Viral Launch Review 2024 SCAM DO NOT BUY IT 😡

Viral Launch Review


  • Options for Faster Research
  • Comes With SMarter Sourcing
  • Better Results with Data-Based Accuracy
  • Historical Search and Volume Trends
  • Automated Keyword Discovery
  • Advanced Keyword Insights


  • Limitations in the starter plans
  • No conversion on paid optimized content
  • Viral Launch price is a bit high


Price: $ 49.17

Looking for a Viral Launch Review, you are at the right place.

Getting started with Amazon FBA Business is very easy nowadays. But right after getting started, we need to find profitable products and launch them on Amazon, optimize the listing, doing keyword research, and do more things in a row.

And without using any tool it seems quite difficult to manage all these tasks. In this case, we need to rely on Amazon FBA Tools out there in the market. But now the question arises here which tool you should trust in order to get better results?

Viral Launch Review

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Viral Launch #1 Alternative is Jungle Scout

We don’t advise Viral Launch as they are doing fraud with their affiliates and I am one of their affiliates they are not paying commissions and are shaving affiliate commissions. I heard the same stories from other affiliates, Viral Launch has not paid them commissions for a long time. 

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Jungle Scout

“You are welcome to read the review I conducted in 2021 for more context. However, it’s important to consider whether to choose Viral Launch, a company with a history of not fulfilling their affiliate payments. This raises questions about their commitment to customer care.”

Bottom Line Upfront: Viral Launch gives your brand the Amazon seller tools needed to scale. With Viral Launch’s easy-to-use software suite, you own the competitive advantage. Any Amazon game will be well worth the squeeze with this method, as long as it is used to its full potential.

The app provides users with deep insights into the vicissitudes of the marketing industry, it also helps amazon sellers to save time and build profits by automating Amazon PPC. Get Upto 15% Off On Viral Launch.

No clue! Why not as in the market you can find hundreds of Amazon FBA tools that you choose from. But as we all know that there are always pros and cons associated with every tool out there in the market.

We need to find a platform that can help us in growing our Amazon FBA business while managing all the tasks from a single tool. Yes, we have got a great solution here in the form of Viral Launch here.

Viral Launch is an all-in-one solution for Amazon FBA Business. It’s a reliable tool for all the Amazon sellers out there in the market.

Viral Launch offers dominant tools for the Amazon marketplace. It doesn’t matter where you’re in your Amazon FBA Business journey and Viral Launch is there for you to offer powerful software and creative services that will help you in maximizing the revenue and dominate Amazon.

In this post, we have featured Viral Launch Review 2024 which includes detailed insights into its pricing, features, products, functionality, and more.  Let’s get started here.

Casey Gauss Co-Founder Of Viral Launch Has Been Featured By Forbes:

Casey Gauss Forbes

You may have questions like this: I will explain everything in detailed

– How do I get products to sell on Amazon?

– How do you run a viral launch?

– How do you use viral launch market intelligence?

– How much does viral launch cost?

– Is viral launch better than Jungle Scout?

– What do market intelligence tools do?

– How viral launch help you to start your Amazon FBA business

– how accurate is Viral Launch?

– What features does Viral Launch provide?

– How to know which Viral Launch plan suits you the best?


Viral Launch Review In a Nutshell

When you need real Amazon FBA insights, Viral Launch is the tool to use. You can use Viral Launch to analyze different facets of the market to spot openings, keep an eye on your competitors’ tactics, monitor the success of your company, and refine your product listings accordingly, thanks to its deep data integration with Amazon.

In other words, Viral Launch performs essentially the same function as tools like SEMrush and SpyFu. The only difference is that the latter two assist you in improving your Google SERP score, while Viral Launch aims to propel you to the top of your Amazon FBA niche.

The software is a tool suite that integrates a number of functions into a single, well-organized framework.

As a result, information gleaned from one of its methods may be shared with the others for further analysis and value addition. All here is designed to help you achieve one main goal: to increase your sales.

Viral Launch Review- All-In-One Amazon Seller Tool

Now, for clarity’s sake, the resources we’re talking about here are:

  • A keyword manager that keeps track of your products’ rankings in Amazon search results and provides insights into ranking optimization.
  • A Kinetic PPC suite for handling and increasing the ROI of your PPC campaigns.
  • A keyword generator to help you get started with the best keywords possible. It uses Amazon’s algorithm to produce SEO insights.
  • A Split Testing Tool that runs tests on different product names, price points, titles, and image variants, then decides the best selling combinations.
  • A Listing Analyzer that provides actionable insights into tricks that can maximize your conversion potential and, as a result, your income.  
  • If you need traffic from paid and organic search, use this keyword research tool to find the most promising keywords to use on your Amazon goods.
  • A Competitor Intelligence Tool that allows you to spy on your Amazon FBA competitors and then provide information about their tactics and results. Finally, you should be able to reverse engineer everything in order to outsmart your rivals.
  • A tool for analyzing and evaluating product concepts based on their level of competition, consumer demand, and potential opportunities. This assists you in identifying the most promising items to pursue.  

But make no mistake. There’s more to Viral Launch than that. It turns out that, in addition to the tools, the site provides Amazon FBA sellers with a variety of additional services. They’re optional, and they’re available in four separate packages: 

  • Product Launch Services are designed to provide a steady stream of traffic to your new listings. Viral Launch’s team will assist you in launching advertising promotions that target broad customer groups.
  • Product Photography Services enable you to take advantage of branding and photography professionals. For improved conversions, the Viral Launch team transforms your product listings with beautiful and elegant photos.  
  • Based on in-depth keyword, business, and product analysis, Listing Optimization Services help your product rank higher on Amazon’s search pages. Your Amazon listing copy is reportedly written by experts who understand how to get into the heads of your target buyers.
  • Kinetic Managed Services take care of the setup and management of your PPC campaigns. Viral Launch, on the other hand, is in charge of the whole thing. They configure all of the PPC variables before launching a campaign that is holistically optimized.

Why you should use Viral Launch to launch your product

Launching your product on Amazon is a make-or-break moment for most brands. A successful launch can lead to exponential growth and recognition, while a poor performance can limit the visibility of your products and restrict future sales — often leading to death by obscurity.

At home in the world of e-commerce we, understand how important it is that you put your best foot forward on Amazon. That’s why we have created the Viral Launch platform to help you get more reviews, rank higher up in Amazon search, and boost your sales velocity.

What does a successful Amazon launch look like?

Let’s start with an example: A few months ago we worked with a new spray-on nail polish brand to create a 100% custom product launch experience. The brand was just starting out on Amazon and had spent months developing the perfect formula for their polish, which they were now ready to unleash on the world.

Our research indicated that building up early reviews would be crucial to making a strong first impression to Amazon customers so we developed a month-long launch plan, which included:

• A fully integrated email campaign to drive sales and reviews• Content creation (blog, FAQs, review teardowns) supporting the launch• Paid social media ads driving traffic to Amazon for reviews and sales• Launch day giveaway running across multiple giveaways simultaneously

The results were staggering. The brand received over 1,000 product reviews in less than 6 weeks after launch, with over 70% receiving a 4-5 star rating. This helped the product shoot up to #1 Best Seller status in its category, which opened up eyes at retail and led to an opportunity for the brand to be sold through Nordstrom.

How the platform works and what you need to do before launching a product

We understand that you might be new to the platform, so let’s first explain how Viral Launch works.

On the Viral Launch dashboard, sellers are provided with a launch page template that’s personalized for their brand and product. Using this customized template, sellers can upload images or videos of their product along with its intended listing. We then schedule the content in a way that drives early sales and user engagement.

Using our platform, you can launch your product on Amazon even if you don’t have any existing online presence. We will walk you through everything from finding the right keywords to determining your review goals with you every step of the way.

Before launching, Viral Launch requires that sellers determine two things about their product:

1. Product Keywords

This is the main search term that customers will use to discover your product on Amazon. We’ll work with you to help you pick keywords that are relevant, yet not too competitive (or expensive) for you to rank for.

2. Review Goal – The Viral Launch

The “Daily Review Goal” tool will help you calculate the number of reviews your product should gather each day to meet your review goal. We’ll use this information to determine what content we post and when during the launch process.

Getting started with Viral Launch is easy

Signing up for a free account takes only a few minutes and sellers can be up and running in no time at all. A free Viral Launch account allows you to run one product launch with us; however, if you’re ready to give your Amazon business an immediate boost sign up for our Free Plus plan (monthly) or Pro (annual) accounts.

What’s next?

Once your campaign is approved, we’ll send you a welcome email with all the information you need to get started.

If you have any questions at this point, feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!   With Viral Launch on your side, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take your Amazon business to new levels of success!

Products & Services Offered By Viral Launch

Actually, this tool Viral Launch offers many products that can help your business in many ways. This tool actually offers products like product discovery. Market intelligence, keyword research, competitor intelligence, listing analyzer, keywords manager, listing builder, split testing and more in a row.

In this Viral Launch Review, I’ll be going to review all of these features that are offered by this tool. So, without wasting any time let’s get started with the review of all these features:

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Actually, its a reliable tool offered by Viral Launch that anyone can use to find potential products to sell right on Amazon Marketplace. This tool is super easy to use and it also comes with thousands of unique filter combinations. With this Product Discovery feature, you can find reliable products and then beat the competition by finding product opportunities faster.

Viral Launch Review- Amazon Seller Tools

No doubt, this one is the most accurate Amazon Product Finder. The best part about this tool is that you can have a filter for a personalized list of potential products that exactly match your exact business goals.


  • Offered Personalized Results
  • Options for Faster Research
  • Comes With SMarter Sourcing
  • Better Results with Data-Based Accuracy
  • One of the fastest way to find more product opportunity

Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

Now with the help of this tool, you can easily improve your SEO. As of now, there will be no more guesswork as here all data comes directly from Amazon. You can easily save your time by finding hundreds of best working keywords with the help of the advanced relevancy filter.

Viral Launch Review- Keyword Research

And trust me you are also going to boost your sales right with tons of hidden keywords that your competitors are actually missing. Also, this tool provides the free listing builder features that anyone can easily use to create powerful Amazon SEO Listing.


  • Reverse Market lookups
  • Amazon Search Volume Data
  • Historical Search and Volume Trends
  • Integrated with Viral Launch Software
  • Capitalize right on the low competition keywords

Keyword Optimization Tools

No doubt, this one is the best keyword optimization tools out there in the market. You can use this tool for listing optimization, keyword insights, and Amazon SEO as well.

Viral Launch Review- Keyword Manager

Actually, this tool comes with three tools: the Listing Analyzer, Keyword Manager, Listing Builder. Here the listing optimizer tools perform a fully automated SWOT analysis simply on revealing how your products mainly compete your competitors right in the market.

The Listing Builder mainly streamline the listing creation process that helps you in developing an SEO optimized listing that will definitely maximize the keyword ranking in the Amazon Search Results.


  • Automated Keyword Discovery
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Evaluation
  • Advanced Keyword Insights
  • Intuitive Keyword Tracking
  • Listing Optimization Score
  • Interactive Keyword Bank
  • Helpful Keywords Metrics
  • Integration with other tools

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

It’s actually a tool that will reverse engineer your competitor’s success. Basically, it is an advanced Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup tool that generally gives you many unparalleled insights into how your competitors are actually performing.

Viral Launch Review- Competitor Intelligence

All you need to do is simply enter a product ASIN in order to simply look up and get a massive list of their top performing keywords along with the ability to track and analyze and track the indexation and more. Even you can also track the keyword rank, sponsored ad ranks, sales, price, review, search volume and many more things in a row.


  • Hunts the top-performing keywords
  • Capitalize on keyword opportunities
  • Use for product research
  • Use for listing optimization
  • Used for ongoing monitoring as well
  • Keyword Search Volumes
  • Index Checker
  • Sponsored Rank Tracker
  • Hourly Keyword Tracking
  • Product Compare

The Split Test (Listing Dojo)

Just make your Amazon more profitable than ever with Listing Dojo.

This platform has its powerful “Set and Forget” platform, where anyone can easily determine the price, images, title, and description that will make your ad the most economical than ever.

Viral Launch Review- Listing Dojo

Here the listing Dojo is an intuitive Amazon split test platform that lets you test different items right on your list to optimize sessions, sales and/or profits. You even just can try up to 7 variations of each price, title, image, and description of your ad. They will also describe how each tested variant improves/decreases clicks, sessions, conversions, ordered units, gross revenue, and net income as well.


  • Comprehensive Statistics
  • Set and forget the platform
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Has highly illustrative data
  • Has a simple and intuitive design
  • Run during the promotions
  • The stats is on the go

Other Viral Launch Key Features :

 Viral Launch Product Launch

This is an optional service that you can use, but it is not included in the main scheme. If you want to launch a product, initial sales velocity is critical! This service allows you to sit back and watch as traffic comes to your new product.

Viral Launch’s team of experts has a lot of experience driving external traffic to Amazon listings. They take care of a lot of the heavy lifting for you with their product launch service.

The product launch promotional service was created to deliver coupons given by you to a community of over 350,000 people who shop on the Amazon site on a regular basis. This increases your brand’s visibility while also bringing more traffic to your product pages.

Viral Launch Review- Product Launch

There is a greater probability of good sales as there are more eyes on the goods. The Uber Launch service costs $150, but it’s a one-time charge that covers all you’ll need to get your product sales up and running.

If you’re launching a product, I strongly advise you not to rely solely on discounted coupons. You should make the product launch as normal as possible. We always run an aggressive PPC campaign for at least 8 days alongside a product launch. You can configure your PPC campaigns to target “exact match” keywords that you specify.

Viral Launch Photography

We all know in Amazon FBA business it’s all about the product photos as good images help in driving more click and conversions as well. Now with tool, you can easily increase the number of shoppers who generally click right on your listing right with eye-catching and stunning photos of your products.

Viral Launch Review- Product Photography


  • Drive Clicks
  • Increase Conversions
  • Improve The Brand Identity
  • Offers Stunning Photos
  • A mix of White-Background and Lifestyle Images too
  • Photos Created Based on Expert Market Analysis
  • Photos Developed to Drive Clicks and Conversions
  • Includes use of Model(s) if Necessary
  • Professional Post-Production as well
  • Professional Shot-list & Branding Consultation
  • Extra photos for Selection and External Use

Viral Launch Listing Optimization:

It’s actually one of the reliable Amazon Product Listing Optimization Service. With this tool, you can easily maximize keyword exposure in order to simply increase the rankings and conversions as well.

Viral Launch Review- Listing Manager

This tool is powered by data and experience right from running over more than 30,000 product launches. With this tool, you can easily increase your conversions as they have experts copywriter who actually know how to sell on Amazon. You can also elevate your brand with the help of this tool.


  • Optimized Product Title And More
  • Optimized “About the Product” (Bullet Points)
  • Optimized Product Description
  • Suggested Backend Search Term Submission
  • Conference Call With Our Branding Expert
  • Content Designed to Drive Clicks & Ranking
  • Product Presentation & Brand Analysis

Advertising and Product Management Services:

The Space Managed Service:

Now with the help of this tool, you can easily increase your visibility and sales right with marketing automation as well. Here this one is a powerful sales and ranking engine that generally applies a holistic approach in order to drive the organic and PPC results right on Amazon.

Viral Launch Review- SPACE Managed Services

It has actually more than a PPC management interface and they also leverage data expertise and technology in order to easily implement all the latest Amazon advertising tactics in order to achieve your goals effectively.


  • Drive Keyword Ranking
  • Increase The Organic Sales
  • Maximize your profit
  • Ensures Retail Readiness
  • Create and Execute on Campaigns
  • Custom Reporting and Updates as well
  • Keeps amazon insights for your brand
  • Easily leverage the power of Viral Launch

How does Viral Launch work? 

Although the US market is usually the primary target when it comes to Amazon FBA sale, Viral Launch happens to go above and beyond. It essentially encompasses eight Amazon marketplaces: the United States, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

This means you can continue to use Viral Launch for business and product insights as long as you’re selling one of these models.

However, there is a word of warning. While Viral Launch has a wide range of resources, not all of them can be used in every Amazon marketplace.

Competitor intelligence, for example, is only open to Amazon sellers in the United States. So, before jumping on the bandwagon, double-check all the features you’ll be able to use in your particular marketplace edition.

Viral Launch, on the other hand, is a versatile platform that comes in two flavors. Start with the Chrome Extension, which is the easiest and lightest of the two. Simply download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, integrate it with your Google Chrome browser, and you’re done!

Why Viral Launch Is Different From Others?

Intuitive & Easy to use for all!

Viral Launch was created to be easy to use while still being extremely powerful. It all begins with a simple signup process; once you’ve chosen membership and completed the necessary steps, you’ll have immediate access to your dashboard.

To take full advantage of what Viral Launch has to offer, each tool comes with a particular approach that must be followed. It’s extremely simple to use. They give you directions to follow in order to provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Many of the software are easily accessible from the dashboard. Simply sign in to your account and choose the tool that provides the features you need. Aside from the usual set of resources, there is a web browser plugin that functions a little differently than the rest of the framework.

When you use the extension, you’ll be able to visit the Amazon website directly, which will assist you in identifying lucrative niches and items to target as an Amazon seller.

Amazon has become “the” place to purchase and sell items online; it’s no coincidence that over 1,000,000 vendors have joined Amazon since the start of 2019. Knowing how to use tools like this will help you stand out from the crowd.

A Well Organized Dashboard

The key Viral Launch dashboard is a web-based application. You’ll find that this version is sufficiently detailed, with all of the resources the company has developed so far, once you sign up and log into your account.

The dashboard and menu choices for Viral Launch are well-organized. The dashboard itself has two columns: one lists the program resources and the other includes a rundown of the additional services available. Then, to make the onboarding process even easier, all tools and services provide detailed tutorials.  

But don’t get me wrong: I’m not a snob. Viral Launch will not provide you with all of the features. The features you have access to are determined by the package you want to subscribe to. So, if you want anything, the Kinetic plan from Viral Launch will set you back about $166 per month.

Unfortunately, the only drawback of all of these new features is a decrease in machine usability. Although the Viral Launch web-based version is very user-friendly, beginners can need some time to get all set up. 

Chrome Extension

Viral Launch is a versatile platform that is available in two versions. Start with the Chrome Extension, which is the easiest and lightest of the two. Simply download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, integrate it with your Google Chrome browser, and you’re done!

You should be able to perform comprehensive market research on Amazon using the Viral Launch Chrome Extension. The aim is to gather data on sales figures for different goods, monthly income, monthly sales, historical trends, and so on. 

As a result, as you explore the Amazon marketplace, you will find the most profitable items. And, when you’re browsing Amazon, the Chrome Extension typically gives you some useful information. The interface is well-designed to provide fast revenue forecasts and market analytics in a seamless manner.

In reality, this version of Viral launch is simple enough for even beginners to use. Every single role is easy, and you can bet that learning the ropes won’t take long. The Viral Launch Chrome Extension is primarily designed for fast market research. There’s nothing else.

In other words, the extension is only useful for product exploration. You’ll have no choice but to turn to the other edition after that.

The Viral Launch Chrome extension makes it a lot easier to do research. The tool will assist you in locating product ideas, keywords, and other elements that will help you expand your Amazon company.

Rather than logging into the Viral Launch dashboard and staying there to do analysis, the Chrome Extension allows you to go to Amazon to find things that you may be able to sell.

I still enjoy manually searching the various Amazon marketplaces. This is why I like Chrome extensions so much because they allow me to use both at the same time. You’ll be able to gain insight into groups, niches, and even individual items as you search the marketplace – all from the window you’re using to browse the marketplace.

Viral Launch PPC Optimization – Kinetic PPC

Viral Launch also has a fantastic method called “Kinetic PPC.” The aim of this tool is to assist you in maximizing your income by using pay-per-click ads. This tool allows you to create custom automation rules. By establishing guidelines to minimize and increase spending where it makes sense, you will cut costs and increase profits.

When it comes to PPC ads, you can use modern machine learning techniques. PPC on Amazon has grown in popularity over the years, and if you want to thrive on Amazon, you need to take it seriously. You could lose a lot of money if you don’t have a good handle on your PPC ads.

The Kinetic Optimization framework includes an automation feature that lets you create custom rules. These rules are simple to create and will be enabled in response to particular actions or events. As a result, the PPC campaigns you are running will be tailored and modified based on the data obtained by the application.

You’ll also have access to a number of models that will help you get started. The templates have been created to help you get the most out of your PPC ad campaigns.

This tool not only gives you an automated way to optimize your PPC campaigns, but it also gives you detailed information about the advertising you’re running.

You can also compare PPC results to organic results and get a detailed breakdown of each campaign you’ve built and run. It’s as if you had your own in-house Amazon PPC specialist.


You can use Viral Launch to analyze different facets of the market to spot openings, keep an eye on your competitors' tactics, monitor the success of your company, and refine your product listings accordingly, thanks to its deep data integration with Amazon.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Better Results with Data-Based Accuracy

😩  Cons

Limitations in starter plan


Viral Launch provides users with deep insights into the vicissitudes of the marketing industry, allowing them to fill in blanks and boost rankings. Viral Launch confidently passes the accuracy and dependability test on all fronts. There are enough tools and features available to make marketing fantasies come true.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Viral Launch Pricing | How Much Does Viral Launch Cost?

The pricing plans offered by this platform is very flexible and affordable so that anyone can get started with Viral Launch right away. It’s you go to the platform to source, launch and easily dominate on the Amazon platform.

Let’s find out what pricing plan this tool is actually offering:

Viral Launch Pricing Plans For The Software

Viral Launch Review- Software Pricing

Beginners Research kit ($49.79/Month)

This plan is best suited for beginners on the hunt right for the next great products.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (3)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Pro Seller ($70.12/Month)

This plan is best suited for sellers who are actually looking for a competitive advantage right to get success on Amazon.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (3)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis  (50)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (2000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (30)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Brand Builder ($124.17/Month)

This plan is best suited for sellers looking to build a successful brand right through data and automation.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (100)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis  (100)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (5000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (100)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Data Hunter ($332.50/month)

Actually, this plan is best suited for sellers who are looking for unparalleled levels for data and analysis.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (250)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis  (250)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (15000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (300)
  • 24/Customer Support

So these are the pricing plans offered this Viral Launch Tool. Let’s find out the pricing plan for other services offered by Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Pricing — For The Services

The Product Launch

With this product, anyone can easily out-rank and outsell the competition right with their strong and reliable strategy for one-page visibility. Let’s find out the pricing plan for it.

Viral Launch Review- Product Launch Pricing

  • Master Package ($2500/Month)
  • Viral Subscription ($450/Month)
  • Uber Launch ($400/One Time)

The Listing Optimization

Now you can easily get strategic, sales including the keyword-rich content right from Viral Launch from Amazon Listing Specialist. Let’s find out the pricing plan for it.

Viral Launch Review- The Listing Manager Pricing

  • Optimization & Branding Consultation ($897)
  • Listing Optimization ($447)
  • Title Curation ($197)

Viral Launch Product Photography

Now you can easily drive more clicks and conversion on your products with this stunning photography service offered by Viral Launch.

 Viral Launch Review- Best Amazon Product Photography Service

  • Branding Expert ($1447)
  • Conversion Master ($797)
  • Conversion Starter Kit ($597)

So this was the pricing plan for the Viral Launch Paid Services. Now you have better insights of Viral Launch pricing plans.

Pros and Cons of Viral Launch 

What we realized while reviewing Viral Launch is that as a whole, it is an extremely powerful software that brings you all the necessary tools and functionalities you would need to enhance your selling game on Amazon.

You get to experiment with many advanced tools such as the keyword research tool and more to find the keywords that suit your products best and eventually stay at par with the competition.

However, everything good in this world comes with something bad as well, and Viral Launch is no exception to it. So, now we will quickly discuss some of the key pros and cons of the software which we noticed and believe that you should be aware of.


  • Get access to in-depth keyword information using the keyword research tool.
  • Viral Launch is an all-in-one system that brings together a number of useful resources into a single platform.
  • For product testing, Viral Launch provides a lightweight, easy-to-use, and intuitive chrome extension.
  • Viral Launch offers a number of add-on services that allow you to have your campaigns handled by real professionals.
  • The Viral Launch system as a whole is well-designed and user-friendly.
  • Viral Launch provides a comprehensive collection of tools for launching a product. You can use them to find promising prospects and then get started right away. 
  • Viral Launch’s customer service team is extremely attentive and open. They can be reached at any hour of the day or night.
  • Viral Launch has a pretty good artificial intelligence system that gathers and analyzes data for you.  


  • For beginners, the learning curve may be steep.
  • Although Viral Launch has a lot of resources to help you with product discovery and launch, it doesn’t have enough tools to help you sell your product.
  • For newcomers, the amount of data produced by a viral launch may be daunting. 

Quick Links:

Viral Launch Reviews & Testimonials 

Real customers. Real results.

Viral Launch Review Faqs:

👉 Is viral launch Free?

No, but it offers 14 days free trial.

👉What features does Viral Launch provide?

Viral Launch allows you to assess all the opportunities in your market of concern, helps in knowing the marketing strategies of your competitors, tracks your business as it progresses, and optimizes your product listings. Viral Launch is a one-stop destination for your business needs. Starting from product research to the launch and scale of your business, all the tools you will be needing to go ahead will be provided here.

👉What resources does Viral Launch offer for free?

Viral Launch offers the resources free of cost, some of them are: Free Courses - Guide on ‘How To Sell On Amazon’ ; Amazon PPC Playbook ; How-to Guide - Seller Podcast; E-Books - Discover Great Products ; E-books and Free Tools - Amazon/FBA Profit Calculator

👉 What is Viral Launch used for?

Viral Launch is marketing intelligence tool. It helps to find monthly sales and profit that you sell your products on Amazon.

👉What are the pricing plans of Viral Launch?

Viral Launch has two pricing plans: For Beginners and for Pros. For the Beginner : This plan is for beginners who are planning to launch their first product on Amazon. The features provided under this plan are Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, and Competitor Intelligence (For 3 products, available only for the US) and the price of this plan is $59 per month. The second is Pro - This plan is for the growing businesses that are looking for improvement in sales. The features provided under this plan are Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Automation Review, Keyword Research (Available only for the US), Competitor intelligence (For 3 products, available only for the US), Listing Builder (Available only for the US), Listing Analyzer (For 50 products, available only for the US), and Keyword Manager (For 2000 keywords, available only for the US) and price of this plan is $99 per month. Viral Launch offers a free trial on both the plans for 14 days, without asking credit card details. NOTE: As some features of Viral Launch are restricted to the US market, make sure to choose your plan accordingly.

👉Does Viral Launch support all the marketplaces across the globe?

No, Viral Launch is restricted to a few major marketplaces. As of now, Product Discovery receives support in the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Market Intelligence finds support in the following countries: Japan, United States, India, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and China.

👉 How long is Viral Launch is free trial?

Viral Launch gives you a 14 days free trial.

👉 Who owns Viral Launch?

Casey Gauss is the founder and CEO of the viral launch.

👉 Which is better jungle scout or viral launch?

Viral launch gives more product search as compared to jungle scout but viral launch is little bit expensive than jungle scout.

👉How do I know the Viral Launch plan that suits me the best?

Business needs vary based on the level you are in, in your business journey. If you are confused about your precise needs, get in touch with the customer experience specialists of Viral Launch via the customer support who can help you in taking the right decisions.

👉Can I use coupons on Viral Launch platform?

Yes, you can click on our website and choose coupons. The coupons can provide you a discount ranging from 15-50% and sometimes more than that also. So you can avail the services and save some extra bucks from your pocket too.

👉 Does viral launch work in India?

Yes, viral launch work in India.

👉 What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is a auction where advertiser bid on keyword, where seller with higher bid wins the auction.

👉How should I use the Viral Launch coupon code?

To use the Viral Launch coupon code: Sign up with Viral Launch Choose your plan (Beginner or Pro) Go to the cart and choose the plan term (monthly/annual). For the Beginner’s Research Kit monthly price is $59 per month and the annual price is $42 per month (Plus, 2 months of free subscription). For the Pro Seller package monthly price is $99 per month and the annual price is $83 per month (plus 2 months of free subscription) Apply the coupon code and click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button to checkout. NOTE: Sometimes the coupon code is automatically applied for the plans and you are shown the final discounted price. As of now, Viral Launch is automatically applying the coupon code ‘TA0NKUZ’ for 15% off on the plans. Hence, the Beginner plan comes at $51 per month and the Pro plan comes at $85 per month.

👉Why is my coupon code not being accepted?

Before applying a coupon code, make sure that it has been rightly entered. Spelling mistakes are the primary reason for which most coupon codes do not get considered. Also, check if the coupon code has not expired. Usually, only one coupon code is accepted per order. If you try to club two or more coupon codes, it may be considered invalid, or be replaced with the latest entry. Sometimes, the company may pull out the coupon code before the expiration date.

👉 How much does viral launch cost?

Viral launch offer one time payment, its cost $199 only.

👉What payment channels does Viral Launch accept?

Viral Launch accepts payments through American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. NOTE: Payments made on Viral Launch are non-refundable.

👉Can the chosen plans on Viral Launch be upgraded, downgraded, and canceled?

Yes, you are allowed to make changes to your plan by going to the ‘Settings’ tab in the Viral Launchpad. For assistance, you can contact [email protected]. A plan once paid for cannot be canceled due to the no refund policy. As the subscription plans recur, they can be canceled before the upcoming renewal period.

Viral Launch Alternatives:

1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout-Keyword_Scout

Jungle Scout is a product analysis program with sub-tools that can help you with your FBA business.

Jungle Scout, for example, has its launch program to handle the gift items if you want to use them. A keyword analysis app, a list optimizer, product images, and other features are also available.

Software called the Jungle Scout release is software that enables you to achieve market supremacy by conducting in-depth market research. Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Generator of the list, and its Analyzer are some of the main functions. The firm also sells a range of tools to Amazon retailers that you can buy separately.

2. AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl is a search engine for Amazon goods. Check Amazon for listings that fit the given price, bestseller ranking, number of comments, and more using a dedicated Mac and PC desktop program. Amazeowl is a perfect Viral Launchalternative for those who want to try a free kit and then update as required.


This produces relatively accurate results, with the only slight drawback being a lack of customer support. However, Keyword Clock, Product Index, Persecuted Niches, straightforward to use Interface, great satisfactory accuracy, and Automated Alerts are just a selection of the better features.

3. Big Tracker

BigTracker is a product search tool that caters to Amazon clients and traders to strengthen their Amazon product keyword searching while also tracking their rivals, monitoring product results, and identifying their niche.Asinspector Alternative - bigtracker

The product search is made easier with advanced filters, including categories, ASIN, and keywords. This product search has the benefit of being available in a variety of countries.

It’s an excellent option for Viral Launch because it has a range of price plans and features. This application has a user-friendly interface that includes features like Product and its Search, Amazon Agreement Tracker, Product Tracker, and Benefit Calculator are some of the tools available.

4. Algopix

Algopix is a powerful product market research platform that offers online retailers, suppliers, and brands access to and analyses data on goods, market demand, prices, and margins. It also provides actionable and valuable information. Product search choices include Unique Product, Bulk Product, and Product Exploration. It is compatible with 16 different brands:

Asinspector Alternative - algopix

Amazon in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Canada.

eBay in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Australia.

Walmart in the United States. Algopix will provide valuable data such as cost breakdowns, suggested sale prices, and so on. In a bulk survey, it offers relevant marketing data from an integrated Google AdWord of 200+ items.

5. Amasuite

David Guindon and Chris Guthrie formed AmaSuite. One is exclusively a  developer who has worked on several projects before creating AmaSuite, and the other is a well-known and popular Amazon partner.

AmaSuite5_vs_Jungle_Scout - Amasuite5

Amasuite is a tool provided by Amazon for its partners. While it can be used for product testing, it does not achieve the same degree of accuracy as Viral Launch.

On the other hand, its features include Best-Selling Product Analysis, Immediate Category Search, Interactive HTML Reports, and Exclusive Seller and Partner Tools. 

Viral Launch Review Conclusion: 

In a nutshell, the Viral Launch extension gives Amazon sellers who are willing to rearrange their frames, set bold bars, and gradually increase sales a big boost.

Any Amazon game will be well worth the squeeze with this method, as long as it is used to its full potential. Viral Launch confidently passes the accuracy and dependability test on all fronts. There are enough tools and features available to make marketing fantasies come true.

The app provides users with deep insights into the vicissitudes of the marketing industry, allowing them to fill in blanks and boost rankings. However, the only disadvantage is the Beginner pricing package.

What are your thoughts on Viral Launch review, let us know in the comments.

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51 User Reviews on Viral Launch Review

  1. Bad experience with them. Better to stick to helium10 or junglescout.
    Took me 2-3 weeks to get a 50% refund when they insist its terms and conditions that I am unable to cancel my renewal on my creditcard last year.
    and my bank told me i should not have accept the 50% refund because i could not do a dispute as the 50% refund occurred

  2. I found a simple technical problem, ask for help, they solved it as soon as they saw my message! Being super friendly is a bonus! I really appreciate it. Kinetic had trouble with the ASIN search, and Jessie was very helpful and insisted on expressing our concerns to the Viral Launch developers.

  3. This is a great way to gather key information about the product you want to sell. The site divides the information into manageable chunks that are easy to absorb. But I recommend using it for a month, gathering as much information (products) as possible and then moving on from there, I don’t feel like the subscription model.

  4. I contacted Viral Launch because a product feature is not working. Their customer service admits that they are aware of this issue and are working hard to fix it. Once the issue was resolved, their customer support team contacted me to remind me. I am very moved!

  5. In general, useful websites launched by Viral Launch have useful data, although it is sometimes inconsistent. When we encounter some issues, we thank the support team for a quick and thorough follow-up.

  6. They never notified me that the Viral Launch service I used with them was about to be updated. I completely forgot that I had a service with them. It was uploaded automatically and I was not notified before the renewal. Now due to rejection, I cannot get my money back. They have a refund policy. It was a complete thief. A representative told me that they emailed me 30 days and 7 days before my so-called renewal, but they didn’t give me a chance to cancel. They just waited for them to charge me, so when I tried to request and file a refund, due to their policy, I would lose the case.

  7. Viral Launch service is good! The question I asked was answered within a few minutes, and a friendly and thorough explanation was given! When you know that you can trust the Viral Launch team to support you, the search experience becomes easier!

  8. I have been using Viral Launch for more than a year. If you are just starting to sell products on Amazon or are a 7-figure seller, it is a truly priceless software. Thank you!

  9. I signed up for the basic option, but didn’t realize it doesn’t include keyword searches (you can only get 5 free every day). I contacted the support staff and they were great and kind in explaining what I did wrong, even though I was concise. I used to work in the support department, so I know how difficult it is to deal with negative people. Thank you for helping a grumpy old man

  10. We are new to Viral Launch and have been understanding our direction, but thanks to the chat function on the website, this has become much easier. Drew helped us, he was great. I am very satisfied with the learning experience so far, and I am glad to see how VL develops our business!

  11. Viral Launch has excellent 24/7 support. I am a new member and contacted a few questions. They responded quickly and dealt with the matter as quickly as possible, most of the time even immediately. So far, working with them has been an incredible experience.

  12. Hello, people who may care about Viral Launch, I would like to pay special tribute to Brandon who works for the company. He is very knowledgeable, personable, and very patient with everything I care about. It goes far beyond this in all aspects, so thank you very much Brandon. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

  13. Viral Launch is a good tool for searching and selling brands and their products. However, when it comes to revenue data and data updates, it is not enough. You should not request data updates, this should be built-in automatically. Revenue data still has a long way to go. When calculating the annual income of a brand and talking to them, the gap is usually large enough to prevent the brand from cooperating with us.

  14. The online cancellation process seemed a bit complicated, so I called the support department of Viral Launch, and the staff I talked to quickly resolved the matter. A loyal fan of the platform, but the website is a bit slow and it takes longer than expected to load data.

  15. Viral Launch is very easy to use. As a beginner, I feel a little overwhelmed by all the different statistics/analysis of looking for sales on Amazon. This software tool makes it so easy!

  16. The most important thing is that the virtual launch data is not up to date. After the 1-year contract ended, I withdrew from the subscription.

  17. In Amazon’s e-commerce industry, it changes every day. Amazon sellers need to be constantly updated with new information and best practices. As your customer for 1 year, I have not seen any virus releases. On the contrary, I got a lot of information from Helium 10, not even a customer of Helium 10.

  18. I have been a customer of lauch viral for a year, and the following year it was automatically upgraded to a monthly plan, I tried to cancel it, but they wouldn’t allow it. The customer service is very unreasonable, the reps and policies are very inhumane, and they don’t care about their customers at all. Not the slightest concern. I know a lot of Amazon sellers, I will have everyone cancel and start Jungle Scout. Ridiculous!

  19. Viral Launch is overpriced and has poor customer service. I used them for 3 months, and I did not use them in the first month because it took longer than expected to register as a seller. Upon entering the third day of the third month, I found that all the reasons I needed them were denied. They are greedy for money and don’t care about their customers!

  20. I’ve tried launching my own products in the past, but I didn’t find a lot of success. Viral Launch is an excellent way to give yourself a leg up in marketing. It helped me avoid all the uncertainty and keep things positive with a confident launch that’s sure to succeed.

  21. Best. Discovery. Ever. Viral Launch helps me best manage my product-related research before I make a purchase, and it helps me unveil some truly awesome opportunities for what I want to sell next off the assembly line! This platform is just so precise, like it can tell who’s actually looking at my products out there on the market–amazing! My favorite thing about this ingenious product was when I ran a comparison between myself and one of my all time competitors: The fancy pants had really bad keyword segments on their site that were driving people away from buying anything with them–the worst part is, they weren’t even aware of these problems until now…thanks Viral Launch!”

  22. I don’t know if Viral Launch is the product of the future, but it’s what I need. The idea of finding any information at on my own was overwhelming. Yet with just a few clicks, all that changed; all those difficulties disappeared! This tool automatically gives me access to data and metrics that I lacked before and helps me be more efficient in making predictions for when my products will sell out or become obsolete (I have no clue what “obsolete” means, so its possible this feature doesn’t exist). Regardless, Viral Launch has made my business run smoother than ever before!

  23. Viral Launch is an analytics platform that will help you succeed in the Amazon marketplace. It’s a comprehensive one-stop shop for keyword research, competitive analysis, social media tracking, and predictive sales forecasting.

    One of my favorite features of the software has been its ability to find accurate data for everything we need to know about how well our product will perform on Amazon. It doesn’t just stop at estimating sales figures either; it also predicts whether or not your competition has been affected by recent changes in trends like searches, reviews posted/not posted on their page, and if they’ve updated their pricing strategy recently. I love using Viral Launch because it lets us be confident that our products are getting the right amount of exposure from potential buyers we

  24. I joined Jungle Scout and straight away it was able to show me current trends, keyword suggestions, traffic analytics…I’ll give this a 10/10.

  25. Without Viral Launch, people hated the idea of researching and coming up with a good business or product idea. They would force themselves to think outside of their comfort zone, but if they didn’t like that idea they had to start all over again. With Viral Launch now you can get up close and personal with influencers so you can see how their lives are leading them in one direction before even thinking about investing any time into anything. It also does half the work for you by automatically generating keywords based on what’s already working best because chances are it’ll do wonders for your product launch too!

  26. “This is a god send for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and likes testing the waters. The biggest worry I had when starting my own business was finding what would sell, but this takes all that away with its features.”

    You’re always worried about if the product will do well or not. But now, instead of doing trends analysis and studying other companies and analyzing tons of data on Google, you can just open up this platform to get accurate sales estimates faster than ever before. It’s been so helpful for me- it lets me know where in popular misconceptions are common in my industry while also telling me which keywords are most used by consumers!

  27. Viral Launch took my business to the next level. I’ve always had a good idea of what was working and not working, but Viral Launch helped me take more market share than ever before. It’s like they’re predicting my competitors’ moves!

    I work in finance and thought this would just be for products that people don’t need but want anyway, which is something I deal with every day. When I found out it works for my industry as well, there was no question about whether or not Viral Launch should become an integral part of our arsenal right away.
    Shelly Lampert

  28. I never thought I could optimize my keywords so quickly! This place a one-stop shop for those of you looking to expand your business. I am able to see how many people are interested in this product and where their located around the world at the push of a button. One click tells me what words they are using while researching products, and it updates every day with new findings. My top competitors must be taking notice because their growth has been slowing down recently. It’s like Viral Launch knows what is going on before any other company does!

  29. Viral Launch is the best keyword research tool on the market! It’s so easy to use and we don’t have to do exhausting, research-heavy tasks. My team can brainstorm in no time and all for a reasonable price with this essential product!

  30. When my friend first told me about Viral Launch, i was absolutely horrified that it would take six minutes to open. The sound of the game made me want to look for earplugs. I quickly realized how organized and clever all the features are on this site became so interested in exploring the whole thing. I can see where they were going with this by uploading a video and getting feedback without any fear of repercussions from other people! My favorite part is that with Viral Launch, finding reliable product ideas faster than ever before has never been easier!

  31. Best product ever! It’s got great stats that tell you everything about any products in seconds and has all the search engine optimization features. I’ve made so much more money by using Viral Launch!

  32. Viral Launch is an essential tool for any Amazon seller that wants the best chance to make sales and expand their business. With powerful forecasts you can use in-depth data from the Viral Launch database to anticipate what customers may want. Real time analytics allows access to a visual view of your progress, so you know exactly where you stand against competitors as well as how much traction your product has gained with real people. If things look like they’re not going according to plan, good news! You have multiple tools at your disposal to help fix issues without a big hassle (just some tweaks and updates here). The friendly and talented staff at Viral Launch would love nothing more than giving other sellers just like themselves the opportunity deserved: a thriving business on Amazon

  33. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and want to research products before you buy them, than Viral Launch is a product that’s too good for the price. With this cost effective tool, it’s easy to create campaigns in mere minutes that can increase visibility on Amazon. Finally there are sleep patterns available so I can live my best life!

  34. I’ve had my sights set on the Amazon marketplace for a long time now. Starting out, I did everything by the book of SEO and site design strategies, but eventually realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere fast enough. And then Viral Launch came into my life–the missing puzzle piece to take my business to new levels of success with less work.

    I want a product description! Don’t hold back-it can be anything at all from helpful reviews about how this product has benefited you in general or specific cases to high-performance packaging qualities, color selection, and more; it could even include an introduction to what your company is doing behind-the-scenes: our tireless research process in order to publish up-to

  35. Viral Launch is a must have for getting to the next level in my Amazon business. I know that it’s going to help me grow faster than ever before!

    I’ve been struggling so much with managing sales, keywords and competitors – but not anymore thanks to Viral Launch. It’s like having my own personal assistant that helps me achieve success on Amazon. The keyword research helped me identify words I never would have thought of, and my competitor analysis showed up all sorts of stuff I never knew about them! Basically, Viral Launch will only help you go further. Do yourself a favor and buy it now.”

  36. This product is amazing! It has helped me save money and grow my business dramatically. I haven’t seen another platform that gives the amount of information this one does. You get to see what they competitor products are doing which helps you know what you should be doing, too. Plus, there’s even an automated keyword research tool on here for keywords if your unsure about which ones to use. Trust me when I say this is going to help any seller drastically improve their sales!!

  37. Viral Launch is a platform that helps sellers find products, monitor your competitors, and much more. It has helped thousands of people succeed on Amazon in those categories by giving them the tools necessary to strike it big. Users can also reverse-engineer their top competitor’s strategy to find out which keywords are working for other sellers in the marketplace. Best of all, this software is automatically updated with reliable insights about product trends so you always know what’s going on. Viral Launch isn’t something only the experts within those markets would use—everyone can take advantage of what it has to offer!

  38. NOW, get a Viral Launch. It’s the top of its line! I just found my new sidekick (seriously). First and foremost, it helped me find a KILLER product idea in minutes. That was one of the most exciting parts because now I know how to evolve my business from this point into something even more EPIC! The look on people’s faces when they realize they thought about making their own homemade version is totally worth it too 🙂

  39. With Viral Launch, there’s no need to guess and struggle for hours over how to make money. You can achieve your sales goals fast with accurate estimates on trends and keyword research at the click of a button. The Viral Launch platform will help you systematically grow your business by following effective marketing strategies without paying hefty fees

  40. I love Viral Launch! The research they have compiled is invaluable, and I would not be able to stay on top of my competition without it. There are so many useful features that let me manage all facets of my account with little effort at all, which is crucial as a work-from-home mommy running her own business. The customer service team is also great – I reached out for help managing multiple listings and the problem was resolved before I could even finish my message! Kudos to them, your viral launch review is great. awesome job!

  41. Haven’t downloaded Viral Launch yet? What rock are you living under?! This app has been my go-to for everything Amazon, from monitored competitors to keyword research. I have noticed a % of increase in market share since I started using it! The cool thing about VR is that there is nothing more “in the now” than what they have to offer. No more sitting on your hands when someone says “hey where did this person get these funny little squishies?” Foil them with your killer answer: VR!

  42. Viral Launch is the best way to leverage Amazon’s platform to grow your business. Get accurate insights and helpful trending data on a diverse range of topics, including sales estimates and keyword research. With a click of a button you can reverse engineer your competition for greater success.

  43. Viral Launch is a company who really knows a thing or two about internet marketing. Their solution, Viral Launch, has helped countless businesses grow on the Amazon marketplace with an innovative reverse-engineering strategy that focuses on your top competitors to learn from their strengths and weaknesses so you can win out in the long run. Keyword search is equally intuitive as they present you with accurate sales estimates and trends without having to do any heavy lifting yourself!

  44. Viral Launch is a company that has helped many people grow their business on the Amazon marketplace. Through their platform, you can find reliable product ideas and other helpful information for your own product! It’s a great way to get down to brass tacks with what’s going on in the marketplace so you can identify important keywords and some of your own competitors’ weaknesses.

  45. Thanks for this comprehensive Viral launch review Andy. Viral launch is not just one tool – it is the whole suite of tools to help you with your Amazon business. Tools include Keyword Research, Product Research, Product Launch, Competition Research, and Monitoring, and more.

  46. We like and use many features like; market intelligence, keyword research, listing analysis, listing builder. This software has helped us optimize our listings to the highest quality. We use this for every new product that we add. The chatbox on the site and customer service is very helpful. Thanks for the great viral launch review Andy.

    Viral launch is not just one tool – it is all in one platform to help you with your Amazon business. You can access a variety of tools like Keyword Research, Product Research, Product Launch, Competition Research, and Monitoring and more.

  47. I subscribed to Viral Launch about three months ago. I think this is excellent service with excellent customer service. I encountered some issues during the expansion and contacted them, they are always willing to help. In addition, they post tutorials and articles on their blog, which not only helps to understand their applications, but also helps to understand the market. They often post information on market trends, etc.

  48. I want to start by saying that I use Viral Launch every day. There are so many tools that make me a more efficient seller: in Depth Keyword Research, Reverse-Engineering, AMS Ads Manager and the Product Tracker. My favorite is Product Tracker for monitoring sales on my biggest competitor’s listings!

  49. After using Jungle Scout and Viral Launch, I can say that I definitely recommend Viral Launch! One thing I value in the company is customer service, they are the best!

  50. Viral Launch provides all of the tools needed for entrepreneurs to start selling on Amazon! You’ll be able to find reliable product ideas with accurate sales estimates without breaking a sweat. The most important keyword research will be done instantly through automated research! Product trending determines how much profit you’ll see in months or even days from now; it all just depends on what product comes out next year’s coolest hit

  51. When I first found Viral Launch, I thought it was an absolute nightmare. Why do I have to enter all this data? When will my product be up after building out a brand new listing? However, with each update and performance of the tool within a growing business, this soon become my favorite thing ever!

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