Comindware Tracker Software Review: Overview & Features

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Product Overview

  1. Pricing: Comindware Tracker is priced at a feasible price depending upon clients requirement. A free 30-day trial is also available. There are specialized discount rates offered by the Sales Department as per specific needs and under certain circumstances.
  2. Technology: Comindware Tracker is available as both an on-premise and SaaS solution.
  3. Social Presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.
  4. Target Group&Languages supported:The software is for companies of all sizes whose interest is to streamline their operations to achieve an effortless and seamless online office that is capable of rendering maximum support to their core business operations in an efficient, effective, economical and highly rewarding manner.Current update supports two international languages – English and Deutsch.

Commindware Workflow Builder

Comindware Tracker is an online business process management software and a collaborative workflow tool allowing to streamline routine processes and make businesses truly agile and immensely powerful. Using Elastic Data technology, Comindware Tracker provides flexibility for supporting each and every unpredictable business process. Additionally, Comindware Tasks for Outlook brings professional process and task management functionality natively into MS Outlook.

Comindware Tracker  provides with the real-time control of processing the business requirements and handling them in an easier and faster environment than the contemporary Business Process Management traditional allows.

Key Features of the state-of-the art workflow system

Comindware Tracker Software Review

  • Flexible business process and workflow modeling
  • Adaptive run-time/execution that allows to remodel and adjust the process flow
  • Powerful web-forms designer
  • Ready-to-use business applications for IT operations, finance and administration, HR and other
  • Easy and cost-efficient implementation that covers end-to-end services starting with business case analysis

Comindware® ConnectStep® technology encompasses both business process management and task management under a single professional entity; a work management system that customer’s can use to create, assign and manage tasks single-handedly. Readily available departmental solutions assist in automating processes into the various methodologies across the organization in departments such as IT, finance, administration, operations, HR, customer service, sales, marketing and engineering etc.

Comindware Tracker provides all the essentials of traditional BPMS along with benefits such as advanced and faster implementation, an easier process setup and a better value for your money.

Benefits and Product Strengths

Comindware Tracker Solutions

  • Highly customizable functionalities: All of Comindware Tracker software functionalities are easily customizable to suit the customer’s unique business requirements.
  • Workflow Process Automation and Management: A Graphical Workflow Builder has been incorporated into Comindware Tracker. This enables designing and re-designing of workflows instantaneously while using the highly advanced drag-and-drop functionality. Additionally, there’s plenty of workflow templates to choose from that are again customizable as per the customer’s preference.
  • Issue tracking: Comindware Tracker has a built-in advanced issue tracking system that enables instant follow ups on the key issues raised by stakeholders (such as the vendors, customers and consultants) at every stage of its handling until full maturity. Issue tracking is indeed a very often considered aspect for real-time business process.
  • Human Resources Management (HRM):The HRM interface should be capable of handling the human resources in a fast, efficient and effective manner. That is irrespective of their location, both offline and online. Comindware Tracker provides a highly sophisticated and yet easy-to-use interface to tackle the challenges of managing the vastly distributed and diversified human resources. Using the HRM interface, the customer can easily schedule the hiring of new staff, staff vacations and staff transfers with utmost ease. One may also be to handle varied disciplinary issues such as warnings, reprimand and termination!
  • Project Management: Comindware Tracker permits a scalable project management structure. This allows the breakdown of projects into an continuous hierarchy of tasks and subtasks. This in turn enables the grouping of similar tasks together irrespective of their corresponding projects. Furthermore, it provides online real-time reports about the many ongoing projects status in terms of the tasks allocated! Online reports of this type includes items such as upcoming tasks, current tasks, completed tasks and overdue tasks, etc.
  • Office Management: A sophisticated yet extremely user-friendly office document management system has been provided with Comindware Tracker. This easily ensures document creation, document editing, sharing of files and storage of documents and files in a safe, secure and seamless manner. On top this, the document management functionality enables the attachment of files to any particular task, archiving and the accessing of older files through integrated file versioning mechanism. The instant email notifications have also been enabled that update instantly about any changes in the tasks and files.
  • Highly Integrated Business and Team Collaboration Management: With a state-of-the art GUI (Graphic User Interface), task management, issue tracking, workflow process automation, document management, email integration, workspace customization and sophisticated reporting capabilities ensures the seamless integration of business functionalities. The team collaboration management system is a lively and entertaining aspect of Comindware Tracker. The customer can easily assign tasks to various teams, re-allocate them according to the urgency and performance requirements , restructure any team membership to achieve the highest degree of synergy and even re-allocate resources to ensure the fullest optimization.
  • Advanced Communication Management: The highly advanced and customizable reporting features make it very easy for each and every task and process that are to be communicated to the relevant interest groups. This is to be done on a real-time basis and greatly reduces the turnaround reporting time!
    Comindware Tracker provides a centralized Dashboard that allows easy navigation of the essential communication facilities such as message boards, forum boards, emails and contact points. The software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook Mail Server, enabling the extraction of a full advantage from the benefits of such an advanced Mail Server without having to get out of the system.

[ Plenty of Support Tools: Comindware Tracker is all about a completely satisfied user experience. Subsequently, plenty of support tools both internal and third party are incorporated for the customer discretion. Such tools include ConnectStep, ElasticData and Microsoft Outlook Mail Server, etc ]

  • Hassle-free Maintenance: Like all other Cloud-based SaaS, Comindware Tracker provides auto software and hardware maintenance, upgrades and security checks by the host. This results in a hassle-free environment that concentrates on the core business issues without undue disruptions and inconveniences.
  • Safety and security management: The Safety of data, the system and resources has been given due importance Comindware Tracker, just like any other Cloud-based system. This results in an easy to use security interface that allows the customer to assign variable security features for every user, functionality and resource. Comindware Tracker uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol and Microsoft Active Directory Authentication that keeps every unauthorized access, hacking and phishing etc malicious activities at bay. The Persistent and continuous back-up also minimizes the risk of data loss and improves the odds of data recovery.
  • Live Online Support: Comindware Tracker provides a 24/7 online live chat support and online phone call. This is to help you Understanding essentials of a Cloud-based system that ensures the proper redressal of instant queries on a real-time basis.
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