Quantify Review 2021: Best Amazon Seller Pricing Software(9 Stars)

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Amazon is an e-commerce business giant and it is unanimously accepted that it has expanded its portfolio beyond all bounds and is continually growing faster making the competition tougher. The number of Amazon sellers has increased rapidly in the past few years and it is much similar to the spread of a wildfire in a dense forest.

If you are in the business with Amazon, you need to be well equipped to fight the survival pressure and walk extra miles to help your business flourish. Amazon has opened up its platform overwhelmingly for everyone who wants to get in business with this e-retailer. There are several tools and training reference that easily made available for all sellers at Amazon. These tools are currently being used by many sellers that boost the productivity and profits of the business.

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I have been using a couple of tools from Amazon and not to mention have been greatly benefitted from them to boost the growth and success of my business in this e-commerce platform. These tools are offered by Seller Labs, an Amazon product. Quantify is one of the tools developed and made available by Seller Labs that contributes and invigorates the profitability and productivity of the business.

In this post, we have featured Quantify Review 2021 that includes all the detailed insights about pricing, features, functionality and more. 

Quantify Review 2021: A Trusted Amazon Seller Pricing Software

What is Quantify?

Seller Labs have provided numerous tools and software applications that have helped in product campaign, data analysis, suggestions etc. and have generated a lot of positive growth in business.

Quantify is an application or tool provided by Seller Labs that offers and identifies opportunities and helps to determine the product trending. It is blended with multiple features of financial information and data. This helps to extract and pull all the financial data from Amazon account and brings a clear picture of the profits, losses, breakdowns on profit margins and forecasts on financial status.

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Basically, it is focused on the financial status and data of your business and will help in provided exact numbers related to your financial data without any guesswork left for you!

Quantify also provide insights into the inventory management about our products in the Amazon market. It will keep a check on the availability of the products and inventory and will notify in case it runs low in stock. It can be used to get an overview of the products’ trends, demands; success associated with the promotions and hence opens up a brief detail on sales data.

Working and Integration Procedure

Quantify is highly dependable in terms of your financial data analysis, inventory planning, pull data on product trending and having an idea on the earning potential of the business in Amazon. The advanced technology of the software helps in the process of identifying the sales strategies that would work for positive growth in profitability and productivity etc.

  • The software appears to be highly reliable and is one of the best tools to use to sort financial data while it’s working and integration procedure is extremely simple and user-friendly.
  • All I had to do was simply follow the login steps and follows the instruction as provided on its purchase which is simple and easy to understand.
  • The email ID, login credentials like Name, phone number and some more details are all that is required to login and set this tool up to get started on it!

Prime Features of Quantify

Quantify is best known for its clarity on financial reports provided to the users which are offered by breaking down of profit-loss margins, forecast and exact numbers on the data analysis. It’s analysis and monitoring of inventories help you to avoid long-term shortages and notify you so that stock can be replenished.

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The smart and intelligent features of the tool help in product promotions and track performances with lesser cost expenses. All I have experienced with Quantity is to earn more and spend less. A glance on complete profit margin is yet another feather on the cap for Quantify users!

Some of the other features that make this tool highly in demand for all Amazon sellers are listed below:

  1. Analysis of Sales: Quantify is defined as a tool that helps in the process to understand the health of our Amazon sales. It provides a comprehensive inventory and profit reporting.
  2. Sales Automation: It helps in the automation of sales data reporting and thus saves time, time and manual efforts and labour involved in this complex process of data analysis and deducing inferences by providing exact figures. It builds a custom report template which can be executed when we need for an easy and quick sales analysis.quantify discount coupons
  3. Profit Boosts: With Quantify, your capital required in human efforts for data preparation is already eliminated and it helps in earning more and spending less. It thus helps in maximizing your profits. It sets up all updated sales figures on your profit-loss statements, profit margins and all forecasts based on the products sales in the past few weeks. All of this is easily viewed on your dashboard itself. Quantify review with coupons
  4. Inventory Management: Quantify helps top notify its users about inventory shortages whenever we run low in stocks. It avoids long-term shortages with its intelligent inventory monitoring process. It can also help to set up reminders so that you will be given an alert when the inventory drops to a specified threshold.quantify review
  5. Data Visualization: I have been able to maintain consistency in my growth and retain a steady graph owing to Quantify’s monitoring key metrics that work on a daily to an annual level providing detailed information on Sales as per SKU level. The pictorial graphs also show data of previous two years and help in easy diagnosis and fixes.promo codes foe quantify
  6. Tagging System: The tagging system in quantifying help in the process of tracking performances of different product promotions. It builds customized reports using specific metrics and offers real-time dashboard details on sales. It also offers insights on product trending and promotional success.

Pros and Cons

The features offered by the tool speaks for its various pros and advantages, A complete view on the sales information, data analysis, inventory reporting and profit margins at a glance are the value additions of Quantify. Some of the additional pros are listed below:

  • Eliminations of human efforts required in data building from sales information.
  • Saving of cost in hiring manual labor involved in finical data management.
  • View notifications on product trending.
  • Inventory management and alert notifications
  • Tracking system on product and performance promotion.


Seller Labs has worked intricately to design and develop this product, Quantify to optimize sales growth and profits leaving behind no stone unturned to achieve numerous advantages of the application.

However, one of the drawbacks is that this application is available for business optimization and profit generation confined to Amazon platform only and not for any other –ecommerce platforms.

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Pricing and Plans

Quantify provides a tremendous edge to our business growth with respect to sales and promotions with its advanced technology and flawless integration and working procedure. It simple simplifies the complex reporting process to simple analysis and eliminates a lot of human efforts, time and thus cost cutting.

The tool is available in different pricing plans with a free trial program too. For all first time users, you can easily get started with this easy 30 days free trial program. It helps you to understand the working of the tool and you can also avail all the features and benefits associated with its use.

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Besides, the 30-day free trial program provided by this sales and inventory management tool, you can also avail any on the below plans:

  • 29 USD per month: This is managing the essentials and allows in the overview and analysis of 1-500 orders per month.
  • 59 USD per month: This pricing plan is very effective for start-ups that consider from 501 to 2000 orders per month.

There are additional pricing plans such as growth and premium plans with a high number of orders associated. However, I would recommend using the free 30-day trial pack as per my experience and get an idea on the tool. This would help to opt for any of the above plans in future.


Final Recommendations: Quantify Review 2021

Quantify is essentially designed and developed with a purpose to understand and analyze the sales information of the products. It operates on a user-friendly stage offering multiple benefits to ease your worries on sales and financial management of your business with Amazon.

The competition in this e-commerce site has grown by all leaps and bounds and survival instances are also being attacked when we have multiple competitors on similar products. Quantify like other Seller Labs tools helps in the survival conquest and boost your profitability and productivity by providing insights on your business growth.

I have been using this product to optimize my business and products promotions in Amazon and it is best suited for all needs pertaining to sales growth and analysis. Get started with Quantify and explore this smart product by Seller Labs to help your business grow and prosper.

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