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SEO Surfer Review
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Real questions


Page speed


Search volume


People Also Ask


Instant Content Editor


Direct SERP Analysis


20+ languages


Similar keywords


Meta tags structure


Generate guidelines


Single & Multi Keyword input


  • Data-driven draft for a copywriter
  • Data points from top 50 pages
  • Analyzing 500+ ranking factors
  • Calculation time – A few minutes
  • Find quick wins and bump your rankings immediately
  • data-driven recommendations
  • Giving SEOs an X-ray vision of top pages in SERP
  • Uncover topic-related questions
  • Analyze new keywords immediately
  • Country-specific suggestions
  • Take over a whole topical segment
  • Partial keyword density
  • 15 auto-generated drafts for perfectly optimized content
  • Surfer analyzes 500+ on-page signals in one sweep
  • Get actionable data for any locations
  • Write content and receive instant feedback


  • Only 7 days trial
  • Some features are in coming soon mode

Here’s a truth word! SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is a must-have feature for your website, whether you are creating a blog, a social media site, an online store or any other type of website. It is the cycle from the search results on search engines to get traffic to your website. So today I will be doing detailed Surfer SEO review so you learn how this tool can be really helpful for your on page SEO. I met the founder at Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019.

If you have a blog or plan to build one, SEO can help your business grow and fulfil your business goals. As a standard trend, users still trust the websites that appear for the keywords they are searching for in the top 5 positions of the search results.

Why do you need SEO?

When it comes to competition, SEO can put your blog ahead of your rivals. For example, if the same product / service / topic is portrayed by two blogs with related content, the search engine optimized (SEO) blog would likely attract more consumers and earn better revenue as a result of increased website traffic. SEO will help you to display and rank your web pages and media content such as images, videos, etc. based on what the search engine considers to be most relevant to its users.

So, to get your SEO done in the right way, you will need either of two things:

  1. Hire an SEO consultant who will help you manage your website’s SEO properties (Manual SEO)
  2. ii) Sign up to a dependable SEO management platform or programme that will handle all your SEO requirements (Automated SEO).

If you’re looking forward to sign up with an automated SEO platform, then you’re reading the right post. Today we’ll give you an elaborate review to a popular, powerful and highly trusted SEO Software called Surfer SEO.

What is SurferSEO? Surfer SEO Review & Tutorial 2020+Discount Coupon $1 Trial 


Surfer SEO tutorial
Surfer SEO Tutorial & Review

Surfer, or sometimes Surfer SEO, As the name clearly suggests, is an online platform developed for website owners who are looking to up their SEO game with the least of efforts. The platform has been designed in a way to make your on-page SEO process easier, faster, and more comprehensive than ever.

Surfer uses a data-driven model that is a viable option for busy SEOs, marketers and creators of content. Instead of so-called industry standards, data-driven SEO is about making decisions based on datasets.

Search engine algorithms have no intuition or feelings, without datasets they can’t judge or define value. And to help you rank higher, Surfer breaks them down. It analyzes the top 50, based on over 500 factors that could potentially impact your rankings. And you know now what works for YOUR keyword.


Interview With SurferSEO Cofounder Michal Suski :


Tools & Features

Surfer SEO Tutorial & Review
Surfer SEO Tutorial & Review

Surfer SEO is an advanced program and is loaded with power packed tools and features, designed for all kinds of website owners, whether a freelance blogger or business owner.

SERP Analyzer



Surfer SEO Tutorial & Review



Do you still depend on so-called best practices? Others are doing it. After all, SEOs do not have enough time to perform manual analyzes to check for similarities between SERP location and some ranking variable. And it may not be optimal for another what works with one keyword. Essentially, to access data that no one else has, you can use this tool!

You will gain access to expert-level knowledge with SERP Analyzer.

  • Discover optimum keyword density

Know what is the best density for your keyword and every word from it.

  • Check your competition site

Prioritize your optimization activities based on factors that impact your keyword rankings.

Build a link builder action plan based on common backlinks from SERP’s top pages.

Additional features

SERP analyzer highlights common patterns from top pages so that when optimizing content, you can quit manual work. You can get reliable information about what works right now for your particular keyword based on 50 pages and 500 + variables. Surfer SEO analyzes rating parameters such as:

  • Text length
  • Number of headings
  • Number of images
  • Page speed

  • Keyword density
  • Partial keyword density
  • Referring URLs
  • Referring domains
  • Meta tags structure



Surfer SEO Review Video Tutorial 2020

Content Editor


Right now, you’re spending a lot of time creating and communicating guidelines for new content to a copywriter. It takes another hour to check it once the work is done just to find out that it is far from good. That’s the problem— you don’t want to spend time exchanging emails and comments, but real work that adds value to your business and customers. So you can generate perfectly optimized content more quickly based on real-time data, whatever you write.

Surfer SEO content analysis

Wondering how you can take advantage of the Content Editor?


  • Optimizing old blog posts

Copy paste your existing content into the Content Editor and adjust it for better results.

Make sure that your latest landing is clear to search engines and potential customers.

  • E-commerce copy

Include all prominent words in your category or product descriptions in the correct length.

Surfer SEO Additional features

Surfer SEO graphs Surfer SEO detailed analysis Surfer SEO detailed analysis

You get auto-generated instructions that you can change and submit directly to a copywriter with Surfer’s Content Editor. It takes a moment to get a recipe that readers (and search engines) would appreciate for a beautifully designed website. You get reliable information on length, prominent words, common phrases, and more based on top organic competitors. No so-called “good behaviour.” Just pure data about what works for your specific keyword right now.

  • Content length
  • Number of bolds
  • Prominent words
  • Number of images
  • Number of headings
  • Topics and questions to answer
  • Number of paragraphs
  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • Additional notes

Keyword Surfer (Chrome Extension)

surfer SEO tool analysis Chrome extension

surfer SEO tool analysis Chrome extension
surfer SEO tool analysis Chrome extension

Keyword Surfer is a Chrome extension that lets you evaluate the results of your Google search without logging into any program. Keyword Surfer provides the fastest way to uncover search volume, similar keywords, and Google Search domain ranking details. And it’s always 100% safe.

In a snapshot, with actionable suggestions and associated keywords, you get a search volume of your question. Keyword Surfer uses Similar Keywords research from Surfer SEO to take out additional tips for keywords. This allows you to find search terms with similar SERPs to your key phrase.

Would you like more? Surfer SEO also puts the number of performance backlinks and approximate traffic in the domain.And in case you are still wondering how difficult it is to rank for your phrase,this metric will help you plan your content and backlink approach.


Keyword Surfer shows accurate data for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Yes, just like you even we were surprised not seeing the United States on the list. Though still missing, but we’re pretty sure the services will soon be available in the US.

Who will benefit the most?

Surfer SEO provides an easy-to-follow blueprint for higher rankings for SEOs, advertisers, and content creators. It is a platform where anyone with basic SEO knowledge can benefit from the vast array of capabilities it offers.

PRICING : Surfer SEO Review Discount Coupon $1 Trial 2020

Surfer SEO pricing
Surfer SEO pricing

Surfer SEO currently offers 3 key pricing packages along with a custom (Expertise) plan in case you think your website has special needs that you can’t really find in the normal packages offered below. There is also a “Hobby” package priced at just $29 per month that has minimal features suitable for personal bloggers and freelancers. The prices tagged to these plans are very affordable and pocket friendly, so you won’t cringe paying for the subscriptions.


Price: $59 per month

  • SERP Analyzer:15 per day
  • Content Editor: 25 per month
  • Backlinks & Visibility Reports: 25 per day
  • Page Audits: 50 per day
  • Keyword Research


Price: $99 per month

  • SERP Analyzer: 50 per day
  • Content Editor: 100 per month
  • Backlinks & Visibility Reports: 100 per day
  • Page Audits: 200 per day
  • Keyword Research


Price: $199 per month

  • SERP Analyzer: 100 per day
  • Content Editor: 300 per month
  • Backlinks & Visibility Reports: 300 per day
  • Page Audits: 600 per day
  • Keyword Research

You can visit the pricing section on their website if you want to know more about the packages and features offered. There is a Custom plan as well for which you will have to contact their support team.


Surfer SEO is not only about providing tools for enhancing your SEO game. The programme is also a virtual platform for users you wish to become pro copywriters and SEO Email technicians.


Become SEO-fluent and charge more for your work in a weekwith the help of 7 top quality lessons on SEO, copywriting, and shaping your offer.

Features of the course:

  • Discover important SEO considerations and please your clients
  • Find out what to concentrate on when writing to search engines and people
  • Find out how to boost your sales process by paying more than 90% of authors
  • Learn how simple math can make or break your content


The CEO of Surfer SEO, Sławek Czajkowski, is here to help you upgrade your SEO game in a weekwithtips, tricks and invaluable lessons that will help you earn higher rankings:

  • Learn tactics your competitors don’t know
  • Discover new tools and work more effectively
  • Find new approaches to meta tags, page speed, and more
  • Effectively structure your content



Surfer SEO Testimonials From SEO Experts: Surfer SEO Reviews from marketing legends who are vouching for Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO testimonials from SEO experts

Conclusion : Why should you use Surfer? Surfer SEO Detailed Review & Tutorial 2020+ Surfer SEO Discount Coupon $1 Trial

Surfer SEO Detailed Review & Tutorial Surfer SEO Discount Coupon $1 Trial

Surfer SEO  is trusted by countless users from around the globe and to believe this statement, you can simply jump into their official website and check out the interesting client and customer testimonials they have on display. But that’s about them! If you are still wondering why you should use Surfer SEO for your website, then here are some key reasons that would interest you.

  • Find comparisons between SERP location and 500 + factors

Surfer SEO can challenge the keyword against hundreds of factors that may influence Google’s role. With that experience, you will be able to discover patterns and come up with an action plan that you know will work

  • Get actionable information for any location

This is information that may not bring results to another location which works in one location. This is always taken into account by surfers. The databases work with different languages and countries, so it doesn’t matter if your site is in Spanish, German, or Swedish and where you want to rank.

  • Find out what your competitors use structural data

With Surfer SEO, you can go beyond “typical” rating criteria that are tested by everyone else. Because schema markup encourages crawling sites, there may be an impactful signal that will make or break your efforts to optimize.

  • Generate recommendations and adjust them to your needs

Once you have put your targeted keyword, Surfer SEO analyzes top organic competitors crunching information from their pages in real time. You can exclude pages of your choice with Content Editor and change auto-generated guidelines in order to better serve your function.

  • Share your guidelines with anyone

Because Surfer SEO enables anyone to share your instructions, you can work seamlessly with external writers without logging into the app. You can either export your draft to a text file using a sharable reference.

If the content meets any of the criteria set out in the guidelines, it will turn green immediately. You always see, therefore, how much research remains and what needs to be done next. In a moment, you’ll learn if the final outcome follows all spot-on optimization suggestions.

I hope you like our detailed Surfer SEO review please share your thoughts if you have used Surfer SEO what features you like in the this new SEO tool.

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