5 Tips to Avoid Frustration While Blogging and Earning Online

Getting frustrated with your blog performance? Is it high time you have seen any returns out of your blog? Well, relax and read on…..

You are not the only one experiencing the same. Hundreds of bloggers have faced this situation even if they are as successful as Neil Patel, Harsh Aggarwal or any other in Blogging industry. Frustration is quite common when you are stepping up the ladder of success and get no returns initially.

I am not writing this post to console you. Rather I am not here to do so my dear readers. I have always tried to show the best path for fellow bloggers and same is my objective here too. I am going to throw light on the mistakes you are making due to which you are not getting returns.

Cure to frustration is not sitting and lamenting on the situation. Perhaps it is a sign that you need to pull up your socks and start focusing on WHY you are  not getting returns.

So, go through these tips to rise up from the pain of failure of your blogging venture:

5 Tips to Avoid Frustration While Blogging and Earning Online

You May be Going in Wrong Direction By Being a Part of Majority

Let us see it like this: What if you get hordes of phone calls each day to sell the same product. Would you get convinced with even one of them?

Gone are the days when hard work paid intensive results. It is high time you should realise that your hard work is building frustration but not the results. Look for smart ways to build your business. Generate new ideas. Think out of the Box to dig our unique ways to become an entrepreneur.

With I do not mean that hard workers will not be successful, but I simply believe that smart work helps in competing with strong people in your niche in less time as a newbie or survivor.

Cease On the Old Things

There is no success in looking for and building on things to copy or replicate. Imitating an already successful idea is not going to fetch results or profits. I do not discourage you to get inspired, however, take ideas instead or grabbing essential elements from other successful entrepreneurs.

Your Success May be Demanding Quantity Along with quality

Now, being smart and talented is not the only key. Yes, it may seem a bit contradictory with my last discussion, but it is true. Do not get lazy when you are working on your venture. You may be doing great things but in slow pace. Buck up guys!!! Work out more to build a backbone for your business.

Research, research and research…..

Researching on what went wrong is highly important now. Lamenting on what went and you didn’t make to it will certainly not help. Learn from your last mistakes and move on with aggressive solutions.  Talk to successful people and indulge in networking if you are not able to get the solution on your own.

Execute and Act With Whatever you Have got

Once you have got a solution or plan, work on it religiously to get the best of results. Success can be achieved only with the execution of your plans, strategies and whatever you learn.

These are some of the steps that will lead you to success. When you achieve several milestones, the journey of success seems to be easy as well as effective. Trying to become successful at one go never helps as it never happens. Success is a destination and small milestones make you strong and encourage you to move further.

All the Best!!! May each one of you get all what you dream. Amen!!!

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  1. MSI Sakib

    Thanks Jitendra for this inspirational post for the bloggers. Many new bloggers often feel frustration and hesitation on their way of blogging and achieving success. Your article is a perfect source for them to get inspired and build self confidence. I am very curious about your early blogging days. Can your share your experience with us?

    • Welcome Sakib, I am glad that you are inspired this post. Yes many bloggers in the beginning feel frustrated when they dont make money from blog, making money from blog always takes time. So blogging needs patience. Blogging in early days is different from now. Social media now plays a big role in blog branding.

  2. Hello there,

    Truly, gone are the days where working hard produces massive results. I know someone, a friend of mine who lives the IM life now literally…

    Before he used to sift his nose on Adwords for every penny but now, his business is going huge and getting lesser dependent of his presence. Just needed to learn the right techniques and grab the right tools… Your five points here made me remember this friend of mine. – a real risk taker, not afraid to changes and always leaves a room for improvement.

    Thanks for sharing this motivational post Jitendra. Keep them coming. You’ll inspire more bloggers. 


    P.S. Btw, I found this post shared at kingged.com

    • Hi Ann, thanks a lot for coming here again. yes IM is now very big business and competition is very high in the market. A real IM always takes risk and know how to tackle with it.

  3. This cluster of tips is awesome and I cannot agree more!

    Quality over quantity is one of the hottest issues over the internet, and of course QUALITY of much important with quantity. Bloggers especially newbies should nail that and never ail to remember each time they will blog or post a blog.

    On thing too, is never compare yourself to others. I must say, that it is one of the reasons why many bloggers nowadays are frustrated and as a result, they can’t earn money online or they earn less because of the emotion.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  4. Austen selby

    Thanks for sharing your article.Your tips definitely will help all bloggers to rejunivated.
    keep sharing your ideas..

  5. harish

    whenever we are doing anything we must remember one thing “NO PAIN NO GAIN “,means to earn money we have to work hard.at the starting no of visitors may be low but after sometime they may increase.we must put quality content ion our blogs and we have to clarify the doubts raised by viewers,and we should post more useful information to the viewers.your post is nice .thank you for your post.

  6. HI Jitendra, Indeed the motivating one.
    I always go frustrated when there is no share or no like even on profile pictures on facebook. and the same does it feel when there is no outcome of our blogging efforts.
    You’re absolutely correct that research and research and research is the key to success.
    Being yourself is one more amazing thing to avoid these frustration. THanks for a nice writeup. I am pretty much sure that i wont go frustrated in future.
    Have a nice day bro


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