How To Do Distraction Free Writing Easy Steps To Focussed

Distraction is the main barrier comes in the way of every skilled writer either it is in office or at home. Being distracted is not in the hand of a writer  but if a writer is strongly determined and want to overcome from these Destruction, he can do easily. Being distracted is just a waste of your precious time and grabbing of energy.

The biggest challenge in front of a writer how he can away himself from the internet temptation and will ignore his favorite distractions. Before stating ideas to write without distraction I want to reveal my personal experience which I faced in my past days. Since last month I start focusing on my blog and start writing without any distraction and disturbance.

How To Do Distraction Free Writing

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My Past experience as a Distracted writer

Before that i was very distracted, my daily routine writing procedure was, I log in to my blog and choose a topic to write a post after that i opened a lot of tabs like Facebook, Skype, G mail and other friend’s blog. As I write few lines of my post I jump on to Facebook and start checking feeds, friends messages and notifications.

Than go back on the post  and write few lines and go on to g mail and start checking mails, little hangouts these things do not stopped here, suddenly I see my phone, start checking whats app, attending calls, watching songs on TV in background .

So in short all these distraction grab my all the time and make me less productive.
But these days I am writing with a focused mind and without being distracted with the help of some friends suggested ideas and some web tricks to be more productive. These days I can say that I got successful to be a writer who is not distracted and writing with a free mind.

So if you want to be a writer who get done things in a minimum time without being distracted than follow these tips :

Just Focused on writing

While you remove all the things, shut all the devices those can distract you, now its time to concentrate on just writing. Complete the topic you start without any distraction. Stop looking things around you and set a time limit to finish your searched writing topic.

Tricks I Adopted to write without distraction

In this post i will introduce from some awesome tricks which helps you to maximize your writing efforts, spend less time on energy grabbing unimportant task . If you will adopt these ideas, you’ll be surprised how you get able stop your chat addiction, add special skills and make proper scheduling.

If you want to be more productive , want to improvise your scheduling and want to write without distractions follow these ideas.

Search the writing topic

There is a topic behind every writing, firstly search that topic you have to write. For that you have to required a lot of search on web and have to consider different websites, during your search you could be attracted towards various kind of web things but you just have to focused on your search topic. After that note down the things you will need during your writing.

Turn off the Internet connection

When you get decided what you have to write and choose the topic to write and related things, data which helps you during writing, unplugged your internet connection. Because writing need your skills, speed of fingers and data that you have already written. So to write with proper concentration and without distraction turn of your internet connection.

Stop Multi – tasking

This is a common habit we can found in most of the people including me like do multiple things at a single time even while writing. So firstly stop doing these things like chatting with friends, checking mails, updating status on Facebook, attending phone calls, watching TV, enjoying snacks during writing. Just focused on writing forget other things.

Avoid online and offline distraction

Make a distraction free, calm and DND atmosphere  for this you have to shut down your Mobile phones notifications, Facebook, you tube and other social surfing. Say to your family members and friends I am on DND mode please until i am writing do not disturb me.

Switched off  TV

During writing unplugged your TV connection it will help you to write with more focused mind. To play background music is just a distraction and a reason of undue noise which divert your mind towards fun and you get being distracted. But if you really loves music than you can create a perfect playlist which co-operate to your work and keep you cool while writing.

Switched off your mobile phone or turn off chat apps

Mobile phones and apps loaded in it distract a writer too much. So while you start writing switched off your phone but if you can’t switched off it due to some important calls than shut you mobile internet data. so that you will not get any notification and message on any social app that will help you to be more productive.

Take breaks

It is not good for health and mind to write contentiously without taking rest. So take a break of 25 to 30 minute after completing a particular topic and take some refreshment, drink water, take a walk etc. this few minute break will energize you and you will be able to about the next topic you have to write.
Try these tips and let us know it will work for you or not.

If you have any questions or doubts please do ask in the comments below !

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  1. jp carlos

    These are wonderful tips on focusing on writing. I sometimes get distracted and fail to finish my articles.

    • Rupali Gupta

      Thanks JP, glad to hear you like these tips. i advise try these tips you will definitely get successful to be a more productive writer.

  2. I think it’s your first post but it’s really amazing & appreciable post. Free Writing is not easy work. I understand Writing is a tough work But well it’s Great to learn about Free Writing.

    • Rupali Gupta

      Thanks Monika for your appreciating words, yeah its my first post here and getting good response from readers. I write this post to keep in mind the writers who are suffered from these distractions. I hope this post will help them upto a limit to come out from these distractions.

  3. Sahil Garg

    hello rupali
    Great article this here, thanks for sharing Such a Useful Article here, i also Disconnect myself from Social Sites when writing Articles, Thanks for sharing other tips here 🙂

    • Rupali Gupta

      Hi sahil,

      Good to see you after a long time, Its my pleasure that the above tips you like and can be useful for you. Writing is a practice which required cool and calm distraction free mind and its good you are doing this.

      Thanks for the comment

  4. Nice and useful post for the bloggers to write without distraction Rupali.

    I am following most of the ways which you’ve listed here while writing my blog posts. Yeah, I never check mails, FB notifications, watch TV etc. but I stay online to get some key data for my readers.

    Thanks for sharing your own writing experience and I wish you to write more blog posts and guest posts with concentration.

    • Rupali Gupta

      Thanks Nirmala mam, for praising the ideas. I am sure most of the ideas you are already following from out of these that’s why you are a successful writer. And you know all these ideas i applied on myself and it work for me.

      Anyway thanks for your nice visit.

  5. Distraction and destruction, these two words, both come in the way of a blogger.

    I agree with the thoughts expressed by the author above. Distraction is not in your hand, but if you have that strong determination to overcome it, you can.

    Stop being a superhuman, as if you can be like superman. Stop multi-tasking, it’s such a distraction. It would be better if you just focus on one thing before you do another.

    As what I’ve read, you should avoid both online and offline distraction. Turn off your chat box, TV, cellphone and the likes that can disturb you from working.

    Do the tips shared above, and just focus on your writing job, then the distraction will not bother to destruct your working hours again.

    Great post indeed! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

    • Rupali Gupta

      Thanks Anno7 for sharing your views, A good writing required a cool and calm mind which is not possible with these distraction. So i advise to all the writers follow these tips and be a successful writer.

      thanks again for appreciation.

  6. Hi rupali,
    I have faced multitasking problem, main thing is music. some days ago my Friend told to me, Just stop music and get concentration for blogging, After I’m avoided playing music in work time and after I’m very fine for focus blogging. Thank you for sharing a useful blogging tips.

    • Rupali Gupta

      Hi Noufal,

      thanks for sharing your mind and you same problem i was facing in my past. I was also addicted of multi tasking like listening music, operating phone, eating snacks which distract me a lot and i spend hours to complete a post.
      But now i am changed its only happen due to my strong determination and passion towards blogging. These tips are my own experience so use these tips and be a successful writer. All the best for your future.

  7. Rupali Gupta

    Hi Noufal,

    thanks for sharing your mind and you same problem i was facing in my past. I was also addicted of multi tasking like listening music, operating phone, eating snacks which distract me a lot and i spend hours to complete a post.
    But now i am changed its only happen due to my strong determination and passion towards blogging. These tips are my own experience so use these tips and be a successful writer. All the best for your future.

  8. I always suffered with multi tasking and meanwhile i never check most of the mails and notifications,but always alive online to touch with my reader..

    • Rupali Gupta

      its not a right a way to do multi tasking while writing, just focused on a single task. Its good you are not addicted of notification and mail checking and just stay online to get in touch with friends. But i advise you just focused on writing and get things done in minimum time.

  9. Awesome Tips Rupali, Your Past Writing Routine is my Present Writing Routine. i love chating on Facebook while writing Posts. It spoils little bit of Time but non the less it build more relationship with others. But in the End it depend on you, How you gonna go about it.

    • Rupali Gupta

      thanks Atinder for liking the tips and i advise you change your routine it will be beneficial for u and will make you more productive. i agree online words help you to build new relationship but while writing stop other things. Firstly complete your writing work after that build relationship.

  10. HI Rupali. Glad to meet you. After reading this valuable post regarding distractions, i like to share the following with you-
    On the brightest sunny day, the most powerful magnifying glass will not set a piece of paper a fire if you keep moving the glass. But if you focus the light and hold it on one spot, the paper will burn. This is the power of concentration.

  11. Deepak Chetri

    Hey, Rupali thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us.


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