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One of the most popular platforms for creating a great website, application, or even a blog is WordPress, and we all are quite familiar with it, right? 

WordPress gives you some really beautiful designs along with the freedom of experimentation. About 35% of webpages are created using WordPress because it is free and the configuration is quite easy. 

Furthermore, the designs are customizable, WordPress is SEO friendly, can be accessed easily, and is very responsive. Along with these features, it would be wise to opt for  WordPress Themes to build up your online website. 

There are many themes to select from depending on the requirements i.e., for business or a blog or a magazine or for education, etc. If you are in need of a theme with multiple features and which is ideal for multiple sites, then you could choose the multipurpose themes.

 A multipurpose theme must be suitable for multiple websites, must be responsive, have a high-speed performance, must be well coded, and should also be compatible with the page builder. 

This is where Bingle, the Multipurpose Theme from WordPress comes in. It has amazing features and the best part – its free! Read on to know more about this multipurpose theme from WordPress.

Bingle Review 2023 | Should You Really Buy It?

 In-Depth Bingle Review

Bingle is a WordPress theme that is a customizer and is Elementor based. This is a free theme offered by WordPress yet it is quite versatile and it is great to build a website that is niche-based or even a multipurpose one. 

If you want to create an application, or a blog, or event, or any kind of website, then you must opt for Bingle. It includes 10 very creative starter websites to choose from. You can select any starter website which is inbuilt with Elementor and it can be customized as per your requirement. 

Bingle Review - Bingle

There are plenty of customization options. Bingle has around 10 preset layouts for the header, a custom footer builder, many page layouts, and a lot more that will help you design a very elegant and unique website.

Bingle: Features

Bingle - Features

  1. Header Layouts that are Customizer based along with a custom header builder

Bingle has about 10 preset layouts for the header and footer. These can be personalized as per your preference regarding your online site. In case you prefer a different color for the header, you can change it easily as per your preference. There are many header elements to choose from and they can be re-ordered easily through the drag and drop feature.

  1. Footer Layouts and Footer Builder

Bingle has about 3 preset footer layouts which are Customizer based along with its custom footer builder. There are different column options for the widgets to choose from. You can choose any style, change the background of the footer, color of text, header, etc. You can also enable the option of custom footer too.

  1. PreBuilt Stater Websites

Bingle is ideal for blog sites,  WooCommerce, business, or any niche website site. It offers you 10 different prebuilt starter websites and you can choose from any. 

Make sure you preview them before you get it installed as it will give you an idea as to which is best suited for your site. All the starter websites are built using Elementor – so it’s easy to customize and gives you limitless layout and styling options.

  1. Inner page options

Bingle offers many inner page options to choose from. You could opt for the front-page style of navigation, or boxed navigation or stick to the top or transparent navigation bar. 

You can also choose the color and thickness of the border. There are options for a blog or archive page as well as a single post/page. You can also hide/display and reorder carious elements with the drag and drop feature.

  1. One-Click Installer

Bingle also has a one-click installer that will give you all that you need in just one click and this will not affect any of your present data and information.

  1. Elementor Compatible 

Elementor is a very popular page builder plugin in WordPress which enables you to create some custom layouts easily for your pages on WordPress. Because it is popular, a lot of WordPress themes have been specifically made with Elementor compatibility.

  1. Retina Ready & Responsive

Bingle is retina-ready and permits graphics as well as images that are present at a greater resolution with higher pixels in a square inch.

  1. SEO Optimized

It is also SEO optimized and this helps the websites climb up the rankings of search engines, increases traffic, and also helps in maximizing ad revenue quickly.

  1. High-Speed Performance

It is essential to have a website that is fast and this is important for user experience, Google rankings, rate of conversion, and also engagement metrics like the bounce rates. The theme plays an important role in ensuring your site loads quickly.

  1. Social Media Integration

You can easily integrate social media in the header and footer.

Bingle – How to start off with this Theme?

Bingle is available free of cost. The first important task is to download it from the WordPress dashboard, install and activate it. On activation, you are taken to the welcome page and you can notice a button which indicates “10 ready to use starter websites”. 

Bingle - OverView

Once you click on this, you will be requested to install the Access Demo Imported plugin. So you have to click on the “Install and activate” button.  

Once this is activated, you can choose from the 10 starter sites available. You can select the best and easy option for you. 

You need to click on import and next, you must install all the recommended plugins to ensure the starter site functions in the same way as depicted in the demo. You can start importing the data you wish to import and can start working on your website.

In case your site already has content, there is a possibility of the old and new content getting mixed up. So, it is recommended to install a fresh WordPress installation. The Elementor, WooCommerce, and WPBakery plugins can be installed and activated. 

Once this is done, the site can be customized as required. Be it the header, sidebars, footer, colors, widgets, menus, homepage, and every single corner can be utilized well. There is documentation available in case you need assistance in terms of customization. 

Bingle – Starter sites (Demos)

Bingle has more than 10 Prebuilt demo-layouts that are available and can be customized easily. They are:

 Bingle Demo Theme

  1. Minimal theme:

This is perfect if you are looking for a minimalistic theme for your website or blog. 

  1. Event Theme

If you are looking for a theme that can be used to create events, then this theme is apt for you. You can add details about the event, the schedule, manage bookings, etc.

 Bingle Demo Theme

  1. Law Theme

For those law agencies, law firms, etc., who wish to have a professional theme for their line of work, the law theme is a perfect fit. The legal industry focuses on many core values like trust, reliability, compassion, and professionalism, which must be conveyed through your website as well.

  1. Dental Theme

For a dental clinic, Medical clinic, Personal Dental Practice, Dental Care, and any kind of Dentistry Services, this is the best theme. It has a unique professional design that is perfect to create your online presence. The design is 100% responsive and can be used on most of the handheld devices. It has all the required features such as testimonial, facilities, blog, doctor profile, booking of online appointments, etc. 

  1. WooCommerce Theme

This theme is great for most of the businesses indulging in e-commerce, where visitors can check the products of the business and purchase them online as well. It enables you to create a highly professional, modern online store with all the necessary widgets and premium features.

Woo commerce - Theme

  1. Education Theme

If you are an online education service provider or an educational institution, you can make use of this theme to inform students of the various courses being offered and wherein they can also download the brochures and applications needed.

  1. Resume Theme

In case you wish to promote your services and skills online, then you must get yourself a personal resume website of top-quality. This is good for those who work in areas like designing, art, photography, etc., where there is a need to publish images of their work.

  1. Blog theme

This theme is apt for bloggers and has all the required features along with required plugins

Blog - Theme

  1. Gym Theme

The Gym theme can be considered in case you are looking for a theme rich in features that can be used for websites in the industry of health and fitness. The theme is responsive, SEO-optimized, and has essential features like class schedules, a filterable trainers page, admin panel, and much more.

  1. Construction Theme

Construction Theme is a business theme that has been created particularly for construction or building companies or those offering building services.

Pricing Plan Bingle Review

 Bingle Review - Pricing Plan

Bingle Review documentation: 

Bingle gives you all the necessary details on the installation of themes, demo, importing the theme,  elements of header and footer, settings of header and footer, menus, widgets, etc., which enables you to customize the page as required. The documentation provided by Bingle is available to ensure the process of installation, importing, and customizing the themes is smooth and easy.

How to import starter sites (demos)

To import the starter sites, you have to download Bingle, install, and activate the Access Demo Imported plugin. Once the activation is complete, you can select from any of the ten starter sites. 

On selecting the site, you have to import and install all the recommended plugins for the site to function as indicated. 

The video linked here will take you through the process of importing the starter sites. 

Bingle – Why should you use it?

This is quite a versatile theme that gives you 10 starter websites to create your blog, business, event, medical, law, minimal, education website, and a lot more.

The demos have been built with Elementor and there is an option to import the prebuilt demo content quickly. With this theme web pages that are visually appealing can be created easily and quickly. 


There are many customization options, custom footer builder, many page layouts, 10 preset layouts for the header, inner page options, etc. Bingle is nothing but a theme that is Gutenberg ready. 

Bingle is compatible with various WP plugins and is optimized for search engines as well as speed. It is retina ready and has support too. In case you need a theme that is completely customizable which does not require any technical skills, then Bingle is apt for you!

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Conclusion: Bingle Review 2023 

Bingle is a theme that has a minimalistic design yet has some powerful features. It has some impressive starter websites and takes care of most of the requirements. 

The theme has been downloaded quite frequently which proves its popularity. Features like free lifetime support, updates, etc., simply cannot be ignored.

 This multipurpose theme gives you the scope to learn more and experience more.


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