11+ Best Legit Ways to Make Money Online in India In 2020

India is globalizing with a fast rate and hence, is matching up the pace of the world in terms of technology really fast. There a number of ways by which Indians make money, but using  the internet to make money is still a relatively newer concept to the Indians. So, here in this article we will be talking about the multiple ways by which you can make money online.

This type of online business is highly recommended because it requires the least of the investment and returns you the maximum of the profit, all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection and you are good to go. Many people use this type of business to earn loads of profits.

But before I brief you up with the ways to make money, let me first tell you about certain do’s and don’ts in this context.

Earning money on the internet will only be fruitful, if

  • You are passionate about learning new skills and wish to work hard towards it.
  • You are patient enough to wait for your business to scale up and make money for you.
  • You can invest with as little as a laptop, a good internet connection and some money to start up.

Most people these days are blinded to such an extent by the light of wealth that they adopt unfair means of earning money and indulge in practises which may lead them behind the bars. The need of the hour is to make aware the new users of such unfair means so that they do not indulge in any such practise.

Making money on the internet using the fair and the legal means is also as easy as making money using the unfair means and hence, one should use all the appropriate techniques only to earn money.

You should also be aware of the fraud websites present on the internet and should avoid them. So, while working online always remember to check for the authenticity of the website that you are working for.

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Another thing that you should keep in mind is that there are multiple websites on the internet that demand certain amount of money before they let you earn money using their website. Let me make it very clear that the websites that are genuine never ask for any kind of investment, only the fraud companies demand for such investments.

Also, in order to receive your earned money without any hassle, you need to register yourself on the International Digital Wallet.  By using the international digital wallet, you can receive your money directly in your bank account very easily. Given below is a list of five websites which are completely genuine and do not ask for any investment from the users.

  1. Amazon mechanical turk
  2. UpworkScripted
  3. Fiverr
  4. Elance
  5. Youtube

These were some of the genuine websites that you can use online.

So, let us now talk about the different ways by which you can earn money online in India 2020 : Updated Methods

There are multiple ways to earn money on the internet but there are certain differences when it comes to earning money online in India. Making money on the internet using fair means may seem a bit daunting task, but once you start using it with patience it will seem interesting to you. So, below mentioned are some of the ways that you can adopt in order to make money online in India.


1) Freelancing

Best List of 10 Freelance Jobs Make Money from Home

To begin with, let us discuss about freelancing. Freelancing is a job source which is becoming very popular these days and hence, it is at the top of our list. Freelancing is a good option mostly for all the freelancers The artists can earn profits by utilising their arts for the recruiters that re looking for such talented artists.

If you are a designer, photographer, writer, programmer or a marketer then there are ample of paid jobs for you on the internet. Freelancing is generally a good option for all the people with lot of talent and few resources.

To become a successful freelancer a person should be perfectly skilled in his or her genre and secondly, the person must be a very good marketer. With a combination of the above-mentioned qualities a person can earn huge amount of money on the internet in India. But, if you are a new comer in the freelancing profession you should take help of a good marketer in order to build up your profile, because good profiles lead to better jobs and higher pay. In order to get clients a freelancer must have excellent communication skills.

As I mentioned a few of the websites in the former section of the article, some of the websites suitable for freelancing are Upwork, Hubstaff talent and Freelancer.com These mentioned websites are completely genuine and will help you to earn money online by all fair means only.

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How to Receive Payment in India while Doing Freelancing For Foreign Countries ?

If there is something better than Paypal, I think it would be Payoneer because I have been using for receiving payments for Amazon affiliate.

. What I like the most about the Payoneer  company is that they stick to their proposed charges unlike Paypal, who have so many underlying initial charges aside from the ones they post on their website. It’s quite deceiving though.

Paypal charges more transaction fees as compared to Payoneer. So I will list you some differences to make you understand better.

Here are some other differences:


– Lowest payment currency rate

– Paypal 1.9% transaction

– Best option for small payment

– Transferred to bank a/c up to 7 days


– $3 per transaction

– Best option for large payment

– Transferred to bank a/c within 24 hrs

But what I like the most about Payoneer company is that when you sign you up, you will earn $50, when you get to exceed the required amount of money that you should earn in your account, which is $100.

I have my detailed post on Payoneer Vs Paypal where you can see detailed differences between two payment gateways.

Payoneer is a better option for freelancers who earn money online in India.

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payoneer vs paypal (2)

2) Manual jobs

Another good option for earning money online is by doing  manual jobs. There are numerous manual jobs available on the internet these days and you can easily choose the one that suits your requirements and skills. There are a lot of choices when you do not wish to get committed to one single job as a freelancer in order to earn money.

There are a number of small jobs that will help you earn small profits with a little amount of effort.

This profile of job is completely based on helping out others and earning profit out of it. You do not have to be completely committed towards the work here, you just have to lend a helping hand to others. There are multiple sites where people as for help, I have already mentioned some like Amazon turk and Fiverr.

It is just a mutualistic kind of job where both the parties get benefited.  This type of online job is an ideal one for the students those who aren’t willing to devote much of the time in jobs. It is a part time job for the students which in turn help them to make money.

It is a great way to monetize your free time, this is a very famous kind of job on the internet these days. even the housewives can use them in the free time to earn money.

3) Online Consultant Job

These days’ people are getting busier with little time to spare and wish to get everything at their fingertips on the internet. Be it shopping or consulting a doctor, people are getting fascinated by the way internet helps them in getting all such services. You can easily earn money using skype without any investment apart from the internet. All the professionals can earn a good sum of money by building their websites on the internet.

This type of job will sometimes lead you to success and other times may lead you to failure, you just need to have a lot patience in order to make things work.

There are a number of consultancy jobs available according to your skills, you can become an online medical consultant if you are a doctor, there are online counsellors, marriage consultants and many more. The perk of having such a skill is that you can work from your workplace and from your website too and can earn through both.

Online consultants may work for a website and can even build their own websites and earn more profit. It just depends upon your profile, you need to have a good profile and an experience for the consultancy jobs. This is one of the hot job that is everyone looking for.

We see people with a lot of degrees but they don’t get a good job, this type of online job is ideal for them, because it doesn’t require a big workplace; just a laptop and a good internet connection and you are ready to go. This is an ideal job for all those people that have been looking for jobs even after having good resume.

People that aren’t content with their current job or the firm that they are working for also, opt for this kind of job. In my opinion, it is a great job for all the perfectly skilled people in search of a job.

Anyone with good core skills can become an online consultant and can get clients online. Online consultants also require a good marketing plan, do not expect to earn money quickly using this type of online job because it takes time to get clients at times.

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4) Become a Youtuber

Youtube Mumbai fanfest

The millennials are a YouTube generation, one can easily use it to earn good profits. YouTube is one platform which is known to build stars. These days we see a YouTube channel for every purpose, be it singing, dancing, acting, cooking, or even short videos like “how to fix a button on a shirt”. There are YouTube tutorials for every purpose on the internet these days.

YouTube has become a good source of income in India, we see number of short funny videos being shared on the internet every time, we encounter a lot of singing and dance performances. Once you start you tubing your talent, you just tend to become better and better in your skills. We have seen a lot of YouTube sensations like Shirley Setia, Bhuvan Bam, Shraddha Sharma, they all earn money by making YouTube videos. YouTube is a good option if you are talented and even if you aren’t.

You can make videos about various topics, facts etc, you can even make tutorial videos and earn from them. And, in this case too, you do not need a lot of investment in order to earn money, all you need is a phone to make videos and internet connection to upload them. You can even start up teaching classes on the YouTubeif you are a teacher or a philosopher.

This is a yet another job which requires a lot of patience, as getting subscribers on YouTube is a bit difficult task. But once you get a decent number of subscribers, they just keep on increasing more and more. You get paid for each like, comment and each new subscriber every time. Sharing your videos on different social platforms will also help you get decent amount of likes and followers. So, this one job is the one that anybody can do.

Most of all, you don’t need to have a great level of experience or qualification, because all you have to do is make a video and that’s it. It is an amazing source of income with the least amount of investment.

There are multiple sites from where you can refer and know ways by which you can earn money on YouTube. There are sites which show step by step procedure and even YouTube videos are there for that matter. We all need YouTube in our daily life and hence, it is an amazing source of income these days.

Check out this case study by Forbes :

Earning Power: Here’s How Much Top Influencers Can Make On Instagram And YouTube

5) Make money using social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram

Instagram and facebook marketing

Infographics Credits: Microsoft.com

Earning money through Facebook, Instagram or twitter is a type of job that is filled with fun and joy because all you need to do is post on the internet. There isn’t any limit to which you can earn using such profiles. It might seem a joke to you but professionals do earn up to 20,000 rupees for a single post.

Now there are two ways of earning money on these social websites: by posting and by using it as a place to sell goods. Let me explain each one in detail to you.

(a)      By posting

We see a lot of pages these days, some are the fan base access and some are purely entertainment fiction. Admins get loads of pay for the posts on their page, I personally have seen people earning huge from this kind of job. Such type of jobs are the social media specialist/analyst jobs. There isn’t any limit to which you can earn money using such social platforms


(b)     By using social platforms as a business platform

People use these platforms for selling goods like, clothing, shoes, furniture etc online. We see a lot of Facebook and Instagram pages for this purpose.

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6) By buying and selling domains


You can rent your website if you have a good traffic on your websites. Buying and selling of domains is becoming a great job and is getting very popular on the internet. You can rent a website or even can give your website on rent to people who need it. Both the ways you get profited in this type of job.

People having a decent SEO score can use this to sell domains and earn great profit from it. Companies such as Boughtbuffer.com have been known for the purpose of buying and selling of the domains.

You need to be an expert in such kind of jobs, as domain related things are quite tricky. If you already own a decent domain you can try selling it on the Flippa.com. This type of job is one of my favourite and can help you earn huge amounts of profits.

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7) Become a writer

With my writer Sonam Chawla
With my writer Sonam Chawla

People all over the country with different companies require content writers who can write about their products. Not just the companies you can earn by writing for your own websites. Writing is a talent which requires just one skill which is a good knowledge of the language in technical terms. You can choose the language which suits you to become a writer. To become a writer all you need is a good creative mind which can think of new things to write and earn.

It is ideal for the people who have a passion for writing, all you need to do is write and earn. You can write on your own desired topics and put it on your website or you can get clients of several websites and write for them.

Sites like iwriter.com are very useful for the latter purpose. Once you start writing you will get clients and once you get clients you will be earning great money.


8) Become a blogger

Jitendra vaswani top blogger in India

Blogging is one profession which is emerging a lot these days. We see blogs relating to any and everything on the internet these days. You can either create a blog of your own or can either work on other already built blogs. You can be a freelancer blogger and you can even earn for yourself on your own blog.

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There are numerous blog posts that we come across these days and you can surely build your and earn profit too.

You can also earn by creating ads using the google AdSense and attaching them to the blogs, you simply earn whenever someone clicks on such ads. Blogging is certainly a very attractive source of income where isn’t any limit to your earnings. You can refer to various step by step guides on “how to earn money using the blogs”, you just need to follow the steps and you are ready to rock your blog.

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9) Making money using affiliated marketing

Did you Joined Clickbank University The Secret Millionaires Bank

Marketing is another great field which will helps you earn great amounts of money. You can tie up with the websites like Flipkart, Clickbank, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. and make money by promoting your favourite products on your websites.

Promotion affiliation links can be started anywhere such as the Facebook groups, online forums, Quora etc. you do not need any technical knowledge for promoting products, you just have to promote the links on your websites and if people buy those products then you earn good profit.

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10)A product start-up

This is the most profitable way to run an online business. It may require a lot of effort and patience but all of it is undoubtedly fruitful. Start-ups help a lot in growth of a particular product.  It requires a lot of hard work so as to make the product that attracts the buyers. Even if you possess average marketing skills, you should start by taking small steps and work hard which will surely pay off.

It requires a long procedure including starting up of a product company, making and hiring a team and finally selling the products. But, once you succeed you have a whole product company of your own.

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11) Become a digital marketing agent

Pune 24adp digital marketing conference 2015

This is an ideal job for all the people who possess decent marketing skills, all you need to do is start up an online agency and start marketing. You have to help several start-up and companies and you can earn a lot of profit from it. With more experience, you can even start your own digital marketing agency and earn lots of money.

So, you can utilize your marketing skills in order to earn money by investing as little as of a good internet connection.


Over To You: Did You Like These Make Money Online Strategies India 2020

So, here in this article we talked about several ways of earning money online in India. Each of the above-mentioned strategies and the websites are completely genuine and you can refer to them for monetizing online. This article will give you clarity about earning money online and will help you choose the option with suits up with your requirements and your core skills.

So, bookmark this article, share with your friends and start earning money online.

Let us know in the comment section which one you are starting with.

All the best!

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