DGM Ad Network 2023 : Is it Legit ?

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Are you a website owner? Then you are already aware of the popular monetizing method. Yeah, you guessed it, right? It is an advertisement. People come and see our site as well as ads. Some of them may click on the ads. This is the simple way through which thousands of online marketers are making a hell lots of money daily.

Maybe you also started your online career with the same aim, right? But the reality pulled you back, didn’t it?

DGM Ad Network review

You applied for AdSense. They rejected your application. Did it again. The result was not different. Then you googled for AdSense alternatives. I got many results and you chose one. Added their code on your website. End result?? Oops, shit happened. They filled your blog with unnecessary pop-ups and text links. Finally, your blog/ website became a desert. Is that your case?

Stop your research to find a perfect alternative for AdSense. Here is a perfect choice.

What is DGM?

DGM is one of the best and leading digital ad network. The sad part about it is the availability. It is available only for Indians. I told this on the very first part not to waste your time.

Quoting they’re about us page,

“DGM, India’s Leading Digital Ad Network, offers a suite of online marketing solutions that incorporate advanced technologies and marketing expertise. We have the distinction of working with blue-chip clients across the globe for more than the last 12 years to drive measurable results on the digital medium.

DGM India works on a proprietary technology platform- DAST [dgM Ad Serving Technology] that combines the latest ad serving technologies with advanced web analytics to maximize your advertising revenue. It is a highly scalable and reliable device-independent ad serving technology. Running on more than 50 servers, spread across 3 continents it is backed by high-performance AMAZON CLOUD SERVICES. CloudFront, Amazon CDN services are used to deliver from the edge delivery of the creatives.”

Features and Specifications

DGM Ad Network products

  • Serves more than 500K actions and 200 million clicks monthly
  • Offerings include Performance, Branding, Video and Mobile services
  • India’s first performance marketing network
  • Aggregates inventory from more than 20,000 websites across India
  • DGM Proprietary Technology used across platforms
  • Delivers measurable results to over 300 blue-chip Indian brands
  • Accountable, Measurable, Innovative

When talking about delivery of ads, they are capable of

  1. Delivering audience on mobile based on demography, behavior and browsing
  2. Delivering video content and video ads
  3. Delivering over 500K actions every month
  4. Delivering greater reach across different website genres

About the Founder

dgm owners

Founder of this awesome ad network is Mr.Anurag Gupta. He has the vast experience in various industries of about 20 years. He is in internet business for 10 years. Anurag also worked for Indiatimes.com.

So no doubt about the authority of DGM.

How can You Get Started?

At first, I got stunned to see their website. Usually for an ad network, there is a sign-up and log-in button or link. But DGM website lacks those two. I wondered why they didn’t add that. I thought and got the answer. They didn’t add sign-up form in order to reduce the prank applications they get.

Then how will they get publishers? Don’t worry about it. There is a contact us part for this function. To my surprise, this portion also lacks a form. Instead, there are addresses of different branches and an email id. So to get their ads embedded on our blog, we have to contact them directly. This is really good initiative from them.

Final Verdict

With manual approval method, DGM proves it is the best in class. So we have nothing to worry about. Most of the ads is CPA type. SVG group is the major investor of DGM which is another leading digital media company. So I can assure that the control of our blog’s advertisements is on expert hands and there is nothing to worry about at all.

Just come out of AdSense ban or disapproval menace. Enjoy the power of ads by joining to DGM

Jitendra Vaswani

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  1. DGM India is the best adnetwork in India. If you are serious about your business and want to run it for long term, I must recommend DGM India. Good in-house tracking platform with real time reporting, on time payment, honest business ethics. I’m really satisfied with DGM India.

    • Hey david, Glad that you work with this network. I too liked this network also. I too had worked with network and was very happy with the earnings I made through this ad network.

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