Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021: Should You Buy It ? (My Opinions)

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  • Affordable and no upsells
  • Helpful and active community
  • Weekly live webinars & updates
  • Tools provided are high quality
  • Training material is good
  • It has everything you need to start making money online
  • Perfect for Beginners and Experts
  • Master affiliate marketing, with an industry leading education
  • Find millions of keywords, niches and spy on your competition


  • No refunds
  • Information overload

Price:$ 99

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular community and course that pledges to teach you tips and tricks to make money online with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has gained significant momentum and is here to stay. With the increasing trend of online shopping, affiliate marketing is working wonders for businesses.  

Two Canadian entrepreneurs own the Wealthy Affiliate course, namely Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. They both are in business since 2005 and have come a long way. According to the recent stats, Wealthy Affiliate is believed to have served over 1.4 million students globally. Hence it is one of the most popular affiliate marketing courses.  

Today, I am going to do a wealthy affiliate review​  so that you are aware of what this courseoffers and what to expect from it. The wealthy affiliate program is free to join in the beginning, but soon you will be asked to opt for the paid membership. However, a discount is offered along for the first month.  

Beginning of the Wealthy Affiliate Program

The owners of the community started the website in 2005, and way back when they first started, this website had just a keyword list and was a simple keyword list site. Sooner, they realized that their website lacks several crucial aspects and planned to develop it further.  

Wealthy Affiliate has traveled a long route, and it went from just a keyword list to what it has become today. It is built more like a congregation for affiliate marketers where they will get everything right from training, support, hosting, tools, domain buying options, etc. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Program consists of the following:  

  • A simple and easy to use Content Management Platform, similar to WordPress.  
  • A platform to research keywords related to your business.  
  • Their very own platform for hosting websites.  
  • Over a hundred training modules to understand the concepts better and weekly classes.  
  • Domains are sold, and they also have platforms for engagement and feedback.  

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About Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that provides training and, at the same time, encourages affiliate marketers. A free membership provision is also available, and you get access to a plethora of resources even if you sign for a free membership. The entire program comprises different levels. Each level focuses on distinct topics related to internet marketing, content creation, entrepreneurship, etc.  

However, it doesn’t claim to make you productive overnight. Instead, it leads your way to learn to earn money online. It furnishes you with the right resources that can be used and several tools that will help you start your online business.  

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Wealthy Affiliate

A neutral view of the platform is provided in the article, along with several features provided by the wealthy affiliate program. This Wealthy Affiliate review​ of mine will help you decidewhat is best for you. Make a detailed decision after knowing if the wealthy affiliate is for you or not.  

The Course Module Wealthy Affiliate | The Detailed Review

The free membership program comes with level 1. So, anyone will be able to access level 1 of this program as soon as they log in to the platform.  

Module 1

The first video has a half an hour walkthrough of the platform, and it mainly concentrates on how to succeed. It also explains the 4-step roadmap to achievement. The concept told is quite simple, and they are too apt. The process discussed is sure to help you to succeed.  

The second lesson pertains to the steps to earn money. In the third one, you get to know about varied niches in detail. In the fourth one, you will learn to build a website and also know about a free hosting platform available.  

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Affiliate Marketer

In the fifth lesson, it is assumed that your website is ready, and you will learn the configuration of WordPress. The sixth lesson is all about getting your website search engine ready, and you will know about plugins that will help you in the process. Level seven teaches you the steps to set up some crucial pages that include the “About Me” and “Privacy Policy” page. Lesson eight goes over the actions of the menu customization, and level nine furnishes the steps to pick relevant and significant keywords.  

Lesson 10 is not a lesson. It is a short message which says that the training for a free program is over and you need to opt for a paid membership to learn further.  

Module 2 

Building a website that produces traffic

This module is included in the premium training, and it furnishes the importance of having your personal domain. Hence, if you have opted for a free hosting service, it is time to shift. Since in the first module, niches are already talked about, there is no separate training on slots in the premium package. It assumes that you have already decided on your niche and have built your website.  

Kyle And Carson Wealthy Affiliate -Load Traffic

Selecting a niche is mandatory to move forward with the training. Level 2 has ten different lessons, as well. The various aspects of the module include picking your domain/brand, shifting your website from a free domain, choosing target keywords, writing articles based on the keywords and publishing them.  

It further furnishes steps to create email accounts, using visuals, creating content that drives traffic, identification, and usage of keywords, productivity, increasing visibility, etc. It also emphasizes on creating content for affiliate marketing and writing as the WA community. By doing so, you will obtain several benefits. This module ends after all ten levels.  

Module 3

Money Making

In this module, affiliate marketers are taught several ways that will help them earn money. You will make money via the traffic that is directed towards your website. Several concepts are taught in this module.  

  • How does affiliate marketing work?  
  • Steps to add links to the affiliate pages that you have.  
  • Testing Google Adsense vs Affiliate offers
  • Steps to come with the best affiliate programs
  • Usage of Amazon Associates
  • Leveraging reviews of the products
  • Configure Google Adsense on your website and make money through ads on your website
  • Analyzing data with the help of Google Analytics

In this module, you will learn that the content on your website should help your readers and should be capable of educating them. Offering value is crucial, since if your content is not informative and is only full of affiliate links, then it is not going to help you. Website visitors will soon realize that you are doing this only for money. Hence, offer something informative and beneficial to your readers.  

The Classes Run Wealthy Affiliate

Module 4  

Master Social Engagement Practices

In this module, you will learn about how critical social engagement is. Significant social media platforms are discussed that include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. There are several ways of setting these profiles, and they are discussed further in the module.  

  • Sharing social media posts and managing spam and fake comments. Engage as much as possible with your audience.  
  • Using different platforms properly and making the most of it. Such platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  
  • Creating and updating a blog in the Wealthy Affiliate community can help too. It will help your website rank for keywords.  
  • How to do social branding effectively and work towards making social media platforms advantageous for your business.  
  • Tips to engage with members of the WA community and how it will benefit you and your website.  

The module then wraps up, stating the appropriate use of social platforms. Other issues are also addressed that include overuse, why should social engagement be used, etc. This module focuses on the usage of social platforms.  

Module 5

Creating Content

Content creation is essential for websites from all niches. It is essential to have quality content on your website so that it can perform better. Google recently updated its guidelines, and with its new update, sites with low quality or duplicate content are penalized. Hence, long lost are the days when website owners used to rip off material from their competitors. Nowadays, businesses have to focus more on creating quality and relevant content.  

At the beginning of this module, you will get to understand how content is relevant to google ranking. Content is crucial, but not the only thing that helps a website to rank. There are several websites with great content, but with no SEO, they are nowhere in the search results. On the contrary, websites with poor-quality content, with a bit of SEO done to them, have secured a high ranking in SERP.  

There are a few other things that you need to pay attention to, it includes good quality backlinks, using the right anchor text, injecting keywords, etc. On top of that, don’t forget, Content is King.  

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Features

There are several aspects included in this module such as learning to set up google webmaster tool, knowing more about indexing speed and time, content readability and making is easily readable, logical breakdown of the traffic you get on your website,  

The last section focuses on future plans in regards to the posts you are going to create. Set goals regarding the number of articles that you can produce and the creation of a keyword list will be a lot helpful. Include keywords in every continent to make your articles rank.  

Now, you are nearly towards the end of this module as well, and you have successfully completed five modules with ten lessons in each.  

In addition to the above program, this course consists of an affiliate Bootcamp program and has adequate training to help its viewers earn money. It generally targets on getting affiliate links and making money by affiliating the wealthy affiliate program. The program is further divided into seven modules of 10 lessons each. 

Module 1 consists of website designing techniques and tips on how to set up an online business.  

Module 2 will deal with picking the right keywords and using them on your content. It helps to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program.  

The module 3 is related to social media platforms and how to increase visibility on them.  

Module 4 discusses making your reviews on Wealthy Affiliate attractive and tips on how to use and create text-based graphics

Module 5 will get through tips of knowing your audience better and how to get referrals. It requires the creation of engaging content and suggestions to use YouTube.  

Module 6 is all about Yahoo, Bing, and PPC. Learn how to run PPC ads on Bing and use the webmaster tool of Bing. Know how you can get your pages indexed on Yahoo and Bing.  

Module 7, the final module contains ideas on how to maximize the results of PPC Ads.  

There are weekly live webinars by experienced and prosperous affiliate marketers. Experts will help you with your queries, and you are free to ask them anything and everything. Interact with industry specialists to learn more. Only paid members to get access to webinars and they are available for the freemium account.  

Several aspects are included in the course and it requires your time. You will have to spend hours to entirely go through different aspects of affiliate marketing and know about it. Apply the techniques of this lesson in real life and experience the benefits. Additionally, work on improving your writing skills, since the main focus in the entire program is on quality content creation. You have to be good at writing to obtain desired results.  

Pricing Wealthy Affiliate

A freemium model is also offered by the Wealthy Affiliate community, and you are free to sign up on the platform to see what it offers. However, limited access to several features is granted, and you cannot use all features of the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Pricing Plan

To obtain the maximum benefits provided by the platform, you will have to sign-up as a paid member by paying for the membership.  

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

  • A community that consists of active members and a close-knit that helps affiliate marketers to grow.  
  • Round-the-clock support is provided to the members, you can reach out to the customer care at any point in time.  
  • A comprehensive guide on how to become a successful affiliate marketer. The course material provided is of great value and will help you earn money.  
  • Flourishing affiliate marketers can obtain maximum benefits from the course and it is a one-stop solution for affiliate marketers who have just started their career.  

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

  • The course material provided is not adequate enough for experienced marketers.  
  • The control over the website builder is limited.  
  • The majority of the training program focuses on how to earn money by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program. It focuses on promoting its own program.  

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews & Testimonials

Wealthy Affiliate Review -Customer Review

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

👉🏻What is the Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate is a program developed to help people earn online through affiliate marketing. The training focuses on key points that help a person to earn money by doing affiliate marketing. It teaches how to set up a website, creating landing pages and sales funnel, finding products to sell through affiliate links, paid advertising, etc. All on one package to help you learn affiliate marketing from the beginning.

👉🏻How much does the Wealthy Affiliate Program cost?

The course is offered for a monthly subscription of $49. The members are billed continuously. However, if someone opts to buy the course for an entire year, they are offered a discount.

👉🏻Where can I buy this course?

Search for it online and there are several affiliate links for this particular course. However, you can also choose to buy it directly from its website.

👉🏻Is the Wealthy Affiliate course for beginners?

Yes, the course is specially formulated for beginner affiliate marketers. Advanced level marketers may not find suitable material to enhance their knowledge of affiliate marketing.

👉🏻Is Wealthy Affiliate for everyone?

No, this course is not for everyone, only those truly interested in affiliate marketing should opt to invest in the wealthy affiliate program.

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Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 | Should You Go For It?

If you are still in doubt and are thinking whether the Wealthy Affiliate program works, I do think it does. The course material provided is very comprehensive and it works along with you. What I meant is that it will not work if you don’t apply the lessons taught and ideas shared. 

You will have to learn several concepts and apply them to your real-life so as to make it work. I would recommend this course to people who are planning to start an affiliate marketing business and want to learn online. Well, if affiliate links are something that bothers you, then it shouldn’t after all the owners are marketers.  

But, if you want to earn overnight, then it is not for you. Since it doesn’t teach you how to learn money instantly. Affiliate Marketing is a long process and requires a lot of effort to alleviate. No matter if you learn it from the internet or from any e-learning platform. Once your website is trusted by Google bots, it will secure a good position on SERPs. This Wealthy Affiliate review will help you decide, whether you should opt for the program ornot.

Advanced level marketers may reconsider their choice of joining the program since the modules have the basics in-depth.  

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