SharpSpring Vs Mailchimp 2023 | Which One Is The Best? ( Must Read)

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These terms are not new to the world. They are email marketing software. What is Email marketing software? This software is service-based used by marketers for the purpose of email marketing. This software is multipurpose and is used to design customized email templates, to grow the list of email subscribers, to build customized templates of Email, to create lists of targets and only relevant emails sent.

So Let’s Dive in.

Bottom Line: MailChimp is an all in one marketing platform which helps put in managing and socking to your users’ customers and many intrusted party it is a much batter platform. Then Sharpspring in terms of marketing automation and email marketing services, you can Get started with Mailchimp today.

This software offers a variety of resources, services, and tools for marketers to complete tasks more than just sending emails. To select the best email marketing software, you need to look for some of their characteristics:

  • The software should consist of a wide range of email templates to fulfill various purposes- announcements, newsletters, promotions, and many more. These templates can easily be customized to fulfill your branding needs.
  • The software should be user-friendly consisting of easy drag and drop options.
  • In this era, emails are checked on mobiles most of the time. So, the software must have a mobile-first mindset.
  • Should have spam and built-in design testing. We want to check the email preview before sending it to anyone else. It should provide a preview of the images, templates, and messages on various inboxes.

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SharpSpring Vs Mailchimp: Overview

SharpSpring Overview

SharpSpring is an email marketing platform. It is very powerful and indeed flawless, especially while working with some existing systems or with the third party applications. This software mainly focuses on businesses of medium size. It offers its user a wide range of features. It aims to satisfy its users by providing them with the best features so that the clients get all the needed functions in the marketing field.

How is it different from other applications? You might be having this question in your mind. It is different because of its inexpensive nature. This application provides excellent features at a very affordable price. The application is designed for everyone starting from an ordinary guy to a rich person.

The software gives the freedom to the user to sign up in the month they require the service, and there is no need for annual contracts. The software is specifically designed to enable the agencies to brand, manage, and charge their customers in their own way. The software is capable of helping every organization, no matter the department is management field or the rank-and-file staff.

 SharpSpring Vs Mailchimp - SharpSpring

The software is helpful for managers in tracking prospects and income sales. In a company, there are various posts like web designers that can use this application. Web designers can benefit from its several email functionalities and its CRM feature to get in touch with the customers. These features in the application also help in updating the customers with information about relevant developments.

Through this application, the work can now be done so much faster by storing marketing material and all the critical sales at one particular place. This makes the work much more organized. The software is designed in a way to provide an open API integration and unlimited support.

Mailchimp Overview

Mailchimp is a well-known marketing service. It presents its clients with generous plans, especially for the new and small enterprises. This platform is capable of handling a considerable amount of emails for various organizations and businesses.

Mailchimp is famous for its beautiful plans that support the firm in need by providing the benefits at a low price. This application consists of various features that are capable of enhancing business analytics. This platform also has tools with great technology allowing its users to utilize the email service to get connected with their customers and clients.

Mailchimp lets the user market their services and products with accuracy and in a more accessible manner and hence convert the leads into sales. The user can very efficiently create, analyze, and execute as well as email campaigns using this platform. Mailchimp lets you generate your custom reports, manage your subscribers, view success rates, and click-throughs. It also ensures the user’s full transparent campaign and lets you track your emails quickly.

 SharpSpring Vs Mailchimp - Mailchimp

Here in this platform, the user can choose the best-suited template from the wide range of templates available, as well as they can create their own. There is a plan on this platform for startups and companies with small budgets. This plan lets the user send 12000 emails/month to 2000 subscribers. This pack is free of cost and still includes most of the essential and beautiful features of this platform. The freemium package includes features like the ability to access market automation workflow and as well as create ad campaigns.

The users can utilize their mobile apps of this application to send and track campaigns anywhere in the world. The user can use the tutorials provided to use the system to its maximum level effectively and can generate the reports that will help in the enhancement of the campaigns.

The benefits provided by SharpSpring:

SharpSpring, as the name states, are very smart and have exceeded the expectations of the clients. It is a great marketing automation platform that aims to improve the learning conversion rates of the user. The software is full of solutions for people who are wishing to seek the market through online platforms. The people who want to send their products or services out in the market to prosper. This software offers many benefits:

  • Automatic Email based on the behavior: This software is designed to start the conversation with the customers through emails. At the end of these conversations, the customers are satisfied. The “after the click” system of tracking has vanished from the old traditional type of email services.

Compaign Insight

The customers and users can now send personalized messages. Through this, the users can lead the conversation by providing the customers with the information they require while they are in the process of purchasing a product.

  • Availability of Dynamic forms: The application generates and design forms that include the reorder fields. This feature can be easily customized using the drag and drop function in the application. The clients that are regular customers also get a benefit of an auto-complete option, which makes the website user friendly.

SharpSpring - CRM Integration

This application will improve the designs of your website, which will result in a good eye website to use. In addition to this, it is also capable of enhancing conversion rates. Using the tools, fields that are from native forms and the ones from the third party can be mapped.

  • The leading engagement: The application has the ability to make marketing automation easy for their users through an intuitive visual flow builder for the work. The users can engage the leads using this application with the help of branching logic in the application.

SharpSpring - Smart Mails

The users can engage the leads while they are at a crucial position in their purchase. Message targeting can be performed through the buyer’s personas that are customized. On the other hand, the user receives the list consisting of strong leads daily through their emails, and this list can be used to improve the sales.

Lead scoring is performed based on engagement, page tracking, and fits in the factors. This makes lead to scoring much more comfortable.

  • Lead Identification is made quickly: The application is capable of identifying the site visitors very quickly, no matter how the high number of visitors the website has. This makes the lead identification issue a breeze.

The behavior-based tracking feature of this application can be used to determine the prospect’s motivation. The application gives the freedom to the user to check their lead pipelines, where they can track their leads.

Users are free to design their own filter, fields, and deal stages that will help them in handling their very own distinct sales process.

  • Customized landing pages: This application has the ability to create funnels and landing pages to change the visitors visiting the website into their leads in a significantly less amount of time.

They drive more conversations through the help of dynamic web content and modify it according to the attributes of the visitors visiting the website. These tasks are made easy in this application throughout the “easy to use” interface of the tools present. These functions are presented in just a point and click.

There is no need to hire a coder or a web development guy to acquire these benefits.

  • The analysis is robust: Through the perfect system’s analytics, the businesses are able to make decisions according to the data presented to them by the application. Provides all the necessary information to the user that might help them in making a decision.

SharpSpring Email Analytics-

Metrics is capable of generating a report that is full of information and also is in a format that is easy to understand. The user can share the report with the other staff member and as well as with their clients.

Email success tracing while messaging can be customized according to many factors such as clicks, opens, deliveries, and bounces. Using this feature, the user can have access to know different types of emails that are serving the purpose of generating them.

The benefits presented by Mailchimp:

The well known constructive and cheery personality of Mailchimp is due to available and affordable pricing packs. There is a list of benefits provided to the user by Mailchimp:

  • Let the users enjoy all the advantages: It presents many features to its users at an affordable cost to plant their email marketing campaigns well and succeed in them.

The user can choose the templates available online or else can customize their own newsletter to start marketing with their own branded newsletter.


Mailchimp lets its users divide the audience and categorize their mailing lists so that they can engage the audience.

There is an option called “RSS to email” that sends the new newsletter via Email when the blog is updated.

The user gets all the updates regarding the progress of the campaign through detailed analytical reports.

The mobile apps of this application allow the user to work through both iPhone and Androids.

  • The automated routine tasks: Mailchimp replaces manual tasks with automated ones through the already designed marketing automation. This lets the user concentrate only on engaging with people, making strategies, and follow-ups with essential people.

Email-Marketing- -Mailchimp

  • Customization of signup forms: The user can attach their brand logo to their sign up forms. It is easy to integrate the forms on the social media pages and the brand website. The user also can import the already present list and through signups done through mobile devices. It is a great chance to keep the updated data between the systems.
  • Let the user send targeted as well as blast emails: Mailchimp lets its user make the list of their subscribers and then send them some targeted emails based on their geolocation or open/click history. It also lets the user send blast emails to all the subscribers. The user can generate automated campaigns with the help of RSS to Email and automated workflow, and it sends emails according to a trigger.

Email-Marketing- -Mailchimp

  • Use the analytical reports: This feature in the application sends information about the people who are clicking, returning, and opening for more details. These reports are sent on mobiles and can be easily exported to be shared with the clients and other team members.

Mailchimp - Segmentation

SharpSpring gives the features:

There are several features presented by this application:

  • Multiple devices can be tracked
  • Behavioural tracking system
  • A tracking system according to the campaign
  • Transformative analytics of Email
  • Tracking the call
  • Landing the page funnel
  • Point and click the WYSIWYG editor
  • Social notes were taken
  • Customizing the deal stages
  • Third-party CRM Integration
  • Smarter Email system
  • Regular visitor Email
  • Tracking the leads
  • Web content that is dynamic in nature
  • Robust rule engine
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • The dynamic forms
  • Email automation that is behavioural-based

You might be thinking about what problems will this application give a solution to. It provides solutions to various issues faced by the marketing team of a company. This application is capable of providing the solution due to the wide range of tools provided on the platform.

Issue 1: Confused after using various other programs

SharpSpring is the solution as this application is a marketing automation suite. This application provides what a marketing team needs while they work like strategize, plan, create, monitor, measure and test the marketing campaigns present on various other channels to the conversions. These channels include SEO, social, landing pages, Email.

You do not need to worry about the issue you might be facing due to differences in the platforms as this application comes in handy with an open API system which allows its users to integrate the functions of any solutions. This is user friendly as it lets the user manage everything from a single location.

Issue 2: The lack of control from agencies perspective over the marketing automation

The struggle of the agencies is well known to everyone when it comes to managing the customer’s marketing automation. This application provides agencies with full control over pricing and branding.

Issue 3: higher price marketing automation

Unlike the other application competing with SharpSpring in the market, it has not included the annual subscription and does not trap the user in any kind of contract. It has various magnificent features in just minimum price, which helps the users in increasing the conversions through driving the leads. The users have the freedom to cancel the monthly subscription anytime they want.

Features presented by Mailchimp:

  • Regular reports
  • Sharing socially
  • Socially available profiles
  • Archived campaigns
  • SMS for events
  • Sign up forms for mobile devices
  • Mailchimp VIPs
  • Mailchimp Snap
  • Mailchimp Mobile
  • Mailchimp Editor
  • Mailchimp scanner for coupon
  • A/B testing
  • RSS to Email
  • Email client

 Cost of the packs in SharpSpring:

SharpSpring Pricing- Sharpspring

  • Free trial- it is free of any cost, but it will not let the user utilize all the features available on the application
  • 1500Contact plan- this will cost $450/month
  • 10000 Contact plan- this plan cost your pocket $650/month
  • 20000Contact plan- this cost you $875/month
  • The enterprise plan- its price is based by quote
  • Agency plan- this is also based by quote

Let us check out the details:

  • 500 Contact plan- $450/month
    • Unlimited users
    • 1500 contacts
    • Unlimited training/ support
    • Onboarding $1800 (one time)
  • 10000 Contact plan- $650/month
    • Unlimited users
    • 10000 contacts
    • Unlimited training/support
    • Onboarding of $1800 on time
  • 20000 Contact plan- $875/month
    • Unlimited users
    • 20000 contacts
    • Unlimited training/support
    • Onboarding of $1800 (one time)
  • An enterprise plan is based on the quote
  • Agency plan is based on quotes

Cost of Mailchimp details:


  • Free Trial- It is free of cost
  • New Business Plan- It is free of cost especially designed for the small business and startups
  • Growing business plan- $10/month
  • Pro marketer plan- $199/month

Let us go through the details of the pack:

  • New business plan- It is free for the whole life.
    • In this pack, the user can create beautiful and professional marketing automation and campaigns without paying any charges.
    • The user does not need any design experts or coders.
  • Growing business plan- This costs $10/month.
    • The user has access to the support team
    • Unlimited sending feature
    • Advanced tools for testing
    • Predicted demographics
    • Email delivery according to the time zones
  • Pro marketer plan- This plan will cost your pocket $199/month
    • This offers the features for enterprise-level for the people who send high volumes such as multivariate testing, comparative reports and many others.

Technical details about the SharpSpring:

  • SharpSpring supports web-based, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android, Linux and Windows-based devices
  • SharpSpring has an open API and cloud-hosted deployment system
  • SharpSpring supports French, Spanish, German and English language
  • The pricing model is based on quotes as well on monthly payments
  • The types of customers under this application are medium businesses and small businesses.

Technical details about the Mailchimp:

  • The devices it supports are-Web based, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows
  • The deployment type is cloud-hosted.
  • It supports English language only
  • The pricing model is of- free, quote-based and on a monthly basis
  • The customers that trust this application are freelancers, small businesses, medium businesses and large enterprises.

Testimonials: SharpSpring Vs Mailchimp

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Conclusion: SharpSpring Vs Mailchimp 2023 

It is very important to get software that suits our business the most and the one that is famous and used by all other competitors. It is just a waste of time and money if the software is chosen according to the competitor’s needs as your business is different from theirs. Research properly and then try to select the best suited.

Firstly, realize the requirements of your firm so that you can compare the applications available. Then, make a list of all the software that you think can fulfill your requirements. After making a systematic list, you now have the names of all the applications you would like. Look through the details about these applications and compare them thoroughly so that you do not miss any important detail.

Research is always the magic behind all the perfect theories making this world dynamic, so why can’t you use the research to enhance your business. You work hard day and night with all your passion then is it worth not researching the software you wish to use in the future? No, it is not.

Yes, this research might take time, but it will surely be helpful in your future. These applications make your website eye-catching as well as user friendly. If your customers love the way, your website works, they will start trusting in your brand.

The scheduled emails this software helps you send are very useful. They never let the user forget about the brand fever for a day, and the people will get attracted towards the terrific offer you are presenting them with. This software also sends you essential information and also lets you share that to your clients and other staff members.

So, look for every detail and all the features offered by an application and subscribe to the best-suited one.

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