Blogmint Meetup 2nd May 2015 – Connecting Brands and Bloggers

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On 02 May 2015 (Saturday), I attended the ‘Connecting Brands and Bloggers’ meet organized by Blogmint.  Blogmint is the emerging platform in India to connect bloggers and brands together. I was eager  to be there  in Blogmint meet up as I was one of the keen panellist in Blogmint. So you guys eager  to know what is Blogmint and how it can help you to get connect with brands.

Introducing Blogmint


Blogmint entered the digital market at an opportune time, amidst exponential growth of digital media and blogging industry. Blogmint is India’s first influencer marketing marketplace that connects brands and bloggers. It’s all about blogging vlogging in all.

It is an initiative of TO THE NEW Ventures, offering bloggers and brands a completely automated platform to connect, organize and participate in various campaigns. Blogmint connects with bloggers, vloggers (video bloggers) and micro-bloggers. So there is lot  of buzz about Blogmint in Indian blogosphere.

The team is headed by Irfan Khan, the CEO.

Pleased to see that I among  one of the top featured blogger on Blogmint platform.

blogmint bloggers

I was one of the panelist in Blogmint meet.

blogmint meet india may 2nd blogmint panel  discussion india meet up  2015 blogmint panel  discussion

blogmint meet up in delhi 22nd may 2015

1) Rahul Prabhakar

He is the technical writer evangelist of the South Asian community, promoting technical communication not just as a job but rather an excellent career choice.

Rahul’s Blog

2) Gaurav Jaggi

He is an online marketer and blogger with expansive interest in the digital marketing industry.

Gaurav’s blog

3) Anurag Ajmera

He is a quite an effervescent blogger and a very diplomatic person, something everyone got to know during the event.

Anurag’s blog

4) Jaideep Khanduja

He is a multi-niche blogger, running a lot of blogs. The best thing is that his whole family blogs!

Jaideep’s blog

5) Myself( Jitendra Vaswani)

The panellists shared their personal blogging journey, growth in digital marketing era, how the blogging has became important of any big company who are looking for exposure in online world.

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Overall attending blogmint meet was fun and I made some new friends there. It was pleasure to be part of Blogmint meet. Hoping to see more from blogmint.

Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle and founder of  internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide & contributor of “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2”. He had trained 10000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  Investor in Imagestation Newsmartwave . Check out his portfolio( Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

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  1. Such platforms not only help Bloggers like me to connect with Brands but also connect with other fellow bloggers (influencers)

    Very good initiative by blogmint.

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