How To Avoid Losing 40% of Your Profits: Testing 5 Push Notification Networks

Website owners very often monetize their platforms using push notification affiliate programs. The platforms’ users don’t mind push notifications and the owner gets a source of passive income. 

But are push notification affiliate programs really the same? Turns out they’re not. A user of a popular portal tested five affiliate programs and concluded that the difference in income can reach 40%.

Testing Push-notification Focused Affiliate Networks

The user has a list of sites with mostly mobile traffic. The sites are about 8 years old. In 2020, he learned about push affiliate programs and decided to try to make money on them.

At first, he worked with one called Propush, but after getting fed up with their spam, decided to compare 5 other popular push notification networks, since they promised him better conditions than their competitors.  

Testing Push-notification

For each network, the user created a new account. The experiment lasted a total of three months. Not every participant managed to show the best results.

In the Adsterra affiliate program, the author tested Social Bar, since tech support said they stopped using 1Click because of its unprofitability.

What Affiliate Programs Took Part?

  1. (Social bar)

These are affiliate programs that share the same monetization format and do not require additional actions after registration (verification, confirmations, etc.).

The number of notifications was the same for each network, as we’re all the other settings. Traffic was driven to each one for 10 days, during which the websites experienced no technical issues and traffic volume drops. 

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Experiment Results:

Here are the experiment results:

1. Adsterra – social bar (04.01.22 – 13.01.22) – $247

Adsterra - social bar

2. BroPush (12.12.21 – 21.12.21) – $391 


3. RollerAds ( 24.12.21 – 02.01.22) – $302


4. ProPush (01.12.21 – 10.12.21) – $308


5. Zpush (21.11.21 – 29.11.21) – $342


The difference in income made from different affiliate programs reaches 40%, and that’s a lot. Below is a visual table with amounts, timeframes, metrics, and the names of affiliate programs in ascending order.

affiliate programs in ascending order

you can see, the difference between the best and worst push notification networks is almost $150.

If you look at the CPC, you can see significant differences in this metric. Hence the difference in income. Perhaps, the algorithms in each of the affiliate programs work differently, or maybe the network charges a larger fee at the expense of webmasters.

Adsterra’s social bar proved to be worse than all 1-click affiliate programs. Always test out different affiliate programs, since their work also depends on the GEO your traffic comes from.

Pay attention to the RevShare level, but it is not available everywhere. Of the five affiliate programs that took part in the test, only Bropush displayed the RevShare percentage in the webmaster’s account.

And if you compare this network to others, you get a feeling that this percentage is lower in other affiliate programs.

In conclusion, I want to say that monetizing your site with push-notification – quite a profitable thing. The most important thing in this case is to choose the right affiliate program – personally I plan to transfer all my traffic to the winner of this split – BroPush.

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