DatsPush Review 2023 Push Notifications Network (Good Or Bad?)

Push notifications are the next big thing in the internet business when it comes to ways of keeping your subscribers engaged and loyal to your brand. It helps keep the existing subscribers up to date with what the brand is up to and keeps them notified about every new event, upload and offer whenever the brand makes it publically available.

With that being said, there are countless platforms available that provide some really good push notification features to brands and businesses and you might even get confused at some point as to which one you should choose. So to make your work easier, let us give you a comprehensive review of a popular push notification ad network developed by Leadbit group, known as DatsPush!

The Leadbit group

Leadbit is one of the most popular CPA networks in the world consisting of highly professional and experienced affiliate managers for handling the affiliate marketing requirements of websites and blogs set on different niches. The network is known to offer persuasive affiliate offers.

Their database comprises of thousands of registered international webmasters who work with any kind of traffic from over 50+ countries spanning across Europe, Asia and CIS. Leadbit provides their own offers that are updated on daily basis.

DatsPush Review

DatsPush Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

About DatsPush

DatsPush is a large international advertising network which specializes in push notifications only. It is a rapidly developing promotional network of push notifications, helping people to profitably monetize websites and also selling high-quality live traffic.

DatsPush Review- A Relaible Push Ads Network

DatsPush tags the entire world as its GEO and has the average cost per click of $0,003-$0,006. Minimal funding of the account to start a promotional campaign is $100.

Facts, figures, and features

These are the 3 F’s that define the popularity, success, and credibility of any tool, software or platform. Here is a quick look at the 3 F’s of DatsPush:

Volume and outreach

  • Over 1,025,877,832+ active impressions
  • Services spanning across 250 countries
  • Average bid of 0.0318$

DatsPush Review- For Advertisers Stats


Datspush Review Pushnotification platform (15)

  • Web/Mobile
  • Geo
  • Carrier/IP
  • Browser/Platform
  • Source/Audience

Push notification formats

Datspush Review Pushnotification platform (7)

  • Mobile push
  • Web push
  • Rich push

Types of push notifications

DatsPush Review- Bemefits of DatsPush

DatsPush offers these 3 types of push notifications:

  • Mobile Pushes

These are the rectangular framework containing various messages that appear at the top of the screen, which is called the “screen curtain”.

  • Web Pushes

These constitute little notifications popping up in the corner of the display even if the browser is minimized. They are used to inform users about the website’s new content and to send triggering and transaction notifications.

  • Rich Pushes

Rich push notifications that feature additional elements. For example, a web push standard set consists of its icon, head title and the text itself. Rich push notifications, for its part, also contains a big picture, video, audio and a functional button as a complement to the aforementioned components.

All you need to do it just choose the design of push-notification window and then setup necessary scripts into your website. That’s all!

Highlights of DatsPush push notification Ad networking

  • 120 GEOs with low competition
  • 6% CR desktop
  • 15% CR mobile

Payment models

If you use one of the push notifications offered by DatsPus, you get a direct link to DatsPush LP and earn money via one of their payment models. DatsPush offers all payouts through two types of payment models:

DatsPush Review- Payments Models

  • CPA

All registered publishers can earn fix payout for each subscriber. These rates are according to GEO-based rates decided by the DatsPush team.

  • Revshare

This is the revenue share model and makes sure that you get paid for every ad-click, made by your subscribers.

DatsPush sells the traffic using the CPC model (payments for clicks). The minimal cost per click is $0.001 USD. When configuring your promotional campaign you can see the recommended prices for all countries (Bids section).

Now the question arises that how much can you possibly earn by using DatsPush. Here’s how to explain it. Your earnings depend on the quantity and quality of the traffic you encounter. If you want to get paid through the CPA model payments, it will start from 20$ for 1000 push installs. On the other and, the revenue share base rate is 75% of click price, which is paid by the advertiser.

Registration and Setup


Registration in the network is possible for both advertisers and publishers. It’s enough to give a minimum amount of information and, what’s even better is that you don’t have to wait for the approval and the activation of the account. Everything happens instantly on the go.

After you’re registered as an advertiser, you find yourself in your personal cabinet where you can launch your first advertising campaign. Similarly, DatsPush also gives an additional opportunity to publishers to monetize their websites.

For more information and a detailed guide regarding the registration and setup process for both advertisers and publishers, CLICK THIS LINK.

Major benefits

DatsPush Review- Benefits of DatsPush

For Advertisers

DatsPush Review- For Advertisers Stats

  • 95 000 000+ views per day
  • Over 200+ attractive geo locations with No serious competition
  • Implementation of the CPC model
  • A fresh, up to date and well-converting base which is growing every day
  • Targeting based on devices, browsers, cities, countries, and IP-ranges
  • Manage your distribution on your own
  • Configure frequency and capping
  • 80% mobile /20% desktop M/F – 75/25%
  • Payments can be accepted in WMZ, ePayments, Paypal
  • 24/7 customer support in Telegram and Skype
  • +20% bonus for the first deposit of $100 and bigger

Advantages for webmasters

  • A wide range of landing pages with CR up to 15%
  • Accept all geo locations
  • http and https websites
  • Easy to configure script
  • CPA or RevShare payments
  • Get 75% of every click made
  • Stable net7 payments
  • Prepayments to the trust establishments
  • Individual conditions for webmasters with their own websites
  • High traffic volume
  • Easy and understandable live statistics
  • 3 push notification types to monetize your traffic

Why should you use DatsPush?

Now that we are pretty much through with this review, here are the top reasons which according to us are the defining benefits of using DatsPush.

  • 100% SAFE

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Conclusion: DatsPush Review 2023

As of now, you have all the detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Now it’s your time to make a move, just give DatsPush a try and it as it can help you with Push Ads Networks in long run.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share which push ads network you generally use right in the comment section below. If you liked the post, then do share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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