Qualetics Review 2023: Is it the Best Product Analytics Platform?


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Qualetics keeps your user data under tight control with its Data Intelligence platform, keeping a close eye on product usage and performance in real time. It provides insights to deliver the most exceptional customer experience by analyzing application performance, end-user experience, and software quality while also flagging any anomalies or bugs that may arise. Take back control of customer satisfaction now!

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  • API based integration
  • Freemium pricing
  • Live Analytics
  • Collaborative insights
  • Identify paths of friction for users
  • Analyze product performance at the client level
  • Understand user engagement
  • Low code & No code AI available
  • Multi-client support
  • Manage multiple CX environments in one place


  • None


Price: $ 0

Looking for an Unbiased Qualetics Review 2023, Don’t worry, I got you covered.

As a business owner, you always look for ways to improve your bottom line. You know that data analytics is the key to making informed decisions, but you need more time and resources to do it yourself. 

You’re not alone. Data analytics is a complex process that requires specialized skills and tools. Even if you could find the time to learn all of this, you still would need more time to compete with the big guys.

Qualetics has developed an AI Powered Data Analytics Platform that takes the guesswork out of data analytics. Their platform does all the hard work for you, so you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

Let us understand more about Qualetics.

What is Qualetics?

Qualetics Review

Qualetics is an AI-powered data analytics platform that gives businesses powerful insights into their customers and operations.

The platform uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to rapidly analyze large amounts of data, providing businesses with actionable insights that can be used to improve their operations and increase customer satisfaction. 

The platform is easy to use and understand. It has a simple user interface that allows users to quickly select which type of analysis they want to conduct, such as customer segmentation or predictive analytics (For Premium & Enterprise Clients). 

The platform then presents users with an intuitive dashboard that displays all the relevant information for their analysis in one place. This allows users to quickly identify trends, patterns, and correlations in their data without manually searching through hundreds of spreadsheets or reports. 

Qualetics also provides users with detailed reporting capabilities so they can easily track the results of their analysis over time.

This helps them stay on top of any changes in their data sets, allowing them to adjust their strategies accordingly to maximize their ROI and ensure they are utilizing their resources efficiently. Qualetics also offers integration with other popular applications such as Salesforce, Zapier, and Google Analytics so users can get even more out of their analytics efforts. 

Why Use Qualetics?

Qualetics Review - Why use Qualetics

Qualetics adds intelligence to your product so that it may be proactive toward client success. With Qualetics’s machine learning capabilities, you may generate up to 12% of direct/indirect revenue increases by understanding your customers’ behavior and demands and acting accordingly.

Most businesses lack a proactive customer success strategy and use a reactive approach instead. With proactive customer success, you gain money. As a consequence, your clients need to be fully using your product, and they are likely to leave.

You have mountains of data but need help figuring out what to do with them. Therefore, you need assistance in transforming this information into business-improving insights.

Most firms need more time and resources to convert data into actionable insights. Businesses need help to stay up with the competition. Through your own branded and pre-configured AI Portal, Qualetics delivers actionable insight.

It offers an authorization system that allows users to access data depending on their departmental role and permissions. With Qualetics, you can share and act on insights with colleagues in a safe manner.

It includes a collection of AI Insights for Healthcare Retail Transportation Utilities, e-Learning, and eCommerce that you can use immediately or modify to suit your requirements. The issue with big data is that it is just too large. You cannot feasibly monitor all channels, trace all exchanges, and assess the outcomes immediately.

Qualetics Insights alters all this, automating access to data and outcomes so that you can get actionable insights in real-time.

Qualetics does this by using their Intelligent Message Broker to subscribe to real-time delivery of insights, produce alerts and notifications based on changes to your data, and link their portal with your B2B application via Secure SSO (For Enterprise Clients).

You must identify the appropriate platform and team and ensure that your data is AI-ready. Then you must consider expanding your AI activities throughout your whole organization. Qualetics provides a unified AI platform to power diverse AI efforts throughout an organization.

In addition, Qualetics offers rules-based user provisioning that provides tailored AI and analytics findings to corporate workers. This enables you to save up to 65% compared to in-house and alternative AI implementation efforts.

Qualetics – Best Features


Help your Users in Real-Time:

When Qualetics gives the knowledge necessary to be proactive, there is no need to be reactive and depend on people reporting concerns. Receive notifications on user problems as they occur in real-time. With their Rest API-based interface, you are not only alerted of the event but also obtain information on the individual user and their user flow at the time of the issue.

This provides all the information necessary to reply proactively by assigning it to the level 1 or 2 customer support team, who do not need to depend on the user’s description of what they were doing; in fact, they have this knowledge in advance of their encounter with the client!

And for those situations requiring development attention, customer service’s explanation to IT is enhanced by IT’s instant access to the user flow. Everyone benefits from having access to the same analysis and documentation of the issue’s origin.

Know which products are doing well:

Examine how consumers feel about your product using an NLP-driven study that scores your product’s user experience and provides fast feedback to help you develop better user experiences. Simply gather user feedback and use their AI-based insights to comprehend customer sentiment!

Analyze User Engagement in Detail:

Determine how users interact with your product, how much time they spend doing relevant product tasks, and their overall level of engagement based on their activity and session frequency, activity flow, screen flow, and overall task completion rate.

Validate & Optimize your QA Efforts:

According to research, the average defect rate per 1,000 lines of code is 25. There is a 95% risk of manufacturing problems in the first two years after application software deployment. Using Qualetics, you can supplement your test coverage with early problem identification long before production releases, before a single paying customer is harmed, and user acceptability testing starts.

Track Software Quality across Versions or Releases:

With each new version, does the quality of your application increase or decrease? With AIMS analyzing your latest release and providing you with insights as early as your UAT testing phase, you will be in the best position possible to launch new products or versions that are bug and performance-issue-free, and any post-release adjustments can be identified and addressed before the majority of your users are affected.

Monitor your Product Quality:

With the help of their patented Page Rank and Error Ranking technology, they provide you with a Quality Index of your product that details the severity, frequency, and a number of people affected by problems.

Qualetics Pricing & How To Buy Guide

Qualetics Pricing

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Qualetics and click on ‘Pricing’.

Step – 2: Choose a plan and click on ‘Sign Up Now’.

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Get Started’.

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on ‘Complete Setup & Launch Portal’.

Step – 5: Check out their detailed dashboard.

Step – 6: Connect Your Applications using the User-Friendly Data Setup Screens

Choose from a wide variety of Low Code and Code Integration Options.

Once the integration is complete, Go Live and check out your insights in the Live Dashboard.

And from this point on, Qualetics provides the insights proactively without any additional work needed. 

You can also have the insights delivered directly to your inbox with the Subscriptions feature.

Once your trial ends, complete the payment, and you are good to go. 

Why Do I Recommend Qualetics?


Ease of Use:

Qualetics provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to get up and running with their data analytics quickly. With a few clicks, you can easily extract insights from large datasets and use them to identify potential opportunities or problems in your business. The platform provides detailed visualizations to easily see how your data is connected. 

AI-Powered Platform:

Qualetics uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to uncover hidden patterns in large datasets. This means that the platform can automatically detect trends and anomalies in your data without requiring any manual analysis or coding experience. Plus, with its powerful predictive capabilities, Qualetics can help you identify potential risks and opportunities before they occur. 

Affordable Pricing Model:

Qualetics offers an affordable pricing model that makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes. The platform offers monthly and yearly subscription plans, so you can choose the option that best fits your budget and requirements. Plus, if you sign up for a yearly plan, you will receive a discount on the total cost of ownership – making it even more accessible for small businesses. 

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Conclusion: Qualetics Review – Should You Go for it?

Qualetics is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive data analytics solution that is both easy to use and powerful enough to provide meaningful insights into customer behavior and operations performance. 

With its simple user interface and detailed reporting capabilities, Qualetics makes it easier than ever before for businesses to get the most out of their big data sets and make informed decisions about how best to move forward. 

If you’re looking for a robust data analytics solution for your business, then be sure to give Qualetics a try!

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