Consistency – The Key to a Successful Blog

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If you are a blogger then consistency in content updates is something which you just cannot miss out. Why should readers visit a blog which is outdated? As a reader even I have lost interest in a blog which has to offer new writes up only once in a while. So going by the concept of visitors, keep in mind your consistency will count in your blog’s success.

So no matter how busy or tired you are in a phase, as a blog owner, do not give it up on your regularity. Stretch yourself to entertain your visitors with new ideas, information and pre eminent write ups.

Make your blog successful by being consistent

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Few ideas to keep your consistency on the go

  • Keep a note of all your ideas – Ideas may not be fast flowing after writing probably 100 articles. So while eating, working, dead at night or at shopping, whatever new ideas run through your mind, keep a note of it in your mobile notepad or tablet. Then when you sit to write a post, you can refer to those flash of ideas. Remember unconventional ideas will delight your readers, so don’t let your ideas pass off. Keep it stored as and when it comes.
  • Size doesn’t matter – Do not worry if your next article isn’t of 3000 words. Quantity is secondary. If you can put together your ideas nicely and communicate it to your readers in a short and simple manner, word count will have nothing to do with it. If explaining a certain topic takes up quite a lot of space, then also readers should not get bored as long as your content is engrossing. So you see word count is irrelevant as long as your articles are self sufficient and interesting.

 Benefits of being a consistent blogger.

  • Enhances the niche leader within you– Not every blogger will admit it, but being the most popular and followed blogger is the ultimate ambition of all bloggers. Consistency takes you close to your ambition. If you judiciously deliver eminent articles, then you have all the reasons to achieve the status of a niche leader.
  • To establish the brand image and strength – Your blog and niche is a brand by itself and to enhance the strength of your blog, consistency is the key. Do not experiment too much with colour, theme and logo. Instead concentrate on the excellence of your contents which should keep on pouring in on a regular basis. Consistency gives the loyal image to your blog and your readers will want to associate with your brand more as they will know you are here to stay.
  • Consistency creates community – Scanty contents make a blog insatiable in nature. Readers will not even waste time clicking on an inconsistent blog.  Readers will flock in a blog which quenches their voracious apetite to read. So only if you are consistent with your updates and contents, you will drive a strong community to your blog.
  • Consistency brings credibility – If your readers can bank on your blog for a long time you shall be rewarded with the tag of a credible blogger. It is an achievement by itself when readers recognise the credibility of your blog. Do not miss this opportunity.  Keep on writing till you reach this status and when you reach, strive to maintain it.
  • Consistency helps to cling on to your ambition – Your ambition might be to ride the elevator of success but you might lose out on the tenacity. But deviating from your purpose is highly unprofessional. It takes effort, dedication and consistency to grow your blog perceptibly.

So now you know the reason why you should care to be consistent. By being consistent, you provide your blog with traffic impetus and brand value. So get rid of all your lethargy when it comes to your blog. Pour all your energy in the form of consistent and superior articles. If you can do it there is no stopping you from riding the joy ride of success with your blog.

If you have any questions or doubts about how to be consistent in blogging, please do ask in the comments below ! We would be happy to assist you. 

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Jitendra Vaswani

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4 thoughts on “Consistency – The Key to a Successful Blog”

  1. yes you are right consistency play great role in blogging, you have to keep updating your blog time to time other wise it can harm you badly

  2. Jitendra, So that’s right 3000 words are some times not well, but 3000 words included meaningful articles are always best. A subject that only make 2000 words and after we trying to make 3000 words it will be make a negative effect, Thank you for sharing a meaningful tips.

    • Hi Binu, I appreciate your kind words, writing lengthy articles will not help us, you should write content which is meaningful for our readers and it should solve user query.

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