5 Common WordPress Problems and Solutions to Overcome Them

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WordPress platform is the best for bloggers and I prefer WordPress much more than the other blogging platforms. Most of the people make their blogs on WordPress as they are able to set up blogs very easily using WordPress. Everything as some advantages and at the same time there are disadvantages too.

WordPress has been very advantageous to most of the bloggers but at the same time there are few common WordPress problems. Many bloggers waste lot of time just because of these common WordPress issues.

You won’t waste time like other bloggers did. I am now going to let you know the common WordPress problems and the solution for all these problems.

 Basic WordPress Problems and Solutions

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1. Stylesheet Missing from Theme

Many times while installing a new theme for WordPress blog bloggers find that the new theme is not having the Stylesheet. This thing may make you frustrated and you may think about getting a new theme.

Solution for this problem

Unzip the theme on your desktop and check out that whether the Stylesheet is actually missing or not. If Stylesheet is there then you may need to install your theme once more. You should always install the root theme folder so that such problems don’t happen again.

If you find that Stylesheet is missing then you may ask the developer to provide you the missing Stylesheet. Most of the developers will help you and provide you the required Stylesheet.

2. Spam Comments Increasing Day by Day

One of the problems which many bloggers face is that they receive many spam comments for their WordPress blog. Bloggers often think that it is happening with them only or with everyone. Spam Comments has become a common issue but you can definitely get rid of them.

Solution for Spam Comments problem

Akismet plugin provided by Akismet.com is a very useful anti-spam plugin which you can use for blocking spam comments. Another thing you can do is that you can install a Captcha protection plugin. Automatic comments on your blog won’t be possible if you install a good Captcha protection plugin.

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3. Forgetting the WordPress Admin panel password

Opps I forgot my WordPress Admin panel password. What should I do now? – You may say the same words when you will be unable to remember your WordPress admin password. This problem is common and there are many different solutions for this problem.

How to get the lost password?

One of the ways by which you can get THE lost password is that you can click on the “Lost your password” option in the admin panel. This solution may not work and that’s why here is an another solution to get the lost password.

Follow these steps to get the lost admin password

1. Using the Cpanel click the phpMyAdmin Option present under Databases 2. Select your WordPress database 3. After selecting your wordpress database you should go to wp_users and click on the Browse option. 4. Now you will need to find your username and insert a new password into user_pass. 5. After completing all these steps just click on the dropdown menu under Function. 6. Select MD5 and then click on the Go button present at the bottom.

You will be able to definitely get your lost WordPress admin password by following the above steps.

4. Decrease in Site Loading Speed

If your website takes more time to load then your visitors may not return back. Due to some reasons your site may take more time to load and you may get frustrated. Site loading speed is very important these days. Sites which open up very fast are able to get more success than sites which load very slowly.

Solution for slow loading speed

You may need to get a new theme if you find the current theme to be very complex. Your site may be loading very slowly just because of the new theme which you have installed. Increase in traffic to your site may make the server perform slowly. You may need to contact your hosting provider and know that whether there is any server related problem. You may need to get a VPS hosting if you feel that there has been a huge increase in your website’s traffic.

Check you site loading here

5. Plugins Causing Errors on your site

An old wordpress plugin may have stopped working and your site may have started facing some issues. This is a common issue and often people get confused that how a plugin can stop working.

Solution to get rid of this problem

You can delete the old plugin and re-install it. Another thing you can do is that you can update the version of the plugin which is causing issues on your website.

Some plugins may have stopped working just after you updated the WordPress version. This may mean that the old plugins are not compatible with the new WordPress version. You may be required to delete all the in-compatible WordPress plugins. I hope that my post helped you in knowing some of the common problems faced using WordPress.

If you are extremely focused to get success from your blog then these problems shall never stop you.

Problems may keep coming into your way while you do blogging, but if you want to become a Pro-blogger then learn to tackle all these problems.

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  1. I mostly face 2 issues with my WordPress site. Most of the time Jetpack blocks my IP address.
    secondly, I always used free plugins earlier during my initial days of blogging which use to create issues with the speed & compatibility with other plugins. Now I only use premium themes & plugins.

  2. Decrease in Site Loading Speed – I hate this, but there are remedies. Videos and Images are some reasons of slugging loading. Nowadays, there are videos and images that are embeddable and it is very helpful to diminish the sluggish loading time.
    While I never though that the increase of traffic will affect the loading time. Thanks for the information!

  3. Hey Mohit. Nice post. I used GASP to get rid of spam comments but recently GASP just failed suddenly and now I am bombarded by lots and lots of spam comments daily. I know its time for me to switch to Akismet!

    I’ll keep in mind the second method you mentioned for getting back forgotten passwords.

    Thanks for the troubleshooters 🙂

  4. Hey Mohit.
    Good, you have included the most common problems that most of the WordPress newbies face every now and then. Missing CSS and spam comments are the two major issues to be fight against for making a smooth start on WordPress.

    For CSS problem, I would recommend to use quality themes and upload theme in zip folders so that you don’t need to worry about missing it while uploading.

    For spam comments, there is a plugin Akismet in WordPress dashboard available by default, activate that plugin by a free signup and getting the key through this process. Once activated, it will take care of spam comments itself.

    Thanks for sharing the post here on Kingged.com too.

  5. Ah the old zipped file inside the zipped file the theme seller sent problem. I wonder why they send zipped files in the first place. Usually the compression is negligible and zipping the original file only causes confusion when it won’t install properly.

  6. I want astonished to read the second problem, which is “Spam Comments Increasing Day by Day”, many were trying their luck to earn leads, traffic and exposure by spamming. Furthermore, it doesn’t work since thereis solutions available online to trim down the spammers.

    Decrease in Site Loading Speed – I hate this, but there are remedies. Videos and Images are some reasons of slugging loading. Nowadays, there are videos and images that are embeddable and it is very helpful to diminish the sluggish loading time.

    While I never though that the increase of traffic will affect the loading time. Thanks for the information!

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  7. Hi Mohit Chabria,

    Thanks for this wonderful article post, your prediction was right. all stated are truly common problem wordpress blog owners face.

    “Stylesheet Missing” => this are common problems you face when trying to upload theme, especially when those free themes we do download online.

    Site Loading is one common problem not only newbie faces but also problogger, as a blogger who mean blogging, you will always want optimize your blog to loads fast.

    Spam => hahaha, this one is almost everyday and that is one of the main reason most bloggers prefer using DISQUS as their commenting system in order to reduce spam.

    Thanks for this wonderful post and interm of password issue, it is not everyone that face that, but i love it that you still go ahead to talk about it.

    Have a nice weekend

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on kingged.com

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