm with locations in Melbourne, Berlin, and Phoenix, as well as the Lead Tester for the SEO Intelligence Agency – a community of over 200 SEO professionals. Kyle regularly presents on a variety of SEO topics and has been invited to speak at top digital marketing and SEO

conferences such as in-orbit, DMSS, SEO Rockstars and many more. Additionally, he provides instructional SEO and marketing courses ranging from beginner to advanced.

400;”>Kyle Roof is also known within the SEO community as the unofficial winner of the “Rank or Go Home Challenge” created by Steven Kang and the SEO Signals Lab group. Contestants were given 30 days to rank the keyword “Rhinoplasty Plano” with a new site. The website created by Kyle and his team, written entirely in Latin Lorem Ipsum text, reached number one in Google for both the organic and map searches, and at one point became the knowledge panel for the search term.

Over To You: PageOptimizer Pro Review 2020 | Should You Go For It??

As of now you have detailed insights of Page Optimizer Pro features, pricing, functionality and more. You can get started with this tool right away as it offers actionable on-page recommendations that can help you in getting better rankings and more traffic. The pricing offered by this tool is affordable and flexible. And the best part is that they offer 7 Days FREE Trial that you can get started right away.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. If you have used POP or planning to use it in the future then let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section. And if you liked the post then you can share it on various social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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