Guidelines on Bonding with WordPress

Well, I’m sure you love bonding with your friends, relatives and colleagues. It’s good to tune your relations with people, who matter in your life. WordPress, although not a human being, definitely matters to a large community of developers, designers and website owners residing in different parts of the globe.

Built by a team of volunteers, WordPress has people from different genres. The growing popularity of WordPress has been recognized by one and all. People from all over the world collaborate to create the core WordPress software, write the documentation, translate WordPress and provide support to keep the project running.

If you too want to become a part of the growing WordPress team then you’ve reached the right blog. Here, I’ll be offering guidelines on how you can contribute to WordPress in your own individual style.

Guidelines on Bonding with WordPress

 Why get involved with WordPress?

Prior to knowing about the strategies for bonding with WordPress, I’d like to make you familiar with why you actually need to get involved with WordPress. Hmm….contributing to WordPress offers you the “Golden” opportunity of exploring your passion about open source content management systems. In addition to this, if you want to democratize publishing then getting involved with WordPress will act as your best strategy.

Contributing to WordPress doesn’t require you to spend long hours. You can always work on WordPress in your free time and come up with something new and innovative for the community. Whether you’re a developer, a designer, writer, accessibility expert or an enthusiast; the WordPress community has a vacancy for you.

 How to get started?

You can start contributing to WordPress in a number of ways as mentioned below:

Live Chats

You can tap into the weekly live chats conducted by WordPress community. Prior to going ahead with this, do make a note of the stage the project is in. Check whether the project is at its early stage, middle stage, final stage or has already been completed.

 Share your ideas via blogs

If you’ve an idea for a feature or anything else that can benefit the WordPress community, go ahead by sharing it via blog posts. This will help you get more traction as the community members will comment on it. So, if you’ve a vision of how to implement an idea, a blog post is the best means to put it forward.

 Subscribe to Trac Notifications

Trac is the WordPress section that allows you to be notified of every comment that’s been posted for different tickets generated by different users. You may also subscribe to RSS Feeds and the mailing list to get an in-depth opinion on what all is being done on different WordPress projects. Bugs reports are also being kept on Trac. If you’re a developer, you may access these bugs and try resolving them.

Ready for a dive into WordPress pool? Here’s what you shouldn’t miss out

Now that you’re familiar with the ways of getting indulged in WordPress projects, here’s what you can’t afford to miss out. The number one facet that you need to have for contributing to WordPress is an impressive communication style. That’s true, in order to be able to work on WordPress projects, its utmost essential for you to have clarity, compassion, consistency and a decent sense of humor.

Currently, there’s been a trend among WordPress contributors that they solely focus on the coding part of WordPress. I’ll like to update you on this. There’s a plethora of opportunities in other areas as well. For example, you may offer your set of ideas to the WordPress support team, documentation team as well as the marketing team.

WordCamps- Best places for sharing your thoughts about WordPress

WordCamps are events wherein WordPress users gather to share knowledge about the different features of WordPress. You may even choose to participate at any such event and grab the opportunity of sharing your innovative ideas or any feature related to WordPress. Your voice will definitely be heard at these meetups.

What you’ll get out of your WordPress contribution?

I’m sure this question might be tickling in your mind. So, here’s the answer. Becoming a part of the WordPress community offers you the thrill of having created something that’ll be used by millions of people all over the world. The pleasure of being involved in democratizing publishing is what’ll help you grow as a complete professional.


There’re endless opportunities to explore, once you’ve chosen to become a part of the WordPress family. I’m sure the points jotted down in this blog would’ve cleared all your doubts regarding the manner in which you can contribute to WordPress. So, start now and I’m sure your WordPress fervor will grow with every standalone innovation, that’s been possible due to your solo efforts.

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  1. It sure would be helpful to bond with the WordPress community. Many people will think that you must be a developer of plugin to qualify in contributing to the WordPress community. Now, they know better. Thanks Mike, your recommendations are very helpful!

  2. Very good thoughts Mike, love reading your article. I think bonding with WordPress community is most important.


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