AIRSOCKS Review 2022: Access Any Website With This Mobile Proxy 4G / LTE

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In the past few years, the concept of Internet Protocol (IP) and Mobile IP has gained increased prominence and importance due to the boost in Internet technology. However, the concept and understanding of IP has been subject to a lot of confusion due to its technicalities.

In this article I will give you a detailed explanation about Mobile proxies, it’s properties and advantages, along with an elaborate review of the popular Russian Mobile 4G/LTE Proxy solution named AIRSOCKS.


Concept of Blocked proxies

Facebook, Youtube,, VKontakte, Classmates, Avito, Yula and other large and International services have very well realized the importance of strong and reliable Proxy servers and learned to track through normal proxies and now they block user’s account much quicker. When you hide something or your online activities are objectionable or against the guidelines, you will be watched and then blocked.

AIRSOCKS Review - Mobile Proxy

However, one small yet important problem about the Proxy server is that working through classic proxies every day, becomes less efficient and after a point of time, you have to pay more for additional proxy servers.

Many Social networks and large online services most commonly use this technology to track visits through regular proxies. This allows them to become much more likely to interfere with normal work with your account.

The mobile proxy will efficiently help eliminate these and other problems.

Popular uses of Mobile Proxy

Account Registrars

Register accounts as a typical mobile user!

Followers and Likes

Put hounds and make reposts in huge quantities, as a whole community of users!


Send out all kinds of messages on all available channels (messengers, social networks, mail), everyone already does it!


Do you need to parse search results, post content, or is there a risk of blocking?
Continue to calmly do your work without worrying about blocking


Do not want to know about you? Block the desired social. network?
Make your presence on the network anonymous for everyone

Software Developers

Do you use automated promotion, SEO or private software?
We will help to protect your anonymity

AIRSOCKS Mobile 4G/LTE proxy

AIRSOCKS is a reliable and advances online service with proprietary software and hardware that efficiently simulate a typical website user’s behavior. They keep user’s information unexposed as well apart from traditional proxies, which is something much more advanced and effective than the traditional anonymizing.

AIRSOCKS Review - Mobile VPN

Once you start using AIRSOCKS, you will be identified as a man constantly on the move as if you are out for a trip to other parts of a city.

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Their efficient server claims to rid you off all the troubles connected with traditional proxies, thus ensuring that your results will multiply.

AIRSOCKS has internationally made a name for itself by being committed to all their promises and delivering customized solutions. Their dedication, commitment and hard work behind the curtain together with outstanding technical expertise have today made them one of the best proxy services in Russia, and are well on route to becoming one of the world’s leaders.

Popularity of 4G/LTE proxy solution

AIRSOCKS has internationally popularized the importance and use of 4G/LTE proxy servers. They effectively use the right mix of proprietary software and hardware development of mobile proxy, with which servers will define its users as a typical mobile user. This feature will further allow you to go into socially blocked societies in your country, network and for other purposes as well.

Advantages of using a 4G/LTE proxy

The top most advantage of using a 4G/LTE Mobile Proxy is that it effectively reduces the risk of blocking almost to zero.

As mentioned earlier, AIRSOCKS uses its own set of software and hardware development that make servers define you as a typical mobile user, thus reducing the risk of getting blocked.

In contrast to the usual proxy, a 4G/LTE Mobile Proxy server does not log your traffic and do not disclose any information about the user.

What will you get by trying AIRSOCKS?

Strong warranty

All proxies are under their control and they can guarantee trouble-free operation.

Huge traffic

You can pass through their proxy at least 25 GB daily

AIRSOCKS Review - All Features


They do not log your traffic and are NOT associated with botnets or other illegal activities of proxy sellers. They are completely legal!

Effective technical support

They will respond to ALL in Telegrams  and VCs, faster than anyone else!

AIRSOCKS: Highlight features

  • They keep track of all proxies, so they will never stop working at once.
  • If you have paid but found out in the middle of the process that their service is not right for you, they negotiate and even COMPENSATE if necessary.
  • They are constantly evolving. Be ready for 50 new features every week.
  • We do not keep log of your traffic and do not disclose real information about the user, in contrast to the usual proxy.
  • We have nothing to do with botnets and other illegal activities of proxy sellers.
  • It is 100% legal!
  • Their service is not identified as a proxy. Their server sees you as an ordinary mobile user.

AIRSOCKS Review - Features

  • They block “black” traffic associated with carding and hacking.
  • They run specials and offer discounts often, so watch the news not to miss them.
  • Special offers for their regular customers.
  • Their services are way more cost-effective than anything on the market.
  • Their free support is absolutely unmatched.
  • The speed of their proxies is much faster than any other traditional proxy server. They also provide the right speed for every task.
  • Their support works in all messengers as well as by e-mail, but they can provide standard FQ list as well.
  • They work with all major instant payment options.
  • Users will get an instant access right away, without waiting for any verification procedures.

Major pros of AIRSOCKS

I personally have used the AIRSOCKS 4G/LTE Mobile proxy server and have worked with a few of my colleagues with it on their respective projects as well and these are the major pros that we came out with.

Mobile Proxy 4G - AIRSOCKS Review

  • Access to all social networks
  • Change IP with a frequency of 120 seconds
  • Effective technical support
  • Do not store your logs
  • Support for up-to-date protocols
  • All network ports are open
  • Authorization by login: pass or binding to your IP
  • Unlimited bandwidth with Mobile IP
  • Free test

Rates and Pricing

The unique thing about AIRSOCKS mobile proxy is that they don’t have any fixed or concrete list of plans. They have no monthly or yearly subscription or any premium sign up.

Mobile Proxy Rate - AIRSOCKS Review

What AIRSOCKS offers is a unique and useful way of creating your own plan by selecting your desired proxy servers. The only thing that they mention as a prerequisite is that you need to purchase AT LEAST 2 PROXIES.

Once you have selected your desired proxy, you can calculate the individual fare instantly on the proxy fare calculator on their website and then pay accordingly.

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Apart from this, in case you are not sure if their services are worth your money or not, you can also sign up for free 2-hour trial. Visit their official website for more information regarding their features, services, rate calculator and more.


AIRSOCKS is a RUSSIAN Mobile Proxy online service, so when you open their site initially, the entire content will be in Russian. Translate in English to go to their website more conveniently.


I personally believe that the entire concept of Proxy servers (IPV4 & IPV6) and their working is slightly complicated to understand for a regular human being. However, AIRSOCKS has taken the initiative of spreading the knowledge and importance of Mobile Proxy servers much gracefully.

A properly functioning Proxy server is always an important component for major websites, especially for online account services and social networking platforms. Such reliable Proxy servers help track and block user’s account much quicker if your online activities are objectionable or against the guidelines.

AIRSOCKS effective set of proprietary software and hardware development of mobile proxy helps servers define its users as a typical mobile user and reduces the chances of getting blocked to nearly zero.

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