ROIVENUE Review 2023: Does It Really Maximize your Marketing ROI??



  • Give Simple & Actionalble insights
  • Two click Metric Access
  • Give budget reallocation recommendations basis of objectives.
  • Evaluate dozens of ecommerce sites in minutes
  • Quick & Simple integration
  • Intuitive & Easy-to-use platform


  • Site Could have been bit faster
  • Date Range could be more flexible


Price: $ 119

Are you looking for a marketing tool that lets you have all important metrics and key performance indicators in one place? A platform that is intuitive and easy to understand and use?

If yes, then in this ROIVENUE review, we will tell you how you can efficiently handle all your order management and web data analysis requirements with just one software.

Bottom Line Upfront: ROIVENUE is a marketing intelligence tool to help you get maximum ROI of your ad spend, you can access all your data related to Web Analytics, CRM & advertising at one place, the ROIVENUE suite let you maximize your ROI through data-driven attribution and integration, Get Started with ROIVENUE to maximize your ROI on Marketing Spends.

We tested the features of ROIVENUE and also conducted side-by-side research on the platform and got results and feedback that will help you understand the need, importance, and ability of ROIVENUE in powering your online business like never before.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it!

About ROIVENUE Review: In A Nutshell


ROIVENUE™ is a marketing intelligence suite that lets you handle channel attribution, grasp multi-touch journeys, and get the most out of your online campaigns. Marketers can classify underperforming campaigns, fix over-invested platforms, and reallocate advertising budget for growth acceleration using data-driven attribution models.

In the field of marketing attribution that is data-driven, ROIVENUE is a market leader. Its simple and easy-to-understand tools allow you to ensure that your marketing data makes sense, determine the efficacy of each channel, and allocate your budget for marketing more effectively with their attribution models and Budget Optimizer.

What can you do with ROIVENUE?

ROIVENUE is a marketing intelligence tool that helps you track channel attribution, grasp multi-touch journeys, and optimize the return on investment of your online campaigns. It helps marketers to recognize underperforming initiatives, fix over-invested platforms, and reallocate advertisement budget for growth acceleration using data-driven attribution models and CLV.

ROIVENUE has proven to be an ideal marketing solution for e-commerce and retail businesses looking to better understand the true value of each marketing channel, increase campaign ROI, and accelerate growth. Following the introduction of their patented data-driven attribution models, their clients usually see a 15% ROI rise and a 30% increase in revenue year over year.

ROIVENUE – Tools to play with!

When you are searching for a dependable platform that allows you to smoothly handle the online marketing needs of your business and also helps you handle order management and web data analysis tasks, then you would obviously want to sign up to or invest in a platform that offers all the necessary tools that can cater to these aspects efficiently.

When it comes to tools and features, ROIVENUE offers several useful tools that you can use to manage channel attributions, understand multi-touch journeys and maximize the ROI of the online campaigns of your business. Here is a summary of some of the key features and tools you can experiment with while using ROIVENUE.

ROIVENUE Review-Marketing-Attribution-Modelling

  • Budget optimizer

Even though they have attribution estimates, many solutions lack predictive analytics and require users to do the math. Budget Optimiser is a simple method that tells the client how to best redistribute the budget for better overall results without having to get into the nitty-gritty of all the equations and data processing quirks.

  • Marketing Attribution

Get easy and actionable insights by comparing various data-driven marketing attribution models. Their data-driven attribution models can be used to assess the effectiveness of your marketing channel and also attributed ROI. Finally, determine your marketing campaign’s return on investment (ROI) and then allocate resources and time to the channels that produce the best and profitable results.

  • Machine learning attribution

Many rivals use less precise statistical methods and models, such as Shapley Value and Markov Chains (which we also used till now). The Neural Recurring Network method is more accurate, and it can be used to measure even small amounts of data (so we can offer reliable attribution to clients of any size).

  • Customer and Order Analytics

As they link their CRM, they gain access to Consumer analytics features such as cohort analysis, CLV calculations, acquisition and retention analysis, and the ability to segment their customer base for marketing purposes.

  • Impression level attribution

We can quantify the contribution of banners and videos that are not clicked on using ROIVENUE ID calculation in addition to clicks. This is particularly critical for advertisers who must justify large display advertising expenditures. We can only deal with AdForm and Gemius master data at the moment and are in plans of adding Google Campaign Manager soon.

  • Performance monitor

This is a best-practice report for performance managers that helps them get a real-time summary of the entire company as well as a deep dive on any particular measure, KPI, channel, or initiative in a matter of a few clicks, as demonstrated by years of experience. Based on their analytics, the ROIVENUE team discovered that this is the section of their app where customers spend the most time.

  • Exports of all even raw level data

ROIVENUE is built on the premise that any data that reaches the platform must quickly exit. Exports to any BI network or database are available via the platform (with native integration for the most common ones). We obviously allow all measured metrics (like attributed results) and even a raw export of paths with touchpoint level granularity in addition to input data.

  • RFM Segmentation

Test the ability to transform a novice into a customer of high value. Use your comprehensive customer data for creating relevant promotions that result in higher response rates, purchases, and CLV. Instead of simply growing a customer base, the RFM segmentation feature allows you to concentrate your efforts on attracting and retaining high-value customers.

ROIVENUE Plans & Pricing

ROIVENUE Plans & Pricing

Roivenue currently offers 4 different packages to choose from with prices starting at 99€ per month ($119.00 per month). They do not currently have any free plan, but they do offer a free trial period for each of their plans. Here is a brief description of all the ROIVENUE plans along with the prices and key features offered by them. 

SOURCE OF TRUTH – Starts at 99€

  • 30,000 sessions
  • +15€/mo per 1k extra
  • Weekly refresh


  • 1 website
  • 1 team member
  • Dashboards
  • Performance Monitor
  • Events
  • Track Investment
  • Marketing Plans
  • Path Analysis
  • Attribution Analysis

OPTIMIZATION – Starts at 399€ /mo

  • 100,000 sessions
  • +3€/mo per 1k extra
  • Weekly refresh
  • Budget Optimizer


  • Unlimited team members
  • Connectors for 2 advanced platforms
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • API and exports to BI
  • Plan customization

LASER FOCUS – Starts at 749€ /mo

  • 500,000 sessions
  • +1.5€/mo per 1k extra
  • Daily refresh
  • Budget Optimizer


  • 5 websites
  • Connectors for 8 advanced platforms
  • Raw level data access

HIGH VOLUME – Starts at 1299€ /mo

  • 2,000,000 sessions
  • +0.75€/mo per 1k extra
  • Daily refresh
  • Budget Optimizer


  • All in LASER FOCUS 
  • 10 websites
  • Connectors for unlimited advanced platforms
  • Mobile app data support

ROIVENUE brings you several key features and tools in their higher tier packages including ‘Connectors’ and you get access to unlimited connectors to come for free. Clients who want to build custom dashboards or send data to an internal database, in addition to consuming data through our web app, can do so with ROIVENUE. One very good thing about the ROIVENUE packages is that all Data Integration features are included in every Attribution plan automatically.



ROIVENUE Review : Pros & Cons

ROIVENUE is a powerful tool for companies looking to scale their online businesses through effective management of marketing campaigns, performance monitoring, marketing attribution, budget optimization, and other aspects. This implies that ROIVENUE boasts of several advantages which can benefit you and your business, but there are some considerable disadvantages of the platform as well.

Let’s have a quick look at the main PROS and CONS of ROIVENUE.


  • Get simple and actionable insights by comparing different data-driven marketing attribution models.
  • In just two clicks, you can access all the necessary performance metrics. View the path of conversion as a whole or zoom in on a specific section.
  • Identify oversaturated channels and receive budget reallocation recommendations depending on your objectives.
  • Make the most of your brand’s customer data to create relevant campaigns that result in response rates and sales that are higher and eventually higher CLV.
  • Every marketing test (increased marketing spend, free shipping, improved product page, different pricing, etc.) can be evaluated and learned from. It is very simple to evaluate dozens of eCommerce sites in a matter of minutes.
  • Simple and quick integration will get you up and running with the entire software in a matter of weeks.
  • The Provider: These guys are fantastic, from the initial training to ongoing problem-solving.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive platform that includes almost everything a marketing department could want.
  • Comparing channels, costs, and conversions across multiple regions on a single platform.
  • You will be able to explore your data even further by exporting it to other systems


  • It would be easier to set up traffic channels if the site was faster.
  • The platform’s user interface can be a little sluggish at times.
  • There is no way to create your own dashboards within the platform.
  • It would be fantastic if the date range could be more flexible.


Now that we have almost reached the end of this ROIVENUE review and you have got a rough sketch of the platform, its features and what all you can do with it. The platform in general allows for easy evaluation of campaigns, clear Attribution, an immediate overview of performance. If you are a manager who is responsible for the company’s digital business ROIVENUE is an essential tool that I’m using on a daily basis.

The big advantage is that with ROIVENUE it is almost impossible to burn money on a bad campaign because the bad campaigns are evaluated quickly, just on time, so we can effectively optimize or stop them. So, that being said, here are 5 REASONS why we love ROIVENUE and recommend you to use it.

  • All marketing + Customer and product data under one roof

The ability to connect a so-called transaction feed allows clients to see actual paid orders (minus duplicates, cancelled orders, unclaimed shipments, and refunds), as well as margins, allowing us to measure CLV and perform retention and product analytics for various clients.

  • Flexible channel mapping

You can slice the data any way you like and still see attribution outcomes down to the smallest detail. Some rivals only have one form of channel mapping, which is difficult to modify and not granular enough.

  • Awesome support

ROIVENUE’s customer service is regularly appreciated by their customers. The majority of proposals have a dedicated Customer Satisfaction Advisor. (As opposed to using chat boxes or relying solely on e-mail support.)

  • Connect with your favorite tools and platforms

ROIVENUE links data from the world’s most common marketing, CRM networks, and web analytics, with more being added on a regular basis. Their development team is always up to make sure that all their connectors are always updated as per  the most recent APIs and data encryption protocols that are GDPR-compliant, making integration with ROIVENUE as simple as possible.

  • Marketing optimization on Margin level

It is possible to analyze each channel on the basis of real benefit, excluding VAT, COGS, and other costs, thanks to the ability to link the internal CRM system.

Success Stories

Roivenue Review - Success Stories

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👉What is ROIVENUE?

ROIVENUE is a marketing intelligence platform that helps you manage channel attribution, comprehend multi-touch journeys, and maximize the return on your online campaigns. Marketers can classify underperforming campaigns, fix over-invested platforms, and reallocate advertising budget for growth acceleration using data-driven attribution models.

👉How much does ROIVENUE cost?

ROIVENUE currently offers 4 different packages to choose from with prices starting at 99€ per month ($119.00 per month).

👉Does ROIVENUE have a free plan?

No! ROIVENUE does not offer any free plan for now. Their pricing starts at 99€ per month ($119.00 per month). However, they do offer a free trial period for each of their plans.

👉Do I get access to ‘Connectors’ with the ROIVENUE plans?

ROIVENUE allows you access to unlimited connectors for free with the higher tier (Laser Focus and High Volume) packages.

👉Which channels are covered by ROIVENUE Adform Tracking?

ROIVENUE currently offers Adform tracking options of all-important channels like AdWords, Adform, Sklik, Facebook, CJ affiliate, etc.

👉How is ROIVENUE’s Customer Service?

ROIVENUE boasts of a very efficient customer support service. Their support team is highly skilled, super-responsive, and acts promptly to your queries.

CONCLUSION – Should you go for ROIVENUE?

In a nutshell, ROIVENUE is the ideal, performance-oriented solution for all your online marketing needs and helps you handle several key aspects of your brand’s online marketing framework through its award-winning Attribution models and predictive analytics.

  • The platform was developed to assist you in making the best use of your marketing budget. Its attribution mechanisms are ideal for both large corporations and rapidly expanding e-commerce businesses.
  • The platform provides you with everything you need to assess your company in one place and is one of the few platforms that include Adform monitoring options for all major channels such as AdWords, Adform, Sklik, Facebook, CJ affiliate, and others.
  • Although some may argue that the platform’s predefined graphs/charts are limited, you can export any of the data you want to explore into whatever framework you want with minimal ability. Overall, it’s extremely easy.
  • There’s no need for an ETL service or a Data Warehouse with the export functionality.
  • You get a top-notch assistance from their customer support staff, who are highly qualified, super-responsive, and respond quickly to your questions, in addition to extremely powerful resources to use.

To sum it all up, ROIVENUE itself is quite good, once everything is implemented it is easy and intuitive to use. It offers various ratios and metrics to measure the performance of your online business, especially the efficiency of marketing channels and platforms. ROIVENUE is one of the best tools for getting more insight into your online marketing, particularly when combined with path analysis and attribution analysis.

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