Build a Website in 2 Months for Free with TemplateMonster’s Marathon

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Are you a business owner looking for an inexpensive way to get your brainchild to the web? Are you a startupper planning to get started with your first online project? Is there any way to learn how to build a website on your own without paying a single penny? Luckily, there is one project that is developed for people who are ambitious and have a strong desire to learn something new.

This is a : Marathon from TemplateMonster, as part of which everyone who enrolls has an opportunity to launch a website in 61 days for free. Just imagine that even beginners can get their own web studios started in some mere two months!

Build a Website in 2 Months for Free with TemplateMonster's Marathon

So, what is the marathon all about? This is an online educational course that includes both theoretical and practical lessons. Everyone who wants to learn something new, study examples provided by a qualified team of professionals, and launch your own web project in the end, is welcome to enroll. You do not need to look for a team of people who can work on the project with you.

There is no need to think about a CMS or a web hosting provider to choose for your website. Everything will be done for you. All that is needed from your side are creativity, persistence, and the desire to complete all tasks to “win”.
The marathon is more than just an ordinary set of “how to…” posts. It includes practical tips and tasks that are easy-to-follow for the users of different backgrounds and of all skill levels.

The marathon runs for 61 days. Each day you will be given a theoretical lesson to read. Practical tasks are scheduled for weekends, when you have more time to learn and keep thinking creatively. While the rules of the marathon are so simple and easy-to-follow, they are also strict enough. Every participant MUST complete all practical assignments, otherwise he/she will be disqualified without the permission to access any educational materials.
What particular benefits can you draw from the marathon?
This is a rather useful project. Here beginners can learn a lot of helpful stuff to launch an online business and start establishing contacts with partners/clients. Those people who are not new to web design and development can also roll in. Thus, they can learn new techniques and approaches to running an online business. They can also find answers to certain questions, etc.
In a word, upon completion of the marathon, every participant will be able to:

  • build a website on your own, without any extra help;
  • learn the legal aspect of running business;
  • manage teamwork;
  • motivate your team members;
  • schedule workflow properly, so that it balances the time for work and for rest;
  • learn the art of selling on the web;
  • learn how to work with freelancers;
  • learn how to find new clients;
  • discover how to settle bargains, etc.

Why is the marathon the best choice for me?

There plenty of reasons to enroll. On the first and greatest advantages of the marathon is that it doesn’t include any hidden fees. The free online course covers literally all aspects of getting started and running your own online business. Every participant of the marathon who completes all tasks in time and learns the theoretical part properly is guaranteed to build a web design studio in 61 days only.

It’s no secret that more and more people shift to working online. The latter has a number of benefits as well. Thus, you can work from anywhere, connect with your team members online, and combine rest with work from any spot on the Earth.
Building an online project, you can access foreign customers as well, depending on what kind of products or services you offer. There are plenty of tools for crafting multilingual websites, as well as extensions making it possible to translate your site’s content on-the-go. These and a whole lot of other aspects are highlighted in the online lectures.
TemplateMonster has also prepared cool prizes for everyone who completes the marathon successfully.

In addition to a live online project, you will get a special partnership offer from the website templates provider, and a number of additional gifts. Which ones? Enroll to find it out 😉
If your hands itch to get started right away, than what’s the reason to keep on waiting? Go ahead, enroll, learn the theory, complete the practical tasks, and launch your own web design studio in 61 days.
Once your project is live, please do not forget to share the results of your creative work with us and fellow readers. We guess everyone is interested to see what a website built in 2 months looks like.

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