5 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started

I have been offering SEO training to people in my social circle since the time I started blogging. I don’t do this as a business, rather it is done for passion and I never charge any fees for guiding others. I’m a fulltime blogger now, focusing on blogging niche itself. No wonder why people approach me asking questions about search engine optimization, blogging and internet marketing.

During the early stages of my blogging career, I took help from many experts. Once I learnt the blogging stuff, I could never stop guiding others since I know where I came from. When I started my first blog,

I had no idea about SEO. I acquired a lot of knowledge by reading the articles from professional bloggers like Tony John (Techulator.com) and Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud). Also, I didn’t really depend on the ideas given by those bloggers alone, rather, I did my own research and experiments, which helped me a lot in the long run.

5 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started

The secret recipe of successful SEO

From the past few years of my experience, let me tell you this – every professional blogger has some secret recipe to his success, which he will never share with others. If you discuss with them about their secret seo strategies, all that you hear from them would be the common optimization techniques. I won’t blame them; everyone needs to keep their secret a secret and everyone else needs to develop his own strategies for success.

Let me ask you this: If you ask Ambani the secret of his business success and even if he reveal those secrets with you, do you think you will be able to build a business empire like Reliance? I don’t think so.

Just learning some search engine optimization secrets from few experts will not help you repeat their success. The first and foremost factor in successful blogging is, identifying your own seo strategies. That requires a lot of time, patience, research and experiments. Also you can look for SEO optimized blogger templates which can help you to get your SEO better.

Best ways to learn SEO

Learn from the mistakes of successful bloggers

As I said above, asking the experts for their seo strategies is not the best way to learn it. Instead, read the views and experience of many bloggers.  A lot of people share only success stories but it is hard to repeat those. Instead, read the failures and mistakes of successful bloggers. It’s a lot easier to learn from their mistakes and avoid such mistakes in your career. Eliminating all those mistakes would help you achieve success in a more efficient manner than trying to replicate the success of someone else.

It is not that easy to learn from the mistakes of others just because very rarely the bloggers share their mistakes. Most of them are keen on sharing their success and revenue reports but not their mistakes.

Read tutorials

This is a good starting point. If you are completely new to blogging, have no one to guide you and your social circles are too small, then just start with Google search. Look for good tutorials on seo and blogging. Spend a few days reading several articles. Many articles would give you different views and different aspects of it. Try to come to your own conclusion after reading a lot of articles.

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Purchase paid training kits

If you are willing to spend some money, you may go for paid SEO training kits. However, there is a danger involved in this. Preparing a video or text training kit involves a lot of time and efforts. Most of the companies that provide the training material actually do not prepare their own training materials. Instead, they pay some experts to prepare the content and then use expensive studio facilities to prepare the training videos.

I myself have prepared training materials for others and it’s a pity to say that they don’t update those materials for years. They can’t replace the lessons often due to the cost involved in it.

But the SEO is continuously changing and Google is coming up with updates like Penguin, Panda and other algorithmic changes very often. SEO changes very often as Google announce algorithm changes. In most cases, the training kits are not updated regularly, primarily due to the cost involved in it.

So, if you pay a lot of money and buy some training materials, you may be getting some stuff that are no longer relevant. If you choose to buy SEO training materials, always ask when was it last updated. Never buy them if they are updates several months ago. Also, ask for a preview of the kit before you pay for it.

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Follow Matt Cutts and other popular search engine blogs

I don’t regularly follow a lot of people online but one person I never miss to read everyday is Matt Cutts of Google. He is in charge of search quality in Google and he blogs about any major changes in Google search algorithm and policies. Following his blog is the best way to keep you up to date on search engine news.

Also, I read SearchEngineLand.com regularly and scan for any news on algorithm changes. They some how get insider news from Google and many times they publish changes in Google search algorithms even before Google talks about it.

SEO training institutes

There are lot of SEO training institutes in almost all cities. Is it worth attending a training course? Well, it depends. A typical problem I find in most places is, the trainings are offered by people who do not deal with the real problems. Most of the trainers have learnt the optimization techniques by attending another course or reading books. They fail to follow the latest updates in the real search engine world. Their knowledge is limited to what they learnt long ago.

SEO is changing very fast and a good trainer should keep himself updated very often. The best person to teach SEO is a blogger who makes his living by doing the right SEO. But unfortunately, you will not find many successful bloggers offering any SEO training for a few reasons:

  1. They make good money out of blogging and has no time to teach others
  2. They do not want to reveal their secret strategies to others

One of my friend, Rahul, recently attended an SEO training in Kochi. This training program is offered by Tony John, a professional blogger who has been blogging since 1998. I know Tony since many years through social media. He has extensive practical knowledge on all aspects of blogging and internet marketing and according to my friend who attended the course, his training program is one of the best in the country. The only issue is, his doesn’t conduct the training regularly.

Only 1 batch is offered every 2 months and you have to go all the way to Kochi, Kerala to attend the program. I asked him about online training options but he said he can’t do justice to the program since it will not be very effective to teach online. If you are interested in his SEO training program, you can find more details at www.seoprofessor.in

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  1. Sandipan

    I learnt SEO from SEO blogs like MOZ, SearchEngineLand.com, etc. Also, following Matt Cutts is highly recommended.

    Great article bro, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you Sandipan, I also follow these blogs. They are great resource for information.


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