How An Apprenticeship Can Be A Win-Win Experience For Businesses 2023

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Here’s How an Apprenticeship Can Be a Win-Win Experience

No matter where you are at in life: a business owner,  a new entrepreneur, someone who is trying to launch a side hustle, a student, or someone just trying to launch your career… whatever. No matter what you are doing, this article is for you.

Because an apprentice has the ability to help businesses out and, in return, is able to gain a positive learning experience for themselves so they can take the next step. A positive apprenticeship is a Win-Win scenario for everyone.

How An Apprenticeship Can Be A Win-Win Experience For Businesses 2023

Use an apprentice

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, influencer, or anyone running some sort of operation, an apprentice can be a huge asset to you. The opportunity to have someone take on the smaller tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture could allow you to grow your company to a level you never imagined before.

When the budget is tight, and you may not have the salary on hand to hire a full-time employee, a student apprentice offers an ambitious and eager look at how you are running things. They are hoping to gain valuable experience and move to the next step of their journey, so an experience to work hands-on is invaluable.

By using an apprentice, you are able to scale your business but also grow your brand.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself when preparing to hire an apprentice:

  1. What tasks do you need help with? What jobs would an apprentice work at?
  2. What is your goal for the apprentice? What can the apprentice benefit from working with you?
  3. What are 3 traits you are looking for in an apprentice?
  4. How will you organize the apprentices tasks and ensure they are done correctly.

Through the use of one apprentice, your company will save over $2000.

With GenM, we make it easy to find, filter, and interact with apprentices who want to work with you.

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Become an apprentice

A lot of people think an apprentice is just a student. And while students can certainly become an apprentice (and many do), anybody (no matter age or occupation) can become an apprentice in the hopes of launching a career in a certain field.

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Even after schooling, something you need to launch a career is real-life work experience. With no experience beforehand, it is tough to find a work opportunity that is paid. By completing a short apprenticeship, you’ll soon be able to apply for paying jobs in your field.


Even if you are in Canada or the U.K., you might get the chance to work with a Boston Digital Agency or another high quality company.

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It’s easy to become an apprentice, and there’s many different routes. Many schools will help their students find a suitable apprenticeship, some people will reach out to businesses in their field to offer their services as an apprentice, sometimes you can find apprenticeship opportunities through job boards or ads.

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Another option for becoming a digital marketing apprentice is through the online platform called GenM. Take free courses and gain work experience through an apprenticeship now!

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Conclusion: Apprenticeship Can Be A Win-Win Experience For Businesses

Through apprenticeships, both sides can benefit.

The business gains an extra hand so they can grow their business at an affordable rate. And the student gains valuable work experience so they can take that next step in their career and, ultimately, find the perfect, high-paying job!

By partnering to help each other grow, apprenticeships are a huge Win-Win experience everyone should consider!

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