Cloudways vs Bluehost 2022: In-Depth Comparison (TRUTH Revealed)

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With a growing era of having online businesses, web-hosting platforms and brands are having to come into the light to ensure better functionalities, pricing, and features to their customers over having a platform over the World Wide Web.

Needless to say, Let’s have a Bluehost vs Cloudways comparison to know about the two best well-known platforms for the services that they provide for web hosting. Before having to choose either of the platforms for hosting services, it would be a great idea to have a comparison between each of the platforms on several grounds so that you could have a clear idea of what serves your business or project requirements better.

This would be an article that would cater to several parameters to compare Cloudways and BlueHost which are price, ease of use, domain name, hosting features, speed, uptime, site migration, customer support, pros and cons, WordPress, Features and Plans, and finally security and speed. There would be key pointers that would differentiate both platforms on each of the parameters to get a better outlook on both of the platforms.

So let us have a look at each of the parameters as we view Cloudways vs. Bluehost with an open mindset!

Cloudways vs Bluehost 2022: Which One Is The Best?

About Cloudways

Cloudways is of the most reputed platforms when it comes down to web hosting with regards to its features, advantages, benefits, and pricing. With a growth in the ladder in the niche of web-hosting, many users and customers who are utilizing their brilliant features, have praised them for the services and pricing point that they follow.

With having a free trial of the features that they provide, they have ensured that you are one step ahead by only paying for the features that you would be using, making it cost-effective and ensuring you build and grow towards your own success path.


Considering the fact that they provide AI assistance and other related features for calculating your performance, they ensure you have tools and integrations that will make your tasks efficient and easy to maintain.

Their 24*7 customer support team is one that is quick to respond to your problems and ensure you have required support at all times.

Cloudways as a platform for web hosting would cater to multiple areas that you might find beneficial like the expert solutions that they provide, their performance/speed/uptime, integrations, Addons, control panels that are easy to use and navigate, constant monitoring and security.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is a platform that is most recommended by the WordPress platform which is a content management platform across the world. The platform ensures you have one-click easy installation of WordPress in a blink of an eye.

Their 24*7 customer support team is one that ensures that you have a quick response to resolve queries and ensure you have required support at all times.


With their money-back guarantee within 30 days, they have ensured that you are one step ahead to build and walk towards a path of success.

Considering the fact that they provide one year worth of free domain name, they ensure you have tools and integrations that will make your WordPress site crafty and reliable.

From servers to internal tools that they provide, you could grow your WordPress website with a platform that you can rely on with the security intact and regular checks done. You would be choosing a platform that ensures you have a secure hosting platform that would be built on an open-source.

With that being said, Bluehost is a platform that provides unlimited storage as well as bandwidth and low pricing, this is a platform that would be great if you are running on a budget.

Common Features: Cloudways vs Bluehost

In the common features for both the platforms- Cloudways and Bluehost, we would be considering the following common features for comparison: Price, Ease of Use, Hosting features, Speed, Uptime, and Customer Service.


  • Price


Their pricing point is really great as you could avail their services on a trial version for about a few weeks duration and have your website up and running in no time for about $10 per month which is their basic plan which is a basic and a fair deal that you can opt for.

  • Ease of Use

The control panels and configuration is designed in a way that you could easily navigate through their platform without any issues. The platform is completely beginner-friendly and can be used without having to learn about the basics of coding or HTML. Their proactive Application monitoring will help you know more and much better about the monitoring tools that are built on the platform.

  • Hosting features

Cloudways-Hosting Features

They are known to have features that include excellent customer support response with24*7*365 system of solving queries. You could use your own server customization and configuration features which will have your choices and personalization. Phone access and application-level support and handling is a strong point of the platform.

  • Speed

Their Uptime and speed have proven to have loading times that range between the percentages 40 and 50 with a loading speed around 400ms – 600 ms. 

  • Uptime

Cloudways is known for their exceptionally durable cloud-based system that  is specifically focused on the fact that they have partnered and integrated with few of the decent cloud providers within the enterprise. They brag a loading speed around 400ms – 600 ms.

  • Customer Service

Cloudways-Customer support

24/7/365 support is provided to their customers without having to wait for quick reverts. They are reachable through their chat systems on their platforms as well as through emails. Customized solutions for every query is provided. The addition of online ticketing is provided for instant responses.


  • Price 


Their users would get complete hosting solutions are available at $199* per month along with a special intro offer with a money-back guarantee is provided by the website (which is the 30 days money-back guarantee).

  • Ease of Use 

Bluehost is known for its easy to use user interface that caters to beginners as well. Control Panels can be customized depending on your business requirements. If you are looking at WordPress services, then WP is automatically updated. Automated emails are available to make it easier to send monotonous emails like payment confirmations etc. Constant backups are done by the platform on an easy click.

  • Hosting features 

Bluehost-Hosting Features

A free domain name for one year is provided. You will find unlimited disk space with the price that you pay. You would have unlimited transfer, availability of CDN is free of cost, exemplary SSD storage which is a high performance, SSL is free of cost, backups are done on a day to day basis and you could send unlimited emails

  • Speed 

Involves NGINX+, PHP 7, and HTTP/2 making the speed of the platform as fast as 600ms-800ms which is commendable for a traditional web hosting platform.

  • Uptime

With the rating that has received by their users, they are leaders for their uptime about 99.99%

  • Customer Service

Bluehost-Customer Service

They provide customer service 24*7*365 via phone, live chat, as well as ticket-based email support. An instant solution is provided depending on the intensity of the problem stated.


With most of the common features being compared, both of the platforms- Cloudways as well as Bluehost function differently which is something that sets both the platforms apart. With that being said, both of the platforms are really great in terms of all the common features that we have discussed and would completely be a game-changer to a point where it depends on what you are actually looking out for in a platform.

Unique Features

  • Cloudways

There are a few unique features that you may want to consider that sets them apart are:

  • In terms of pricing you only have to pay for what you use which makes it a completely cost-friendly platform if you are running on a budget.
  • An unlimited installation of their application is available while other web hosting platforms might charge after a certain number of installations.
  • They have about 60+ global data centers which is a large number for a web hosting platform
  • A smart Assistant would help you with real-time assistance with regard to your performance. It is an AI-based robotic feature.
  • The server and App monitoring feature will give you a performance matrix which could prove to be quite helpful.
  • Bluehost

There are a few unique features that you may want to consider that sets them apart are:

  • Bluehost is a platform that would provide you with customized hosting plans.
  • They have a feature of opting for their inbuilt website builders that you could use free of cost
  • Email addresses are provided to their users depending on the niche they are functioning under which means that emails are domain-specific.
  • Cloudflare integration is an additional plus point which would help in speeding up your website loading time.
  • Bluehost as a platform would provide you with add-ons in terms of tools that they provide which makes a difference for businesses that are just starting out.


With each of the platforms- Cloudways and Bluehost being platforms that are known for web hosting, both of the platforms are known for their own unique features that set them apart from each other.

There are a few unique features that are really commendable with regards to Cloudways that are not available with Bluehost and there are beautiful features with Bluehost that may help you to grow your business that you may not find with Cloudways.

Hence, you as users have to choose wisely on what would fulfill your requirements better!

Pros and Cons: Cloudways vs Bluehost

  • Cloudways


A few eye-catching advantages with the platform are:

  • You can pay for whatever features that you use and hence pocket-friendly.
  • Dedicated server hardware is provided for every user
  • A dedicated IP address is also provided for their users
  • Completely user-friendly interface
  • A great support system to help your  queries around the clock


A few areas that should be worked upon are:

  • No email accounts are provided
  • Domain registration plans are unavailable
  • Bluehost


A few advantages that the platform would provide you with are:

  • You would be provided with a 100% free domain for one year
  • 1 click installation for WordPress and therefore making it WordPress-friendly
  • BlueHost is known for its excellent hosting features as mentioned above.
  • They are known to have the experience of hosting 2,00,000+ websites.
  • Top-notch customer support and security


A few areas that can be worked better on are:

  • The website may load slowly sometimes and hence a low loading speed sometimes
  • They continuously try upselling additional features that you may want to buy.
  • Migration is not provided free of cost


Considering the advantages and disadvantages of both the platforms, it is important to understand that it completely depends on the business requirements that match. While Cloudways and Bluehost both have similar advantages, disadvantages are something that you may want to consider before subscribing to any of the platforms.

Cloudways vs Bluehost: Pricing Battle

Cloudways Pricing



Bluehost Pricing





In terms of Cloudways, there is no money-back guarantee but they certainly do provide a free trial of their hosting services showcasing the functions and features of their platform. So if you are a startup or a business running on a budget, this might just be your platform.

However, Bluehost is a very well known web hosting platform, with the features that they provide you with, you could blindly opt for their features by subscribing to them, however, they do not have a free trial available. They, however, provide a 30-day-money-back guarantee that is an assurance for the services that are being provided ensuring it is qualitative.

FAQs: Cloudways vs Bluehost

This is a segment that is normally filled up with Frequently Asked Questions about the products that are talked about or about the concept of web hosting in whole and we would be catering to a few question over this segment:

👉 Which one is better, Bluehost, or Cloudways?

This question isn’t all that difficult to answer with the supplemental features like staging, a whole set of advanced backups, the transparency of prices, the user-friendly support it gives, and the international servers in the majority of the continents like Australia, the States, Asia and Europe of which nothing is provided in Bluehost. However, Cloudways have their own set-apart features, pricing policies, advantages, and benefits that you may want to consider. Hence, it completely would depend on what your business and project requirements are and what would suit you in a way that will make your business easier.

👉 Is a free domain offered here?

It completely depends on which platform you would be using. But in terms of Cloudways or Bluehost, both of the platforms do not provide you with a free domain.

👉 Which platform is better for cPanels?

While both the platforms provide a secure and reliable cPanel, if you are looking at a basic and pre-set CPanel, then Cloudways is an option that you may want to consider. However, if you are looking at your own customized Cpanel then Bluehost may be the right option.


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Conclusion: Cloudways vs Bluehost 2022

The battle between these two items has definitely been quite a task as they have reached up too well against each other. But there must be a winner and in this case, Cloudways, as well as Bluehost, have had their share of benefits, advantages, and disadvantages that you would want to weigh for yourself. 

This is because Cloudways has an extensive range of features for the pricing that it has to offer and is sure to outperform that of BlueHost, but beyond that, any customer expects transparency, reliability, and scalability especially in terms of areas like uptime. In that way, Bluehost seems to be a much more reliable and efficient web hosting platform in terms of other aspects. 

Majorly comparison and selection between Cloudways and Bluehost come down to comparing features/performance and pricing.

In comparison to Cloudways and Bluehost, what the users actually thought of both the web hosting platforms in terms of all web-hosting platforms were that Cloudways and Bluehost received a similar number of votes which made both the service providers for web hosting could be considered depending on what features and pricing suits you better.

By doing more research about this particular topic, it was found out that the third important factor that played a major role was customer support and how they responded to the queries and the modes of communication that was provided. 

With that, I hope Cloudways vs. Bluehost has helped you gain more of an understanding of the two platforms and that you can make a much more informed decision when choosing the one you want to opt for. And also hoping that through this article you would have had an outlook on several aspects and comparisons that cater to several parameters to compare Cloudways and BlueHost which are price, ease of use, domain name, hosting features, speed, uptime, site migration, customer support, pros and cons, WordPress, Features and Plans, and finally security and speed. There would be key pointers that would differentiate both platforms on each of the parameters to get a better outlook on both of the platforms.

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