Top Ideas for Improving Your Facebook Timeline Cover

 One of the most important things that you can do in order to generate the most profits off of your Facebook timeline is to create a really effective cover image. It should appeal to as large of a percentage of the visitors to your page as possible and begin to generate a strong connection between your brand and your customers.

This all starts with the cover photo, which is your first opportunity to grab their attention.

FaceBook Cover Photos

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When you make the most of your Facebook timeline, you can get more loyalty out of your customers and keep them engaged with what you have going on. That is a great way to get them to make purchases more often and generate more profits for your company. Some of the best ideas to improve your Facebook cover photo came from Tech Hive.

1. Use as Much Creativity as Possible 

 You have to be willing to step out of line a little bit and try something unique and outside of the box. One idea is to integrate the cover photo with your profile photo, as if they are part of the same image. This is a really cool design element that actually isn’t as hard to pull off as it sounds.

You can get really creative, so you may want to check out some of the ideas that other people have had and see if you can relate them to your page, your cover photo and your brand.

2. Cash In On Your Traffic –

While getting a large number of visitors to spend a lot of time on your Facebook page is certainly valuable and important, it is not the end game. At least, it shouldn’t be. Realistically you want to get as many of those people to patronize your business as possible, whether it is online or in person.

As a result, you need to have a plan in place to get the most out of the people that are interacting with your company on Facebook. If you aren’t constantly coming up with ideas to get this done, you’re just leaving the opportunity to increase your profits on the table.

Put a goal in place for what you want to get out of your customers and visitors, and then try to execute it. If you want them to end up on your website, you need to give them a reason to do that and a path to do it.

Make sure that you have a tab set up on your Facebook page where they can get your contact information in case they want to get in touch.

Link them to this tab from your cover photo and then try to push them toward your website. It’s a valuable way to get more visitors on your business site while also making sure in advance that they are interested in your products. It increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

3. Bounce Ideas 

You never want to keep all of your ideas to yourself, as you never know how your colleagues might improve upon your ideas by offering up new suggestions and building on something together. You’ll also avoid a lot of problems and mistakes by getting different ideas and opinions in the mix.

This can save you a lot of headaches down the line, so it is strongly recommended. Anything that can improve the final product that you are putting out there while also eliminating problems and concerns is definitely beneficial. It also fosters a good team atmosphere at your company, which can be valuable later.

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