ReferralCandy Review With Coupon Codes 2023 Get At $49/Month Hurry

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For most of the referral programs, the big question is “Where To Get Started And Promote It?”. In the market, you may find many referral apps that offer you tool to make a referral program but the problem is that “Where To Promote Your Referral Program?”.

ReferralCandy is a legitimate marketing platform that offers customer referral tools for e-commerce sites. With ReferralCandy you can attract more customers by referring your service to them.

The concept of asking friends for recommendations works great in 21 century and here ReferralCandy adding technology into the mix and helping marketers to leverage more customers.

ReferralCandy  Coupon Codes 2023 Get At $49/Month 30 Days Free Trial

ReferralCandy Review- Pricing

In this post, we have featured ReferralCandy Review With ReferralCandy Discount Coupon 2023 that includes all the detailed insights about its features, pricing, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

ReferralCandy Review: Is It Worth The Hype? (Read Truth)

About ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is a powerful marketing platform that offers customers referral programs tools right for e-commerce sites. This marketing tool is trusted by more than 3000+ online stores as it helps in driving more sales right through the word-of-mouth marketing.

 ReferralCandy- Customer Referral Program Software

Basically, it’s a referral program web application for online stores in order to boost sales and conversions. ReferralCandy generally supports small as well as a medium business over the world. This platform truly understands the power of referrals programs that is why they have developed a platform in order to fill up the gap b/w SMBs and enterprise.

Another best part about ReferralCandy is that it seamlessly integrates with Shopify. That’s not the one platform with that ReferralCandy integrates, it also integrates with other platforms like Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Magento along with other e-commerce platforms.

ReferralCandy can easily build a customer referral program for your e-commerce store. The system is all configured once you will launch the app. And then you have to customize your brand and specify the types of rewards given out right for those who make the referrals.


Features Of ReferralCandy

We all know that referral marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing. So small as well as a medium business should be trying their hands on creating referral programs for their business.

Here ReferralCandy offers advanced features that help you creating and promoting referral programs. With ReferralCandy you can easily create an area where unique links are easily generated right for each user. These links can be shared with friends so that all the referrals can be easily tracked right back to an individual.

Just keep one thing in mind that  ReferralCandy is more than that.

Let’s find out what features does ReferralCandy offers:

  • Stunning Templates:

The backbone of any referral program is the ability to market your program and also to look professional at the same time Here ReferralCandy is offering templates, these are mobile-friendly and easy to plug right into any website. The templates are kind of landing pages, they are very small, optimized pages and actually are meant to boost referrals and sales.

ReferralCandy Review- Stunning Templates

  • Multi-channel Promotion Tools:

ReferralCandy also has the module for sending email blasts. It will automatically make every person on your email list as a part of the referral program. And right then an e-mail will be sent for notifying people of this referral program.

ReferralCandy Review- Multi Channel Promotion

Right, when someone makes a purchase on your website they will also receive an email prompting them to simply join the referral program. Apart from that ReferralCandy also offers landing pages and embed signup areas to simply post on your store.

  • Automatic Reward Distribution:

All rewards will be sent automatically and you don’t have work for that. Right after you launch a referral program you don’t have to send out the individual emails. There are multiple rewards available in the form of (discount coupons, cash rewards, custom gifts and more). Here you can also run multiple referral programs if you like to depending on types of your customers.

  • Revenue and Engagement Tracking:

It’s important to have analytics for referral programs as without analytics any of the referral programs can lead to many assumption and confusions. Here the ReferralCandy engagement and the revenue center can provide you sleek stat and the pages right for understanding the performance for your referral programs. This area will also cover your referral program growth and with the metrics and analysis you can also find out how many emails are actually sent, the number of purchase and many more things in a row.

ReferralCandy Review- Track Referral Revenue

  • Customized Interface:

ReferralCandy lets its users make the platform their own as it offers many customization options according to needs of their users. Right with its white label feature and the APIs e-commerce founders can easily add their own colors and logos right to the interface.  That will definitely give customers the assurance of safety that their data is safe and secure.

  • Cost-Effective Platform:

ReferralCandy has a very simple and affordable pricing option for small as well as medium size business. It allows you to choose b/w different plans that let you decide which one to choose according to your needs and requirements.

  • User-Friendly Application:

Here all users need to connect ReferralCandy right with their e-commerce stores and that’s it ReferralCandy will be ready to launch your referral programs. This way you don’t have to spend time on setting up. Rather than that, you can attract more buyers right from that get-go.

ReferralCandy Review- Easy To Use Platform

Pricing Plans:

ReferralCandy has simple and effective pricing plans for small as well as medium business. But ReferralCandy has no free plans that truly indicates that you have to pay a monthly fee.

Apart from that ReferralCandy offers 30-Day Free Trial that lets you test this platform and find out whether it’s working out for you or not. As I have already mentioned above ReferralCandy pricing is so simple and affordable.

ReferralCandy Review- Pricing


  • The primary plans start at( $ 49/Month ) + (A Monthly ReferralCandy Commission)

The commission generally starts at 5% but it generally drops as your website starts growing and bringing more sales.

5% of the first $1K referral sales

  • 3.5% of the next $10K
  • 1.5% of the next $100K
  • 0.25% of everything above

The enterprise plan starts at ($3999/Monthly)

Note: For the enterprise plan you need to contact the ReferralCandy team.

The benefit of Enterprise plan is that here you don’t have to pay any commissions, so this is strictly right for the enterprise partners who want to have advanced customization and an extra layer of support.

All Plan Includes Features Like:

  • Unlimited Advocates: You can simply add as many advocates and just send as many emails you want.
  • Fraud Protection: They also automate fraud prevention. It also offers simple tools that can easily let you handle fraud referral with ease.
  • Responsive Support:  ReferralCandy team is always ready to help you in running a successful referral program.
  • Speedy Diy Protection: Just get up and start your referral program running with ReferralCandy. As ReferralCandy offers you the option to simply install regardless of any developer skills.

ReferralCandy Integrations:

Don’t worry ReferralCandy can easily integrate with your store. It can easily connect instantly right with popular platforms and also it also connects with third-party apps like ChargeBee, PayWhirl, Bold and Recharge.

The integration list of ReferralCandy is:

ReferralCandy supports automatic integration and it can instantly connect to your Shopify or BigCommerce store to get started. Just paste your tracking code right on your store checkout page and get running in less than 20 minutes.

ReferralCandy also offers custom integration for developers and they also have an advanced option like the JS Integration and API Integration right for more flexibility.

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Conclusion: ReferralCandy Review With Coupon Codes 2023 Get At $49/Month Hurry

As of now, you have got all the detailed insights about ReferralCandy features, pricing, integrations, functionality and more. Now it’s your turn to make a move, get started with ReferralCandy as it can help you in boost sales and conversions through referral marketing.

In order to get started with ReferralCandy, you don’t need any developer of coding skills. ReferralCandy has step-by-step “getting started” process that can help you in launching your live referral marketing campaigns in minutes. I hope you like ReferralCandy Review ReferralCandy Coupon Codes.

Are you still wondering what if “Referral Marketing” doesn’t work for you? Just test drive ReferralCandy for 30 Days as they are offering 30-Days Free Trial Offer. And within 30 Days if you’re not satisfied with their services then you cancel your account any minute and there will be no money deducted from your credit card.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to tell us which referral program software you’re using for your store. Comment right in the comment section below.


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