How Blockchain: Rethink Trust Will Help You Grow Your Money?

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Almost all of us are curious to know about the Blockchain and how it can help us grow and make money. Well!! you have got the best and most iconic Blockchain event in the Europe.

About Blockchain: Rethink Trust

When: Friday, June 29 2018

Blockchain rethink trust

Intellectsoft, global software development company with a focus on the latest tech will co-host the Blockchain: Rethink Trust event with By the Bay events series on 29 June 2018. It has currently hosted a number of events in silicon valley. This time the event will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The main objective of the event is to understand the Blockchain engineering. 

The conference will challenge the traditional ideas about blockchain. Besides this, the event will also cover some topics like 

integration and adoption of blockchain across key industries, properties of blockchain protocols, distributed systems in Big Data, and have coding workshops on building Hyperledger and blockchain solutions.


Blockchain: Rethink Trust will have gatherers from the corporate world such as top engineers, C-level executives, and blockchain enthusiasts. Also, it will have key personalities such as the executive leaders from IBM and ING and feature top tech talent from around the world in Internet of Things (IoT), energy, fintech, and other industries. 

These attendees and speakers will share their experience about the Blockchain and how to monetize the Blockchain. They will also discuss the regulatory trends and provide strategic partnership for the private blockchain development.

About the Organizers


Intellectsoft is global software engineering company that assists the businesses to overcome various digital transformation challenges by using the latest and emerging technologies such as Cognitive Computing, Decentralized Applications, IoT, and Augmented Reality.  It has also IT consulting companies, CX design and development of custom products. The company was founded in 2007. It operates in multiple offices with various centers in The US, UK, The company’s headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California

By the Bay

By the Bay has been in the field of organizing the tech events for 5 years preferably in San Francisco Bay Area. It focuses on  on learning, open-source excellence, and industry-oriented approaches.  The company has formed the data engineering and data science communities lately. It manages to gather over 500 top level executives in each of its events. 

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