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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a self-hosted e-commerce solution for creating online e-commerce markets similar to eBay and Etsy. With multi-vendor, independent vendors show their products in common business and have their own management panels and shops.

A supplier’s window is referred to as a micro shop and provides specific product filters for the supplier, product list, product search, etc. A market administrator receives commissions from sellers, offers them rate plans with different terms, or both.

cs-cart review

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is designed to sell all types of products, from local agricultural products to software solutions. It also works fast and is ready for a heavy load. It’s very flexible: if you do not find the function you need, you can code it: The multi-vendor is 100% open source.

The multi-vendor has more than 80 payment integration and delivery methods, a responsive and easy-to-use design, an easy-to-use management panel, a simple content management system, a loyalty package, a great SEO offer, and a unique feature called the Design Editor. You can organize the content on the pages of your market by dragging and dropping.

Cs-Cart Review With Discount Code 2023: Get 4 Months Subscription Free

Cs-cart Discount

CS- Cart Features: A Detailed Review 2023

1. Supports more than 70 payment options and eight shipping options

From PayPal to 2Checkout, payment gateway solutions are known and expanded. This compares well with e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify so you can choose the most appropriate payment gateway for your business that is not limited to one or two.

In addition, there are eight shipping methods available. You can choose between DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. We love these partnerships because you want to make sure your transactions are secure and the products reach your customers easily. You should not have problems with serious associations like these.

2. A good drag and drop editor

When you start with CS-Cart, you already have several preinstalled themes. However, you also have the opportunity to find another topic in the CS-Cart market. Yes, you will eventually spend more money on a new topic, but most of them look great. It’s no different than a paid theme for WordPress or Shopify.

cs-cart eCommerce function

After that, the design is easy for most people, even if you are a beginner. CS-Cart offers many tools to customize your website. Most impressive, however, is the drag-and-drop editor. That means you do not have to play with any code. There’s also a standard visual content editor that lets you quickly customize logos, fonts, and colors.

Finally, you have access to HTML and CSS. So if you have experience or want to hire a developer, you can customize your website to suit your needs.

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3. A clean and intuitive administration interface

If you know the WordPress control panel, you should be able to work with CS-Cart. The same applies to the familiarity of Shopify. I could even say that the CS-Cart Control Panel has less learning time than some of the above. It’s a beautiful control panel where you can manage your business from one place.

It has a content management system for adding information to your blog as well as SEO tools to increase your pages. I also like the fact that you can edit every element of your website directly from the control panel. There is nothing confusing about that. If you have problems, the CS-Cart documentation will help.

4. A site that you really wants to have

Many people like the idea of self-hosting with a SaaS solution like WordPress. In essence, this means that you own your entire website instead of renting the platform with a solution like Shopify. You do not have to worry about increasing your monthly installments because you pay for software and that’s it.

CS-Cart is not exactly like WordPress, because it could pay off for updates and customer support. However, some companies can ignore these payments to save money.

If you have complete control over the code, you know that security is the first rate and you can also speed up your website and improve SEO without any problem.

5. Sales of high-performance products

CS-Cart product options are numerous and flexible. You have the possibility to list the pictures, the weight and the prices of all products. You can also track the inventory of your product by its variants. Selling digital assets is no problem and you can combine digital and physical products in one store.

In addition to mass imports, a tax calculator and a payment on one side, CS-Cart looks attractive in the product department.

6. Content Management

CS-Cart e-commerce

Drag & Drop Editor: Easily update your content by the administrator without touching the code.
Product Filter: List the attributes of your products to simplify the search in your administrator.
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization): Allows customers to create return requests from their profiles.
Multilingual and multi-currency: sell in more than 10 languages.
Multiple stores: Add additional stores for an additional price (or purchase the Ultimate license to create an unlimited number of stores).

7. Products

Product Options: List the images for each product option and apply the weight and price modifiers based on the selected options.
Product Inventory Tracking: Track inventory by monitoring the number of products in each category of variables.
Digital Badge: Marketing and selling downloadable products in your store.
Mass Import and Export: Use CSV files to facilitate migration.

8. Check Rates

Real-Time Shipping Rates: Integrates with major carriers such as FedEx and USPS for accurate real-time shipping rates.
Single page payment: Simplify the process to increase the conversion.
Tax Calculator: Set up your administrator to automatically calculate sales tax at the time of payment.

9. SEO

Friendly URLs with SEO: With SEO you can also write meta-friendly titles and descriptions.
Export products: List your products on Facebook, eBay, and Google Shopping for more views.
Multichannel distribution: Use the “widget mode” to connect your shop to another site like WordPress and Facebook.
Social Login: Allows clients to connect to your site through their Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts.

10. Conversion tools

Product Reviews and Ratings: Trust prospective buyers by letting current customers evaluate their products.
List of top sellers: This add-on and cross-sell feature is available for free.
Bundled Bundles: Offer your customers the purchase of more related products in one deal at a reduced price.
Tracking abandoned cart: See the cart that customers have left paying.
Promotions and Discounts: Set discounts based on an order, a flat rate, or a percentage.
Integration with Email Marketing: Connect your shop with Mad Mimi or MailChimp to automate your newsletter system.

11. Site Performance

Slow loading of images: Images are loaded when your customers go to them to speed loading times.
Gzip: Gzip reduces the size of the files, making them faster to deliver to your customers’ browsers.
Compatibility with CDN: The Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) speeds up the loading of your website wherever it resides.
Integrated caching: your shop will load even faster when you visit a page for the second time.

12. Integrations

Cs-cart Community

CS-Cart offers some add-ons in the administrator. You just have to click to activate it. Other applications can be found on the CS-Cart market. These applications include some popular options (although few). You can see some of the following characteristics:

MailChimp Connect ($ 75.99): Integrated with the automated email marketing service.
Facebook Store ($ 130): presents the products on the Facebook page of your brand.
WhatsApp Share Add-on ($ 15): Share products using the popular WhatsApp email service.
Aftership (Free): Track shipments and notifications.

In addition, your own developers can create custom connections for you, or you can hire one of the associated developers for CS-Cart.

13. Payment processing

CS-Cart can be integrated into over 50 payment solutions. So you will surely find the required payment gateways. Here are some of the most popular gateways:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.net
  • 2 cash register
  • First dates
  • eBay

14. Web Design

CS-Cart stores have a handful of pre-installed themes that are generally not offensive but a bit boring. If you want a special theme, take a look at the CS-Cart market. You will find a wide range of topics for third parties. Some of them are decent, while others could use a small improvement.

CS-Cart offers a variety of customization tools. You can edit HTML / CSS in your administrator. You can also change the overall design of your site with a simple drag-and-drop feature. You can also use the website’s content editor and style editor to quickly change your website’s logos, colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

CS-Cart: Customer Service

Customer service is offered only if you pay a certain loan amount from your account. You get 50 credits, but you have to buy more when they are exhausted. In addition, all interactions with customer service do not cost the same amount of credit.

CS-Cart Support

In addition to the costs, the customer service of CS-Cart is impressive. They help with development, answer questions about code changes and help you get started. You can search for design ideas in the blog and read about what others are talking about in customer forums.

CS-Cart offers an e-mail address and a telephone line to talk to agents. You’ll also find all sorts of documentation, user guides, developer guides, and a complete help desk with articles on the media. CS-Cart also has social media sites where you can check for updates and new resources.

Who should consider CS-Cart?

I like CS-Cart more for those who want a self-hosted e-commerce platform. There are many benefits to this configuration because you can maintain full control of your location and reduce costs if you do not pay for constant updates or customer support.

It seems to be a great product for those who want to do their own research instead of asking for help from their customers all the time. CS-Cart is a solid option for experienced developers, but not bad for beginners.

CS-Cart Pricing: CS-Cart Discount Coupon Code

CS-Cart is a self-hosted solution, so you only pay once, then the software is yours. The price of the shopping cart software is $ 385 for a store and $ 865 if you want to manage an unlimited number of stores through the same administrator.

CS-Cart also offers a $ 1,450 multi-vendor solution that allows you to build your own market (such as on eBay). We will not discuss this solution in detail here, but know that it is available.

Cs-cart Discount

You can also see a parallel comparison of CS-Cart pricing options. CS-Cart offers a 30-day money back guarantee on its CS-Cart and multi-vendor licenses.

Although the CS-Cart software is a one-time purchase, you will need to reimburse the ongoing charges to keep your store online. In addition to purchasing the software, you will need to pay for web hosting, an SSL certificate, and web development support.

In order for CS-Cart to continuously receive software updates and upgrades beyond your first year, you must pay for the upgrade. You can see the prices of these plans below. Fortunately, security patches and service packs are available for free.

CS-Cart now offers a cloud version of this software for businesses. This version is for Salesforce users and is billed monthly.

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Conclusion: Is Cs-Cart Worth Your Business? (Cs-Cart review Summary)

After careful review, I came to the conclusion that CS-Cart is a good solution for the e-commerce business. The software has some good outlets (single purchase and a decent drag and drop editor). However, these positive aspects are offset by limited customer support and ongoing payments for platform updates.

Let me know in the comments section below what features of Cs-Cart you loved the most, also share your opinions and your personal experience for this product.

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