AdPushup Review 2023: How this Platform is Helping Publishers Grow

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AdPushup is an ad revenue optimization platform founded in 2014. The platform provides a combination of layout and demand optimization technologies. It allows publishers to experiment with their new and existing ad layouts to identify problems and drive improvements in ad placements and viewability. AdPushup also helps publishers gain access to 20+ premium demand partners and increase bid competition for publishers. We recently tested the AdPushup platform and here’s what we think about it.

AdPushup’s revenue optimization platform comprises features like advanced A/B testing for ads, header bidding, innovative ad formats, adblock recovery, ad mediation, and automatic AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) converter. With its stack of technologies and features, AdPushup is known to drive an average ad revenue uplift of 30-40% for its publishing partners. As an optimization platform, AdPushup gives publishers an easy-to-use interface to create, test, and experiment with their ad layouts.

AdPushup Review- Revenue Optimization Platform

At the same time, as a demand aggregator, it enables publishers to gain access to premium demand partners for their inventory. AdPushup has partnerships with top-tier networks and exchanges such as Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo, among others. Both layout and demand optimization come together to help improve the RPM (revenue per mille) and CTR (clickthrough rate) metrics for publishers.

AdPushup Review 2023: How this Platform is Helping Publishers Grow

Numbers and Highlights

  • 4 billion+ monthly impressions served
  • 300+ niche publishers
  • 5+ years of experience in ad tech
  • Winner of NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Award
  • Recognized as AgencyCon’s Ad Network of the Year 2019
  • Google NPM partner
  • IAB member
  • Backed by Microsoft Ventures, Kima Ventures, and Geniee Inc.

Facts for Publishers

  • Minimum traffic requirements: None
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC
  • Advertising type: Display, Native, Text Ads
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
  • Frequency: Net-45
  • Payment Options: Wire, Paypal
  • Support: Dedicated Account Manager
  • Contact: [email protected]

AdPushup Technology

Upon using AdPushup, we understood the technology behind its products, along with what they do and how do they work. Here are the features (with benefits) AdPushup has to offer to publishers:

  1. Ad Layout Optimization: AdPushup helps publishers in creating multiple ad layout variants and test them using automated A/B testing and machine learning. The layout optimization engine splits the traffic between all the variants while measuring their performance. Basis of the test results, the maximum traffic gets directed towards the best-performing ad layout.

Benefit: Experimentation is the key to optimization. The automated A/B tests help publishers get data-backed answers as to what’s working and what’s not.

  1. Visual Ad Manager: This tool comes with a simple point-and-click editor to help publishers easily design and edit their own ad layouts. The editor is ideal for publishers who want to experiment with new ad layouts but lack the technical knowledge or resources to do it. Basically, no more fumbling around with code. Want to test out your ad layouts? Just take charge and do it yourself.

Benefit: With the visual ad manager, publishers get to set up, run and monitor ad layout experiments, and make changes to their ad layouts as and when they need, just like a DIY panel.

  1. Header Bidding: Header bidding is a programmatic technique known to boost ad revenue by as much as 70%. It allows multiple demand partners to bid on publisher inventory simultaneously, thereby increasing bid competition and helping maximize the revenue from every ad impression. AdPushup’s header bidding engine includes features such as auto demand partner selection, smart timeout management, multi-ad size support, to let publishers earn more with less effort.

Benefit: Publishers get access to 20+ premium demand partners bidding for their inventory, in addition, they don’t have to worry about the day-to-day management of header bidding.

  1. AdRecover: For publishers losing revenue to ad blockers, AdPushup offers Adblock recovery solution that uses dynamic ad-reinsertion technology to serve ads that meet the ‘Acceptable Ads’ standard to adblock users.

Benefit: Using AdRecover, publishers are able to recover the revenue that they are losing due to ad blockers, without negatively impacting the user experience of their website.

  1. AMP Monetization: Alongside revenue optimization, AdPushup also helps publishers convert their standard HTML pages into AMP-enabled webpages. The converter ensures to preserve the design and branding of the website. For publishers already using AMP, AdPushup also offers advanced monetization solutions to leverage mobile traffic.

Benefit: AMP pages load faster on mobile devices, improve user experience, and rank better in SEO which helps publishers garner maximum attention from mobile users.

  1. Ad Mediation: Mediation helps publishers optimize their revenue between closed networks and non-RTB environments (where real-time auctions don’t work). AdPushup’s bid comparison engine uses 15+ parameters to decide which network should be awarded each impression.

Benefit: Ad mediation helps publishers unlock the ad revenue which they are unable to achieve due to closed RTB environments. It also reduces the manual efforts for publishers by automating the process.

  1. Performance Benchmarking: AdPushup control setup allows publishers to convert their existing ad layout to a ‘Control Ad Setup’. Meaning, publishers can use it to compare the performance of an old ad layout with a new ad layout across key revenue and UX metrics.

Benefit: With accurate performance metrics reports, publishers always know with exact precision as to what is working well and just how much more they are earning with AdPushup.

Data and Reporting for Publishers

Once the setup and onboarding is done and there are substantial data gathered, the AdPushup dashboard start showing metrics like a number of impressions served and revenue earned. Publishers get access to all sorts of data viz. ad performance measurement metrics, ad networks wise data, an overview of the site performance.

AdPushup Review- Data & Reporting For Publishers

Eventually, the reporting data in AdPushup solves the problem of doing guesswork. From basic website overview to granular data on all the metrics, reporting data helps publishers understand what’s working, what’s not, where to focus on, and where to invest.

How to Get Started With AdPushup

The onboarding at AdPushup is quite simple. After trying it out, we can call it a 2-step onboarding which works like this:

  1. Log in to your AdPushup console and start by ‘Adding your website,’ e.g.

AdPushup Review- Add A Site

  1. Insert the given code snippet in the website header and hit ‘Save’ to get started.

AdPushup Review- Install The Code On Website

That’s it!

Editor’s Findings of AdPushup

  1. Access to premium demand partners
  2. Higher ad CTR, CPM, and RPM
  3. New and innovative ad formats
  4. Ad visibility retention
  5. Improved user experience
  6. Quick setup and onboarding
  7. Automated A/B testing
  8. 24/7 ad ops support

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Conclusion: AdPushup Review 2023

One of the USPs that make AdPushup stand out is the ad ops team/support. AdPushup calls itself a managed platform as their ad ops team does all the heavy lifting on the publishers’ behalf. The intent is to help publishers focus more on their business growth and strategy, instead of getting bogged down with ad operations, technical fixes, etc. 

Currently, AdPushup’s clients include publishers like CNET, Network18, Newsweek, Reddit, and NDTV, amongst others. Here’s what AdPushup’s clients have to say about them:

“Everything was up and running well within a week. AdPushup helped us achieve significant revenue uplift through strategic ad placements and by connecting us to demand that we couldn’t access on our own.” –

“At some point, there we just too many different options, plugins, and ad networks. AdPushup helped us organize by being a one-stop solution.” –

Lastly, we can say that AdPushup has emerged as a name in the ad tech industry in a very short span of time, and is doing well to build a strong publisher base. AdPushup is easy to use, backed by premium demand partners, and is known to be transparent with publishers with its reporting data. Have you ever used AdPushup? If yes, do share your reviews in the comments section below.


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