Why Should You Attend Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Manila, Philippines?

Blockchain is the backbone of the digital age. It is a block of all the data arranged in data. There are an immensely large number of Blockchain events in the world. Smile-Expo organises a number of events every year including Blockchain Events, 3d Print, AI and others. Blockchain Conference is going to take place in Phillippines for the second time.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines: Why Should You Attend It?

Date: 6th December 2018

Blockchain Conference Philippines

Smile-Expo is organising another major event ‘Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference’ in the capital city of Philippines, Manila this year. This will be the second major event on Blockchain in Philippines this year.

The conference will gather large number of experts and the delegates from different fields this year talking about the technology.

Why Philippines for Blockchain?

Philippines is one of the most advanced countries in Asia. It will pose a major potential for DLT development.

The country has an established Blockchain Association of the Philippines (BAP), which aims at educating the population about the technology and businesses to enhance further innovations.

Philippines has also the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) which (CEZA) has already given licenses to 19 different crypto exchanges. It has also one of the DLT based companies which are an advanced crypto payment app- Coins.ph

Who Will Attend It?

  • The event will be attended by Arvie de Vera, the Head of Fintech Business Group at UnionBank of the Philippines. The financial organization is one of the largest banks in the country.
  • The speakers will also include James Florentino, CEO at MergeCommit – a company that plans to become the first DLT-based organization in Southeast Asia by 2025.
  • Lito Villanueva, Chairman at FinTechAlliance.ph – a collaboration of digital finance experts who plan to improve the country’s economy, will talk during the conference.
  • Luis Buenaventura, CTO of BloomSolutions, will emphasize topical DLT issues in his presentation as well. Its total volume processed since inception has exceeded $125,000,000 as of March 2018, making it one of the most successful DLT remittance startups in the world.
  • The event will also be joined by the Business Owner at crypto wallet provider Tagcash –Mark Vernon.
  • The conference’s program will also feature the panel discussion where professionals will talk about smart and legal contracts.
  • One of the discussion’s participants will be Rafael Padilla who has been one of the founders of BAP.

The event will also be joined by the technology developers, entrepreneurs, investors and miners. Among the participants, there will be representatives of the leading organizations and top industry specialists.

Exhibition Area & Startups

There will be an exhibition area in the conference. The attendees will have a chance
to discover new mining hardware, crypto payments solutions and DLT-based apps.

There will also be a stage for Startups where they will get the opportunity to find investments, as they will share ideas and introduce their brands during the pitch sessions. The most interesting initiative will get the capital for further development of the project.

The guests will be able to find the new business partners to cooperate in the future. They can use this opportunity during networking.


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