Did you Join Clickbank University? The Secret Millionaire’s Bank

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Clickbank recently introduced Clickbank University program and this program is really worth investing for all budding internet marketers. So I am happy to share among all my growing bloggers who want to make more money online.

ClickBank is one of the largest online marketplaces for digital and physical products. It has been around for 16 years and has sold over 300 million products and has paid over $2.5 billion dollars to affiliates and vendors. An affiliate acts like a salesman and promotes and markets other people’s products for a specified commission per sale and a vendor is a product creator that sell their products online.

About the Creators Adam and Justin

Creators of clickbank university program

Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan became successful in affiliate marketing at a very young age and moved on to create their own products. They have been awarded the top young entrepreneurs in the United States and have generated millions of dollars from ClickBank alone.

Clickbank University 2014 review buy now

ClickBank university review - affiliate program

You and I are so lucky.

We live in a world where others have mapped out a route to generating wealth on the internet. And all WE have to do is follow in their footsteps. Imagine knowing exactly how the power users on ClickBank generate income. ClickBank has already created over 1000 millionaires. Yep. 1000. That’s INSANE!

Now it’s your turn.

Clickbank University Review - program make money online with clickbank

What if you could clearly SEE every step you need to take to build a ClickBank-powered business–for pennies on the dollar?

Now it’s finally possible. Why? Because ClickBank is unveiling the secrets behind their most successful users to create a one-of-a-kind training program. A program that harnesses the kind of intel you ONLY get from a company that’s already paid out  over $3 BILLION in affiliate commissions.

There’s no need to figure this all out for yourself. Follow a time-proven path to success on ClickBank with a roadmap created for you BY ClickBank.

It’s the nearest thing to “fool proof” I’ve ever seen. Take a look

Clickbank University 2014 review buy now

Who is ClickBank University For?

The university is for newbie to experienced internet marketers and vendors.

Quick Video for ClickBank University: How to make money with clickbank without a website


ClickBank University Training

Home- Adam and Justin welcome you here and instruct you on what to do.

Orientation- Here, you are encouraged to set up your profile. Adam and Justin also share their story and give you advice on getting started.

Site Builder-This feature has been unavailable since the product launched in March. It’s a software that will quickly and easily help you set up your product funnel including sales, thank you, launch, upsell, JV pages and membership sites in a few clicks.

Beginners- A serious of step by step training videos describing how to create your product from scratch. It takes you through choosing your passion (niche) and making a product to uploading the product on ClickBank.

ClickBank University Support

Online support is provided through their ticket system, weekly live question and answer sessions, and access to a community forum where you can engage with other members. You can also comment under their training videos and get in touch with Justin and Adam on their Facebook page.

How Much Does ClickBank University Cost?

ClickBank University offers a $1 seven day limited trial. After that, you will be billed $97 every month unless you cancel.

Orientation– Here, you’re inspired to line up your profile. Adam and Justin conjointly share their story and provides you recommendation on getting started.

Site Builder-This feature has been inaccessible since the merchandise launched in March. It’s a software which will quickly and simply assist you set up your product funnel as well as sales, thank you, launch, upsell, jv pages and membership sites in exceedingly few clicks.

Beginners– a significant of step by step coaching videos describing a way to produce your product from scratch. It takes you thru selecting your passion (niche) and creating a product to uploading the merchandise on ClickBank.

Clickbank University 2014 review buy now

Product Creation coaching

clickbank university review book the spot

Advanced– Advanced techniques to own a lot of success along with your product as well as optimizing your sales funnel, mobile optimisation, fitting an exit appear page, split testing (this is testing out your sales page with completely different phraseology or pictures to research that one converts the best), jv partnerships, list management, using webinars to sell merchandise, outsourcing, customizing order forms and reducing refunds are a number of the coaching that are found here.

Some internal images from university:

clickbank university review member areas 2 clickbank university review member areas community

clickbank university review member areas

Affiliate Marketing– an introduction on becoming an affiliate merchandiser for ClickBank. Some subjects coated embody e-mail, social, pay per click, and video promoting. The video trainings aren’tfull.

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Classes– Live on-line training hosted by Adam and Justin fourfold per month wherever you’ll be able to raise any queries live.

University Talks– Here, Adam & Justin share their selling experiences. These are bi-weekly live video coaching and previously recorded webinars where thriving ClickBank entrepreneurs share their expertise and techniques. Learn their tested path to success and learn from their mistakes.

Done for you- A done for you sales promoting funnel that may price you $500 to $10,000! there’s no fastened worth for this because they’re having you choose what quantity you wish to pay. you’ll be able to save plenty of cash doing this on your own.

Community– this is often a forum with completely different niche topics where you’ll be able to act with different members. you’ll be able to share tips and make jv swaps (promoting every others merchandise to completely different lists) and where you can get facilitate.

Did you Joined Clickbank University The Secret Millionaires Bank

See Real Testimonials from Folks who have joined Clickbank University 

Clickbank University Review Testimonials

Clickbank University Review Testimonials 2

Clickbanks Guarantee

Clickbank University Review - Program Guaranteed make money

ClickBank University at a Glance…

Product Name: ClickBank University
Website: http://www.clickbank.com/university/
Price: $1 7 day trial, $97 per month
Owners: Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan
Overall Rank: 4 out of 5 stars


Do you have a personal review or complaint that you would like to share about ClickBank University? If you do, I would appreciate it if you could leave your comments below! Do you have any questions regarding this program feel free to contact me , I would be happy to assist you .

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