Starting your own brand is always a tedious task. Right from laying the plan about your startup to getting the investors becomes quite difficult. For this purpose, it is always must to attend workshops, seminars and other events to get the investors. Fintech brings you the most exciting event- ‘Fintech Week New York‘. Come and Join it now.

Join Fintech Week New York

When: 31 July-2 August 2018

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Fintech will host a 3-day event to discuss and know the various emerging companies. The conference will have some of the industry;s rising stars. The session for each of the company’s into will last for 5 minutes comprising of 3 minutes for the Q&A round. On the first day of event, you will be experiencing some great innovators with great values and ideas.

On August 1, a great line up of speakers and delegates will gather in the field of Blockchain. This will have various Blockchain innovations and transformation in the field of Blockchain. You will be experiencing the Speakers from a number of brands as similar to one in 2017;  R3, Consensys, IBM, BTCC, Tallysticks, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Ethereum.

Fintech will also focus on broader terms for investment. It will have various session on payments regulation, capital marketing, insurance and banking. It will have reputed panelists and delegates to discuss about the changing trends of the market.


  1. Andrew Rollins )everbloom)
  2. David Kappos (U.S. Department of Commerce)
  3. Filip Karaicic (Review Network)
  4. Valeska Pederson Hintz (Lowenstein Sandler LLP)
  5. Brittany Laughlin (Lattice Ventures)
  6. Victor T. Samuel (NV Global Ventures)
  7. Salman Habib (Hellofriend)
  8. Wendy Xiao Shadeck (Northzone)
  9. Sean Nasiri (SSN Holdings)
  10. Caroline Kassie (Blockchange Ventures)
  11. David Pakman (Venrock)
  12. Aleksander Dyo (Token IQ, Inc. – Smart | Compliant Tokens)
  13. Sanjay Mathew (Oracle)
  14. Daniel Cawrey (Pactum Capital)
  15. Mc Kenna Walsh (MoreFaster)
  16. Jeff Koyen (360 Blockchain)
  17. Kari Larsen (Reed Smith LLP)
  18. Helene Panzarino (Rainmaking)
  19. Ryan Feit (Seedinvest)
  20. Jake Brukhman (CoinFund LLC)
  21. Jesse Horowitz (Oscar Health)
  22. Noah Zinsmeister (Hydrogen)
  23. Jan Christopher Arp (Holt Accelerator)
  24. Mark Smith (
  25. Obreahny O’Brien (Ernst & Young)
  26. Sydney Lai (ConsenSys)
  27. Rebecca Rettig (Dontzin, Nagy & Fleissig LLP)

About the Organizer:

The Original Fintech Week was launched in March 2014 with the idea of creating the innovation by getting the right people in the room in a casual, frictionless environment.Since then Fintech have been running Fintech and Blockchain conferences all over the globe in cities including, London, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Dublin, Amsterdam, Washington D.C., Chicago and Tel Aviv.

2018 is the 5th year that Fintech will be running Fintech Week and the 2nd year i  which they will bring the multi-day conference/exhibition/workshop/meetup concept to New York. We pride ourselves on bringing together the Fintech ecosystem, including investors, large banks, consultancies, start-ups, academics, government and innovators.

Join the in  New York now!!

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