HostNamaste Review 2023: Can This Hosting Server Be Trusted?

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  • Superior Connectivity
  • Instant Account Setup
  • Powerful Hardware
  • 24/7 Customer Support Team
  • Free Migration Support
  • 99.9% Network Uptime


  • Better competitive pricing needed

Price:$ 2.99

Today’s post is a dedicated HostNamaste review, which is a young web hosting services in India and is growing at a rapid pace. 

These days when a lot of web hosting firms in India use cheap web hosting services to lure clients instead of offering quality services, there are a few webs hosting companies that aim at offering clients the best web hosting services at a very affordable cost. And HostNamaste is among these few companies!

HostNamaste Review 2023: Affordable Web Hosting Starts At ($0.83/Mo)

HostNamaste Virtual Servers

About HostNamaste

HostNamaste is a web hosting service in India that offers businesses as well as professionals an opportunity to make their websites run on authentic, secure, and high-performance servers that include virtual private servers (VPS) along with dedicated servers.

HostNamaste Review- Affordable Web Hosting

The servers of HostNamaste are provided swiftly within a period of 24 hours once the payment is cleared. Along with this, very powerful hardware with all the configurations is used by the web hosting service to make sure there is optimal server performance. Network redundancies are being implemented in order to avoid issues related to page loading and connectivity.

HostNamaste has made it quite easy for their clients to achieve target audiences despite being spread all over the world.


Why should you select HostNamaste as your web hosting provider?

  1. A very powerful Hardware

This web hosting service has very high-performing and powerful hardware and hence is trusted by a lot of companies, professionals as well as businesses. Advanced processors sourced from Intel Xeon that make use of RAID configurations(redundant array of independent disks). Users need not worry regarding serious technical problems.

HostNamaste Review- Hosting Provider

  1. Good Reach Worldwide

The web hosting service has about five server locations – Dallas, Los Angeles, France, Mumbai, and Jacksonville, which indicates that the client can select from either of these locations based on the geographical areas where their customers are or where the target audiences can be found. HostNamaste makes sure that the process is smooth and easy.

HostNamaste Networks

  1. Deployment of servers swiftly

The servers of HostNamaste are deployed swiftly once the payment is settled. The provisioning of the server is completed in a day or less. This enables users to take advantage of the hosting service immediately. In case of migration from an existing service to the one from HostNamaste, they get the necessary customer support.

  1. VPS (Virtual Private Server)

HostNamaste provides not just a fast VPS hosting server but also an affordable one. The VPS Hosting Solutions consist of a cPanel, 24*7 customer support, immediate activation, in addition to the 50+ operating systems.

 HostNamaste offers the below VPS solutions:

(I) OpenVZ VPS 

OpenVZ is run by the Xeon hardware processors which permit an immediate server setup. The VPS cPanel is quite easy to use and helps the client manage the server from just one dashboard. In addition to this, there are more than 50 operating systems which enhance the performance of the website and offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

HostNamaste Review- OpenVZ VPS

The plans begin at $0.83/Month.

400;”>This is quite an affordable plan for huge businesses in need of a huge virtual server.

(ii) KVM VPS Hosting or the Kernel-based Virtual Machine

KVM VPS offered by HostNamaste is one of the fastest across the Globe (France Europe, Los Angeles USA, Jacksonville USA, Dallas USA, and Mumbai India) and it comes at an affordable price. It is powered using the Intel Xeon hardware processors which offer continuous services.

HostNamaste Review- KVM VPS

In addition to this, the service includes the easy-to-use SolusVM control panel that enables the client to control their virtual server with just a single click.

The client also can select the server location based on their requirements. 

Pricing plans begin with $3.99/Month.

(iii) Windows VPS 

The client can also make use of the lightning-fast and cheap windows VPS service. The servers come with the hardware processors -Intel Xeon. The server can be set up easily that maximizes the client’s time and offers VPS resources on-demand in case of workload. The available hosting is OS 2008, OS 2012, OS 2016 and OS 2019 with Windows 7 and 10.

HostNamaste Review-Window VPS

 In addition to this, the client also gets total KVM virtualization along with a complete Root/RDP access. 

The pricing plan begins at $6.95/Month. 

(iv) VPS Resource Pool

The VPS resource pools of HostNamaste are quite distinct in comparison to the conservative VPS. Multiple VPS can be deployed from just one VPS reseller panel in any of the 5 world-class location and on-demand.

HostNamaste Review- VPS Resource Pools

 It is ideal for VPS reselling that is white-labeled.

The pricing plan begins at $9.95/Month.

(v) Fully Managed VPS

HostNamaste also provides a cPanel/WHM completely managed virtual hosting server across India, the UK, and the US. Along with a super-fast SSD hosting with a cPanel as well as WHM access, the client also gets an unlimited cPanel/WHM migration free of cost.

HostNamaste Review- Fully managed VPS

Server names can be customized when the free and unlimited SSL certificates are accessed. Also, there are tech support teams 24/7 who are ready to help in terms of managing the VPS.

The Pricing plan begins at $9.95/Month.

Dedicated Servers

HostNamaste also provides dedicated servers of high quality that permit maximum overall flexibility in addition to customization and configuration. Servers can be deployed from many locations which have been developed to give a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

 Let us have a look at the popular dedicated servers offered by HostNamaste:

 (i) Budget Dedicated Servers

HostNamaste provides dedicated servers that are low cost and security-hardened and developed using the latest hardware from leaders in the industry. They offer high-quality performance, reliability as well as stability to clients.

HostNamaste Review- Budget Dedicated Server

 The client can choose many server locations as well. Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% uptime is offered. Plans begin at $29.99/Month.

(ii) Hybrid Smart Servers

The hybrid smart servers of HostNamaste are ideal for businesses that want a dedicated server without actually paying for one.

The servers are deployed with a time period of 24 hours once the payment is complete. This is perfect for eCommerce Stores or web apps who have exceeded their existing server plans. The plans begin at $29.99/Month.

HostNamaste Customer Reviews:

HostNamaste Customer Review


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Conclusion: HostNamaste Review 2023 | Should You Go For It??

It is quite difficult to get a cheap, affordable yet high-quality hosting server solutions, but it can be said that you can get lucky with  HostNamaste. It stands at par with various hosting solutions that offer expensive hosting server solutions with fewer features than offered by HostNamaste.

HostNamaste surpasses its rivals in terms of uptime, fast integration, support, and speed. This service is recommended to all those who are on the lookout for a cheap yet high-quality hosting server solution.

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  1. Horrible, very slow and unstable VPS, offline for hours almost every day, I quit after a week of suffering and didn´t get a full refund, junk company.

  2. One of the best VPS company, highly recommended. Cheers to HostNamaste’s team for providing VPS in multiple locations.

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