Top 10+ Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins 2023 (Free & Paid)

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Hey, are you looking for a reliable affiliate plugin for your WordPress blog or website? If yes, then you’re in the right place. 

In this post, we have listed some of the Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins of 2023 that you can install on your WordPress website/blog right away. 

Top 10+ Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins 2023 (Free & Paid)

With these plugins, you manage your affiliate programs and referrals in an easy way. Whether you want to add affiliate links or create your own affiliate programs for your WordPress website/blog. You can do these plugins easily. 

 So let’s get started with the list here:

1) AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is a complete affiliate management system, incredibly easy to install and surprisingly fast. This simplifies the management of your sponsorship program as it should.

It is a pleasure to work with the related and administrative sectors. Use partner reports, real-time charts, and an advanced dashboard to organize your program profitably.

AffiliateWP mainly integrates with many e-commerce solutions that generally include if Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce and the list goes on. This way, you can easily determine which stores are sold without having to change the store now. 

With the help of this plugin, you can also track down who is your top affiliates along with the bestseller as well. And the best part is that you can see the referrals over time as an easy-to-understand graph and that’s quite impressive about this plugin. 

Top 10 Best Affiliate Plugins - Affliate Wp

This great plugin actually does much more. AffiliateWP also includes stunning options to simply add partners and translations manually without putting that much effort.  If you request the premium plan for this plugin, you can even add references from multi-level partners. You can easily set commission percentages, cookie length, affiliate pages, and other things as well. 

 You can also integrate AffiliateWP into a variety of amazing plugins, such as 7 contact forms, WooCommerce, MemberPress, PayPal buttons, and more in order to take your affiliate program to a higher level. 

2) ReferralCandy For WooCommerce

ReferralCandy is a powerful tool that you can use to automate affiliate programs for your WooCommerce easily and effortlessly.

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce is another reliable affiliate plugin for affiliate marketing. You can create affiliate programs and share them with your interested and specific people. The only drawback is that this free plugin mainly works together with a ReferralCandy plan, You will also need to register on the web.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Plugins- Refferral Candy For WooCommerce


ReferralCandy helps you increase your income by rewarding your customers when they refer to your business. We offer your customers a personal reward link that they can share with their friends.

However, ReferralCandy is a flexible affiliate service that one can easily get started right away.  First, create a promotion and then add it to your website by subscribing to the newsletter. Like here some new registers then you will receive an email with your affiliate programs. Overall, this one is a reliable plugin that you should give a try. 

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3) Affiliate Royal

Affiliate Royale is a complete complement to the WordPress affiliate program. Create an affiliate program for your products and generate traffic, attention, and revenue significantly. Once you start the Affiliate Royale Affiliate Program, you can easily follow your affiliates to see how they are doing.

You will see the number of clicks they generate, the sales they generate, and the amount they pay at the end of each month.

Affiliate Royale, a true competitor when it comes to WordPress affiliate plugins. This plugin integrates seamlessly with the WordPress platform and generally provides you with an affiliate management system that helps you in generating more sales and revenue for your business. 

Top 10 Best Affiliate Plugins - Affliate Royal

With the Affiliate Royale plugin, you can create a fully-up running affiliates program in just minutes and that’s quite impressive. Your program will contain the usual elements, then some. Without losing the appeal of your brand, your affiliates can easily control clicks, sales, and payments through a single custom control panel.

Better yet, your partners just have to go to your website (with their appearance) to connect to your partner’s control panel, as it fits perfectly with your website.

You can easily integrate Affiliate Royale into members such as MemberPress, WooCommerce, PayPal,, Shopp, and more. Overall, it’s a reliable affiliate plugin that you should get started right away.

4) Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is one of the newest and most reliable affiliate WordPress plugins, which generally allows you to offer your affiliates partner a premium platform with different rewards and commissions for affiliate programs. 

You can activate your website into a revenue-generating machine for business and income, where you just have to sit down and make your affiliates work for you. You take your products with affiliate marketing to a whole new level. 

And no doubt, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is one of the premium WordPress plugins for affiliates that I have used earlier. It contains an impressive list of features that point to a complete, flexible and flexible affiliate management solution. Everything is super easy and one can easily manage their affiliate programs. 

Top 10 Best Affiliate Plugins- Ultimate Affiliate Pro


The Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin is presented by an elite author, Azzaroco, and offers the best features of the member, such as the Classification of members, an unlimited number of members, personalized commissions, bonuses, and special services, stripe and PayPal payments, and commissions for life.

Other notable features of these plugins mainly include: banners, multi-level commissions, social exchange, multiple integrations and custom form fields, reports, notifications, coupons, landing page commissions, and the list goes on. 

Ideally, this is one of the best options among WordPress affiliate plugins in the market (in addition, the add-on has a pretty good list of buyers as well. From our side, you should definitely give it a try. 

5) WordPress Affiliate & Referral

WordPress Affiliate & Referral is a very useful plugin that adds a very effective SEO partner/system to your WordPress website. Since version 3.0.0, the add-on offers the possibility of paying affiliates through the PayPal Pass payment system and that’s quite impressive. 

Boost your website and your business with this premium plugin for affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to generate sales and revenue. 

It’s stunning and clean: you always have everything you need to make your affiliate program a success. Adding and following affiliate partners is super easy. Thanks to the massive PayPal payments, you can pay all your partners without any hassle.

WordPress Affiliate - Affiliates Plugins

This add-on is cheap and costs only $ 20, but don’t let the price fool you. This connected WordPress plugin offers a complete hit. Features include real-time reports, unlimited references, excellent feature codes, an Android application that allows you to track your program while traveling, share buttons on social networks, notifications, and cookies.

If you are looking for a 100% partner/referral add-on for your WordPress website or blog, you should understand that WordPress Affiliate & Referral is the best and most profitable on the market. You do not have to buy expensive plugins for your affiliate partners to have a simple reference system in your webspace.

6) Affiliate Manager

This plugin Affiliate Manager generally helps you manage affiliate programs in order to increase traffic and revenue in your business easily and effortlessly. We all know affiliate marketing is the fastest-growing advertising method and is very profitable as well.

This plugin facilitates the hiring, registration, registration, and management of partners. References that your affiliates send to your site are also tracked and commissions are paid accordingly.

Here managing your affiliates and references is very easy and straightforward. Because here you have total control over everything just like the registration of members to payments and commissions as well. You can even easily track clicks and make payments through Paypal easily and effortlessly.

Affiliates Manager – Affiliates Plugin 

Here the WordPress administrator settings mainly include all the functions you need to run a successful affiliate system for your WordPress website. The best part is that this plugin works seamlessly with many plugins like WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, S2Member, and even more. In addition, you can follow an unlimited number of partners in real-time and that’s quite impressive. 

In addition, you can create advertisements and creatives for your affiliates easily with the help of this plugin.  The Affiliate Manager is ready to translate, which means that your affiliate program is open to the world. Also, the best part is that the affiliate manager is ready to translate and that makes your affiliate program even more flexible.

Traffic and sales of your affiliates are recorded and can be seen as they occur. You can add as many banner ads or text links as you want. In addition, you can easily enable or disable themes as required.

7) Affiliates

Affiliates is a complete WordPress plugin for affiliates, ideal if you are looking for an affiliate management system that works effectively. This plugin offers WordPress site owners the opportunity to earn their money with perfect tools for sellers, online stores, and member sites as well. 

Adding new affiliates for your products with this plugin is super easy and straightforward.  With a million integrations, you can connect this add-on/plugin to any e-commerce platform or partner you own as well.

Affiliates – Affiliate Plugin

You are free to follow an unlimited number of partners. Traffic statistics help you determine what works and what doesn’t. Like the WordPress affiliate add-ons on this list, affiliates are easy to configure and use. After all, more than 7,000 active users cannot go wrong.

This plugin has a new and intuitive dashboard interface that helps your affiliates to share your affiliates with your products and services easily. Affiliates can share links to any page of the site through the use of simple tools built into their control panel.

This plugin is fully designed to simply provide an intuitive and amazing experience, the best part is that this plugin integrates with other plugins/these on the market as well.  

In addition, you can further refine the design and features of your partners with the flexible sections of the template-based control panel.

Key features include an intuitive membership board, automatic membership registration, and unlimited partner management areas. Here the affiliates can easily integrate with virtually any platform like e-commerce, memberships websites, forms, lead generation, and much more. 

Reference user fees are free integrated integrations of the most popular e-commerce system currently.  The Affiliates plugin mainly provides an affiliate system for sellers, membership websites, blogs, products-based stores, and even more. It also allows you to quickly start your affiliate program and grow quickly without any hassle. 

8) Viral Sign Ups

The Viral Sign Ups plugin is a one-time affiliate manager plugin for WordPress websites. When installing the plug-in, simply follow the installation wizard to create your sponsorship. The best part is that this plugin also creates a registration form for your website so that you can insert it anywhere with the help of shortcodes. 

You do not need to be a technical expert to configure this plugin. Simply download and install their WordPress plugin right on your website. The interface is super easy and one can easily get started right away.

When someone logs into your site, they are asked to ask 5 friends to sign up for something good, such as instant access to their service or a free product.

Viral Signup- Affiliates Plugin

Each person receives a unique URL to promote their website. Every time someone signs in through your link, we will send you an email notification informing you how many people are suitable as a reference for your offer!

As the owner of the campaign, you will see the number of registered people and the number of recommended friends. You can also export all your emails.

9) YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

As the name suggests this plugin is for your WooCommerce stores that you can use to generate affiliate programs. YITH WooCommerce plugin does a job and does it incredibly well by helping you creating affiliate programs. The plug-in allows you to create proper affiliate commissions and affiliate programs for your website. 

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates stands for usability, from installation to the first reference. This plugin constitutes all the features you will need to successfully manage an affiliate program for your WooCommerce store easily and effortlessly.

Initially, you can configure this plugin to simply set up cookies to expire anytime. and that truly indicates that you can track it for several days. Second, you can easily enable partner registration using shortcodes, create partners from your existing users, and approve/reject any partner whenever you want.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates – Affiliates Plugin

In addition, you can set different commission amounts and calculate refunds automatically. The partners have an intuitive board to track their progress. In general, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates strengthens its WooCommerce store in terms of traffic and revenue generation.

When a user visits the store with a reference ID in the query chain, the add-on registers the affiliate ID and credits it with commissions when that visit is purchased.

The reference ID is stored in the user’s cookie for a period of time specified in the administration area. Therefore, commissions can be credited correctly even if visits and purchases were not made in the same browser session.

10) Refer-A-Friend For WooCommerce (by WPGens)

Here this plugin is a reliable WordPress plugin that mainly allows you to create a simple referral system for your website easily and effortlessly. 

The best part is that you can reward your referrals with coupons that allow them to get discounts on purchases on your website and that will definitely lead to more sales and conversions.  You can also reward friends by automatically granting a discount in the shopping cart once they visit the site through a referral URL and that’s quite impressive about this platform.


Refer A Friend for WooCommerce- Affiliates Plugin

This plugin mainly creates a simple but powerful referral system for your website. The plugin will create a unique URL right for each of your WooCommerce members. The referral URL will appear on the “Recommend a friend” tab on the default “My Account” page of WooCommerce or on the “Product” tab (if enabled) or on any other page where you place a shortcode.

 Every time someone buys something through their link, they receive a coupon. You can also reward the referees with the PREMIUM version. In addition, there is the possibility of giving them a coupon after the first purchase so that they can come back and helps you in generating more sales and revenue. 

11) Auto Affiliate Links

Here this plugin automatically adds affiliate links to your content easily and effortlessly. You can simply configure the affiliate links and the keywords to which they are added in your content, easily display the affiliate links from the platforms like Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, and the list goes on. 

Even with the help of this plugin you can also simply enable or disable links, open a new page or page and hide links. The plugin will generally give you 100 or so keywords that are most used if you can easily add affiliate links to your posts even without putting effort all the hard work will be done by your plugin.

The best part is that here you can limit the number of links shown in each article very easily. The frequency range goes from “very low” to “very high”. At a very low level, only one link is shown in each article. At the “very high” frequency, a maximum of 5 links is added to each article.

Auto Affiliate Links – Affiliate WordPress plugin WordPress org

If you really wish to automatically generate and display links from platforms like Amazon, Clickbank oo another platform you must first request an API key and then activate each module easily. With this plugin the links are added through Javascript, so you don’t have to worry about search engines and not crawling and that’s quite impressive.

12) Affiliates WooCommerce Light

Affiliates are an exceptional affiliate marketing and growth marketing platform that helps you increase revenue through your own affiliate program. Here this plugin is one of the finest and flexible affiliate program solutions for WooCommerce stores. 

WooCommerce Light Partner allows you to add your own affiliate program to your WooCommerce website. It has a free version and several professional versions. Integrate the affiliate add-in into WooCommerce. 

Top 10 Best Affiliate Plugins- Affiliates WooCommerce Light

The best part about this plugin is that it mainly creates references when the sales are generally made.  The Pro edition includes an advanced integration that synchronizes references with the status of your order.

These plugins easily integrate partners with WooCommerce seamlessly and that will help you in creating an affiliate program for your store easily. Here this plug-in automatically generates references for your affiliate during the sale.

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👉Is WordPress good for affiliate marketing?

WordPress is a great platform for affiliate marketing, the process of setting up an affiliate marketing program with WordPress is easy & quick, there are so many marketing plugins available with WordPress sites that integrate smoothly, you can use an existing or new site for affiliate marketing.

👉Does WordPress have an affiliate program?

Yes, WordPress has an affiliate program and this is how it works, you promote products with a unique URL on your website, blog, social media, and email list & if the visitor buys the product clicking your link within a certain period of time which is around 30 – 60 days & you get a certain percentage of the product value.

👉How do I use WordPress affiliate plugin?

Go the menu bar in the WordPress dashboard & Enable the plugin. A new Affiliates menu will be visible in WordPress, this is the place you manage your affiliates and keep the track of your referral & visit, follow these steps go to Affiliates then click Settings go to Pages then click Generate button.

👉Is WooCommerce good for affiliate marketing?

WooCommerce is a great platform for creating an affiliate marketing program. A WooCommerce store with its unique e-commerce features comes with WordPress's content management system strengthens the final product.

Conclusion: Top 10+ Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins In 2023 (Free & Paid)

So we have ended with the list of 12 best WordPress affiliate plugins to simply add affiliate links or even create your own affiliate programs for your WordPress website/blog.

These plugins are actually easy to use and offer exceptional performance. The best part is that some of them are FREE so you don’t have to pay anything at all. Just give them a try and generate more revenue and traffic with Affiliate Marketing.

I hope this post helped you in finding the best affiliate plugins for you. Please drop a comment below if you have used any affiliate plugins earlier, we would love to hear from you.

And if you liked the post then kindly share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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