12+ Best Instagram Growth Service 2023 (Our #1 Top Pick)

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For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best Best Instagram growth services available, so read on and find one that suits you most.

In Today’s world, Social media platforms are rising to heights at a very pace rate among them Instagram is the one that gains the most attention.  

Nowadays, social media platforms are not just part of social interaction but it has also become the platform for promotion. As many individuals are using Instagram. Businesses and brands seek opportunities for the promotion of their goods and services through Instagram.

However, it’s not a piece of cake to have good and genuine promotion on Instagram. Sometimes, it can give a severe headache. First of all, guys need to follow your page and secondly, they must be the intended audience for whom the services are suitable.

Well, the answers to these problems are already in the market. Today, you guys are going to learn about some platforms which help to grow an individual or company to grow on Instagram.

List Of The 12+ Best Instagram Growth Services 2023

1) Kicksta 

Kicksta helps you acquire true followers through automation interaction. Security should be of utmost priority. It does not matter what we do. Kicksta is the first platform about which we will inform you.

Like I said before, security should be the priority and kicksta assures that.

Kicksta: Best Instagram Growth Service

How??? Because Kicksta follows certain guidelines while promoting your account for growth which are prescribed on Instagram itself. Kicksta can help you to save time and get genuine followers through automation interaction.

Pricing Kicksta

Kicksta - Pricing

2) Upleap

Upleap claims to provide you more real followers on Instagram, and they give you a personal and hard-working account manager that only devotes their time to the growth of your Instagram account. Upleap promises its clients to give real followers, smart targeting, view stories, track your growth, optimum results, etc.

Upleap: Best Instagram Growth Service

Upleap gives you a free 3-day trial so you can see what the service could do. Upleap’s standard plan is $69/month, and Premium is $99/month.

Upleap Pricing


3) Gramista

Gramista is another tool for getting genuine followers. Today, Instagram is not just a social platform for gossip and fun. It has evolved itself as an advertising platform. However, it is quite a challenge to find the right audience.

Gramista: Best Instagram Growth Service

Don’t worry, Gramista is here to help you with that. Through Gramista’s filters, one can choose his/her intended audience. It also comes with a smart mode. The cost for Gramista’s plans for one day is $1.79, for 3 days is $4.99 and for 7 days is $10.99. Gramista also offers a 30 days plan that costs $39.99 and 60 days plan that costs $64.99 and 90 days plan that costs $89.99.

Gramista Pricing



4) SocialCaption

SocialCaption provides you with a beautiful web dashboard that allows you to monitor your account. It provides its users real-time results, live analytics, smart automation, AI- Optimization, etc.

 SocialCaptain Overview: Best Instagram Growth Service

SocialCaption provides automation services to its users for following, unfollow, comment, and like. The cost for the Social Captions plan is $15/week and $39/month and for turbo mode is $99/month. Growth costs $349/year and turbo costs $690/year.

Pricing Plan


5) Buzzoid

Well, Our List cannot be complete without it, if we do not add Buzzoid to our list. Through Buzzoid one can have followers and likes in very little time. An individual just has to pay the price of followers and likes he/she wanted and he/she will be delivered with it in a little span of time.


However, if someone is not feeling satisfied, he/she can get their or money back. The information about how one’s followers and likes got increased in an instant is kept abstracted from the user and somehow if the services are not delivered to you within a time limit.

You can have your money back. However, buzzed offers a number of followers and likes but it does not assure the quality of followers.

Buzzoid Pricing

Buzzoid - Pricing

6) Combin

The next is Combin. It is an automation tool that promises to help you gain real followers, likes, and comments. It helps you grow your Instagram existence organically and with lots of accomplishment.

Combin works by using an analytics tool. This tool allows you to search by hashtag, location, and mutual followers.


You can also use this tool to track and expand your target audience. You can also plan, manage, and schedule your post by using the Combin service. Firstly you can go with a free trial, then you can choose our Personal plan is available at $15 per month or Business is available at $30 per month as per your requirements.

Combin Pricing


7) Social Buddy

Social Buddy targets real people and not fake accounts. The followers are real and not the bots as the social Buddy follows a particular algorithm to target the influencers according to the information you provide and the hashtags you share.


Social Buddy also lets people find your page based on the niche and competitors you share. The estimated gain is around 150-500 followers each week. Social Buddy lets people know that your account is active and let people find you easily in suggestions. Social Buddy’s Growth plan is $99/month.

Social Buddy Pricing

Social Buddy - Pricing

8) AiGrow

AiGrow is another Instagram platform for the growth of Instagram followers. It offers analytical, automated publishing, post scheduling, targeting audience, multi-account management, content management, etc.

AiGrow Overview

However, it assures the growth of the followers in an organic way. Unlike other platforms, it mainly encompasses the growth of a company (or can say being used for professional purposes). It is safe and secure.


AiGrow Pricing

AiGrow Pricing

9) Instaboostgram


Instaboostgram claims to deliver high-quality Instagram services by providing Instagram followers, likes, comments, story views and video views.

Instaboostgram Overview

Instaboostgram Pricing

Instaboostgram - Pricing

10) Ampfluence

Ampfluence held itself to be a “100% human-powered service.” They are socially active and reply to comments on your account for you.

You can hassle-free be dependent on their services as they follow a sequence of understanding your audience and their strategy. Then they start working with the engagement and consistent interactions with followers of your account and finally show the easy results.

Ampfluence Overview

Their package is divided into three manageable sections: Growth on an average of 250+ organic followers, and Growthx2 averages 500+. The engagement package is available at $129 per month and Growth per month is available at $199 which includes hashtag research and standard reporting the last Growthx2 is available at $299 per month which offers priority support and custom reporting.

Ampfluence Pricing

Ampfluence - Pricing

11)  Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta can let you get started for free, and you can even ask for free followers after every 12 hours. However, when you start for free, they let you follow a few accounts, and after that, your account will be activated after your request after which you will see followers coming to your profile.

You can also buy automated followers but remember that Mr. Insta doesn’t let you know how they find them for you.

Mr.Insta Overview

Mr. Insta has different plans to offer you depending upon your needs. It offers daily/monthly or you can have a subscription plan according to the number of followers you need. Each plan has its own way to help you gain followers.

Mr. Insta Pricing

Mr.Insta Pricing

12) Instazood

The Last of our list, instazood. Unlike our other platforms, installed does not forcefully add followers and likes to your stories and account. Instazood aims to maximize the engagement of your stories and photos to many people and the guys who really like you and want to follow you will follow.

However, it does not assure the count of followers in a span of time. Like I said, it does not increase your followers. It only engages your account to as many people as it can. So, the guys who may be really interested in you or in the account will follow you.


It also comes up with technical assistance for 24×7 whenever you may need it.

It may cost you around $12 per month (prices can vary).

Instazood Pricing


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Conclusion: Best Instagram Growth Service 2023

We all know social platforms are good for marketing and advertising. However, Gaining popularity over these social platforms is quite a challenge. Well, By reading this article you may see that there are lots of platforms to make your way easier.

From the above platforms, you can choose any of them according to your goals and desires. Some platforms work in a professional way to step you in the market.

While some can be used just to impress your friends and colleagues. These different platforms offer different-different services. One can select and try any one of them.

With the help of these platforms, you can become famous in a bit of time.  So, try them now, if you want to gain popularity or want to become famous, or just want to expand your business.

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