Albacross Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2020: Upto 30% Off

Albacross Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal
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Ease To Use




  • Capturing website visitors
  • Detailed Activity Tracking
  • Connect with decision makers
  • Filtering & tagging
  • 90 days history
  • 14 days free trial
  • New Campaign Tab
  • Integrate 1000+ apps
  • Unlimited visitors and companies


  • It was a pretty difficult sign up process!
  • Price is the main concern of this software

Are you looking for Albacross Black Friday Cyber Monday deal? You got the best discounts running on Albacross Black Friday offers, Albacross is offering 30% off for 3 months with the coupon CYBERBUNDLE.

Albacross Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2020 Save Upto 30% Hurry

Albacross is a lead generation service for B2B that tracks who visits your website and get the information from which company they are.

After, you can use this information in the sales process along with the detailed company info, including email addresses and phone numbers. Albacross is also featuring a Zapier integration, that allows you to transfer your leads to almost any CRM or set up the real-time notifications about the new leads via your preferable channel.

Albacross impresses me. Also, your homepage is well thought out, with important elements on the screen. Here we are presented with the fact that global brands such as Mercedes, BMW, KPMG, and Pirelli are in Albacross.

From there, we learn that 14,000 companies are using their tool to generate 3 million potential customers with thirty million visitors. This is an impressive 10% success rate.

Albacross black friday sales offer
Updated Albacross black Friday sales deals

But the backend impressed me more.

Albacross Features

  • Capture Website Visitors
  • Turn Them Into Prospects
  • Identify Decision Makers
  • Learn How To Properly Approach Companies
  • Track Website Activity

Why choose Albacross?

The moment he loses his visitors and gives up hope for recovery, Albacross is practical at that moment. Overall, 98% of visitors are not covered by a website, even though they’ve worked hard and used dozens of email collection tools. Albacross helps him identify these visitors and find a way to hope to regain them.

  • Amazing Board
  • Track Labs
  • New campaign tab
  • Generate reports
  • Lead Export


Albacross account-based marketing

Albacross provides account-based marketing to specific companies by showing relevant ads.

By targeting high-quality accounts, this marketing method increases the return on investment and gives your business a huge boost.

In Account Marketing, Albacross enables you to select companies that are looking for new prospects with filters such as industry, income, location, and so on.

You can set your daily budget for any period and set the start date. In a few minutes, you can start your campaign.

Analyze your campaigns and identify your order book with an intuitive dashboard.

By displaying impressive banners (supports the JPG, PNG and HTML5 formats), you can capture maximum traffic.

Conclusion: Albacross Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale | 30% OFF Hurry

I hope you enjoy Albacross Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2020 Save Upto 30% Hurry and this is the best time to grab deals on Albacross.

Albacross tells you exactly who’s visiting your website and how to reach them.

Black Friday Deal: Get 30% off for 3 months.
Use coupon code “CYBERBUNDLE”

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