MailerLite Review 2023 Features & Pricing : Is MailerLite Any Good?

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Ease of use
Value for money
A/B testing tool
Video tutorials


  • Get free 30-day trial to premium features
  • Join 1,186,651+ happy customers worldwide
  • 97% satisfaction rate
  • 5 min avg. response time on live chat
  • Create amazing campaigns
  • Easy Custom HTML editor
  • Best Drag & drop editor
  • Mobile-friendly email newsletters
  • Unsubscribe page builder
  • Built-in photo editing
  • Rich-text editor
  • Embedded signup forms
  • The ability to customize the font/color/design of the emails makes them fun and engaging for people to read


  • May be better pricing options for startups
  • Strict authorization systems
  • Hidden rules for approval of new accounts

If you've ever used an email marketing service before, you'll know that there is a lot to learn when it comes to email marketing and MailerLite does a great job of covering all the bases. It has a variety of features including the ability to send emails based on your audience, provide desktop notifications, send out targeted emails based on your history with the recipient and more.

Price:$ 10

Looking for email marketing tool  which can make your workflow easy and fast, I am going to share MailerLite review with all its features.

Are you running a business that needs email marketing software?

Want to grow your email list? MailerLite helps you automate, optimize and create campaigns.

Get the features you need to grow your business, faster. Take back control of your email list and create smarter marketing campaigns.

Create amazing content for your customers and turn on custom pop-ups for the right audience in just a few clicks! Use MailerLite to help improve the performance of your current email marketing efforts.

MailerLite is the mailer I’ve been using since I started freelancing. It’s not fancy or expensive. I’ve been using MailerLite to send out newsletters and marketing emails since I launched the my new niche site in 2019. The first thing you’ll notice about MailerLite is that it’s a very clean, professional looking interface. It’s also very simple to use.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

MailerLite have been a honored to made to Zapier’s Apps at Work Report: The Fastest Growing Apps of 2020 🚀

With MailerLite you can become an email marketing expert with advanced tools made easy for you. MailerLite provides live 24/7 support and the latest features like landing pages and automation tools. MailerLite support team works around the clock to assist you whenever you have a question, they have average 5 min response time with 97% satisfaction rate.

With MailerLite you can easily integrate with top CRM’s like WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommercer & many other apps to supercharge your email marketing campaigns. Enchance your workflow and leverage your customer data with Mailerlite , Get free 30-day trial to premium features.

Mailer Lite Customer Reviews

Despite the simplicity mentioned, they still manage to offer a wide range of options, such as newsletter and form options. And this with its simple and fast editor really gives the impression of theft if you are in your “Free Forever” plan. Does that sound too good to be true? Let’s take a look:

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MailerLite Special Offer 30% Off on Annual Plans

pricing for email Maierlite with coupons

About Mailerlite : MailerLite Review 2023 What Is MailerLite?

Mailer Lite Fastest SAAS Companies

MailerLite is email marketing automation software that lets users create and send campaigns, track results, manage subscribers and non-subscribers, and create campaigns. custom pop-ups and landing pages. With MailerLite, users can expand their list of participants, send the message to specific lists, monitor their campaign, and connect to their audience.

MailerLite’s interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to use. You can create and send an email campaign, manage your contacts, and view your statistics with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also easily share your Mail


MAilerLite review for email

They are marketed as e-mail marketing software for small business owners and bloggers. They’ve updated their services and features since they were first introduced and it goes without saying that they are very fast for user queries.

Mailerlite started in 2010 with the goal of helping small businesses make the most of powerful email marketing services.
There is a group of team members from all over the world. Mailerlite supplies almost 50K suppliers worldwide.

Mailerlite strives to maintain its profitable services. That’s why they’ve grown so much that almost every second plug-in for WordPress now supports their integration.

Users on Google also asked this about Mailer Lite :

  • Is MailerLite any good?
  • Is MailerLite better than Mailchimp?
  • Is MailerLite free?
  • Is MailerLite GDPR compliant?
  • What companies use MailerLite?
  • What do I do with unconfirmed subscribers MailerLite?

Features and Specifications : MailerLite Reviews

MailerLite will automate your email marketing. Use their software to send emails automatically, with a focus on customizing each campaign so they do what you want them to do.

Mailerlite Features

The following list provides some features of MailerLite.

  • A/B Testing
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Personalized Emails
  • Email Templates
  • eCommerce Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • Low-Cost plans and a free account
  • Quick support.
  • Easy to use dashboard


Some of the notable specifications are:-

  • A / B split tests

Yes, they offer split A / B testing for two different campaigns. With the split test of two different email formats, titles, and other elements, you can see the best combination of emails and content that is superior to others. Once the test is set up, you can easily deploy the best performing campaign with the one-click deployment feature.

mailerlite review for email marketing

  • Free account with premium features

What excites us most when talking about email marketing is campaign automation. Most premium messaging services, unlike Mailerlite, require access to answering machines and the funnel system.

With the free Mailerlite account, you can use the automation tool to send emails to as many as 1000 subscribers from your list. You also have access to other features, such as Landing pages, a Facebook page subscription form, context forms, and integrated forms for your website.

Some features like the click analysis are very interactive. Use click cards to see what your audience is about.

  • Auto Transfer

The Auto Transfer feature allows you to transfer your previous campaigns to readers who have not opened or clicked on your emails.
If you use this feature, you can configure the activation rule to send an e-mail to activities such as:

 – No click was recorded.
 – No action has been taken (open and read).


mailerlite review with coupons

You can also provide these subscribers with a personal message that prompts them to stay in touch with you. All this will be done automatically once you have set the default settings for customization.

  • Drag & Drop Generator

Mailerlite has an excellent drag & drop editor that makes it easy to create beautiful and up-to-the-minute emails. Mailerlite provides you with detailed graphics and you can use it without knowing  HTML. However, if you want to play with HTML, you can still do so by editing the editor.

mailerlite coupon code with review
With the built-in gallery, you can select images for your campaign without leaving the editor. You can also use pre-made templates to personalize and professionalize your emails. Mailerlite offers a very user-friendly image editor as well as the personalization of your pictures and e-mails.

  • Convivial – Dashboard of the Mailerlite

mailerlite discount codes


The dashboard is very clean and tidy. Basic graphics will be displayed as soon as you log in. The interface is really nice to explore and explore.

Most beginners will find it easy to understand their control panel because there are no swellings or other unnecessary data.

You can access the Subscriber Management Tool or the Campaign Monitor directly here. He is fast in his tracks and in his cooperation.

You can also add multiple site accounts directly from the drop-down menu to the primary email address. You must create a new account to add another site.

  • Automation (multiple)

Email Automation

The Mailerlite also gives you access to your free account automation tools. These include automatic responses, RSS emails, and prepared campaign planning.

Automation of RSS feeds: Similar to other email marketing services, mailerlite supports RSS feeds. This campaign works automatically and your emails are sent to your subscribers every time you post a new post. You can set the frequency with which an email is sent to your subscribers.

email marketing tool mailerlite
Automated campaign activation responses: The campaign activation automatic response includes an automation feature that I use and recommend. These automatic responses are triggered when there is an action or sequence of actions. We fully prepare the campaigns and configure them to be delivered as soon as the user subscribers, purchases, or takes action.

This automation feature is extremely useful for creating the sales funnel and works completely on the autopilot. Keep your new subscribers busy even if you do not have enough time to write new emails and prepare for new campaigns.

  • Collaboration and Team Management

With the different user roles and permissions level you, you can create a team to create and manage your campaigns and sales channels. You can configure different people to access limited resources.

Mailerlite is an email marketing service with many features. It contains almost everything a novice and beginner would look for.

It is clear that mailerlite is very suitable for beginners, but that does not mean that they can not process the mass mail system. Let’s take a look at their prices and plans. 

Email marketing is hotter than ever! Did you know that the industries’ average open rates have increased by 7% in 2020? What can we expect from 2023?

Mailerlite Open source

MailerLite made to Zapier’s Apps at Work Report: The Fastest Growing Apps of 2020 🚀

Image Credits Zapier’s Apps

What kind of MailerLite customer service does it offer?

Mailerlite email marketing reviews

They provide guidance on how to learn with their software and videos. MailerLite also has a team fluent in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian (24/24 and 7/7).

MailerLite coupon with review

Top 5 reason to use MailerLite : MailerLite Reviews

MailerLite Email Reviews

MailerLite is a lightweight email client that’s designed to work well on any device and can be used in both desktop and web mode. It has full-screen support so you can see the whole message, and for many people this makes it easier to read an email.

1) Even the free plan of MailerLite includes autoresponders.

Email Automation in MailerLite

After you set up an autoresponder, it sends out one email or a series of emails to your subscribers automatically. Even the free plan of Mailerlite includes autoresponders. Along with landing pages, this is the function I use the most. When someone joins my mailing list, I can send them a series of emails, whether daily, weekly, or in response to a specific event. Based on when people join up, you can choose a specific time.

2) Customer service is available 24/7 with MailerLite

Mailerlite Support

This is something I’ve used a lot! Their customer care has left a lasting impression on me. Chat assistance comes in handy for me because I can’t always talk on the phone or respond to emails as quickly as I’d like. They answer really quickly, generally within minutes. This is available even on the free plan, something MailChimp does not provide.

3) Free landing pages are available through MailerLite

Landing pages builder in Mailerlite

The main reason I switched to Mailerlite was because of this. I was blown away by the fact that they include landing pages in their free plan! They also have a number of landing page alternatives. You can use their drag and drop functionality to design them yourself, or you can use one of their templates. I felt this was a fantastic feature, because I had been informed that I needed to use an email provider and a separate server for landing pages (like Leadpages).

Free Landing Page Builder and Templates MailerLite

Because landing pages convert so well, having the flexibility to modify them for free is a significant advantage.

4) An unsubscribe page builder is included in MailerLite

Everyone hates it when individuals unsubscribe from their mailing list, but it is the reality of being a business owner. It will happen, and you should not be concerned about it. It happens to everyone.

To make things even easier, MailerLite includes an unsubscribe page builder that allows you to customise your email subscriber’s whole experience from start to finish.

Mailerlite GDPR

5) MailerLite is free up to 1,000 subscribers

When we’re just starting out in business, free is usually a plus, right. Although MailChimp offers a free subscription, it lacks certain key capabilities, such as landing pages. ConvertKit is a fantastic blogging platform, but it costs $29 a month to get started (although they do offer a free trial).

MailerLite comes up with limited features of 1-1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

MailerLite Plans and Pricing

Mailerlite offers 4 plans for their users:

  • Free: It comes up with limited features of 1-1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.
  • Basic: Mailerlite offers the most competitive products in the industry. Mailerlite costs $ 10 for a month for basic plans. This plan offers unlimited email and premium features.
  • Standard: $ 20 for standard plan which includes unlimited emails per month for 1000-2500 subscribers.
  • Pro: Next it has pro plans one is $35 and other is $ 50 both included unlimited emails per month. $35 is for 5001-10000 subscribers and $ 50 is for 10001-15000 subscribers.

However, on an annual subscription, you can save up to 30% on your pricing plans!!

pricing for email Maierlite with coupons


Each package is supported around the clock in a user-friendly way. Marketers and bloggers with a list of over 50,000 subscribers should contact the Mailerlite team before selecting or modifying their marketing software by email because their heavy plans are much less cost than most competitors.

You can pay in US dollars and pounds sterling. Now that you know them in detail, let me show you some of the pros and cons of Mailerlite.

MailerLite Popular Integrations

Review for mailerlite

When choosing e-mail marketing software, it is important that the software is integrated with other applications currently in use by your company. Here is a list of popular integrations Mailer Lite:

  • Shopify
  • Zapier
  • SendOwl
  • Kickboxing
  • WordPress
  • project manager
  • Facebook

Also, read:

Pros of MailerLite Services


  • Advanced campaign types (call transfer, A / B, etc.)
  • Ease of use in the payment of the campaign
  • Best price
  • Fast Support
  • Custom fields for advanced adjustments to the campaign modes for advanced.
  • Campaigns(automatic transfer, A / B, etc.)
  • Practical elements of e-mail, eg. Countdowns and Product Boxes
  • Generator pop-up windows, context-sensitive
  • Offers both digestible detailed reports
  • Powerful design and tracking tools
  • The simple and comprehensive platform.
  • Templates are available for registration forms and emails.


  • No heatmaps features  for now.
  • Picture editing is bit difficult

FAQ’s Related to MailerLite Review

Is MailerLite a free software?

You can use the MailerLite plan for free until you have 1,000 subscribers. You can send up to 12,000 emails every month with it. The paid plans start at $10 and are based on the amount of customers you have.

What is the location of MailerLite's database?

MailerLite stores data in the European Union. As a result, it is protected by EU data protection regulations and meets GDPR criteria. This makes it a wonderful choice for consumers from all over the world, including the United States and Europe.

What is the MailerLite account approval procedure?

Before sending their first message, MailerLite verifies all senders. You can start using the platform right away, but you won't be able to send anything on the first day. The process is fully automated, and all you have to do is provide your company and personal information. While approval is a minor annoyance, it benefits everyone because it prevents spammers from accessing the platform.

How is MailerLite's customer service?

You get 24/7 email help with the free plan, and live chat assistance with the paid options. Chat assistance, in our experience, is speedy and helpful. So you have a useful answer to any question in a matter of minutes.

What is the process for signing up for MailerLite?

This is a more difficult procedure than with other email marketing software. To send an email using MailerLite, you must first fill out the form with information such as your address, how you collect leads, and how you learned about the product, then wait for approval.

What is the price of MailerLite?

Users with up to 1,000 subscribers can use MailerLite for free. Its pricing options vary depending on how many users you have.

Is there a live chat option in MailerLite?

Yes, MailerLite provides live chat and email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but only for subscription plans.

For whom is MailerLite designed?

MailerLite's guided, step-by-step approach, which includes one-line descriptions of all functions at the time of usage, makes it one of the finest email marketing softwares for beginners who need sophisticated features and are prepared to spend some time building and personalising their email campaigns.

Is it possible to generate segments in MailerLite?

Yes, Mailerlite allows you to segment customers based on a variety of factors, including email opens, sign-up date and source, and the last time they interacted with your firm.

How long does MailerLite take to approve?

They will begin reviewing your account once you've completed the two procedures required for account approval: The approval process usually takes 15 minutes to 4 hours, but it might take up to a day in exceptional cases. After they've reviewed your account, they'll send an email to all of the account's administrators.

Is it possible to use Gmail with MailerLite?

Yes. In MailerLite, you can collect leads, send automated emails, and put your email marketing on autopilot. In Gmail, you may send automatic emails, manage your inbox, and search chats. Connecting Gmail and MailerLite allows you to do a lot more.

How do I use MailerLite to send an email?

You can also send autoresponder test emails. To do so, go to the automation area and click on the title of the individual autoresponder. In the Stats summary area, you'll also discover a test email option. The Send test email button functions in the same way as the other campaign buttons.

What is the procedure for adding an email to MailerLite?

It's simple to learn how to use MailerLite to construct an email campaign. In the Campaigns area, you'll see a big orange button that states Create your first email while you're just starting started. After clicking this, you'll be presented with four campaign options, select Campaign on a regular basis.

What is a MailerLite landing page?

Landing pages are an excellent way to transmit information. The landing page is the page where a reader signs up, and the success page is the page that appears after they've signed up successfully. Choose the content blocks you'll need for each page and tweak the design parameters.

How do I use MailerLite templates?

Go to your account, then to the Campaigns tab, then to the orange Create Campaign button. Fill in your Subject and Sender information, then click the NEXT: Content button and select the tab on the next screen. Gallery of Templates: A set of professionally designed email templates will appear.

In MailerLite, how do I use groups?

On the Import settings page, you can choose which group(s) to add new subscribers to when you import your pre-existing email contact list to MailerLite. Simply type the name of the group into which you want to add these subscribers, and the various tags will show in the Add to group area.

What is email segmentation and how does it work?

The split of email subscribers into smaller subgroups based on predetermined criteria is known as segmentation. Segmentation is most commonly used as a personalization strategy to offer more relevant email marketing to subscribers based on their geographic location, interests, purchase history, and other factors.

In MailerLite, what is double opt?

Subscribers can join your list using the double opt-in method by filling out the subscribe form and then verifying their subscription via an email delivered to their inbox.

Is it possible to make a landing page in MailerLite?

It's crucial to keep your landing pages GDPR compliant as a general best practise. MailerLite allows you to develop GDPR-compliant landing pages by using pre-written permissions, checkboxes, and EU-subscriber segmentation. GDPR-ready templates are also available to help you get started quickly.

With MailerLite, how many landing pages can I have?

MailerLite, an email marketing platform that allows anyone to create professional and tailored marketing campaigns on their own, includes a free website and 5 landing pages with every subscription.

What is the best way to use MailerLite automation?

Go to the Automation tab to build a series of emails, or Workflows as we call them in MailerLite. Here you'll find all of your automatic series linked to the form you're now editing. To build a new email series relating to that signup form, click Create new automation.

Is MailerLite a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

Technically MailerLite can be used as a CRM system. MailerLite is sufficient if you only require basic CRM functionality. If you want additional CRM capabilities and flexibility, though, you'll probably want to integrate MailerLite with a more comprehensive CRM system.

What is a workflow in MailerLite?

A subscriber-triggered automation workflow is a series of steps triggered by a certain date, event, or action. When your subscribers sign up or join a new group, you can utilise automation to send a series of emails to them automatically.

Is a website required for MailerLite?

MailerLite, an email marketing platform that allows anyone to produce professional and personalised marketing campaigns on their own, including a free website and website builder with every package.

MailerLite Customer Reviews & Testimonials :

We love the simplicity and flexibility of MailerLite. It’s helped us connect Typeform’s online magazine with our audience as we’ve grown from a small to mid-sized startup.
Eric Johnson
Senior Writer / Researcher, Typeform

What really impresses me with MailerLite is how they seem to be one step ahead of the competition. Their software is incredibly progressive and works perfectly across all devices.
Rob Ford
Founder and Principal, The FWA

They keep on releasing new features quite often to ensure that most (if not all) our email marketing needs are met with ML itself.
Suren A
Customer, via

Mailerlite is so well designed, it is logical and light, not complicated and at the same time it can do everything you need to manage your online contacts.
Annemie D
Customer, via

Mailer Lite on Social Media :

We may be spread across 32 different countries in 4 continents, but WOW, we sure know how to throw a party!

On Monday,…

Posted by MailerLite on Wednesday, September 9, 2020



With MailerLite automate email marketing campaigns to generate leads for your business, increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Your emails will be delivered on time every time

😩  Cons

Strict authorization systems


Email campaigns will not bounce or stay in the spam folder.

Overall Rating 4.5/5


MailerLite Alternatives 2023

1) EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus Review- Overview

Amazon’s Simple Email Service EmailOctopus is a leading-edge email marketing platform allowing consumers to email for less Email Email (SES). It is a wonderful way to promote cheap email without sacrificing scalability or delivery. The software offers a simple user interface which allows marketers to easily generate and deliver rich HTML emails to recipients.

In addition, EmailOctopus has reliable automation features that enable companies to generate on-board and time-based drip sequence emails. The solution’s great choice of email marketing templates is simple to develop responsive email marketing campaigns. In addition, the exclusive Zapier connection of EmailOctopus linking it to more than 500 goods and services. A few of its advantages are powerful automation, customizable samples, real-time analytics and complete GDPR compliance.

Email Opus is a solution for marketers to use the Amazon Single Email Service to send email to subscribers (SES). This business provides a unique, productive and cost-effective email marketing method. It allows cost-effective email marketing methods while ensuring unmatched delivery and marketers’ scalability.

EmailOctopus testimonials and reviews

Moreover, EmailOctopus provides personalised, hosted forms to help marketers expand their subscriber base. You don’t require any programming or difficult integration with the solution to collect email addresses online to expand your base. It allows marketers to collect information about visitors to their websites via a WordPress plug-in or an EmailOctopus integrated form.

Even better, the development of e-mail marketing campaigns with EmailOctopus is easier. There are many responsive email marketing templates on the site to help design a campaign. The best part is that email marketing campaigns with these themes look great and are responsive to all devices. This means that vendors can create personalised newsletters or simple text e-mails for users to read on their PCs, tablets or phones.

2) AWeber

Many experts and professionals see AWeber as one of the biggest email marketing platforms and with its amazing autoplays and wide range of features it continues to impress. AWeber enables companies to automate professional, personalised emails and customised messages to their consumers and to send regular follow up emails. This feature facilitates the establishment of a future relationship by companies or the maintenance and strengthening of existing customer relations.

AWeber-Powerfully-Simple-Email-Marketing- Overview

On the other hand, AWeber is a well-integrated solution that fits into any ecosystem in a seamless manner. It includes a range of platforms, such as Cyfe, Launch Effect, Drupal, WordPress, Raven, Unbounce, Magento, etc. To put it mildly, the system is cheap and accessible to enterprises with large and small subscribers. Plans start at $19 for 500 members per month and go to $149 for 10,000 per month. The Organization should be reached for reduced rates in teams with more than 25,000 subscribers.

AWeber is also a prominent marketing service among the most enthusiastic email marketers. The platform includes superior autoresponders to make it easier for customers to involve and connect than ever before. The system also provides a broad range of connectibility options, including Zendesk, Salesforce, WordPress, PayPal, LeadPages and WordPress.

Customer support from AWeber is also a powerful feature. The company has a team of email marketing experts who have the ability to answer quickly and efficiently.

AWeber - Pricing

AWeber differs from other marketing platforms when it comes to campaigning because it uses a slightly different technique. It allows you to create follow-up series and automatic answers and to create your own personalised messages with the aid of a drag and drop tool. While preset designs are available, customers are encouraged to create their own, more business-specific layouts.

3) Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a comprehensive marketing automation and email marketing tool that helps organizations improve their ability to acquire, convert, and retain consumers using email and social advertising. The software comes with several drag-and-drop email layouts as well as several ways to import contacts. Users of Constant Contact also have access to smart event management tools, social networking capabilities, and a number of resources to help organisations succeed with their marketing efforts.

Constantcontact Overview

Users can target and send a series of personalised emails to contacts in a series, resend to those who didn’t open emails the first time, and more with its marketing automation tools. Businesses may monitor advertising results over time and discover which contacts are engaged thanks to detailed data. Constant Contact also has a mobile app that allows company marketers to create and send emails directly from their phone. It has email tracking features, allowing users to monitor and track the performance of sent emails while on the move.

Email (starting at $20/month) and Email Plus (starting at $45/month) are the two price options offered by Constant Contact. The amount of email contacts in an account determines the pricing. Discounts are available if you pay for a year in advance (15 percent off).

4) ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has practically everything you’ll ever need in a newsletter marketing tool, and its complex automations are unmatched. The entry-level subscription costs $15 per month (for up to 500 subscribers, paid monthly), while the Plus plan costs $70 per month and includes premium features like an in-built CRM, lead scoring, landing pages, and SMS sending.


Automations are one of its most essential qualities. If you utilise their CRM software, you can automate list and contact management, as well as deals, in addition to autoresponders that can be triggered by a variety of events. You can also add notes to contacts, schedule appointments, send direct messages to them, and much more using the ‘Deals’ system.

Another feature worth mentioning is the ‘Conversations’ feature. You may use it to send customised messages directly to visitors to your website in order to improve the overall customer experience and develop a sales funnel to help you convert more visitors.

You can rapidly obtain a holistic view of how your sales and marketing initiatives are performing if you have all of your information and activity in one place. It may also save you money if you don’t have to use many providers for different tools.


It’s difficult to criticise ActiveCampaign because they not only provide practically everything you need in a newsletter marketing solution, but they do it well. Page views, geo-tracking, openers, ecommerce, and more are just a few of the features included in the reports. The newsletter editor is one area where it falls short, since it does not provide the same level of slickness as other tools, and there are a few nagging aspects that may be improved.

You might have questions like this for MailerLit Reviews : I have tried my best to answer below

What is the MailerLite business model?

How are MailerLite Services?

Is MailerLite free?

Do I need a website for MailerLite?

How does MailerLite work?

How do I add a blog to MailerLite?

How do I add an email to MailerLite? How do I cancel my MailerLite account? How do I connect MailerLite to WooCommerce?

How do I create a lite website?

How do I email a segmentation?

How do I get approved for MailerLite?

How do I send an email with MailerLite?

How do I set up an email campaign?

How do I upgrade my MailerLite?

How many customers does MailerLite?

How much does MailerLite cost?

Why MailerLite works better than other mailing software: it’s more cost effective and flexible.

Conclusion: Is MailerLite Worth It? MailerLite Review 2023  

Mailerlite is an ideal email marketing service for professional bloggers, merchants, and businesses. They offer great results at an affordable price. However, if you need more powerful features, such as As the sequence funnel and more space as a developer, you will not feel limited with this software. They provide guidance on how to learn with their software and videos.

MailerLite also has a team fluent in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian (24/24 and 7/7).

In Short : 

Features: MailerLite makes it easy to create email marketing campaigns and mailings for your business.

Advantages: There are no complicated templates or scripts to implement, MailerLite can be used with a variety of email clients (including Microsoft Outlook). It eliminates the need for hours of trial and error in creating, testing and managing email campaigns. You can automate everything that is currently too much work for you. There is no learning curve, just install it, and start sending emails!

Benefits: MailerLite’s easy-to-use interface allows users of all experience levels to use the software effectively, whether for individuals or small businesses. It works on a subscription basis, which means that users are only charged when they open a new account or sign up for an existing one.

I will definitely recommend this product to the users who want to make hustle free business. This was my MailerLite Review June 2023. 

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner and renowned international keynote speaker who has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle as he travels around the world. He founded two successful websites, & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe of which his success stories have expanded to authoring "Inside A Hustler's Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” (20,000 copies sold worldwide) and contributing to “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2". Jitendra designed workshops for over 10000+ professionals in Digital marketing across continents; with intentions ultimately anchored towards creating an impactable difference by helping people build their dream business online. Jitendra Vaswani is a high-powered investor with an impressive portfolio that includes Imagestation. To learn more about his investments, Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

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  2. MailerLite is the easiest newsletter software you’ll ever use.
    Auto responders, walking you step by step through set up – it has everything!
    Plus live customer support and their blog? Super helpful too.
    I recommend MailerLite to anyone who needs a little help with email marketing (and that’s everyone).

  3. Mailerlite is ideal for minimalists. The email editor is super easy to use and the system takes just a few minutes to set up. 100 emails in your inbox? No problem!
    They have an excellent free plan and other paid plans are cheaper than competitors like Mailchimp (though I think they should offer more features as a basic package). One feature I really like about MailerLite is their automation capabilities – you can write new subscribers an automatated welcome message, send re-engagements on time even if you forget or haven’t got around to it yet, and even remind old customers that they still need to subscribe because things might have changed with them since last contacted or ordered from.
    Overall, I would recommend

  4. I love MailerLite! I was managing email campaigns and leads without automation, for about a year. It wasn’t easy to keep up with the marketing and my time was being wasted manually logging into my account every morning. I finally chose to sign up for MailerLite because it has all of my needs in one place, syncs with WordPress which is our website management software, I can automate tasks like following up on subscribers who bought an ebook or stayed on our lead list for too long without converting by sending them emails that are just right – at precisely the moment they’re most likely to take action (THE ATTRACTION POINT!).

  5. MailerLite is the number one email marketing platform because of its functionality, but it also has a user-friendly interface. The MailerLite team is available to support you 24/7 and always answers emails within 5 minutes with an average 97% satisfaction rate. Upgrade your workflow and get more from your customer data by using Mailerlite.

  6. I love MailerLite services and I would highly recommend it, MailerLite is an easy to use email marketing tool that can help grow your email list. MailerLite is a user friendly service for small businesses, with generous free plans. MailerLite also has the ability to create dynamic forms

  7. Mailerlite is so much better than Mailchimp. It’s easier and cheaper to sign up for, can be setup for automation easily, and my email editor was not hard at all. I like that they have a really good free plan, too!

  8. I used MailerLite as a substitute for Mailchimp and I loved it. It was so easy to set up, had a free plan, and the interface is super simple. You can even just drag emails in off of your computer — that’s how good this product is! Now I can take me time with my newsletter creation without worrying about anything because automation takes care of all the tedious work. The best decision I ever made was switching over to MailerLite!

  9. Have you been struggling with your email marketing software program because of its complicated interface? MailerLite is the perfect solution. MailerLite’s simple and effective interface will make it easy for anyone to send a simple, yet engaging newsletter. So if you’re looking for an email editor that saves time without losing quality – MailerLite is super easy to use, get started today!

  10. Mailerlite is not your ordinary boring company newsletter. MailerLite makes email fun with custom animated templates, slick animations, and social media uploads.
    You can easily create newsletters from scratch by uploading pictures or choosing from the library of available templates including seasonal templates for holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The free version includes HTML layouts you can edit, but if you want real customization ability just sign up with one (or both) paid plans which start at $15 a month!

  11. Features: MailerLite is a powerful and flexible email marketing software that lets users create and send campaigns, track results, manage subscribers and non-subscribers, and create campaigns with mail merge features. In addition to email marketing services like auto responders, automated reply files, or email templates in general MailerLite offers an array of specialties. Advantages: MailerLite is based on open source technology. It is easy to install and use the free version of the service. This means that any interested user can start using it without requiring technical knowledge. Benefits: The Mailerlite service provides a modern way for email marketers to provide useful information to their customers

  12. MailerLite is a simple and effective email marketing solution. I must say the MailerLite editor has been super easy to use from day one, not only that but the whole thing can be set up in minutes! Their free plan is excellent and their paid plans are much cheaper than competitors like Mailchimp. The features like automation have also been really helpful for improving my campaigns – this app should definitely be tried by all e-commerce marketers.

  13. MailerLite has so many features that my head was spinning after I first signed up. Now, they have an awesome app with easy to use templates that I’m just starting to get the hang of! My only complaint is that it doesn’t come with a knowledge base (like MailChimp), which means you kind of have to learn on your own or ask a coworker for help when you forget how to do something. Other than this huge disadvantage, I love it!

  14. MailerLite has helped me a lot in my work.
    It integrates with third party connectors like Zapier, integrally and others.
    It has a lot of flexibility to design customisation with all the simple options to send mails. I’d say that the design compatability is best if compared to others!

  15. MailerLite has been my best friend for the last few years. I’ve been using MailerLite to send newsletters and other bulk emails for a while now, so when I discovered they had updated their interface, well let me just say it was like seeing high-school pictures of myself and being reminded how much better than anything else out there MailerLite really is.
    Their super easy email editor eliminates the need for any coding or technical expertise (something I didn’t have even in college.) And with features like filters that allow you to create auto responders based off of subscriber’s behavior patterns—well this will be your favorite thing on earth. Or at least close to it.

  16. MailerLite is simple and effective. It is newsletter software that does the job.
    The MailerLite email editor is super easy to use, and the whole system is pretty much eatto set up.
    They have an excellent free plan and other paid plans are cheaper than competitors like Mailchimp. Another thing I like is automation!
    Very helpful, must try!

  17. MailerLite is the perfect website builder for beginners because of its ease and features. One thing that sets MailerLite apart from other builders is their expertise with WordPress integration.
    They make it simple to upload a great looking logo, text headers, body formatting and photos to create your business or personal website fast without having any design skills at all! From intro pages to blogs you will find every function just where you would expect it – easy!
    Best of all, this basic version includes everything else in the paid versions like unlimited websites all on one domain and SEO optimization tools. No need to spend time guessing which plan best suits your needs when MailerLite has them all covered under one user-friendly package!

  18. Finding a good email platform and editor was always a pain for me. I always felt behind the ball, heading to fail because my marketing wasn’t up to date. Then came along MailerLite and blew my worries out of the water. It is so simple, has great free plan, automations are helpful, it’s just such a simple tool that does its job well- perfect at doing what needs to be done with minimal fuss!

  19. Mailerlite is a simple and effective tool for email editors. It does the job with features like an easy editor, cheaper than competitors, and automation to save time!

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