Moosend vs ActiveCampaign 2023: Which One Is The Best & WHY?

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Pricing $8/mo $9/mo
Best for

This platform helps it’s users to design customize and deliver emails to the targeted audience groups. It also allows us to design and send email marketing platforms.

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing service provider launched in the year 2003 by its CEO and founder Jason Vanderboom. The headquarters of the active campaign is located in Chicago, IL. It has customer support of more than 100,000 customers.

  • Dynamic email content
  • Report generator. Moosend provides a comprehensive report for every campaign that is also easy to understand.
  • Next-level features. Utilize a bunch of advanced features like customized landing pages and priority support in the Enterprise plan.
  • Professional and straightforward tool and provides the best deliverability rates.
  • Zapier Integration
  • Automation split testing
  • Machine learning
  • Limited templates. Although they provide a free version, the templates included in it are inadequate.
  • ActiveCampaign’s reporting is quite crowded
Ease of Use

Although easy to learn, will take some getting used to as it comes packed with a lot of features

ActiveCampaign is easy to use, It has a very user-friendly interface.

Value For Money

Clear and affordable Pricing details and a free forever plan are available for beginners.

ActiveCampaign is for small to mid businesses and it has the features to support these kinds of businesses.

Customer Support

Moosend offers online customer support and resolves all queries of their clients

Customer service is great

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Are you babbling in choosing Moosend and Active? Let’s do a Moosend Vs Active Campaign Comparison to find out the answer for your troubling question!

Everybody nowadays wants a great public relations skillset. But achieving it is not that simple. Public relations and its sidekicks are really in demand right now. Public relation helps to deliver the right information to the right set of people and can also play a great role in the marketing of a brand. It can help take a brand from scratch to great heights of popularity.

There are various ways of increasing and improving one’s public relations and some of them are electronic media kits, searching for publicity opportunities, research, and improving one’s relationship with the media. Email marketing is also one of them. And today we are going to discuss two such brands or helpers that can boost one’s email marketing to a great extent. But before that let’s discuss what actually is email marketing and an email marketing provider. 


Email marketing is a type of marketing in which one targets the consumers with the commercial message or email sent to them and persuades them with the main aim of increasing and driving their sales. It also helps to improve customer’s loyalty, inform them about the product or service, or even update them about the additional changes if any. Some even help to know about the consumer’s reviews on a product. This form of marketing is used in the past as well and it is direct marketing I. E the consumers are directly contacted. It helps to target a large number of consumers all at once. Modern email marketing is a bit different from the traditional ones because it mainly focuses on principles of consent, segmentation, and personalization. 

Email marketing is a popular choice as it is really affordable and feasible. It helps generate a lot of profit as the returns are a lot more than the initial investment, and at times can generate even thirty times the initial investment. 

Email marketing helps contact the consumer personally,  and this personal contact can have a lot more impact than the usual social media content. Email is necessary for each and every step of the business cycle. Email marketing can prove to be really beneficial and should be used by each and every business or company. 

Some of the benefits of email marketing are it is affordable, it helps reach a wide targeted audience,  it helps to increase the reach,  it promotes brand awareness, helps deliver targeted messages, helps deliver the revenue, it is easy to get started, it is easy to share and it is easy to measure as well. Other than this it helps to reach a global audience,  it provides an instant impact and it has an unrivaled return on investment. 

These benefits are just some to count, there are many more in the row. 


Now that we know the benefits of email marketing, how good will it be if we get a service or software that helps make the work easier and decrease our load. An email marketing provider does the work perfectly. 

An email marketing service provider provides software that can help one manage the contact list,  it helps design and customize email according to the targeted customers and sends them accordingly. It also helps to design and send compelling emails to the customers to allure them. It also helps them to know if the emails are successfully delivered and read. And one of the most beneficial points is that it is not that costly, it is really affordable and is easy to understand and get started as well. Some of them even offer initial getting to know and introduction videos for its new customers. 

Email marketing also offers a range of templates making it easier for the customers to use. Marketers can make their templates based on their choice, if they want it easy and simple or a complex one. You can even make the complex JAVA or HTML templates. 

With the help of an email marketing provider, one can manage their contacts and emails by keeping a list of the email addresses of people whom we want to deliver our emails,  they can even manage the information by creating a database with information related to subscribers. These subscribers are segmented on the basis of the demographic drive and their engagement level. 

Thus the functionalities of email marketing provider are 

– creating easy to complex email templates or the pre-made ones 

-Making a subscriber list helps to distribute the messages among the users. 

– Sending emails in order to Segregate the messages based on the type of subscribers. 

– Maintaining graphical and statistical reports of individual user email and other email campaigns in order to measure the success rate. 

Other additional services that one can expect when using email marketing service providers are service for delivering,  list broking, providing mail transfer agents, rendering test platforms, whitelisting services,  monitoring the inbox, providing tools like CRM and other survey tools, and also provides campaign management. 

Now that we know what email marketing is and what an email marketing service provider is we are now going to discuss two of the most powerful and successful email marketing providers and distinguish them on the basis of price, features, service, and more. These two beasts are Moosend and ActiveCampaigns. This distinguishing will help you guys know which one will be the best for you according to your needs 

Excited??? Let’s get started. 


MOOSEND Overview 

MOOSEND was launched in the year 2011 by its co-founder and CEO Yannis Psarras. MOOSEND has its headquarters located in London, England. This platform helps it’s users to design customize and deliver emails to the targeted audience groups. It also allows us to design and send email marketing platforms. Moosend generates average revenue of around 89.3K$ per employee.


This platform is a really affordable one and its email marketing is used by all sizes of business. Moosend also provides its consumers with an easy to use tools and interface providing its consumers to maintain a healthy relationship with them. 


ActiveCampaign is an email marketing service provider launched in the year 2003 by its CEO and founder Jason Vanderboom. The headquarters of the active campaign is located in Chicago, IL. It has customer support of more than 100,000 customers.


This marketing platform promised market automation that both listens and learns at the same time. It helps to combine email marketing, automation, sales, and management as well. It has excellent tools and services designed to elevate consumer’s experienced and make it easy for consumers to use and understand. 




Drag and drop is an amazing feature offered by moosend. It makes the platform really easy to use. This feature offers really beautiful newsletters which you can customize in whatever way you want.

Moosend - Newslatter

These templates look good on each and every device and for doing so you don’t need any such specific knowledge, be it HTML or anything else. The moosend platforms you choose from a variety of these ready to use beautiful templates. 


This tool helps to give a prompt reply to emails.  The platform sees what kind of email it is, is it a question or something else and it sends the response accordingly. Ain’t it great? This feature helps reduce work workload to a great extent. Just for example, if any consumer has products in their cart but hasn’t ordered yet, then we can send a trigger email reminding them of their cart products.

Moosend - Automation

There basically are three components of automation in moosend. These are triggers that help to prompt action, control step which filters each trigger, and actions which helps respond to triggers and questions. 


Under this feature, marketers can add to the information in statistical or graphical form. This information is based on the people who visit their platform. They make an email list that can be added to their site and help them capture data of various visitors.

Moosend - AB Testing

The data can be segregated on the basis of gender, age, favorite brands, preferred style, and much more. This data can then be used for segment filters. 


This analytic feature can prove to be useful in various marketing campaigns. The analytics tools help the marketers get information about the links that their subscribers click on.

Moosend - Analytics

The email metrics the marketers to know about the email applications and devices their clients or consumers are going through. One can also see the location, time, date, and, day of the emails that have been opened. This report can then be exported in the format of excel to provide clarity in the information. 


Other than the above features we get to see various other features like a custom sign up forms, managing email content with ease, growing email list automatically, email list segmentation, wonderful newsletters,  email marketing automation, workflow recipes, integrations, exporting reports, connecting the website to world servers and much more. 



With the help of these automation features, each and every user whether they are experienced or not they can start over campaigns and update data, reach out sales lead, and much more all with minimal or no training.

Marketing Automation

The drop and drag menus help make the usage much easier. Users can also track the lead behavior, what action consumers are up to, and manage their data as well. 


This feature helps the users to make an ideal and engaging lead profile. They can manage lead scores on the basis of their actions, add rules, and do other things as well in order to be the perfect lead.

ActiveCampaign Email Segmentation

One can also get a regular and updated list of their best leads in order to help them stay concentrated on the best possible lead. 


This feature allows one to test the email campaigns with the help of splitting them. These campaigns may be sued for automated workflows to make some processes that are conditional and these can even be adjusted when prescribed conditions are attained.


They even configure splits for various business processes. This helps to optimize and through each and each aspect of business until their business sales and marketing are running at a desirable efficiency rate. 


This feature is related to active campaigns that have softwares that provide a really strong marketing automation feature. Using this, one can get some information about conversion and the actual source as well in order to develop a unique experience for each and every contact, trigger, and more. 


Other than the above features, some other additional features available are free email templates, free direct training, automated series, social media monitoring,  SMS marketing, track contacts, advanced segmentation and targeting, CRM and sales automation, smart autoresponders and many many more. 


As we can see above both moosend and active campaigns provide a variety of features to its users. All these features are really easy to understand and use thus make using these platforms a child’s play. Many features of these platforms are the same while others differ. It is really difficult to choose one from two thus in the battle of features both of them is the winner and it is a tie. 



Speed and performance are the two main things that shod must be taken into consideration while choosing a word press hosting provider. Consumers really want rapid access and quick loading of the page. Moosend boasts to provide one of the fastest speeds in the whole industry and it does not reports any lagging issues as well. 


The active campaign also is no less than moosend. It’s performance on the basis of its tools, email sending, consumer services or whatever is great as hell. No lagging has been reported in it. The speed as seen by various tests and reports is great as well. It is not just a fast provider but also a highly reliable one which one can trust on. 


Both the providers are equally good in their performance and speed. It is difficult to choose one from them both and thus we choose both and it is a draw.



 In order to review and examine an affiliating software in addition to examining the reviews given by the experts, we should also try to find out the reviews of common people using it and other companies as well. Each and every branch of moosend has some employees who work towards answering the queries and providing the best possible tips and solutions to the consumers.

The users can contact them with email, phone, and live chat as well. There are many video tutorials and articles posted to help solve queries of consumers and make their learning experience the best. This information can help you make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret later. The engagement of people in this plugin platform is comparatively less.


In order to review and examine affiliating reviews given by the experts, we should also try to find out the reviews of common people using it and other companies as well. The review that we get is always mixed. Active campaign provides it’s users support through email as well as lives chat as well. But at times the response time is a bit late. The users can also access the community form in order to know more about the platform and solve their queries. 


When we look at the customer service support of both moosend and active campaign  provide brilliant customer service and that too on all possible services like call, live training, messages, tickets, and more. But when we come to response timing, moosend is a bit faster.moosend also provides information in all possible forms be it videos, articles, or whatnot. Thus, looking at this the winner of customer service and support is moosend. 



Moosend offers a variety of plans for its consumers to choose from. It also provides a free plan for its consumers. Let us discuss all these plans in detail :

Moosend - Pricing

Free plan 

The free plan is free for a lifetime and does not has any inbuilt cost in it. In the free plan one gets up to a thousand subscribers, an unlimited number of email, all of the features discussed above, and no moosend branding as well. 

Monthly prepaid plan 

The monthly prepaid plan costs one around 10$ /month. It includes 1000- 2000 subscribers. It can be used for frequent email campaigning. You get an unlimited number of calls and emails. Also, you will be getting a 15 % discount if you pay for 6 months together and a 20% discount if you pay for the whole year together. 

Pay as you go plan 

This plan starts at around 3$ and the cost changes according to the services you avail. It costs 0.003$ per email sent and has 25000 credits. This is beneficial for occasional senders. There are no occasional fees, you only need to pay at the end of the month. 


The active campaign also offers a variety of plans to choose from. It includes a free trial plan as well. Other than that the paid plans are 

ActiveCampaign Pricing

Lite plan 

The lite plan costs around 15$/mo monthly and 9$/mo yearly. It offers up to 3 users and unlimited sending of emails. One gets to chat and email support, email marketing,  marketing automation, and newsletters as well. 

Plus plan

The plus plan costs around 70$/mo monthly and 55$/mo yearly. It offers a maximum of 25 users and unlimited sending of emails. One gets to chat and email support, email marketing,  marketing automation, and newsletters as well. Other than that you get contact and lead scoring, sales automation, custom branding and domain,  deep data integration, on one planing, and SMS marketing too. 

Professional plan 

The plan costs around 159$/mo monthly and 129$/mo yearly. It offers maximum 50 users and unlimited sending of emails. One gets to chat and email support, email marketing,  marketing automation, and newsletters as well. Other than this and the above features one can also get unlimited sending, attribution, and site messaging. 

Enterprise plan 

The plan costs around 279$/mo monthly and 229$/mo yearly. It offers unlimited users and unlimited sending of emails. One gets to chat and email support, email marketing,  marketing automation, and newsletters as well. Other than this you can get uptime SLA, phone support,  in-depth overboard, free of cost social data, free of cost design service, dedicated account rep, and more. 


Both platforms offer a lot to its users and have different payment schemes. It depends on what kind of user we have. If the user is a fresher and wants an economical plan then he should go for moose and if the user if experienced and wants a lot of features to play with then he should go for an active campaign. 



Device supported 

The devices supported are windows, Linux, MAC, and web-based. 


The deployment can be cloud hosted or open API 

Language support 

It supports English Spanish, French, and Italian as well. 


It offers both free plan as well as paid plan 


The consumer that it usually gets is based on the domain of small business, large enterprise, medium business, and freelance as well. 


Device supported 

The devices supported are windows, Linux, MAC, web based, Android, iPhone, and windows mobile as well. 


The deployment can be cloud hosted 

Language support 

It supports the english language only. 


It offers both a free plan as well as a paid plan the payment can be done on a monthly as well as annual basis. 


The consumer that it usually gets is based on the domain of small business, large enterprise, medium business, and freelance as well. 




  • – great for new users 
  • – excellent customer support
  • – daily new updates
  • – flexible in terms of design 


  • – Automations are well structured 
  • – user interface is easy to understand
  • – even the free version gives a lot of features and tools
  • – Customer service is great 



  • Emails flagged as spams at times 
  • – slow user interface 
  • – few integrations are missing


  • – problems during deliverability 
  • – prices in the premium version are way too high 
  • – tracking can sometimes be complicated  


👉 How to add captcha to the forms in an active campaign?

Captcha helps prevent robots or spam bots to submit or fill in our forms. Captcha ensures that the spam contacts are not added to our account thus ensuring safe deliverability. While filling captcha the contact has to tick on I am not a robot column. The contact then needs to pass a test that machines can not. In order to add captcha to the form the following steps have to be followed -Click on “Forms” from the left navigation menu. -Click “Edit” for the form you wish to work with. -From the “Fields” section on the Form Editor, click the “Standard” tab -Drag and drop the CAPTCHA into your form.

👉Can the free trial be extended in an active campaign?

The free trial initially is of 14 days. If you need to extend your free trial you need to contact your account executive or the support team of the active campaign requesting them for the one time increase in extension. All trial extension requests may not be granted.

👉How to convert A/B campaign to a regular campaign in MOOSEND?

Moosend provides you with a wide variety of features when it comes to email marketing campaigns. In order to convert A/B campaign to a regular campaign, the following steps have to be followed -Click on Campaigns, on the left side of your Moosend account page. -Find the draft of A/B Campaign that you wish to turn into a Regular Campaign, by clicking on the right side where you can see the three dots in order to open the drop-down menu. – Click the option saying convert to Regular. Once you do this a pop-up message appears stating that you have successfully converted from A/B to regular campaign.


Moosend Customer Review

Moosend - Testimonials

ActiveCampaign Customer Review

ActiveCampaign Customer Reviews

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FINAL VERDICT: Moosend vs ActiveCampaign Comparison 2023 

Moosend and active campaign, both are great email service providers who do their job wonderfully well. They are unbeatable in their domain. It is really difficult to select one from both of them. The features and tools that they provide are to die for. Both of them are super-fast, reliable, and really secure as well. While in some areas Moosend scores better in others it’s an ActiveCampaign. On the one hand, where the active campaign is easy to use and set up, on the other hand, Moosend is really affordable and has vast features and tools for the customers to choose from. 

If we go through the study of these two in detail, then the winner will be one. And this one winner is an active campaign. Thus, the winner of the email marketing service provider is ACTIVE CAMPAIGN !!! 

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