GreenGeeks Discount Promo Coupon Codes May 2020: Special 50% Offer

GreenGeeks is a company based out of Los Angeles, California set up in the year 2008 and provide service to more than 35,000 customers from over 150 countries and hosting 300000  websites through Shared,Reseller,VPS and Dedicated Server packages round the clock 365 days with 99.99% uptime guarantee and 30 day money back guarantee. GreenGeeks has a management of 40 years of experience. Its servers has been totally powered by green energy through wind energy. Also in this post we are going to discuss GreenGeeks Discount Coupon Promo Codes May 2020.

It has been awarded with “TOP WEB HOST “ in the year 2012.The company is very conscious about pollution thus they supply the power grind with wind energy 3 times more than they consume and they have 4 data centers at Chicago ( US ) , Phoenix (US ) , Toronto ( Canada ) and a upcoming at Amsterdam ( Netherland ) and the faculty has biometric and card security facility and are equipped with automatic climate control and temperature systems.

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How to use this GreenGeeks Discount coupon codes? Greengeeks Promo Code

1.Click on the coupon code:-

First click on Click for Discount and then you will be redirected to a page where you get coupon, copy it and head on to the website.

2.Select your plan:-

GreenGeeks Coupon codes promo codes discount codes

There are many plans available, kindly check the plan which you require and then proceed.

3.Order Summary:-

cGreegeeks Promo Code - order-summary


green geeks- webhosting order

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Why You Should Trust GreenGeeks?

The reasons why I would suggest you to choose GreenGeeks as your hosting partner is way broader than you expect. One of the reasons why should choose it is its renewable energy source. With 300% efficiency of renewable energy resources, everything from its backend offices to the data centers work on green energy. But its renewable energy usage doesn’t make it less efficient. It is equally viable to its competitors.

With four data centers around the world, its servers are quite efficient and quick with negligible chances of downtime. Besides, it also gives all kinds of hosting; Shared, Reseller, Dedicated server, CMS hosting and e-commerce


GreenGeeks Hosting Review May 2020


  • Shared Hosting
  • Managed WordPress
  • Website Builder
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Green Hosting
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains
  • CDN Integration
  • 30-daymoney back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Customer support
  • MYSQL Databases
  • Multiple PHP versions
  • Softaculous installed

green geeks- features

o   Performance

GreenGeeks takes uptime very seriously. As stated above, they purchase the best in hardware and software capabilities so that they can minimize downtime and eliminate almost all unscheduled breaks in service. They keep clients to a low number per server, rather than crowd up the servers just to make more money. This allows each server space to “breathe” so that it is never overloaded. Also Check out our GreenGeeks Hosting Reviews here 

Still, they prepare for the worst, just in case. Their policy includes nightly backups of all clients data, so that in the event of a breakdown or unexpected crash, clients can regain most – if not all – of their information and pick up where they left off.

  • Ease of Use

With its customer friendly approach and reliability of its customers, GreenGeeks excels its competitors with its usability. What makes it more appealing is its low cost and its approach towards the novices and the beginners!! Creating and building a site here is breeze. Once you enter into account setup, you can choose your plan to start.

You can choose your domain type and you can proceed further for free. If you want to create a site with it, choose any one of the templates given and proceed. You can customize these templates and add plugins or widgets to your site customizing it well. You can also use drag and drop editor or builder to move your elements in the site.

Once you are done with the site creation, you can control and manage your site using the cPanel.  You can control and customize each elements of your site by clicking on the navigable icons. Softaculous installer is available for 1-click installation of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others. You can upload your files either by using FTP or manually.

o   Customer Support

I would recommend GreenGeeks also, because of its wide customer support. Though, it is not remarkably competitive to others, but it is far better than the required. In its customer support portal, you can get 24/7/365 customer support via phone or live chat. You can expect to get a response in live chat within a fraction of seconds while the phone support is not quite responsive.

You can also troubleshoot the issue using email support. The company promises to resolve the issue within 15-20 minutes. If you are a newbie into website creation or a new user for GreenGeeks, you can refer to video tutorials of website creation covering 100’s of topics such as Email ,hosting WordPress hosting tutorials or cubecart tutorials and various others in the list.

A knowledge base section is also available for the customers. You can read 100s of articles listed in different categories. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can get a refund within 30 days.

green geeks- cutoer supportgreen geeks- knowledge base

Web Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting :-

Greegeeks Reseller Hosting

In this they further divide their services into 5 types


  • In this they offer 50GB SSD Web space
  • 500 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Provision in USA or Canada
  • It is available for $19.95 per month


  • This is the most popular service offered by them
  • Offering 80 GB SSD Space
  • 800 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Provision in USA or Canada
  • This feature can be availed for $24.95 per month


  • 120 GB SSD Space is offered in this plan
  • 1,200 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Provision in USA or Canada
  • This feature can be availed at $39.95 per month


  • 160 GB SSD Space is available
  • 1600 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Provision in USA or Canada
  • This feature is available for $59.95 per month

Forest :-

  • 200 GB SSD Space is available
  • 2000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts
  • Provision in USA or Canada
  • It can be availed at $99.95 per month

VPS Hosting :-

Greegeeks VPS Hosting Discount Code

This service is divided into 5 Types :-

1 GB :-

  • 25 GB SSD RAID – 10 Storage
  • 1000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 4 Cores
  • Provision in USA
  • It can be availed for $39.95 per month

2 GB :-

  • 50 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • 1500 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 4 Cores
  • Provision in USA
  • It can be availed for $59.95 per month

3 GB :-

  • 75 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • 2000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 4 Cores
  • Provision in USA
  • It can be availed for $79.95 per month

4 GB :-

  • 100 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • 2500 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 4 Cores
  • Provision in USA
  • It can be availed for $99.95 per month

5 GB :-

  • 125 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • 3000 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 4 Cores
  • Provision in USA
  • It can be availed for $159.95 per month

DEDICATED Servers :-

Greegeeks Promo Code - Dedicated Hosting

ENTRY Servers :-

  • Intel Atom 330 Dual Core
  • 2GB DDR 3 Memory
  • 1x 500 GB SATA Drive
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • 10,000 GB Transfer
  • Available for $169 per month

STANDARD Servers :-

  • Xeon E3-1220 3.1 Ghz
  • 4GB DDR 3 Memory
  • 2x 500 GB SATA Drive
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • 10,000 GB Transfer
  • Available for $269 per month

ELITE Servers :-

  • Xeon E3-1230 3.2 Ghz w/HT
  • 8GB DDR 3 Memory
  • 2x 500 GB SATA Drive
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • 10,000 GB transfer
  • Available for $319 per month

PRO Servers :-

  • Xeon E5-2620 2.0 Ghz w/HT
  • 16GB DDR 3 Memory
  • 2x 500 GB SATA Drive
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • 10,000 GB Transfer


ReSeller Hosting


  •       Get your account at a wholesale price when you get more number of accounts
  •          Free Account Migration
  •          Top level domains with various domain extensions
  •          Super fast servers and CDN integration
  •          ClouFare secured
  •          Easy customization of control panel
  •          DNS integration with private nameserver
  •          Advanced security

Pricing Plans:

green geeks- reseller

WordPress Hosting

Just like others, GreenGeek also hosts a number of CMS hosting. It gives a lot of features with the most easy and reliable CMS; WordPress. It costs $3.95 per month. Thus, it is cost efficient and the most reliable host.


  • 1-click installation of WordPress using Softaculous is definitely a plus.
  • Automatically backup up your WordPress accounts every 24 hours. You can backup and restore all the contents of your WordPress site.
  • High uptime and top-notch performance of WordPress is solely attributed to its latest technology like PHP 7. Moreover, it comes up with the SSD access which gives you access to each of the configuration files individually.  It also integrates the CDN with your site making it faster.
  • Your WordPress site gets WildCard SSL certificate included in its hosting pack with which you can protect multiple sub-domains and manage multiple servers too. You can migrate your site to a wordpress or one wordpress site to another.

green geeks- wordpress

cPanel Hosting

cPanel is considerably the best web manager among its competitors. Thus, if a web host gives you cPanel in its pack, it certainly is worthy. In the cPanel, you can manage your website with scads of features to it:

  • 1-click auto app installer
  • SSH access if you are wishing to access your configured files.
  • Fast and reliable servers; SSD RAID-10 Storage Array which is a dual quad core server increasing its speed.
  • Secured and anti malware scanning of pages
  • Free SEO tools and website promotion

green geeks- cPanel hosting

Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks:


  • 99% Uptime
  • Extensive Customer Support
  • Free Domain name and website migration
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost Efficient
  • Fast servers
  • Automatic Backups
  • Widely distributed Data centers
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Refund policy
  • Higher renewal prices

Green Geeks Awards

 green geeks- awards

CONCLUSION: Greengeeks Review Greengeeks Discount Coupon Promo Code May 2020

GreenGeeks with its varied plans at affordable rates is a boon for many small business and budding entrepreneurs. So I hope  you enjoy GreenGeeks discount coupon codes for May 2020. Use the GreenGeeks coupon codes and save money while buying hosting from them.

It’s affordable price and variable hosting such as CMS cPAnel and other platforms are faster and reliable than most if its competitors. Web manager with cPanel and softaculous makes it efficient and easy to use. Almost no downtime was observed while using the web host. Thus, it withstands its promise to give 99.99% uptime. Besides this, its data centers are spread widely contributing to its faster servers.     The company’s eco-friendly policy is truly top of its class and I don’t see any other hosting company is doing better than 300% green.

green geeks in numbers

You can get access to all the essential guides such as; making a website or transfer of website, starting a blog or online business or a web hosting business.

Also, the founder has been around long enough to prove that it’s not some fly-by-night web host riding on the ‘green label’ trying to make some quick bucks. The company is here to stay, and you can trust GreenGeeks with your websites. GreenGeeks Hosting Discount Promo Coupon Codes May 2020

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