Awesummly 2018: A Short News App Company By Nitin Mishra

Smartphones are one of an essential needs that everyone owns these days. Along with these smartphones comes the unending lineup of apps that are the real gems hiding in our phone. These apps have made our life so much easier, better and fun.

One among those powerful apps is Awesummly. It is a real-time short news app that brings in news from all over the world and summarizes it in just 60-80 words. Yes, you heard it right! Not only this app provides you with the real-time best news but it also saves your time.

Awesummly Review- Instant Short News App

We know the pain when we are in a hurry and miss the hottest gossip of the town. But worry not because this app acts as a savior for you. Keeping in mind about your preference, Awesummly helps you to build your news feed with the story that you are interested in.

Are you a cricket lover? Then let me tell you that be ready to take your experience to the next level with the live score, commentaries, and notifications. Not just this, Awesummly is a complete ad-free platform where you don’t have to bother about ads popping up every single second.

This app has many more features that make it stand out from rest of the short news apps. Awesummly is the best way to get informed. You can also read short news directly from their website.

Let’s have a quick look at how and when all these started?

Spending relaxing times with the family members is always the choice for everyone but one rarely has the guts to think much beyond their simple lives. Either they don’t think of wasting their leisure time in planning these nasty things or are throttled down their way of the implementing the projects.

But this man alone became a reason for this company to host the flag on the heights of the sky. I am none other talking about Nitin Mishra whose Prodigy thinkings and the courage to establish a unique fame in the market let him take the small steps which late turned into a revolution.

Awesummly Review- Instant Short News App

A power shut down in Gurgaon let that historical night to enlightened the way of the future, when first of all Nitin Mishra met Deepak. They discussed the daily problems of a common man regarding the missing of the daily gossips of the world due to the pressure of the overpowering work.

They thought of a unique app that could be far beyond the control of the time and so everyone would be able to read the news without facing the catastrophic effect of the blabbered news. But the path was not easy and a number of hurdles and obstacles were sitting to cover them within their arm.

But find Ankit on their way who proves to be a shield for their work. In the initial stage, they suffer a number of downfalls due to the lack of the dedicated team members and so alone took the whole pressure of the work on their determined shoulders. The rest you all know.


Well, started by the Three Musketeers – Nitin Mishra, Deepak Mishra, and Ankit Dhawan. This team has grown more in numbers and has more dedicated members who work hours and end for the growth and success of this company.

nitin mishra

Well, here I will mainly focus on the founder of this company whose ideas bombarded the world of news. After doing M.Tech in Computer Science he can earn a handsome salary and can enjoy the rest of his life with peace. But he had other plans for himself.

He saw the people running for their work leaving the daily gossips of the world and so his mind turned to develop an app that would take care of all the problems. In his interview, he clearly specifies that he was very much fascinated by the Entrepreneurs and above all their hard work and the way of thinking.

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I must say these fascinating and the overpowering words will be limited enough to build a bridge between praise and appreciation.

Fundings And The Daily Views

A company that has created a benchmark for the other startups has received a lot of fundings and investment from the famous personalities. The app has received an enormous funding of $146 from Vivek Bhargava, chief executive of Digital Marketing Agency and Ameera Shah promoting manager of the Metropolis Healthcare.

Awesummly Review- Features


The app has been rated 4.7 on Play Store which is itself enough to fly it high to the heights of success. The app generates 15000 news daily with a visit of 26000 new users each time fascinated by the exciting features of it. The page view is more than 52000 which is itself to speak of its position in the market.

Awesummly Review

Revenue Model

Their initial plan was to go with the ad-based model, but after a lot of distractions and downfalls in the way, they further move on to the subscription-based model. In this mentioned model, the company provides API to the news agencies thus earning the maximum profit from it.

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