24 Income Lessons from the Big Blog Earners – Infographic

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Ever wondered how do I make money online with my blog? Well, there are plenty of new bloggers who ask the same question, so you are not alone. What if we show you tried and tested ways of making money with your blog? That will be nice you say…

What if we show you lessons from the experts? Even better… Wait, that is not all, we can show you income figures from each of these experts so you can see the enormity of their empire.

Here you go: 24 Income Lessons – Infographic from the big blog earners online, all rounded up from various niches and presented to you in easy to consume infographic.

24 Income Lessons from the Big Blog Earners – An Infographic from YourEscapeFrom9to5.com

Lessons from the numbers above:

  • Service delivery takes time away from your blog and hard to scale up.
  • Affiliate products are a good start. Focus on monthly commissions that are ongoing.
  • Sponsored advertising needs lots of traffic at least 100,000 page views a month.
  • Build an audience do not just focus on SEO.
  • Reinvest earning into your blog.
  • There is no direct relationship between number of years blogging and income, so even a new blog has a good chance of making money online.
  • Our sample group indicates that girls have a better chance of achieving $10,000 a month. Go girl power!

Top 24 Money Making Bloggers Share Their Income Lessons - Infographic

Success takes patience, but a plan and vision of how to monetize your blog is important. Hope we have inspired you with the lessons from the big name bloggers and we hope you learned something. If you like it, share it.


Note: Income figures are from March 2015 and only bloggers who display their income online have been included.

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  2. Congratulations on the article. Are there any specific websites you use to create infographics?

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