CloudWays WordPress Hosting Review 2018: Should You Trust ?

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  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Unique VMAN technology


  • Email isn't included with hosting
  • No domain registration option

Huge numbers of websites come up on the internet daily, it has been noticed that web hosting platform is more of a necessity rather than a need. Personally, I have been in the web hosting niche for a quite some time now and I have experienced that gaining services of the right web hosting matters. It gives a boost to the performance and search engine rankings of your websites.

Truly speaking, if anyone asks me about my favorite mode of hosting, it is the Cloud. When it comes to Cloud, I prefer to host my websites on Cloudways which is the best solution for WordPress Hosting.

Why Choose Cloudways for WordPress Hosting?

CloudWays Member Area

Well, like it or not, the Cloud is complex. Doing it right on your own can easily become doing it wrong. This is why I like Cloudways. Because of its one-in-all reasonable package, user-friendly (Just a Click Away) interface, quick response time, and much more, I will recommend you to try it out because I am sure you’ll love it.

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WordPress Hosting features of Cloudways

Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting Review

So what makes Cloudways different from other cloud hosting platforms? Here is a list of reasons why one should choose Cloudways as their Web Hosting Platform.

Solid Infrastructure

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Infrastructure identifies what cloud services are offered to its customers. It has the best cloud providers in the world right now and they are none other than Google Compute Engine (GCE), Digital Ocean, Vultr and Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Unique Hosting Stack

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Cloudways is different from all other hosting platforms because of its unique VMAN technology. Combining Nginx, Apache, Memcached and Varnish it creates a powerfully configured server environment for hosting WordPress websites.

Safe Managed Security

Potential threats have increased. They are becoming more and more hostile with each passing day. At Cloudways, its team of experts offers managed security to individuals through platform level firewalls. This makes server data as safe and secure as possible. Moreover, Cloudways regularly patches OS and firmware with the latest security fixes.

Simple & Easy Setup

Cloudways Review -Click Go

It takes only a few steps to launch a cloud server through Cloudways. Click your way to launching your very own WordPress website through your desired Cloud provider. To launch your WordPress website on Cloudways, you have to select your desired Cloud provider, desired Application (WordPress, WooCommerce, or WordPress Multisite), pick your server resources, and select your hosting location. Once you are done with setting attributes, hit “Launch”. There you go! As easy as catching a fish in a barrel.

Feature-Rich Console

Cloudways WordPress Hosting Platform comes with a feature-rich console which allows customers to manage their servers and applications easily. Every feature is a single-click solution. This means you do not have to an expert to run cloud servers when your web apps are hosting on Cloudways.

How does Cloudways work?

Once you have launched a server on Cloudways, you will be directed to a page with server window containing buttons such as Start, Stop, Delete, Add App, and Clone. Located at the bottom of the window is a “Manage Server” button that will lead you directly to the administration screen.

Compared to various other web hosting platforms, Cloudways offers you managed cloud hosting that means you can get a wide range of options to play around with. The Console on Cloudways contains a server management tab and an application management tab. What surprises do they hold for you? Let’s discuss them a bit.

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Server Management Tab

Cloudways Review- WordPress Hosting Server Management

Making cloud server administration easier for you, the Server Management tab at Cloudways provides you a number of features.The Summary section lets you overview general information about your launched servers, its current status and its interrelated resources.Master Credentials section displays the SSH access details of your server.

The Monitoring section displays graph-based details about different performance aspects of your server. This way you stay updated on all things server related.Vertical Scaling allows users to scale resources (like RAM, storage size, etc.) for your server depending on your website functionalities and traffic.

The Managed Services section lets you manage stack functionalities for running applications on your server.Server Settings and Packages section helps you change your server settings whenever such changes are necessary.The Security section allows you to check whether you IP is blocked for SFTP/SSH Access and further helps you whitelist your blocked IPs for SFTP/SSH Access.

The Backups section enables you to create backups of your server data at anytime you want. Furthermore, Cloudways comes with automated and managed backups. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your information at any instance. It’s all safe and secure on an offsite cloud.

A Server Addons section provides you addons that can be easily configured on your server. During your trial, you will see two email-based addons during your trial: SMTP and Elastic Email.

Application Management Tab

Cloudways WordPress Hosting Application Management

Similar to the Server Management tab, you have an Application Management tab as well. It allows users to set attributes related to your web app. It starts with an Access Detail section containing admin area login, database username and password, DB Access and SFTP information.

A Domain Management section provides a control panel for domain name administration. Through this tool, you can quickly point a domain to your WordPress site. A Cron Job Management section enables users to set and manage cron jobs at scheduled times.

A SSL Certificate section lets users deploy SSL protection on web apps. Furthermore, Cloudways is one of the few hosting mediums that allows multiple SSL protected website on the same server. A Restore section allows you to revert back to older copies of your web apps.

A Deployment Via Git section for deploying projects to your website through your Git repository.

An Application Addons section offering addons for your WordPress application, like “Application Migration” for moving your WordPress website, “Application Update” for updating WordPress version and “Application Load Test” for checking how much traffic your WordPress website can handle.

Finally, there is a Migrator Tool that lets you migrate your WordPress website automatically to Cloudways WordPress Hosting Platform.

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What about pricing?

Cloudways Plans Pricing

Depending on the selection of cloud server, location, bandwidth, and storage, Cloudways follows a single package payment method. The most economical and reasonable cloud service is Vultr where the pricing plans are as low as $14/month. DigitalOcean, Amazon and Google infrastructure options are available as well, however their costs vary depending on your server requirements.


Cloudways is the right solution for hosting WordPress websites

Cloudways review - Clients

Taking web hosting service to a whole new level, Cloudways provides your website the optimization it requires. Offering multiple features and effective migration, it is one of the most secure managed hosting platforms for your WordPress website. I would like to add that the technical support team at Cloudways is pretty reassuring while providing quick response time.

Cloduways Managed WordPress Hosting Testimonials

I must say from my Cloudways Review, that it is the most commendable solution for WordPress hosting. Do give it a try.

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