How to Add and Process New Data Sources with 2023

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Curious to know about How to Add and Process New Data Sources with Read our detailed guide to know. Rollover to check this post. stresses that it not only extracts data from different sources, but also makes it possible to link absolutely new and yet untried ones almost instantly and on demand. Accordingly, you will always have proper info at your disposal to run your marketing campaigns, no matter where it comes from. If a source allows you to extract data, it will be extracted. 

Let me show you how adding new sources works with to process your data.

How to Add and Process New Data Sources with 2023


JustControl. has been a resourceful software since the very start: after all, it helps get rid of endless spreadsheets. However, its main advantage is that it was developed and designed to be specifically adaptable to new sources of Data and demands. It has been brimmed with spectacular automation abilities and a way of gathering data from different sources and thrusting all of it within a single user interface.

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How To Add New Data Sources 

You can find a gallery of the instantly available sources below. This ‘pool’ has been built in accordance with the desires of their existing customers. However, if a totally new source is needed, it will be linked with no additional fees and at any moment. 

JustControl-it - Add Factory

The typical sequence of actions looks this way. 

  • First, a demo session is delivered. At this stage, the customers communicate what they want to extract from their sources and what they want to see in their reports.  
  • Then, a sample scenario is tuned and activated.
  • The customers are expected to link the report they need with their own data source account expected to provide the support team with access via their own accounts (that is to say, they do not share their credentials and access with directly, which is good for security). 
  • Finally, a personalized report is created on the basis of the first scenario. Its figures are then checked and scrutinized. 
  • After that, the rest of the scenarios are implemented. 

As such, guarantees the following: 

  • It integrates all the history of the data required, as it is (the history limits are defined by sources’ own policy only).
  • Understanding the data and its source in an easy instrument panel.
  • Segmenting the data into various categories as long as the source allows extracting such dada.

Curious about trying the software, take a free demo now.

  • Fill out a simple form to book a demo.
  • Describe the scenario you need.
  • will provide you with a user account to handle the data for a trial period (it will look like
  • After you are satisfied with the trial period, you can purchase a basic license for $500 (or expand it, depending on your needs)
  • If you need any new channels, will integrate them quickly and free of charge.

In a nutshell, your typical scenario will look like these two samples below. 

Justcontrol Review Feature (2)

Features Of


JustControl. is highly favorable because of the following traits and characteristics which are as follows:

Get rid of your biggest time sink at work.

Data collection is as hard as giving the strain on your brain by collecting different tables and filling them with different information required. Keep up with timely tracking of KPIs of channels. 

JustControl-it - Features

Fraud is also one of the main constraints to get statistics. Even if you use an automatic system for calculating that daily expenditure and the revenue of the company, it takes quite a long to calculate. With the help of this software, you can keep the track of the data across different countries and there is also always the opportunity to see if something is off track.

The team and the staff are highly effective

By using this software you can use your productive staff to the maximum extent possible and create a cost-efficient system. In fact, you can just automate the entire data extraction system which won’t require human intervention at all. Get all the information on just one screen. 

Be the master in your field with convenient information and the instruction panel that includes statics of your business of various cross- channels. Compare the performance of the different systems, individual teams, and KPIs. You can identify the problems at any point in time.

Analyze your business metrics.

The mixture you know every moment of your business with Evaluate how your business is performing with a report on the system. You can also integrate different statistics from your daily routine, for example, data from various marketing efforts and tools. 

JustControl-it -Routin Work

With the help of the software, you can convert this data into understanding dashboards to analyze how your business is working just by having a glance at the dashboard. Just get started to interpret data from data sampling. is adaptable is highly flexible as it can adjust and fit into the areas of importance very easily and quickly without any major problem. It has a remarkable and explicit ability to undertake innumerable tasks and processes. It is highly business oriented and driven, suited adequately, and appropriately towards one’s own business. extends sufficient technical support offers technical support ensuring high speed, accuracy, and feasibility. It helps the customers and individuals in every way possible to solve their queries and problems quickly. Pricing | How Much Does Cost?

The pricing is included and incorporated under is as follows –

  • The plan under costs about $500 per month (basic)
  • They offer a full-fledged free trial: normally, it lasts two weeks. But if you specify that you have decided to try it after reading this, the free trial will be expanded. Pros and Cons 


There are various advantages to explained as follows.

  • You can see data from dozens of sources in a single-window simultaneously. You can also integrate various data sources quickly.
  • Quick response when new data sources are needed. 
  • There are no registered complaints. While using this software the team makes sure that the user is given enough data and analytics of which data required immediate assistance. Being responsive to customers’ business needs some queries were solved by the technical support team.
  • Better work experience. helps its users get rid of unnecessary routine and concentrate on what matters only.
  • Constantly maintained transparency. 


  • still hasn’t fulfilled its entire potential. Today it collects data from 40+ data sources, and the development team is working on activating new sources on demand and the release of system updates.

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👉Can the operator maintain a systematic track record with metrics?

Yes, the user or an operator can very easily manage and organize the metric records, the user’s dashboard reports are highly customizable, we can add and subtract the necessary piece of information as and when required or needed.

👉How much will, cost an operator or a user?

Just depends on countless components and factors, those aspects include- data storage, the desired number of data sources.

👉Some users and operators have numerous reports within a single source, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to encompass numerous reports within a single source, we even can reconcile the accounts from distinct sources and combine them in ways suitable to us. Having numerous reports within a single source will help us to get a clearer picture of the performance and its analysis.

Conclusion: How to Add and Process New Data Sources with 2023 was built by marketers, for marketers. It provides businesses with an effective performance evaluation, helping us to fetch the data reports and other important and valuable metrics and insights. And most importantly, creates customized reports adjusted to your scenarios, with custom-made metrics. 

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