BrandPush Review In 2024– Write And Publish A Press Release For Your Brand

In this article, I am going to share with you an in-depth BrandPush Review.

Do you want your press release content to be included on a network of more than 200 influential news sites?

BrandPush Review

Do you want your material to be seen by a monthly audience of 100 million people?

Do you wish to increase the visibility and search rankings of your content?

If yes, then you are reading just the right post with the right solution to these questions! The ideal solution to ensure maximum possible exposure if your press release contents are to use Press Release Distribution services.

What is a Press Release Service?

A press release is, first and foremost, a short, compelling news story written by a public relations professional and distributed to targeted members of the media.

A standard press release should be written in the third person, cite quotes and sources, and include standard press release information. A press release’s purpose is to generate interest and build the reputation of a brand.

They are often used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help build backlinks to a website to push it higher on Google’s ranking, and by internet, marketers to get more website visitors and sales.

A press release service is a platform that distributes your brand’s image to your target audience and many locations via press releases.

Once you’ve distributed your press release, it will appear in the search results of most search engines, news outlets, and other sources. Journalists may come upon your press release when searching for releases related to organizations and businesses, giving your brand extra exposure.

Need a Reliable Press Release Distribution Service?

You can use the internet to research a number of top Push Notification providers that provide the best features at reasonable pricing. But how can you choose the best press release distribution service when there are so many to choose from?

In this post, we will take you through an elaborate review of BrandPush, a solution to all your press release and content publication worries.

What is BrandPush?

brandpush review

BrandPush is a press release distribution company based in Estonia that was founded in 2014. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular press release distribution services in the world.

If you want your news to appear higher in search results, BrandPush can help by publishing it on its network.

BrandPush guarantees that your content will be published on 200 news sites or your money back. They also guarantee to publish on NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, and Google News affiliates when you choose our renowned news network.

This is a fantastic approach to boosting your brand’s visibility and SEO rankings. It might also assist you in gaining the trust of your clients and increasing sales.

BrandPush also offers press release writing services to ensure that the content produced is professional and suited for online performance.

They give a complete performance report within 5-10 days of ordering, showing all of the sites where the press release was published, making tracking performance quick and easy.

Reputation of BrandPush

BrandPush continues to receive nothing but good feedback. Potential clients can examine fair and unbiased opinions about the quality of the company’s services by visiting independent review portals.

On Facebook, BrandPush achieved a 5-star rating based on the opinions of six users. The service was lauded by the reviewers, who described it as efficient and of good value.

We also identified over 60 reviews on Trustpilot, with a 4.6 out of 5-star rating for BrandPush. The majority of the response has been positive, with users praising BrandPush’s services for their quality and efficiency.

Why Would I Need BrandPush?

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Assume you own an online store where you sell skincare, weight loss, service, and other things to a thousand people, and you decide to use BrandPush.

Unlike many other distribution businesses, they do not burden you with confidential documents or a lengthy registration process. The following is a list of all the information you must provide:

  • A topic for the article
  • A link to your website
  • Your business contact details

That’s it; those are the three items you need to send to BrandPush, and all you have to do then is wait and prepare to be famous in a week.

Because they will distribute your piece to over 200 high-profile news outlets, including NBC, FOX, CBS, USA Today, and Google News affiliates.

What Can You Do With BrandPush?

When it comes to expanding the reach of your brand’s online published material, BrandPush is one of the few solid options. Users have praised and praised the application for delivering the quickest and most efficient outcomes.

If you are planning to try BrandPush, then here are some key things you would be able to do with the tool.

  • Get Your Press Release Featured In Only 7 Days!

Are you looking for more exposure? BrandPush has a staff of talented writers who can develop the ideal news story to pique your audience’s interest in your company.

They then syndicate the story to over 200 news outlets, resulting in tremendous exposure and possibly sales! Begin today, and you’ll be published in only seven days.

  • Get Qualified Authentic Buyers

Do you require additional exposure? BrandPush has a staff of talented writers who can develop the ideal news story to pique your audience’s interest in your company.

  • Get Ranked Higher in Google Searches

BrandPush news stories frequently appear on Google’s first page for your keywords, resulting in increased traffic to your website.

Links from these news sources are seen as high-authority recommendations by search engines, helping to boost your search position.

  • Get Verified On Social Media

BrandPush articles demonstrate that you and your brand are public personalities of interest who want verification. Many of our clients utilize our articles to obtain verification on social networking networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

  • Increase Your Sales

Install the “As seen on FOX, CBS, and NBC” trust badge on your website to increase conversions. By instilling trust and legitimacy in your visitors, this emblem can increase conversion rates by up to 48%.

Plans & Prices

brandpush pricing plans

BrandPush currently offers users to choose among three different packages: Starter, Plus, and Pro.

Starter Package

Price: $195 per release

  • This package is best suited for SEO specialists and experienced writers.
  • Your article will be featured on CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today stations, as well as Google News.
  • In addition, you’ll receive 200 news articles, an “As seen on” website Trust Badge, and a comprehensive report with live connections.

Plus Package

Price: $229 per release

  • Influencers and small enterprises will benefit from this strategy.
  • A team of expert writers will compose the story for you, which will include a 350-word piece and two edits, and it will be published on CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today stations, as well as Google News, after you approve it.
  • In addition, you’ll receive 200 news articles, an “As seen on” website Trust Badge, and a comprehensive report with live connections.

Pro Package

Price: $259 per release

  • This package is best suited for business and eCommerce websites.
  • This package includes a team of professional writers writing an article for you, which includes a 500-word piece and unlimited changes, and after you accept it, it will be published on CBS, Fox, NBC, and USA Today stations, as well as Google News.
  • In addition, you’ll receive 200 news articles, an “As seen on” website Trust Badge, and a comprehensive report with live connections.

Difference Between Starter, Plus, and Pro?

Apart from the Starter pack which is priced at $195 per release, BrandPush offers two exclusive packages, The Plus and Pro packs.

These packages include writing and cost $229 and $259 per release respectively for customers who require an improved choice.

The major difference that these two plans offer is that BrandPush will publish the article you create if you choose the Starter package, but if you choose Plus or Pro, its staff of expert writers will write the piece for you.

What Makes BrandPush Better Than Others?

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BrandPush presents many benefits when compared to its competitors. Highlights include:

  • Many other companies charge hundreds of dollars more for a single release, significantly more than BrandPush.
  • The high-quality news and media outlets include NBC, CBS, Fox, and 200 more.
  • They provide access to an “As Seen On…” trust badge, which has been shown to help convert website visitors into paying clients.
  • The ability to incorporate a photo and a video to aid in the performance of a press release; and much more.
  • Many smaller regional news sites are part of BrandPush’s distribution network. While many of them appeal to the US market, it also includes a few overseas sites, such as Malaysia Corner and Buzzing Asia.
  • The press release can include multiple images, links, and even YouTube embeds.

What Do We Like About BrandPush?

  • A single piece can cost hundreds of dollars, but with BrandPush, you won’t have to worry about that because you’ll be able to take advantage of their existing news contacts and knowledge while still paying a very low price.
  • The support service is very professional, and they are always eager to assist you in getting your article published as quickly as possible.
  • BrandPush saves me time, money, and effort in getting my article published in a timely manner, albeit it does take 5–10 days for BrandPush to finish an order, demonstrating that it is not a machine that performs all the work.
  • BrandPush’s news sites receive over 100 million monthly visits. Getting your brand published on the BrandPush network is a terrific way to increase brand awareness, receive hundreds of high-authority backlinks to your website to help SEO, and build customer confidence. You will almost certainly increase revenue and improve your search engine ranking.
  • If BrandPush is unable to publish an article about your company, there is a money-back guarantee. They’ll give you a complete refund.
  • Unlike many distribution service firms that require you to produce paperwork, their return policy is simply based on your pleasure.
  • Live links are included in distribution reports.
  • Depending on the package, the Plus and Pro plans include writing services as well as two or infinite revisions.
  • There are bulk savings available.

What Do We Not Like About BrandPush?

  • BrandPush is not an offline service; orders take 5–10 days to finish because your work is done by humans who are experts in this subject, and they take the time to examine everything to ensure you get the best.
  • Unpleasant Press (anything negative about a person, website, or corporation) and Adult Content are two categories that BrandPush does not accept (Anything that contains adult content, products, or services).
  • Within the article, BrandPush does not include any direct affiliate links.

BrandPush Customer Review

customer reviews

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Conclusion – BrandPush Review 2024

So, as we wrap up with this review, we’ll conclude that BrandPush actually is a very dependable solution if you’re looking for the best press release software in the 2024 market.

With just the right price tag and practical functions, BrandPush proves to be successful in boosting the reach and growth of your press release content to a much broader audience.

Strong performance, positive word of mouth, and tried and tested results prove BrandPush’s credibility!

Additional Advice

Keep in mind that employing a press release service does not guarantee that you will receive media attention or make the front pages. But it does ensure that you will reach your target audience and journalists, which is a significant accomplishment in and of itself.

So make sure you choose a solution that can meet all of your requirements, and your company will be well on its road to global renown!

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