AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro 2023: Which One To Buy?? Which One Worth Your Money ??

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As here in this post, I have featured AffiliateWP vs Affiliates Pro detailed comparison that includes detailed insights into their features, pricing, integrations, and more. So let’s get started here. 

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro 2023: (In-depth Comparison)

Detailed AffiliateWP Review

Basically, AffiliateWP is a simple and reliable affiliate management plugin for WordPress. AffiliateWP is the leading affiliate plugin for WordPress and it comes with extraordinary features that can easily help you to manage your affiliate programs effortlessly.

 Also, this plugin allows you to create a complete affiliate system for your WordPress website. And using this plugin you can also easily manage referrals, affiliates, payments, and more right from one single dashboard.

Here the best part is that this plugin comes with all the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and generate revenue and more exposure for your products and services.

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro Comparison- AffiliateWp

Actually, it’s a WordPress plugin and the interface of this plugin even looks like WordPress which is a very simple and easy-to-use dashboard. 

All features of this plugin have been carefully crafted for  WordPress, and that will definitely give you a familiar experience. 

The best part is that this plugin includes advanced affiliate and referral tracking features and recommendations that mainly provide you reliable and accurate data for your affiliate programs so that you can have better insights.

Creators of AffiliateWP are the same who created the Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin. Therefore, the plug-in can be seamlessly integrated with  Easy Digital Downloads.  

AffiliateWP plugin also integrates with other platforms and plugins like WooCommerce and others so that you don’t have to worry about your affiliate’s payouts and other things as well. It also integrates with other CMS as well as the eCommerce platforms.

Key Features Of AffiliateWP:

  • Easy Setup: Simply using this plugin your affiliate program will be up and running within minutes. You need to just easily install this plugin and you’re all ready to go.
  • Accurate Affiliate Tracking: This plugin tracks affiliate referrals very easily and reliably. And even it tracks on servers right with the aggressive caching too. 
  • Seamless Integration: The best part of this plugin is that it seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress e-commerce and plugins along with other CMS too. So that you don’t have to face any difficulty.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Now simply by using this plugin you can track affiliate referral visits, earning,s and affiliate registrations in real-time right without any delay.

AffiliateWP - Plugin for WordPress

  • Unlimited Affiliates: Here you have the option to add as many affiliates as you can. Simply have an unlimited number of affiliates who will be actively promoting your website, products, and services. You can earn more with the help of this plugin. 
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking: This feature is lit. Using this feature you get an option to easily connect coupon codes right to any of the affiliate accounts with the help of affiliate coupon tracking. 
  • Easily Affiliate Management: Simply by using this plugin you can see the top working affiliates for your affiliate program, simply view the affiliate reports, edit individual affiliate accounts, and simply moderate affiliate registrations.  You can manage all your affiliate programs in one place.
  • Manual Affiliate Approval: So here you don’t have to take the panic in approving the Affiliates request. Here you can just approve your affiliate programs. Using this plugin the affiliate approvals can be simply moderated by the admin and it has been automatically accepted by this plugin.

AffiliateWP - Detailed Insights

  • Referral Links Generator: The best part is that the referrals can easily generate their own referral links right from the affiliate area as this will have a built-in referral link generator.
  • Affiliate URLs: Simply choose the pretty URLs. And the best part is that the affiliates can use their unique affiliate ID or the WordPress username right in the URLs. Track down any affiliate with the affiliate id easily. 
  • Reset API: Actually this plugin includes a full and a read-only API and then extends its API with the CRUD operations that are available.  You have full control over your affiliate programs. 
  • Made For WordPress: The plugin looks and simply feels like WordPress and the best is its seamless integrations. You will have full control over this plugin. Actually, this plugin is specially made for WordPress.
  • World-Class Support: If you need any kind of support then they have got your back. They have user-friendly support that is willing to help you 24/7 and that’s quite impressive. 

AffiliateWP Integrations:

One of the finest things about AffiliateWP is that here this plugin comes with one-click integration right with your other favorite WordPress Plugins. 

AffiliateWP- Integrations 

This plugin also integrates right with other popular plugins of eCommerce, form, and even invoice plugins for WordPress too. So here you don’t have to care for the integration of AffiliateWP to your favorite plugin. 

So here comes the list of integration for this plugin:

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • Stripe 
  • Paypal
  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity
  • Zipper Course
  • Paid Membership PRO
  • Optimizer Member
  • Contact Form 7
  • WPForms
  • LifterLMS
  • Caldera Forms
  • Formidable Forms
  • GIve 
  • iTheme Exchange

Free integration offered by this platform:

  • Wp Ecommerce
  • Jigshop
  • Shopp
  • Memberpress
  • MarketPress
  • MarketPress
  • WP-Invoice
  • Membermouse
  • S2Member
  • WP Easy Cart

Pricing Plans Offered By AffiliateWP

Another best thing about AffiliateWP is that it has very flexible and affordable pricing as well. 

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro Comparison- AffiliateWp Pricing Plan

Let’s what pricing plans are being offered by this platform. The pricing plans offered by this platform are flexible and affordable when compared to its competitors. 

1) Personal ($99/Year)

  • 16 official free add-ons
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 1 site
  • All core features included

2) Plus ($149/Year)

  • 16 official free add-ons
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 3 sites
  • All core features included

3) Professional ($249/Year)

  • 14 pro-add-ons
  • (a massive $840 value!)
  • PLUS all future pro-add-ons
  • 16 official free add-ons
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • Unlimited sites
  • All core features include

4) Ultimate ($499/year)

  • 14 pro-add-ons
  • (a massive $840 value!)
  • PLUS all future pro-add-ons
  • 16 official free add-ons
  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Lifetime email support
  • Unlimited sites
  • All core features included

Another reason that you should try this platform is that they also offer a refund policy and they firmly stand behind the quality of their products.

If you somehow don’t like AffiliateWP service then they will be going to refund 100% of your money. And they actually offered 30 Day money-back guarantee so you can claim your money back within 30 days.  

So this platform is worth you’re trying if you’re really looking for a reliable and affordable affiliate plugin. 

Let’s take a look at what Affiliate Pro got to offer and what it is capable of. 

AffiliateWP vs Affiliates Pro 2023: Affiliate Pro Review

Affiliate Pro Review

Affiliates Pro is another best option available as an affiliate plugin. Simply maximize your revenue right with this growth-oriented marketing system built for your business. It’s an all-in-one Affiliate Marketing Solution for WordPress.  

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro Comparison- Affiliate Pro

The best part is that here this platform offers powerful tools in order to easily run a successful Affiliate Marketing Program. Here this plugin mainly allows you to simply run a successful Affiliate Marketing Programs for your products and services. 

This plugin actually offers a simple and intuitive dashboard that helps your affiliates simply promote your website, products, and services very easily. The best part is that the affiliates can market your products and share the links right to any page on their website simply by using some amazing that is already built-in into the dashboard. 

Affiliates Pro plugin is built perfectly in order to deliver a smooth experience out of the box. This plugin integrates with other plugins and also works smoothly with any other theme. 

Let’s check out what feature Affiliates Pro Actually offers:

  • Affiliates Dashboard:

A new and intuitive dashboard will definitely help your affiliate partners to easily share your website, products, and services. The best part is that the dashboard is actually set up free and it mainly consists of several sections that can be used individually.

All parts are available as blocks, function codes, and API functions, and can be fully customized using templates. As well. The best part is that it has features of flexible time periods right for the stats on clicks, referrals, and earnings as well.

Also, this dashboard features a section right for the banners where the affiliates can simply get codes and easily customize the banner target URLs.  

  • Real-Time Reporting

Here this plugin generally records the referrals and the affiliate links stats as well. So you can just check the real-time reporting for your affiliates.

  • Unlimited number of affiliate partners

Using this plugin you can just have as many affiliate partners as possible, the number of affiliate partners that the system can handle is not limited, and it is developing very well. You can just add as many affiliates right for your products and services. 

  • Affiliates Pro integrations

This plugin mainly focuses on providing integrations only with the main WordPress platforms in e-commerce and other relevant systems as well. 

 Here this plugin offers integrations with WooCommerce, AddToAny, AddThis, Contact Form 7, Formidable Forms, Event Manager, Gravity Forms, MailChimp, Ninja Forms, and PayPal. And the best part is that they have a special tool to simply implement pay-per-click affiliate programs as well. 

  • Affiliates Pro includes these integrations:

WooCommerce AddToAny AddThis Pay per click Contact form 7 Super Event Manager forms Gravity forms PayPal Ninja forms as well.

  • Flexible commission rate

Here this plugin mainly offers the most flexible and advanced commission rates. And these actually vary from a simple general rate, individual affiliate rates, affiliate, and product rates, affiliate, and product category rates, and even more. 

And the best part is that here the combination can be used to adjust the commissions of your affiliate program and easily support fixed amounts and proportional commissions. 

Right with the Affiliates Enterprise, rates can also be specified and combined in levels in a tiered affiliate program. So you can have a flexible commission for your affiliate program. 

  • Easy Affiliation-Recruitment

Members can register automatically and add manually with or without a user account. So it is very easy for the affiliates to get themselves registered as an affiliate for your products as services.

  • Banner Management

Yes, now you can do the simple banner management that mainly supports banner images of partners, even from external sources as well, Create banners for your affiliate programs using this plugin easily and effortlessly. 

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro Comparison- Banners

  • References Coupon

The system of this plugin mainly allows you to assign coupons to affiliates easily. The orders to which these coupons are applied are linked to the affiliate. The best part is that the clients referred through coupons do not need to click on any of the affiliate links. 

Here your affiliates can use the coupons they receive to easily promote their products transparently without using affiliate links. And on the other hand, your customers receive discounts and members receive commissions easily with the help of this feature. 

  • Notifications

Customizable notifications for member registration and references. Now get notified for each and every activity for your affiliate programs. 

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro Comparison- Notifications

  • Export features

Export partner and recommendation data for further analysis. 

  • Retail payments and exports

The complete totals can be verified and exported for further processing. The best part is that here the system can generate reports based on specific criteria and create mass payment files, including formats for massive PayPal payments and other payment processors as well.

  • Traffic statistics

This plugin records all the traffic generated by affiliates and provides detailed traffic reports that can be refined using the appropriate filtering criteria and can be very effective while doing your affiliates analysis like which one is performing better. Best of all you can use the reports to identify bot traffic to eliminate and also delete inappropriate requests for later registration as well.

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro Comparison- Traffic

Even you have detailed traffic reports as the traffic reports are available to affiliate managers at the back of the site, while the affiliate panel provides affiliates with useful information about the traffic they refer to actually. 

Pricing Plans Offered By Affiliates Pro

So the pricing option offered by this platform is quite simple and flexible as well. They offer a plan for a single website, Upto 5 websites, and also for up to 25 websites. Let’s check out what pricing plans they are actually offering. 

AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro Comparison- Pricing Plan

  • Single Website ($69/Year)
  • Up to 5 Sites ($119/Year)
  • For Up to 25 websites ($299/Year)

Now you can have an idea of what pricing plans are being offered by Affiliates Pro. The pricing is low but the kind of functionality they offer isn’t able to outrun AffiliateWP as it offers more advanced and amazing features at such affordable pricing. 

FAQs On AffiliateWP vs Affiliate Pro 2023:

📌 What is AffiliateWP?

Basically, AffiliateWP is one of the easiest and best affiliates management plugin for WordPress.

✅ Which is the best affiliate plugin for WordPress?

If you’re looking for reliable Affiliate Plugin then AffiliateWP is one of the easiest and best affiliate plugin for WordPress. You can just try their feature and find out how it works.

⁉️ Which one is best AffilaiteWP or Affiliates Pro?

No doubt, AffiliateWP offers more advanced and easy to use feature than Affiliate Pro. You can just rely on AffiliateWP and just get started with it for $99/yearly.

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Conclusion: AffiliateWP vs Affiliates Pro 2023

As of now, you have all the detailed insights of these two affiliate plugins AffiliateWP & Affiliates Pro. I have covered all the features, integrations, pricing, and many more important things about these affiliate plugins so that you can have a better idea. 

For recommendation, I would like to go with AffiliatesWP as it is one of the flexible and affordable options available out there in the market. So if you want to manage your affiliate programs easily and generate more revenue then you should definitely give this plugin a try. 

The plugin Affiliate WP can be easily installed and can get running in just minutes and it also has a friendly dashboard. Everything about your affiliate program, you can get it right there on your screen. 

I hope this post suits your purpose well and if you liked the post then kindly share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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